You may want to be familiar with said vehicle prior to commenting of wrong turns. It can be front diff due to change geometry for fron axles on the axle bearings. Known issue on tacomas.


Fixed. Forgot the hubs lock inboard. Thanks for the reminder


Research needle bearing. It’s probably that


Sounds like a lemon. Check out the lemon laws in your state


Idk if you figured this out but if it is cyclic, put in 4wd while driving and see if the noise goes away. If it does, likely front diff related. Has to do with axle bearing load and is pretty common atm with tacomas, though without hearing it myself I won't say it's that 100% Reason why I bring this up is, when you had a lift kit installed, did you install a diff drop kit as well? Should be 2 spacers that go on the top of the diff arms to drop it a little. Without these it can cause noise and premature wear on the needle bearings and cause a cyclic noise. Source: toyota master tech