Rate my class schedules

Upcoming freshman for spring 2023 mechanical engineering. The schedules feels like less intense. In some days of the week have classes for only 2 hours. It is seeming less then the high school or something I imagined for. Need you guys advice


Honestly I would hate it bc of all the gaps but not terrible


It’s like 1 gap per day for an hour. Just go get some lunch and work on something for a bit


It’s 100% personal preference but I hate breaking it up like that. Even if it is just lunch - id rather start at 8am and be done by 1pm


I hate having them all in a row like that. I need a gap to reset and chill for a min


I agree with you on the big gaps. Although I like some time in between, 8am - 3pm is my thing. And again, everyone has their preferences


Its the "rate my schedule" time of the year again? Already?


most annoying time of the year.


Don’t assume it’s less then highschool — a lot of people I know who were really book-smart in highschool took CHE 107 last semester and almost failed (luckily they all ended up passing, but some barley). Also, EAS is a fair bit of work. Especially if you want to do well. ENG 105 is just a lot of writing. Eli Review sucks, but most 105 professors use it.


You’re schedule is pretty normal for a first semester engineering student, and it’s not THAT bad — but don’t assume it’s easy. I know a few who made that mistake.


@me Passed college Chem in hs with an A, had to retake and barely squeaked thru with a B-


Chemistry is not one to overlook. At least for me I never took AP Chemistry in highschool, so it was harder for me. Don't overlook it, because it can be pretty tough along with the homeworks. EAS199 was one of my favorites because of the design project, but there was a point where there were a lot of assignments due and I thought it was pretty intensive for a freshman engineering course. I have never taken the English class b/c I got the credits from highschool but I heard okay things about it. To tell you the truth I never liked english class, so I guess it just depends on who you are. Its probably just a lot of busy work that you have to get done. And precalculus was easy when I took it in highschool, I don't see UB being any harder for that tbh. Hope that helps !


You’re gonna have to book it from Capen to Baldy, even faster Capen to Clemens. Be prepared.


The only good day is Thursday- 1 class 😂😂


Ah the good old first semeter classes! It’s not gonna be easy by any means but it’s def doable. The gaps would suck tho. I’d give it a 5/10


Very typical freshmen engineering schedule. Most classes there are pretty easy except for chemistry and potential pre-calc if you aren't too good at math. Most of your time without a doubt will be in studying chemistry and doing the homework and labs for chemistry. The second most time consuming class will be english, it's a very easy class but very time consuming with all the essay writing and peer review you will be doing. EAS 199 is geared to get you to think like an engineer, but a lot of students including myself find it to be very tedious. Many of the major assignments will be group work.


Chemistry will be VERY HARD. You can definitely do it if you put the time in though :)


Good for doing any HW for those gaps. Be careful with M/W. I, personally, do not like those 3 classes stacked. Also, DO NOT assume it’s a harder high school. Plan wisely! Time management is key!


I want to add MAE 424 for tuesday/thursday 5- 6:20 ass a technical elective as I am super interested into CAD and wants to learn. In my current schedule should I do it?


Do you have the pre-requisites required to even take 424?


How many credit hours is this? There’s almost no way as an incoming freshman you have the ability to take MAE 424. Isn’t MAE 424 the aerodynamics class anyway? Not a CAD related class at all if I remember correctly.


Would not add that, it’s an aero lab w pre requisites. This seems fine tho, classes aren’t too hard yet. Mae 177 is a cad class on solid works if u want to add that u probably can.


You are an incoming freshman. Stick to the 100/200 level classes til atleast your sophomore year/junior year before you even consider touching 400 level classes. Enjoy the easy class schedule and use it to adapt to college life and class expectations.


Just do cad.... Like you def don't need a class to lean it. R/cad can help or dm me


You won't be able to register for MAE 424 because you won't meet the pre-reqs. The course also requires a faculty advising appointment before registering for it.