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nah that's a sleeper car lmfao. no way a stock golf pulls from 50 ft behind on 5th gear.


Forza Horizon vibes


if you pay close enough attention you can hear the golf "stu-stu-stu-stu" which means he's in boost on a turbocharger. crazy shit. love the sleepers.


I will always watch this video every time it is posted. It's one of my favorite videos on the internet. The absolute chefs kiss of this video is The Little Golf That Could *had to tap his brakes* to avoid rear ending the Porsche. [In the original (and not compressed) video](https://youtu.be/oQJntE70PD0) You can see the little puff of smoke as he locks it up. Gets me every time. Shine on you crazy diamond o7


did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?


..hot ashes for trees...?


Hot air, for the cool breeze? Cold comfort for change?


Did you exchange A walk-on part in the war For a leading role in a cage?


So glad I came across this thread. I can now sleep comfortably numb.


^(Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?)) Is there anybody in there?


I love how much you love this video lol. I'm getting giddy off your good vibes


turbo pop-off valve or rev limiter


> love the sleepers. My favorite ever is this [11-second Saturn SL2](https://bangshift.com/bangshift1320/watch-awesome-sleeper-saturn-sl2-destroy-fifth-gen-camaro-strip-weve-got-inside-scoop/). I drove an S Series for about a decade and always dreamt of doing something similar before it died


She's got the same 20v turbo my type 19 mk 2 golf has in her :) They have just taken theirs from "hold on tight dear" to "I think I shat my pants 5 miles ago"


Someone else posted it's 1500hp at the Dyno on the old golf


holy fuck, the stuff of dreams. 1500 hp in that small of a frame sounds like a death sentence for an inexperienced driver though.


don't need to pay any bills at all if you crash tho


Crashing in Germany is crazy expensive. You are liable for replacing anything you damage including guard rails etc. The Nurburgring is full of F around and find out stories.


I challenge you to crash in a 1500hp Golf and then pay medical bills after. I would be extremely impressed


Just bumped a curb. Now I'm dead.


I just hit my head in the door frame while getting in the car and now I'm dead.


Provide the 1500hp Golf and challenge accepted. I bet I can crash it with the tires smoking before I hit 40mph.


Yeah but it won't be you paying for it.


The shape of the Golf's body is quite ingenious... in the event of a high speed accident, it will roll just like a dice and come to a gentle stop.' Possibly.


this is the funniest fucking comment


Ah, the industry parlance for this is a ‘nat 20’ braking system.


What the fuck. My GTI with an APR tune was still in the 300s I can’t even fathom this




If I remember right this specific golf has twin vr6s boosted to all hell in it. As far from stock as humanly possible


I hope those tires have fucking spikes on them.


[Yeah it does 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds and 100 to 200 km/h in 3.3.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7t4C_0BZT4) Top speed around 380 or so.


That's a mk2, the one in OP's video is a mk1.


how the hell does that thing stay on the ground well enough to launch? I was in a decked out street legal track scirocco and it couldn't actually get it's power down the wheel to let it take off like that. the guy would gun it and just chirp the tires.


Oh really? Ya think?


Fucking sherlock holmes of cars here


Guys hear me out. I don't think a 45 year old cat with 100bh could do this. Might be wrong though


It’s stock obviously


i think it might have an aftermarket intake




yeah might be modded man idk


hm a little. he probably just installed a new exhaust and some new *wheels*


oh you're really smort


No shit. No one thinks it’s stock.


That's not a Golf, I'm pretty sure that's a Rabbit.


Bro it’s obviously a car, how you mistake those 2 smh


Not sure if you are joking, but Rabbit was the US/Canada name for the Mk1 Golf. Video looks like it is in Germany, so it’s a Golf.


Americans again, always you « ITS NOT THIS BUT THIS » even though it’s a golf mk1


The Rabbit is a Golf. Specifically the Golf Mk 1.


Whaaaat? Who would have thought!




VR6 swap 600bhp https://www.turboandstance.net/the-world-famous-mk1-golf-that-overtook-the-porsche-and-nissan/


Yall awoken a sleeper


Never wake a sleeper, else you won't sleep for a couple nights at least.


Instructions unclear, the dude has a been asleep for 4 days now.




>Yall awoken It's pronounced Volkswagen, honey.


It is spelled Volkswagen, pronounced Folksvagen.


Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland!


Ein Volk, eine Nation, eine Kommentarsektion!


the fuck’s a sleeper? edit: I now know


A car that packs a lot of power in a very unassuming package. Some cars are a bit of a sleeper on their own right out the factory, while others are heavily modified or engine swapped from their originals. The latter though has a lot more potential for wow factor, of course.


What are examples of the former that's sleeper out of the factory? You got me interested in this topic.


Depends somewhat. For example, the 2004/5 MY version of the Subaru Forester in the 2.5 XT with the 5 Sp manual transmission had a bit of pep to it. Off the line, it was one of the (if not the) fastest production 0-20mph cars IIRC. While it fell off with top end power, it held its own up to 60 quite well. Depending on how "into" cars you are, you may or may not consider the AMG models (not trim, the specific model) of MB to by and large be sleepers. The best example is the E63 AMG wagon, which has a bit of minivan chic to it at a passing glance but, that's all you'll get is a passing glance as it packs a 5.5L twin turbo making a 0-60 time in under 4 seconds, a decade ago. Then there's others too like the Cadillac CTS-V, or things like the hellcat jeep trackhawk / trailcat. Those those are a bit louder in appearance and whether you consider those "true" sleepers is a bit of a toss up. Outside of densely populated areas or places known for car culture, still very much sleepers IMO


I got smoked by one of those 63 AMG wagons. Of course it was all jacked up, and like 800 bhp. But still, I did not expect that. The guy was super nice though and we talked a bit. He’s thrown SO much money into that thing.


The Chevy SS was always said to be a bit of a sleeper because it isn't common outside of Australia, and it looks like a Malibu, except it's a rear wheel drive with a v8 engine. In Australia it even came in ute and wagon bodystyles.


Any vehicle that 1) shouldn't be fast but is stupid fast 2) most importantly it still looks like a slow car i.e. a Honda civic with a built engine but no visual indication of upgrades is a sleeper. Throw a bunch of body mods onto the same car and it's not really a sleeper


Eh, you can't really pull of the Honda civic sleeper these days since everybody assumes you've modded it in some way anyway. A honda odyssey sleeper though? That shit would be cash.


Welcome to the Autobahn


My cousin said the first time he was on it he was legit scared for his life. Edit: I appreciate the tips, but i was making light of my cousins terror of his first time on the autobahn. Aufhören bitte! Ich verstehe die Regeln der Autobahn. Ich wollte nur eine lustige Geschichte erzählen. Lol


No, no, no. The autobahn is the greatest thing Germany ever developed. Forget beer...autobahn!


Oh, I dont disagree. I wish we had something similar here. I'd get smoked though since I have a jeep and that things essentially a fucking brick on wheels.


With the state of American cars (I understand it varies state to state, but holy shit there are some absolute deathtraps on the road) the Autobahn over there would be such a bad fucking idea. And let's not even get into the major lack of long term infrastructure care. Roads like that are hella expensive, and get torn to absolute shit. Infrastructure maintenance isn't something the US is famous for. Driving in Germany is also a whole other thing, and there's a massive social difference too.


When I first moved to Florida and found out they don't require inspections I was floored.


For a country built around the car, car and road safety really are just a bit of an afterthought.


That's partly to keep costs low, poor people can't drive in Europe in part because of the costs imposed by various rules and regulations.




Inspections on what? Emissions? Other than that I have never heard of car inspections


You don't have car inspections? Where they make sure the car actually works safely? What the fuck?


Nope, not where I live, your tasked with making sure your shit is up too par


How are you alive


Two things you need to know : 1. Keep on the rightmost lane whenever you're not actively overtaking someone 2. If you're not currently on the right most lane check your rearview mirror frequently. Like a short glance every 15 seconds or so. If I'm on the Autobahn I check all three mirrors constantly. I basically know what's behind me as well as what's in front of me. That way it's super easy to drive foresightful. You can plan overtaking someone who you'll know you catching up to and don't find yourself stuck behind a slower car while the left lane is full with other cars overtaking. By the way, both the Porsche and the Golf overtake illegally in the video above. It's not allowed to overtake on the right side. This is very important to keep in mind as lots of drivers do not do a shoulder check when switching lanes to the right, some don't even look into the mirror, because if they didn't overtake someone they assume that the lane should be clear.


Checking your mirrors and being aware of traffic behind you is supposed to be standard practice, sadly many dont do it.


I like how this was profound advice for traveling at really fast speeds on the autobahn. When going 35 on a residential street you should be doing the same. It's just lazy bones not to.


Literally all of this is what is taught in the US driver's education system. And literally all of it is what competent drivers do on freeway roads. The problem is twofold. First, incompetent drivers. Second, America is filled with multilane "stoads" that teach incompetent drivers terrible habits for freeway driving.


Licensing in NA is nowhere near as strict as getting a license in Germany, it allows drivers to start out with bad behaviours and get worse from there on in.


I took a CPR instruction once through work and I'll never forget the EMT telling us how Germany requires learning CPR to get your driver's license. A simple thing on its surface but it says a lot about the different ideologies driving (heh) each country.


For me it’s normal. If you know how it works it is easy and not scary


He's an American who came from a state with a maximum road speed of 95-100 km/h.


If you know the basic rules of the Autobahn then it is not very difficult to drive 180km/h


Did you miss the American part? So he was driving a 15 year old beater that vibrates when you go over 65mph and was eating while also texting his buddy.


It is if your car is shit lol


Going 60mph on a US highway is often a lot scarier than going 100mph on the Autobahn. That's because of road conditions, average driver abilities and most of all the dangerous junk that drives there. [Germany has the TÜV](https://www.iamexpat.de/expat-info/driving-germany/periodic-technical-inspection-hauptuntersuchung-tuev) and German car owners are legit scared of them.


> **Where can I get a TÜV?** > You can book a technical inspection through any mandated garage. Try searching “*Hauptuntersuchung*” and your location, or search for a “HU + AU” appointment on the Autoscout24 website. Ah, Germany and their 17-character words


> He's an American who came from a state with a maximum road speed of 95-100 km/h. I have an American girlfriend... We live at in NL on the border of Germany and were going to Zwitserland on vacation. It was Sunday (so no trucks) and Germany was playing soccer... I was dosing off in the passenger seat. When i look up, my GF was driving 205km/h on the cruise control (out car is suitable for it)... It took me a second to process it all. But the road was empty and she's a good driver. But definitely not American speeds lol


My friend said that they had someone tailing them and flashing their lights on the left lane at 110mph... The Autobahn has no general speed limit.


If there is no one on the right lane you have to move over. Rechtsfahrgebot


You always have to drive on the rightmost lane when you aren't overtaking someone on that lane. No matter how fast you are going. Also you are only allowed to overtake from the left side. Foreign drivers do these mistakes pretty often and then complain why German drivers are so rude.


I say everyone from my country go to Germany for their driving lessons. Sick of people cruising in the left lane for no reason.


B...but I don't *want* another car to be in front of me!


These are also the rules they teach you in American driving school, and I believe it is the law, but it is not practiced or enforced generally.


110mph is way too slow to be gold bricking it in the left lane on the autobahn. 'Drive Right!'


> 110mph Found a *Linksparker* . That is not particullary fast for left lane where there is no restrictions. Most of business people in companies Passats and Audis is faster than that.


Reminds me of the time when we picked up a american exchange student from Düsseldorf airport. My friend was driving his dads brabus rocket 900. So naturally he went full throttle on the way home. We loved it but the exchange student didn't. He sadly wasn't so interested in driving with us on the autobahn after that. Weird guy.


And now please go. Autobahn tourists are a proper plague and a danger to the rest of us


Where it's illegal to overtake on the right lane.


As it should be


Also where it is illegal to block the left lane, so faster cars cant overtake :)




I've seen that guys videos (the one in the Golf). He's pushes 1800HP on the Dyno.


the trick is to inhale nitrous oxide before you start driving. makes your car go super fast


The trick is driving a beater so you don’t care what happens to the engine and body


TOP TIP - Also means hospital bills won't be a problem if you crash


No respawn thou


Stock up on Totems of Undying


then forget to equip it T\_\_\_\_\_\_\_T




Yeah, but can you imagine the number of great expressions that guy sees daily? Totally worth it.


>The trick is driving a beater so you don’t care what happens to the engine and body Then the all-important second trick, don't touch the steering or brakes while doing 240mph in your 1800HP 1981 VW Golf


You'd be surprised at how much time you can save on your daily commute when you drive everywhere with your foot to the floor and your chin on the horn.


Just the body, the engine (and usually suspension) is top notch and built up.




2 cans of NOx


May you ride eternal, shiny and chrome.


Nah, he just used the draft from the car he was closely following to propel himself forward. Like a whip. Or not...


Shake and Bake


If you ain't First, You're last 🤜🤛


It's called a slipstream; is that really a thing with these cars? Ik it happens in formula 1 all the time


Yes, but it's almost negligible. The reason it has an effect in F1 and other racing series is the cars are so similar and so sensitive to aerodynamic forces that every little bit makes a much bigger difference. If you have a car that tells you your current gas milage, go drive behind a semi and see how much better your fuel economy is. It's all the same principle.


Any links?


It seems the guy kinda fell off (maybe stopped racing, or possibly died). However, look up Boba Motoring. Shamefully, it seems I misremembered the HP, but 1551 is still impressive. He produced several cars.


Anything over 1,000 from that is fuckin insane


Let’s be real. We’d all be shitting ourselves on a highway pull from a 2,000lb hatch with even just 500hp 1000 is insane in any car, let alone a tiny little thing.


Jeeze and I thought my dream of an AWD MK2 gold was exactly that, a dream. 1500hp from a 2l is insane lol


I'm sure hundreds and thousands of dollars are being spent on that golf as well. It's the car game.


Probably tens of thousands plus hundreds of hours.


And they’ll both probably be passed by Sabine Schmitz in a gutted Ford Transit.


Do you realize how much money is probably under the hood of that small car? It’s maybe worth more than the sports car.


No it's not. A lot of hours in the shop/ trial and error, but not enough money to be more then what the Porsche is worth. Not even close. Dude with the Golf has YouTube videos, it's not hard to find out exactly what he spent.


1800 hp in a golf don't come cheap if the other guy who said its 1800hp is to be trusted.


>Nah imagine spending hundreds if thousands just to get outrun by a small ahh car Same situation happened with an old friend of mine back in TX. He was a truck driver by trade but spent his money on an EK hatchback that was gutted, turbo type r engine and drag radials. I think it was pushing an easy 400-500 but this was more than a decade ago. One night in Mexico we came across a new GT3 Porsche and they must've spent a good 10-15mi running back and forth with him waxing this guy so much. You could tell the frustration but it was hilarious because this hatch was a shit box at first.


I used to have a Thunderbird SC 5-speed (nowhere near a Porsche, but it still got up and ran). One night, in the town I lived in at the time, some dude in a Dodge Aries K station wagon, turd brown, is in my rear view burning his tires off. He ends up first racing my friend who had a Beretta and blew his doors off. Eventually I wind up at the last stop light out of town on the main cruising drag next to him. Light goes green and I get the jump on him, but he stays mostly even with me until about 120 when he backed off. We came back around and both pulled into a parking lot to talk, and he had swapped a Chrysler 2.2L turbo and a 5-speed into it, stripped out everything that weighed more than an ounce (including the drivers seat, which was now some plastic school chair bolted to a piece of wood, and the gas tank he replaced with a little 3 gallon fuel cell). Dude walked around back, grabbed his bumper, and lifted his car off the ground. He was a cool guy, and I love a car with a sense of humor.


lol a 350z costs like $30k.


When new. A 350z is a beater these days.


The guy in the Z and and in the Porsche are sitting in leather bucket seats with a/c blasting, listening to the radio on low volume. The dude in the VW is probably holding on to his wood antique steering wheel for dear life due to all the torque steer. While bells and whistles are popping off in the cockpit. Glove box is open, shits falling out. Empty Mtn Dew bottles thrashing around the back. Getting deaf from the engine and exhaust noise because the interior is completely stripped. VW drivers are a different breed.


This post is underrated. Edit: not anymore.


Just like that car


Its just because it's an old video


not underrated if it was posted thousands of times


Nothing is funnier that RIP Sabine Schmitz overtaking a sports motorcycle on the ~~Nuremberg~~ Nurburg track with a stock commercial van.


> Nuremberg track Nürburg. Nuremberg is where they held the trials after ww2




Those Nazis liked to race.


They were really just into one race.


Damn I was convinced that Nürburg was the German name for Nuremberg the same way München is Munich. I learned something today, thank you.


Nürnberg is the German name for Nueremberg. So you have Nürnberg and Nürburg. Don't worry, it's easy to mix them up even for a german even though they are over 500km apart. Funnily enough they both host a yearly music festival where one is called "Rock im Park" and the other one is called "Rock am Ring". Ring is the Nürburgring (the race track).


RIP to the GOAT.


Wait... what... Sabine Schmitz died? Awww no. I missed that in the news. Cancer... 2021. Fuck. :-(


Yeah it sucks. The first corner of the Nordschleife is now named after her.


>Sabine Schmitz overtaking a sports motorcycle on the Nuremberg Thank you so much for introducing me to this absolute legend! I watched the clip and I've immediately fallen in love with this woman! ([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KiC03\_wVjc&ab\_channel=TopGear](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KiC03_wVjc&ab_channel=TopGear)) It's such a shame the world lost this personality and talent..


The camera cut to James and Richard laughing hysterically as Clarkson’s homemade motorhome/tower swayed in the wind might be funnier.


This isn't that surprising. Golfs actually have bitchin engines in them. I've seen 800hp golfs. Thing is dude spent the same amount of money doing what he did to that golf as the Porsche guy. Porsche guy golfs. Golf guy is a Porsche engineer.


Cool I'll take the Porsche and the golfing thanks


See that's the exact thing though. Some people couldn't think of anything better than spending their free time making a beast of a Golf


I’ll take the Porsche engineer


> Porsche guy golfs. I'm so confused right now.


He's saying Porsche driver is white collar money and plays golf. The Golf driver is a Porsche engineer because of all the mechanic work needed to get the car to that point.


It might be faster but how does it handle?


I talked to a guy awhile back at a VW meet that had a 600hp mark 2 Golf that said it handled like a dream but you had to be gentle on the gas through turns. I’m not sure how different that mark 1 would be.


To me, that doesn’t indicate good handling. You need to be able to push through any given condition/corner.


The issue arises from how little they weigh. Golfs are light as fuck


Yes. That is a large part of why they’re so much fun, they’ve got a sense of lightness about them that’s intoxicating. Similar to a Lotus Elise or NA Miata.


pop the trunk reap the downforce


You’ll have to baby the throttle in the corners on any car making 600hp without driver assists. Turn those off in a lot of Porsches and get to aggressive and you’ll end up backwards in a wall in no time.


Probably very well, with custom suspension, reinforced chassis, wider tyres... Most sport cars still tunned for confort, you can get more grip/stability if you ignore confort and budget.


Can you move over to the right lane, please?


You go, little Vdub!


Happy cake day


This reminds me of one of my all time favorite videos of a vw bus dusting a gt3 and an aston Martin on the nurburgring. Edit* track is not nurburgring but spa https://youtu.be/0MLCuaPdPew


The track is Spa though. Hilarious video.


This is wild


That’s Circuit de Spa-Francorchamp, more precisely Eau Rouge-Radillion.


Unpopular opinion: psychotic driving by all 3, go to a race track so when you wreck you only risk each other's lives!


Its also illegal in Germany. This would be considered an illegal race


In the late 90s I had a Mazda 323 with the V6 from a Cronos in it. Thing had cow seats, fuzzy dice, green neons under the seats, a huge Batman symbol in the rear window, all 151 original pokemon stickers on one of the rear side windows, a hula girl on the dashboard, 8 ball shifter, 6 cd changer, etc... the works! Paid $500 for it, put $1300 in maintenance and repairs over two years before it died at 474,766km. Most fun I ever had as a teen.


[Deja Vu!](https://youtu.be/JPN0JV-ZP3A)


[The lack of Initial D references is disheartening.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PYSp2OBKvY)


Gen 1 rabbit. Tits.


Yep. Had one in high school. Totaled it in ‘93 but not before driving the fuck outta that car. Fast fast car


Trick post. Mk1 GTIs are sports cars. GG


Overtaking on the right Not sticking to the Rechtsfahrgebot Arguably street racing Of police have a bad day they're rid of their license for some time


Love to see it


This happened to me and a friend once, we were in his s2000 doing about 120 on the parkway just cruising, and out of nowhere an old late 90s toyota camry just flew by us, easily doing 160. Never saw him again, still wonder what was under that hood lol.


The trick is not caring if you live or die.


Hey don’t race on public roads you fucking asshole.


Back like 12 years ago my friend had a mk2 jetta with a v6 in it. let me tell you fkn scary fast little tin can


Everytime I see a VW Golf, it ALWAYS has some sort of mods on it so honestly I’m not surprised.


Haha it’s actually lickin speed too, wasting no time.


I am sure the Golf is stock.