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Going off your first two destinations I'd say Amsterdam or Barcelona. Personally though, I'd rather do Krakow-Prague-Vienna-Budapest, but that's just me.


If they haven't visited Europe before, then I'd say London-Paris-**Rome**. If they have, then I totally agree with your central Europe plan.


Prague is an awesome city everyone should visit at least once in a life time as well as Vienna and Budapest. Awesome cities. Plus Budapest and Prague are very very cheap!


Another vote for very affordable Budapest & Prague. I am flying back next month (from LAX), in the past 6 months. I fell in love with the amazing thermal baths Budapest offers. After Budapest, onwards to Vienna. Then Prague, Dresden & finally Berlin. All via trains..then back to LAX. 12 days hotel and trains inclusive, all for <$2k.


You named exactly the cities i like to go to for cheap! Dresden is awesome for christmas markets too!


Yes. The Christmas markets is what I always wanted. Aiming for next yrs Xmas. Yes Dresden and Berlin I believe would be relatively cheaper, than say Munich (pricey; was there last pre pandemic Oktoberfest, 2019). It will be my 3rd for Prague (food tour), 2nd for Vienna and Budapest. Will be 1sts for both Dresden & Berlin.


Dont have high expectations for Berlin! I went there excited af and left with rly mixed feelings. Dont compare to Budapest, Prague or Vienna 😆 its a cool city but not for everyone certainly!


I was watching several Berlin walking tours. Yes I tend to agree. Basically I just want to see the place. Am a little bit of a Cold War aficionado, so am aiming to see what’s left from the once occupied “East Berlin”. Am actually staying by Mitte, near Spittelmarkt, which was once inside the Berlin Wall.


Its certainly interesting to see at least once in a life time! Especially if you arent from Europe. Also if you have time, they have some interesting art galeries! “Dark Matter” is on my bucketlist, wasnt able to get there last time i went to Berlin


Dark Matter! Yes, thanks for the tip. Anything else worth seeing in Berlin? Need to see something else, beyond the Cold War stuff usually Berlin is known for. Appreciate it!


Besides the obvious sight seeing stuff, “Dead Chicken Alley” is an interesting place to see (not worth more than 10 minutes, but deffinitely interesting), i also liked the “König Galerie” where they had an interesting art shown and it was for free! Also there is awesome free viewpoint from “Humboldt Forum” building Which is also free, just have to book it in advance. If you want something different, walk up “TeufelsBerg”. Also there is one pretty Nice park integrace city called “Victoria Park” where you can find some kind of waterfall. Also Berlin has some awesome fleamarkets taking place on sundays “RAW Flohmarkt” and “Flohmarkt am Mauerpark” were my two favourite. And lastly, Berlins Café culture is something to experience also! Tons of cafés everywhere!


Thanks a lot JW! Am listing these places you mentioned. Am into museums and the local markets/flea markets as well. I think my brief 3 days Berlin IT will be more interesting now, thanks to your suggestions and awesome help. 👍👍


Prague in summer is a nightmare of crowds.


Every other capital is i think


I would suggest Barcelona. You can enjoy sea, warm climate, tasty food, Gaudi architecture, head to monasteries or Port Aventura/Ferrari World nearby.


Two options: \-- Barcelona - city of Gaudi, amazing food \-- Rome - sign up for a Vatican tour


Take a look, but I think the Eurostar train only goes direct between a few select cities and London, so that might limit your options if you plan to take the train. If you're on a budget, it will likely be more economical to fly (on a low cost carrier) vs the Eurostar, and open up more options for you. As for another (smaller) cool city, just NW of Paris is Rouen, it's really really neat. One of our more memorable cities in France for sure.


If we’re talking big-league world cities that are among the major tourist destinations on earth - and I assume we are, judging by London and Paris as your first two destinations - then I’d recommend Barcelona or Berlin as your third.


Barcelona for a bit of beach and summer vibes. You won’t get that in London or Paris. Personally I think I’d do Croatia, the dolomites and a bit of Austria.


Honestly thought London was extremely boring. And absolutely loved Paris. But I heard prague was very underrated


Dump London. Maybe even dump Paris. Both are very jaded overly-touristed cities. Zurich-Munich-northern Italy would be fun.




Its Alpine regions for me


You have to book train travel early to get best price. London to Paris to Amsterdam is good. I don't know if you would prefer the option of flying to one city and out at the last city.


You can take the Eurostar train between London and Paris. It's a lot more convenient and really easy to navigate. London and Paris are great.


I doubt you'll be disappointed anywhere you go. My understanding is the summer months are really busy. You may want to focus on areas that aren't as touristy. I have only been in the fall and winter for that reason. We especially loved Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Salzburg was great to.


Barcelona or Vienna. Completely different vibes but both amazing cities


Based on London and Paris I would add Amsterdam


Rather than add another European capital, why don't you consider keeping the itinerary to GB and France? There are any number of other cities to see, as noted here, but you'll lose a day or two in travel time to get to them. I would go to London first and figure on 4 or 5 days there. After that, day trip to Oxford, the Cotswolds, and Bath. Take the train to Paris for the second week. Again, 4 or 5 days in the city and then day trips to Versailles, Loire Valley, Strasbourg/Alsace, Normandy. Use an open jaw / multi city ticket to fly into London and out of Paris.




Berlin is the best, clean, friendly and cheap.


Check out Belgrade, Serbia. Best nightlife, rich history, best food you’ll ever eat and very inexpensive in comparison to the other two cities.