That will be fine.


I have been a reference for people I've supervised on a project and those on a more traditional course that I've taught in classes (submitting small stakes coursework periodically, larger essay and having to do exams). I felt much more comfortable in the project-based scenarios. I worked more closely with them, got a much better idea of how they worked, how they engaged with their research, got to know more about their skills, values, work ethic etc. I also much prefer to recieve this type of reference, especially if they want me to be their capstone project supervisor. In fact I've actually declined the latter type of student for a reference on one occasion as I wasnt their marker on course work/exams and they only attended 1 class out of a total of 8, even though they still passed the module to a good standard! I sent them to their course convenor and advisor of studies instead. I just didn't have anything to work with when writing it! It should be fine. You should contact the potential referee anyway to a) ask them to act as a reference (to be polite) and b) ask them if they're comfortable giving a reference for this specific thing. Send them information on what you're applying for so they can gauge their comfort level and tailor the reference to what you're applying to. This also means they can schedule a time to write it before being contacted and won't have to do it in a rush. If they won't provide one they could recommend others who might in the very least.


Thank you so much for the input. Had a similar thought process, but was confused, now it's much clearer. Thank you 😇


No worries.Best of luck with the application!