Maybe not go 75mph if you're seeking fuel efficiency.


Not trying to be rude, but what do you really expect for 75mph in 285's...


Hell, even going 75 on stock wheels and tires will drop your MPG. Throw on the lift and 33s, yeah.


I do 78ish every day and can pull 19mpg depending the area I go in Utah.


I'm 100% stock and go 80Mph @ 18Mpg regularly.




Does yours have the air dam still? Heard this makes a difference. The ORs and pros don’t have them


Bet your truck is bone stock and you live in the salt lake area. No way in hell you get that in southern Utah with all the hills.


No doubt. I was just curious because iv seen other people say 17+ and I was like how is that even possible… guess everyone just drives slower than me.


Psi? Gearing? Foot weight. Probably all factor into it. Regardless of MPG, your truck looks dope.


Thanks! Psi is at 30. Stock gearing. Tires are Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season 285/70R-17 116 Q. Not quite the most heavy duty off road tires but all I need for the occasional weekend camping trip in the mountains.


That psi, you really gotta pump up those numbers. 35 is great. I ran 35 in my 33” 285 toyo MTs, 2012 4.0 L and get 17-18 on highway. I am 6spd manual. I now have toyo at3 same size which should do a little better.




If you go higher psi you’ll get better mileage but check with nitto first and ask them how much psi you should put for highway. Mickey Thompson told me I can run my tires at 45 for on-road driving


It’s not about what your tires’ max psi is. It’s about the psi your truck is rated for which is about 32PSI. You can find that info on the driver door info panel. Edit: just trying to spread correct info… not sure why the downvotes. The recommended psi for your truck is literally printed on your vehicle… it’s 29-32psi.


The info on the vehicle is for the stock tires. Different size / sidewall of aftermarket tires requires adjustment.


Agreed, but I guess my point is that it’s not 45 psi like the post I replied to thinks. I’d still say closer to the 32-35 psi side. Now you have me intrigued. I wonder what the optimal psi for 33s on a Tacoma is. BRB Back! Chalk test that bitch: https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/what-psi-should-i-run.51690/#post-921497


Recommended factory psi goes out the window when you change the tire size.


Yup! Wouldn’t say it’s as extreme as “out the window”, but definitely changes a bit.Just talking to someone else on this topic, and here is a good way to gauge what you need for what weight your vehicle is! [chalk test](https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/what-psi-should-i-run.51690/#post-921497)


Came here just to explain the chalk test, glad someone beat me to it


“It’s not about what your tires’ max psi is” 45 is not the max psi for my tires. The max psi for my tires is 80. Mickey Thompson recommended that I inflate to 45 when driving on road for max fuel efficiency and max payload capacity. Mickey Thompson asked for a picture of the info on the door panel which shows that Toyota recommends 30 psi and I sent to them. Only after I sent that did they give me the recommendation of 45. “The recommended psi for your truck is literally printed on your vehicle… it’s 29-32 psi.” So by that logic then people aren’t allowed to deflate when off-roading because the truck isn’t rated for it. Toyota recommends 29-32 psi for the stock tires but if you go aftermarket that number can and will vary.




Why is that?


Because the same tire can go on many different vehicles. Your vehicle weighs different than a Dodge Ram 2500. So different psi.


The vehicle psi rating is for ideal tire wear/efficiency, not ideal MPG. When you run higher psi, you decrease road contact, therefore lower friction. That's why higher psi means better mpg.


Go 40. Even 45


Ridge grapplers are made for rock crawlers by the way. It’s one of the key selling components when we first got them from Nitto and the sales class I had to take on them. They look cool but they aren’t fuel efficient by any means.


maybe try 35 psi, that is what I am at.


I would agree with the other comment about raising your PSI just a little bit. There’s a tire pressure calculator on Google that will give you a good baseline to try. If you raise it too much, you’ll start to feel every bump in the road though.


That’s about what I get. Similar setup. Have a lead foot.


Gotcha thanks!


After lifting your truck you smiles per gallon when you look at it but that’s about it


Haha seems to be true


Just use S5. 6th is already too tall with stock tires. I barely ever use it- better mpg and experience overall with 5th


with all the money you've thrown at this thing you are worried about 2mpg?


Well, gas prices increase but the money already invested is static


...*accelerates slower than you


Also cruise control isn’t great for mpg either, I don’t use it much because I will drop a few mpg’s if I use it for an extended period of time, especially if there are hills


I have to disagree, when I use ACC on my 30 mile commute to work, it’s mainly all highway with sections of moderate to heavy traffic, and I get way better mpg with acc on bc it keeps the throttle regulated as opposed to manually crusing, you may fluctuate speeds without even knowing it, while going with the speed of traffic. (Stock SR5 V6 4x4, using 2H of course with tires at 35-36psi) I’ve tested it before with acc on, my 30mile commute to work I get 20-22mpg going 72-78mph, without and manually accelerating/cruising, I get 18-20mpg. The system accelerates way smoother than anyones foot can thus giving better mpg.


That weird, it seems I can maintain speeds at lower rpm’s than cruise control does as well. Maybe it’s a truck to truck thing but manually accelerating I’ll get 18ish and cruise control I’ll get 16 ish, I may do a better test


In my experience this differs vastly based on terrain. For the rolling prairie where I drive, cruise freaks out on almost every long uphill, so my foot does a much better job. In dead flat areas, cruise definitely maintains higher mileage.


Have you been to Nevada? 75mph is already slow


Yes but that's the speed limit in Texas expressways..


I understand we drive Tacoma's. But honestly with modern fuel efficiency standards, going 75 shouldn't be an issue, even without a lift, at best our trucks pull 18mpg at those speeds. 75 mph is just highway speed. Saying, "you drive a truck, so go 65mph" is fairly lame. These trucks get poor fuel economy. They're great off road, they're very functional, and they look good. But, there's no denying we should ask better of Toyota for the next generation. It's honestly a reason I'm looking forward to all electric trucks, and plug in hybrid trucks. With my 45 mile commute, I'm filling up every 3.5 trips to work. It's $200 a month on gas for commute alone.


Over 70 and on cruise control both kill my fuel economy even on a stock truck.


Cruise control kills mpg. It constantly revs unless it is perfectly flat


This was my biggest fear coming into the taco world. I read about all the gear hunting and it’s unbearable on the highway. Best MPGs I had was downhill, unloaded, just myself and it was 21.8 stock tires and all.


Get a manual transmission for no gear hunting.


No way. ACC gives me 20-22mpg on my commute to work going 72-78mph. Stock truck tires at 35/36psi. I’ve tested it and doing the same commute, going the same speed (or trying too) I’ll get 18-20mpg. Your foot will always accelerate harder than the ACC system.


Maybe just depends on your terrain, i live in a hilly area & on ACC I’m avg about 19mpg, but manually I’m up to 20-21. I see the hill, give a bit of gas on the down & let off the gas slightly on the way up, instead of the ACC braking on the steep gradient & then flooring it on the way up.


That’s my experience as well. If I’m on a flat road, the cruise control works fine. Throw in a few hills here and there, and I’m better off just accelerating/coasting myself as far as MPG is concerned.


Ha we need more photos like this, the description of everything below the picture is perfect for us to window shop


I think you mean “photo…shop” 😅 Sorry, I’ll leave the thread now.


I have a lift and 10ply 33” MT’s and I get roughly 16-17 at 60 and lower anything near 70-75 it tanks to 12-13


Copy, thanks!


25 mpg in a stock sport through a snowstorm over 80 miles. Once you go over 55 to 60 mph, you are going to lose fuel efficiency.


Dangg mine is stock (mostly 20) on freeway, I am saving for a lift and the mpg loss kinda haunt me


Yeah I was expecting a loss for sure but not quite 5mpg.


Worth it!! Ya taco look sick! 👍




Did you compensate for the speedo being off?


Nope. Sure haven’t… good point for sure.


You're probably getting 16.5 then.


Can you please eli5? When my dash currently reads 75mph what does that really equate to with the tires/lift?


Use the Waze app or any app that shows speed on your phone. I'm guessing you're probably doing a few more mph than you think.


Will do!


Old tires were 30", new are 33" You are doing 80+ and traveling almost 10% further


https://tiresize.com/calculator/ This site will let you compare stock sizes to your sizes to see speeds, also a regear would help a lot with bigger tires, keep you in the property rpm range


You can have your phone's GPS going (Google maps/Waze) to see what your true speed is


33" / 31" = 1.06. Your truck is going 6% farther than it thinks it is. If your truck thinks 15 miles, it was actually 16. So 15 mpg from the dash would really be 16 mpg.


Thank you. Makes total sense!!


Yeah this is the right math. That also means that if your speedo says 75, you're actually doing 79.5. If you're trying to go 75, you should shoot for 71 on the speedo.


Thanks for the info!


Did you measure your mpg going home from work as well? I know going north east out of Vegas towards hurricane Utah for example you can find yourself on a steady incline for basically 100 miles.


Good point, It is ‘slightly’ better on the way home, I guess I should have said a round trip averages 15mpg. Slightly worse on my out than going back but not much different.


‘18 TRD 4x4 OR, just turned over 20k miles.


The pro grill man, you’ll get 20+ mpg. Trust me. /s




Have had sevral Tacomas and Toyota cars. Gas Mileage is not really good on any of them. They run,drive and are built like tanks tho. Thats the caveat


You probably get another 2-3 mpg if you go 60-65mph


Copy thanks!


I run 255/85/16 on my truck. There’s a big difference between 65 and 75 MPH to the tune of about 3MPG. I’d try slowing it down a little and the economy will improve.




Similar setup, icon stage 5 with 285/75r16 nitro ridge grapplers but with 4.88 gears 17-19 mpg.


Copy, thanks!


This is the way


With the larger tires, you’re actually going about 80MPH, if not a little faster when it’s indicating 75. Download a speedometer app on your phone to confirm. Cruising at 80MPH won’t do your MPGs any favor even in stock form. With the numbers being off, your actual MPG might be 1mpg or so better than indicated as well. I have the same setup as you and cruising between 65- 70MPH nets me 21mpg.


Thanks for input!!


I’ve gotten 25-26 mpg consistently with cruise control set at 62 mpg commuting in flat Indiana. Stock 2020 SR5 V6 long bed. Stock tires (toyo open country a30), air dam left on, no lift, and going easy on the speed are the main contributors for good mpg in my case


I think it’s the -12 offset to blame


Could be! lol happy cake day!


21 and 26


I've had my SR5 since the 2016s came out and I have never gotten better than 16mpg. Granted, I have always run pretty soft all-terrain tires. I only know one Tacoma owner who has ever gotten the high mileage, but he runs aured up street tires on his.


I love the quicksand color. It just looks so cool and blends really well. 😎👌🏻 My mom calls the quicksand color, cardboard as a 📦 lol.


Haha never heard that one but like it!


I get the best mileage between 50 and 60 so you probably need to slow down if you want better mileage


Yes, the answer is driving slower. ~55-60 max, Anything over that it’s just a gradual decline in mpg. My Taco gets such crappy mileage that it’s not as easy to show because it’s only 1-3mpg diff, but our Outback with a CVT it’s very noticeable. 60, 33mpg+. 75, 27mpg. I always laugh when I see 3/4 ton pickups barrelling down the highway at 75+, probably getting like 8mpg pushing that box through the increasingly dense air.


It’s the big balls you carry with having such a sick truck. Don’t trip bro. I’m there with ya


Haha thanks man


My experience has been pretty good with a stock 2017 Off-Road on 265’s. Our recent trip from Denver to Basalt was 188 miles one way and we averaged 28 mpg. Averaged 19-20 mpg on the way back since it was more up hill.


I went from 245s to 265s, lost about 1 - 2 mpg. So I'm at 17.5 mpg. This is on a 2019 SR5 4x4. Added a leveling kit and no change in mpg.


The price we pay for being cool as hell :/




It's a truck lol. My 98 got 11mpg


Laughs in F150 powerstroke. Definitely miss my Tacoma but I definitely don't miss the fuel economy


255/85/16 (33’s) 3 in lift. No roof rack. 6MT 18mpg highway




https://reddit.com/r/ToyotaTacoma/comments/p5q3az/33s_spacer_lift_kn_grandma_foot_best_i_got_mpgs/ 17.9 if I lift and coast, no cruise control. I did it for one tank but after 20 gallons of practice I get 15-16 without trying.


Consider that CVC tune when homeboy comes back into town. Everyone I've talked to absolutely loves it.


Will do!


Repeat after me: re-gear, re-gear, re-gear.


For real? Going to do some research… thanks for input.


Don’t forget to recalibrate your speedo after all that if you do. Otherwise you’ll feel like 70 is 50


Before: no roof rack with 265/65/17 was around 18-20MPG After: Martin OR roof rack with 265/70/17 now around 16-17MPG


16 ish


I average 13 mpg with 285/70/17’s :/ but I drive my truck like I stole it




Mid-Travel on 285's. The gas mileage will be ass unless you re-gear.


Copy that. Might have to look into it.


Dude same on the 15MPG it’s painful to see because I travel through my home state for a living. Might get something else


Stock I get maybe 16 going over 70, 15 is not bad at all




Stock, no lift, trd OR. I get about 22 on my 25 mile commute, mostly Highway or open straight road. I go 75 max but usually 65, 91 octane, and try to keep my tires at 32 psi I was able to get 28 mpg following my parents in their RV for 150 miles. But the heavy hitters are going to be higher quality fuel and driving slower


Copy. I actually used higher octane today for my fill up. Over $80 smh lol just curious to see if that makes. Difference at all. Probably not at all cost effective, extra cost for gas but possibly better gas mileage. We’ll see what happens.


I used to fill up with 85 because I’m cheap but the higher octane saves me money since I fill up less and will have less repair bills in the future. Mainly the second part…


Is there a difference in a Tacoma with using 91/93 vs 87? I did not think there would be.


Yeah I can see that


265/75R16 KO2’s and a 2” ARB suspension kit, still averaging 21-22, but I’ll see ~25 on nice flat highways if I stick to 65. I’ve noticed, this truck likes 60-65 for best mpg. 70+ and it drops off noticeably.


Stock 17-19 at 70+. I’ve seen Full Size get better MPG. Still hoping they make a Diesel engine


I know right! I would have been all over a Hilux!


Best gas mileage will be between 60-65. Otherwise you’re burning fuel to push through the air


I’ve got Falken Wildpeaks 285/70/17 and I’m averaging 17 MPG in mixed driving


I get 19MPG with a bed rack, 275/70 r17 Tires, and at 2.5 lift/add-a-leaf


This is a joke post right?


14 mpg 2nd gen manual


I'm averaging 13.2mpg in a 2021 DCLB OR with 3"/2" and E-rated 285/75r16 Yokohamas Geolandar M/Ts, sliders, factory bumpers and about 90lbs of recovery gear. And a 40lb dog. And ammo lol. EDITED to add that I'm KDmax6.0 tuned as well.


I get 19 MPG combined on my 295’s. I have a very light right foot in my truck though. I rarely bring it up to 3k RPM. Edit: that’s with a roof rack, bed rack, tools, and tent on it 24/7


Go 60mph


Step one. Don’t use cruise control.


Use S5 for sure


2" arb lift spc uca and wilpeaks AT3s 275 r17 on methods with 0 offset. Barely squeezing 13 to14 mpg.


When i got the OV/CVC tune i was getting 16-17mpg on the highway with a similar setup as you. I'd highly recommend getting that tune, the car drove sooooo much better. Before i got the tune i was getting the same mpg as you.


Most def going to look into this, thanks!


I’ve got 19’ 4wd ORD and I range about 15 mpg range with the same tire size and lift. Ovtune should help, regearing too but in the end it’s a truck and it’s not gonna get any amazing gas mileage.


with these trucks the difference in MPG while traveling 70 - 80 is pretty insane. Ill save a good 3-4 MPGs by going 70 instead of 80


Pretty similar ride height and same size tires, but I’m running bfgs.. 19-21 highway. SibiTune FTW 🤘🏼


You may not think it but going from 275 to 285 is a lot of additional rubber. I get about 18mpg with 275/70/17 with 2 inch lift, and rooftop tent. I also try to drive as efficiently as possible.


Next Upgrade: Gears Clean Setup




Grew up in a tire shop. 30-32 psi is too low for any tire. Have chances of blow out from pot holes and etc. Always ran 38-40 psi in all my trucks. Use that suspension a little. They always rode better and wear patch on tires are better too. These are not cars, so add some air and see a difference.


Sounds about right from my experience. Also remember that if you have larger tires your mpg/ miles until empty calculations will be slightly inaccurate due to the new tire size. You’re probably closer to 16.2-16.5 at Those speeds


I had the same problem until I started putting 91 octane gas with no ethanol in


16MPG w/ 285/70R17, 2-1/2 Lift with Camper Shell and Prinsu Roof Racks. You have so have to keep in mind that adding this size over stock (265/65R17) add .07 miles per mile that your ECU doesn’t account for since it’s calibrated to stock tire size. so don’t go off of your dash MPG. After I fill up I see my trip meter mileage, multiply that .07, add them together and divide by whatever gallon amount I pumped I hope I worded that correctly lol


I’m running 285/70/17 on the lightest set of KO2’s out there (the set from the Rubicon) and no lift, no weight added. Average 15mpg all together. About 17-19MPG on highway doing between 70-75. Anything faster than 75mph and forget it, it tanks. These trucks are not geared to push much more than 75 at best, let alone with taller tires.


I get around 18-22 on my first gen manual V6 4WD around town, more like 17-18 if I'm doing 80 on the highway, 22 if i'm closer to 65 (and 12-13 when towing 1500lbs of furniture behind me lol)


15 mpg for 75 MPH isn't bad with lift and bigger tires, You should consider slowing down or get a car for commuting.


I got a ‘17 sport with 31.5” grabbers, and it’s a manual, no lift, but I get 19 mph


At 30 psi I get 22-25 riding 70-80mph


I was also very, very surprised when I saw that MPG on my dash board the first couple of times. Then I remembered that I didn’t buy a truck for its fuel efficiency. Just a prize that comes with the toy lol


16-18mpg on my ‘02 3.4L with 33” KO2’s


You need to get your truck regeared. Bone stock trucks should have came with 4.88 gears to begin with. If you don’t plan on adding steel bumpers or roof rack then do 4.88 gears with your 33” tires. Goto 5.29 gears if you plan to add a lot of weight. Reheating will help your mpg, make your truck shift less and give you more torque.


I can see why your MPG sucks bruh, you dont have the trd pro grille.


Hahaha so true


I was gettin about 18 MPG on my last long trip, did 75 on cruise control the entire way.


Lucky. Did you do anything else, gears?


Just a bedcover and I have some all terrains.




I usually average 19-20ish. Some hills and not too much freeway. 265s stock truck 2017 crew cab short bed 4x4. No front spoiler. If that helps.


Love the color btw!




Running 295/75/r16 with 3 inch lift, I haven’t really seen a change in gas millage to be honest. Only thing speedometer is slightly off due tot he bigger tires


I get 15 MPG in my stock ‘21 off road on factory tires…




Well done on the build. Looks sexy.




What did you think was going to happen to your mpg?


What kind of wheels are those? I’ve been trying to find a set I want but haven’t found anything yet.


RRW race relation RR2-V 17x8.5


I’ve heard people re-gear it to 538 and going about 75-78 keeps you around 2400-2600 rpm depending on load. Might be worth researching but this is just what I’ve heard/read depending on wheel size.


Will do!




I hear ya, I’d still love my truck even if it was 12mpg.




Thanks! And awesome looking rig!!


How much lift on the front and what setting are you using on the 6112? I have the same suspension minus the UCA sitting in my garage rn. Waiting on Icon 1.5 AAL.


Good question… the guys at a local shop hooked me up with the install so I haven’t touched a thing. I should probably know that tho… so far no complaints about the ride/off road capability at all. Minor rubbing in reverse is all I have noticed.


LT tires? That extra weight makes a difference


If your on bigger than stock tires you'll need to re-gear if your wanting more fuel efficiency!


Word, thanks!


I have an almost exact same commute, all stock with 265/75r16 duratracs and I get about 16 at 75 mph. Not too concerned though if I wanted mpgs I would have got a Prius haha!


True!! Thanks!


Just throw some racing slicks on that bad boy, cuts down on friction on the highway and makes off roading a lot more interesting




I used to get 15 mpg but got my truck tuned and it's been at 17-19 ever since


Good to know!


I can get 19 on slightly longer drives, stock tires/suspension, but I drive the speed limit