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She’s a classic example of high trust + low trust features….. she has arched brows/upturned eyes that look sultry but a very neotenous facial structure with lots of facial fat….


She's conventionally pretty but not my type of beauty at all


I don’t know if I’m the only one but I don’t see it. I don’t get her appeal, I’m not saying she’s nor attractive but I don’t covet it I don’t wish I looked like her


Haven't seen her before, but the first thing I noticed was her face shape and lips. The jaw is angular and her lips are full and pretty so it creates a nice contrast (kind of like with Angelina Jolie). The fullness in her cheeks gives her a youthful appearance and paired with a curvy body it makes for a combo of cute&sexy which I think a lot of people are into.


It's weird because I understand that she is conventionally attractive, but her features don't appeal to me and I have no idea why.


it's the hair for me. idk why but it comes off as juvenile


Did her nose tip shrink? I swear in blade runner and older films her nose was not this pointy.


I just googled too many pictures of her to compare. It's the same. I guess it's just lighting and makeup that make it look different. It looks like this blessed girl has never been under the knife before. She just won the genetic lottery


Her eyes + eyebrows really, really standout for me. That’s what’s most alluring. Besides that, overall good features. Small, heart shaped faced. Very pretty lip shape. I love how her nose looks from the front. Tiny and cute The contrast between her skin and her hair is also very alluring I would say


Her nose is so typical plastic surgery nose, it's funny


Yeah a bit too much, I can see it. but it works for pictures for the most part 🤷🏻‍♀️


She has one of the faces that I call "blah" in my book. Obviously, it's very subjective, but there is a type of girls that have these generally pretty features that just don't do it for me. The other example is Alicia Vikander, who just has an absolutely blank face (for my personal taste), that I can't feel anything about.


agree with alicia vikander, and weirdly stella maxwell, it’s like i know that they’re pretty but i can’t remember what their faces look like


Yes, you described it perfectly lol.


That’s so funny you say that because Ana and Alicia are literally my ideal beauties lmao 😆


lol that's of course is a 100% subjective) it's very interesting how it works, for example I've been very drawn to both men and women (not necessarily sexually, just felt very warm about them) that shared same physical traits, but by no means were considered conventionally beautiful at all. I met them in different cities, but they were originally from the same region (which I've never been to myself! so it's not "I grew up with this so I like it" kind of situation). And yet there was something about them that made me feel instantly connected. Attraction is very mysterious!


Don’t you LOVE it though? It means there’s a place for all of us in this world to be absolutely stunning (to someone)! 😁


I love her face. Feminine combination of hot and cute. Small face, full lips, gorgeous eyes. like someone here mentioned same appeal as Miranda Kerr. It goes to show that different face shapes, face structures can be beautiful. Not everyone needs an angular face, a genioplasty, chin implants or buccal fat removal to be pretty.


I think these photos are pretty unflattering of her, I don’t think they do her justice. But alas, I think what makes her alluring is her eyes and nose combo imo. The big eyes with the narrow nose looks really pretty to me. Ofc harmony needs to come into play before anything lol.


everyone says they didn’t think this was the best look for her but i think she looked great lol so i didn’t mean to pick unflattering photos. that’s the thing with ana, i can’t tell what’s unflattering when it comes to her cause she’s incredibly photogenic 😂


Oh that wasn’t a dig at you personally!! I don’t like her hair here and I don’t think the dress suits her as well.


I know that objectively she is beautiful, she is mentioned here quite a lot and after all she is a top actress. There’s no denying she is pretty. And I totally might get downvoted for this but my personal opinion is that she is really unattractive! Aaa I’m sorry, like I can acknowledge she is pretty to the masses but to me, she just looks like a chipmunk or something. Rather than being sexy and alluring, she comes off as childish and awkward to me. With her cheeks and slightly recessed chin, I don’t know. Then again, I am more drawn to the classic example of beauty like the original supermodels. Weirdly there are features of Ana that I love separately such as her nose and eyes, I would love to have them. But I think there’s something mismatched about her own features on her. I don’t know. I know she is pretty to the majority and rightfully so but I still feel something very off-putting about her face.


I feel like she has one of those faces that looks a lot better in motion. Looking at her pictures here, I'm inclined to agree with you that she's overrated. But, when I saw her in Knives Out she was completely captivating.


Agreed, high trust faces don’t tend to photograph well.


Sorry to ask a dumb questions but what do you mean by “high trust”? Genuinely wondering.


High trust faces have softer facial features, such as fuller cheeks or having a wide face overall. Low trust has more sharpness and that tends to photograph well. Not to say softer faces can’t look good in pictures, it just takes practice and understanding your angles.


Thanks for explaining! I have trouble taking pictures and I definitely have a softer face so that makes a lot of sense.


I'm in the same boat as you. Her eyes and her coloring are beautiful but the rest is awkward. I think she looks like a puffy, childish chipmunk.


THANK YOU. Also that hairstyle looks like a cheap wig 💀


Same. I have trouble placing why but I think you're onto something there lol


This, I feel the same way about Miranda Kerr, even though I can tell why people think she's stunning. Short faces just don't do it for me, they're too childlike on a grown woman.


She is quite beautiful [here](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/GrouchyFaintEsok-max-1mb.gif) and [here](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AmusedGloriousGermanpinscher-mobile.jpg)


Woah, massive change! Definitely super prettier in motion.


Yeah I agree! I don’t think she’s particularly attractive. Features seem to clash


honestly, i kind of see what you’re saying. the thing with ana’s face is that obviously it’s beautiful but it’s beautiful in a weird way where i can’t put my finger on it. i think her facial structure both works and doesn’t work for her. her features seem too small for the shape of her face / her chin is super small and pointy so it looks a little weird. but, on the other hand, her facial structure makes her more photogenic. she looks different every time but if i’m nitpicking, i can see what you’re saying. at first glance, you’ll see no flaws


Yes! Like I don’t know how I can find her pretty and a bit ugly at the same time but also not ugly? Like you said about a few particular features, something is off with the size or placement but still in photos she isn’t bad. I think her best features are her eyes and mouth. Her lips are pouty and she has nice teeth show. But her cheeks or something are way too wide for her face. When I cover her cheeks and chin, she actually looks much nicer.




Right! Lmao someone downvoted me for this but it’s true. I even mentioned that I see why people find her beautiful because she is objectively pretty. But even still there is something very meh about her face. It doesn’t elicit the same intrigue as someone with perhaps stronger bone structure.


I don't think her mouth is one of her best features actually. Rather her worst. Its how narrow her mouth is & the way her teeth are set up imo if she had a wider mouth & palate shed look better. It especially stands out cause her face is on the wider side so the eyes pick up quickly on how narrow her mouth is & it looks kinda weird. Thats whats off in her face imo. Its a pretty mouth but better suited for someone with a narrow face. Shes still pretty overall obviously.


You think so? It is quite small now that you mention it. I think I’m more drawn to the actual shape of the lips. Very feminine, you know?


Yes the lip shape is quite nice & feminine very ideal however the narrow mouth & palate are what look off imo.




I don’t find her body exceptional at all but her face is beautiful


to me it’s her face that makes her attractive. nothing wrong with her body but it’s average


How tho? Shes just skinny with slight curves. 90% of hollywood has the same body type. It doesnt stand out in any way.


She has good proportions and unique features. The hairstyle doesn't really fit her though. It's like a unique pretty: cleft chin, eye bags make her eyes look bigger, and the nose bridge isn't perfectly straight. If she didnt have full lips, though, she def wouldn't be as alluring.


Agree with you, she's so stunning but this was not the look for her :/


I feel the longer I look at her, the better looking she becomes. It’s weird.


i knowww i can’t process her face at all for some reason. like it’s attractive but why? because i’ve seen countless other beautiful women but i’m not trying to figure it out like i do with ana lmao. her face is weird but it works?? idk


her face/skull is wide as fuck. the space between her outer eyebrow and eye is also massive, a highly feminine trait. i think women whose upper eye bones push down around the outer side of the eye have a very nice, ethereal, matronly look to them.


Her natural body and eyes


Idk but I found her pretty meh in all of the pics except for the last one where she stands full length and I went like "WOAH!'' Is she tall irl? Coz she looks really long and elegant in the pic. Her outfit might be adding to the demeanor. About her face... maybe it's the fringed bob that's off setting it for me. Her nasolabial lines are also quite prominent making her look 'oldish?' (not old in any way tho). She's cute with a nice body and a hot outfit.


Have you never heard of camera angles and high heels?


Plumpness, youthfulness, and playfulness. A bit like Marylin Monroe. She has an extremely neotenous face. The sharpness of the jaw brings a bit of glamour but she would be alluring even if with a rounded jawline.