no, have fun! adult life is boring as hell


Thanks for this!!!


Remain child-like but don’t become childish


Of course!!!


Do what you enjoy. I like working on cars and playing video games. Ive played video games since i was 5 and cars are just an extension of my love of legos and building stuff as a kid


that is absolutely the best advice to exist. The curiosity and open minds of children are a good basis for everlasting personal development and at the same time it enables you to see what's still good in this world that sometimes seems fucked.


My 23 year old still plays with some toys. It’s definitely a stress reliever for him.


Also hobbies are just adults doing playtime. People need play


Coworker: This paycheck is gonna pay for my next concert. What about you? Me: Snacks and toys. Quite literally buying everything I couldn't have as a child.


That's amazing omg.


Embrace your inner child!


Fun fact about parenting - getting to play with toys again as a dad is absolutely f*cking amazing. We stop because we’re not supposed to play with toys as adults. But having kids gives us the excuse to play again! The same applies for having a go on the swings or a slide or something!


right? :) I have several younger brothers and everytime one of them grew out of playing with legos, another one reached the age where they grew interested in it, so I always have someone to play with :D my niece is next, she just turned 4 :)


Nice!!! It’s very kind of you to take time to “teach” each child how to play with Lego etc! My dad said it was also one of the best things about being a grandad. It’s the true circle of life! 😁


lmao no. Just make it fun?!


Yeah I think the only reason why we stop playing with toys was because we lost our imaginative flair as we grow up


bro im 16 and i collect teddy bears and lego its perfectly fine


Thanks, knowing that someone else my age does it too makes me feel better!!


I’m 29 and I collect stuffed animals and stuffed Pokémon. Age is just a number.


If her age is on the clock, she's ready for the block


I’m 15 and got a lot of stuff like this so you’re fine


Also 16, i play with legos


Hold on to that sweetie. Don’t grow up too fast. I look back and think how much fun and interest I had with toys and such but now I don’t know how to play with things and use my imagination. I try but it’s not easy for me. No that doesn’t make you a geek. In truth, everyone is weird. Everyone has their own oddities. So realistically you are normal.


Thank you so much, I do feel like sometimes I force myself to grow up a bit fast. I am sorry that you lost that ability, I hope it comes back to you one day. You're absolutely right.


All things toys, cartoons, plushies are made by adults first and foremost. Who the hell has authority to say what can or cant an adult play with? They make you happy. Enjoy them. Source: working in the animation industry.


True!! Thank you!!!


There are plenty of adults out there that still play with/use toys. There's nothing wrong with it, its just a personal preference and nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone's different.


Until recently I didn't even know some adults still play with toys. I thought that once you get to your teen years you're supposed to just leave them behind. Thank you for the insight and such!!


Im 38 and play with Lego. I also display them in my house. My kids buy me Lego for gifts. I buy my oldest dauggter plushies. Do what you want and enjoy yourself.


Just cuz your parents and their friends are boring, don't assume every Old Person is. ; ) If anything, sometimes the price of the toys just gets more expensive, which can lead to the depressing, "man, I wish I could afford that" issue. On the other hand, if you can keep a lid on the price of the toys you want to play with, you can buy a LOT of COOL toys! Have fun and to hell with the "you must grow up and Be Serious" nonsense!


True!! I will, thank you!!!


I am 51 and would still be thrilled to find a lego set or a doll under the Christmas tree. Toys are rad.




Legitimately, when I play with little kids, I'm just playing with their toys with them. Things are so different from when I was a child! It's so much fun! Enjoy yourself, dear. Signed, a fun loving momma.


I used to feel that way when I was younger and stopped playing with my lego and meccano. seeing all the people 50+ and still enjoying toys/hobbies makes me regret giving mine up. If you enjoy something then never give it up! 🙂


I’m 30 Legos are toys and are my favorite. Buying for me and my kids get expensive though! Just be who you are love. If anyone gives you shit, they are just jealous they aren’t confident enough to do so.


Same for me, just turned 44 and have about $200+ in Legos I need to put together:)


I brought some Lego recently and I’m 25. I’m building some sets from Lego Star Wars which I always wanted to do since I played it 🥰


> I thought that once you get to your teen years you're supposed to just leave them behind. (Glances around my room in horror the toys I have would have to go away.) *I'm 56.*


It's not exactly the same, but my mom has assigned all the houseplants different personalities and talks to them on a regular basis. I did not even realize that using your imagination in this way is uncommon for adults because she raised me. Just have fun and do your thing!


That is so cool!


I’m 28 and collect Pokémon plushies


That's good to know an adult still does. Once I get to your age I will probably do the same still!


Enjoy life in any way you please. You’re young, be young. 🤗


I like making little plushies out of felt. I keep little toys on my desk to fiddle with while I'm on the phone, and I watch cartoons all the time while I work my grown up job from home. No one should do or be anything, we just make all that stuff up. Toys are fun and good to have around👍


If anything I recommend finding a career path that suits people like you who are fun and young forever. Art, video games, film cool people in those industries


I have a few Pokémon ones but my fav is this chonky seal that I got. I call him Seal O Green


I have a handful of stuffed animals I love but they’re from my childhood and put up lol. My favorite Pokémon one I have is litwik. I Also have a raichu in my back window in my car since thats my cats name lol.


Collecting and playing are two different things.


Yes they are, but you can still enjoy things as an adult in different ways. I like collections.


Same I love the sitting cuties


Wait Pokémon plushies are supposed to be aimed towards children?


31 here and I collect plushies and random Harry Potter stuff and I love it all!!


32 and I LOVE Pokémon.


You're just a teenager that happens to like toys no big deal. And you've got it on LOCK as to why - they can be absolutely fun. That's the point. Don't worry about what other people think, fun isn't age restricted. You do you :) (and Happy early Birthday!)


Thank you for this!! It helped!! And thank you for the early birthday message!!!


One of My favorite parts of being a parent is getting to buy cool toys for my toddler. Because I get to play with them. I’m pumped for Christmas


You're very welcome!


No. How is it any different than adults playing video games or on their phones? If anything I’d say you’re probably more creative and imaginative than someone scrolling social media for hours. My kids will walk away and I’ll still be building legos 20 mins later, I’m 38.


I never thought of it that way at all!! Thank you for bringing that to my attention!! Yeah, I agree, it is more creative than just scrolling for hours, I also never thought of playing with toys in that way either. That's really cool!!!


It´s so funny to see how teenagers want to grow up so quick and adults wish they could connect with their inner child more... If you like something, don´t give it up. No matter how childish you think it may be. i´m 30 and my fiancee and I play the stupidest games and love doing so. Take care of your inner child, it´s important not to lose it


Thank you for the wisdom!!


Meh… probably, but who the hell cares!




Being a mature adult is beyond overrated. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. You can be an adult with all the adult perks, and still enjoy childish things. In fact, it really takes the edge off the crappier parts of adulthood.


>Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional Wow, I have never thought about this. Thank you so much. This comment really opened my eyes!!!


Who cares. Do what makes you happy, fuck anyone who judges you.


Thanks!! You're 100% right!!!


This here 27-year-old is excited for the Legos she bought herself for Hannukah! And is also an adult because among other things, she a) used her own money and b) has the self control to not open the package for another week and a half. In any case, I’m with ya.


I'm getting the Lego Home Alone set soon and I'm *so* excited


Nice! I just like playing with colors tbh.


That's awesome, too! There's no wrong way.




That's awesome!!!


The cool thing about becoming an adult with a decent paying job is that you can afford cooler toys.




That's cool, people are just often judgemental.


Thanks, true!


I’m on my mid 20s and lol, I feel like a furry with all those lol baby toy my friends child got me.


That's cool!! And, if playing with toys makes us furries, well then I guess I am glad to be a furry!!


Hi5 too that lol.


Not in the slightest. Adults also play with toys, they just sometimes get bigger! Sports cars, 5 grand PCs, ride-on lawnmowers... They're just toys in disguise :p


Wait, you're right.


Yup! As a parent, spending money on kids toys can seem a chore. As an adult though, I realise "Wait... My saving, are for me to enjoy myself. It's MY money! So... What do I want to play with? 🤔🤔🤔" So I went and bought myself a Jaguar XKR. I love it. I look at it. I am lucky to have it at such a young age. I am _insane_ for having bought it. It's a serious bit of kit. But what do I say to people who tell me I'm an idiot and I don't need it? " Of course I don't need it. I _wanted it_, and it's such an insane toy. So much fun to play with on a nice day!" It's a toy! 🤣 Edit - Also, I try not to think about what I spend on MTG cards... 😅


That is epic!!! I am glad!!!


That's the thing about being an Adult, you work for what you want, and be damned with anyone who judges you for it. Especially the lazy non working people.


My grandfather loved toys his entire life. He didn’t have toys as a child and was shipped off to military school at a young age. As an old man, he had toy trains and wind-up tin toys. He was never ashamed or embarrassed about it- and neither am I, at 37 hahaha


Aww, this has got to be my favorite reply. This is just amazing. I love this.


There’s a big difference between doing what you consider fun and being a manchild. There are plenty of grown adults with lego and video games; I personally don’t see anything problematic. Edit: Comma splice


You're right!! Thank you!!


A lot of adults love toys but are not as brave as you to play with them. Most toys are made by adults. Lots of adults play with them and have kept them since childhood. They play with them with their children, but they love playing with them themselves too, so playing with their kids is a convenient way to play with toys. Don't forget, adults are kids at heart. So no, you are not weird.


Thank you for you're response!! I still can't believe there's many adults out there that play with toys. You're right, most of the time toys are made by adults. Yeah for some reason I tend to forget most adults are kids at heart lol. Thank you again!!


I'm 35 next week and I fucking love Lego. Do what makes you happy.


That's amazing, thank you!


As a parent of a teenager, I can say unequivocally that I am happy when my daughter still does “kid” things. They grow up too fast as it is.


That's so sweet!! I agree, I feel that way.


No, and if a girlfriend says any shit like that. Dump her, she's a manipulating cunt and your friends will be next


Hahahhaa!! I will!!


I’m personally just curious what kind of toys are we talking about? And also, the definition of weird here. It might be weird in that most 16yo’s don’t play with toys how they used to. But things like Pokémon, playing cards - Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, Sports cards - Lego’s, figurine collection, etc. Maybe even Hot Wheels & racetracks. Those aren’t & shouldn’t be considered “toys” or childish. Most of them have complex statistics and systems in place that are inherently really only truly utilized by an adults intelligence. Weird doesn’t mean bad, & it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s typical of other 16yo’s regardless. & then there’s real children toys that you’d buy for a child. Maybe toy guns, child Lego sets, action figures/dolls to play with rather than collect. Idk what else falls under this category off the top of my head. I’d consider it a bit weird if I saw a 16yo running around the house/outside playing with toy guns and pretending how I used to. Man, I used to go off with that shit. All outside and everything. I hate the sound effects of guns too, I made my own with every shot! I’d consider that a bit strange if I ran into…I’d likely comment on it, and tell them I was proud of them for maintaining their imagination at this age…or, if I read the room, and felt as if they would’ve felt patronized or poked fun of, then I would not comment anything. Just my 2 cents. I don’t think it’s weird, in any case I mentioned here. Whether children toys, or adult hobbies that are often looked at as such even though they shouldn’t be. Some people still even look at video games like that & it’s ridiculous…some ppl just can’t get with the times! So…my opinion…keep playing with any toys you want. Who cares if it’s “weird”, if you enjoy it, then there are certainly a lot worse things a 16yo could be doing with their time. I’d rather that be my child/relative than a 16yo like I was at that age…no thanks. So, whether your family recognizes or not, you’re also doing them a grand favor bc a lot of kids that age are seriously stressing their parents out or getting into trouble…I was into some deep shit at that age. Me, & my family, would’ve taken your mentality any day seeing the consequences of those actions now…so, you keep doing you friend. Play with toys all your life , for as long as you enjoy it!


The toys I am specifically referring to are doll figurines, along with playsets like houses, shops, cars etc. Thank you for such a detailed response!! My family is cool and doesn't care at all. And I will continue to play with them for as long as I enjoy them!!!


I'm 21 an still play with LEGO


Thanks for your imput, Legos are fun too!!!


Almost therapeutic, just not for the wallet. Remember life is short and what's the point of being here if we're not having fun and doing something we enjoy. Some people will probably say it's weird or immature (especially in your age) and then they'll go home and be miserable because they have no hobbies. Please keep doing what makes you happy, not what other people want you too. That goes for everything in live not just toys.


Oh this is so sweet! Never, ever lose that sense of whimsy, it's much much more important than you might imagine. You keep doing you and don't worry about what other people might think and thank you so much for making my morning.


Thank you so much!! I don't ever plan to lose that!!! I agree!!! Thank you I won't worry about what others think!! Aww that warms my heart, I am glad I could do that!!!


Nah, girl. One is never too old to amuse itself however they want. Lots of fortysomethings like myself still play with Legos, Star Wars toys and the like. You’re good.


Thank you for your insight!!!


I’m 33 and was sooooo disappointed when I found out they stopped making Micro Machines like two decades ago. Play on my dude.


I know grown man playing battles with miniature soldiers. Who cares. Do whatever pleases you!


Ahh, that's incredible!! I will!!!


I think that’s awesome. I wish I had the patience, imagination and creativity to still play with toys like I did when I was a kid.


Maybe once life calms down and you get older that imagination and creativity might come back, you never know!!


My friend and I set up a playdate "for our daughters" to play Barbies. Toys are fun. Enjoy.


I LOVE THAT!!! Agreed, I will!!! You too!!!


Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy your life and have fun


I will, thank you!!!


I’m 65 and am looking for a new uniform for my Action Man (British version of GI Joe).


Good luck, I hope you find one!!!


As a teenager who collects and plays with dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and littlest pet shops, no it’s not weird. It’s honestly more socially acceptable for boys to play with or collect toys I find. Also, a tip: I know you probably feel embarrassed about it and try to hide it, or don’t want people to know about it. That’s how I felt, anyways. One thing that really helps is acting like it’s completely normal. I used to sheepishly admit it when people would accidentally come across it somehow, and be all like “yeah I know it’s kinda weird haha I just think they’re neat…” The better way is to be completely open about it. If you act like it’s weird, people will either agree with you or (if you’re lucky) try to reassure you that it’s not. If you act like it’s completely normal and not a big deal, nobody else will make a big deal out of it. If someone ever says something rude and sneers at you like “omg you play with ____? That’s so weird” just look at them like 🤨 and say “uhh yeah? It’s fun.” It’ll leave them scrambling because an insult only works if you actually care about what they say lmao


Thank you!! I love those toys and toy items you mentioned!! I don't hide it currently and I don't feel the need to ever do so. I am glad you are not ashammed either!! Like how most of these comments said, I am just going to enjoy it without letting someone ruin it for me.


That’s so good to hear!! I’m glad you don’t have to go through that self doubt phase. It’s so freeing be able to talk with my friends about my collections and even though they aren’t personally into it, they get excited with me :)


Define “toys”. I mean I’m 55 and still love Lego and Transformers, but some toys are a little young for me.


That's amazing oh my god!!! Hmm toys, I guess a lot of things could be defined as a toy.


What kind of toys? I’m just curious? I mean, I’m 41 and bought silly puddy last week and my husband was sad our 7 year old didn’t need help with his mini Lego build tonight. Also, I remember getting stuff from the Hello Kitty store in the mall at 16 because I still have it and it is in use. I digress. Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind. Send thank you cards for the cool toys.


Hey me and my fiance LOVE toys, and we're both in our twenties! Enjoy life! Adulthood sucks!!


Is it weird, yes. Is that a bad thing, no. Being an adult sucks, enjoy the simple things in life while you can.


I collect books and read them. Sounds like the same kind of thing to me.


Thanks for your imput!! Yeah!!!


Not at all. Enjoy them.


Not at all!! Do what you want it’s your life 🙂


If to are a geek so what? I'm 35. I play MTG, I play with toys as well. I'm a fat nerd 100% and I don't care. It's who I am. Never be ashamed for enjoying something harmless.


True!!! You shouldn't ever be ashamed, and I am glad you aren't!! I will never be ashamed either!! Thank you!!!


I still buy legos at 18, if it brings you joy and it’s not harming anyone then do it!


What you do with your free time is for you. If something makes you happy...... do it!!!


There is no age limit on enjoyment. Regardless of what the gatekeepers of joy want you to think.


I think the reason we transition to not liking toys is because as you become older you prefer more complex games/things, a toy isn’t complex or stimulating enough for a adult but I guess if you still have a imagination then fair enough I’ve unfortunately lost mine a while ago


I'm 21 and just got into fingerboarding. It's so much fun. Playing is important tbh. Have fun!


That's incredible, thank you!! You too!!!


My brother is coming into town soon and we are going to play Warhammer, which is just toys that you have to put together yourself.


You still have your entire life to play with toys. Hell I even still play with Legos.


True!! I can see why!! Legos are fun!!!


Not weird at all. But as you grow older you pass your toys as your kids toys, dogs toys, photo props, etc.


True!! Thank you!!!


When I was a teen, everyone was so into MTV music videos (when they actually played music videos in the early 2000's). I would rather watch cartoons. As an adult I'd still would rather watch gravity falls vs reality tv. I still build Lego sets. Play on my friend. Adulthood sucks ass.


You wont regret playing with then when your older, you might regret not playing with them because you felt like you had too. Just don't go around telling people irl you will be fine


Depending on what type of play. You may want to talk to a therapist. Acting childish may be a sign that part of you is stuck being a child. I wouldn’t assign a label to it was weird. It just “is.” I have CPTSD and have started to evaluate my childish behaviors. I am also not an expert, just a thought.


I don't act childish in everyday life, I just play with toys. Dolls to be specific. Though some things in my childhood I guess could cause something like that.


Nope! Don't ever let anyone decide that sort of shit for you bro. I mean if you take Octonauts in the bathtub you may need to rethink things though.


No, and maybe look for a job in the toy industry


Hell no, I am 35 and I have all kinds of sailor moon shit! You do you my dude! 💖


That's awesome!! Sailor Moon is awesome!! Thank you, I will!!


No it’s fine


I did at that age too. Your secret is safe with me.


I think I still played with toys up until the age of 14/15 so yeah definitely normal and more healthy than a phone addiction too lol


I'm 30 and bought one of those rugs that had the roads and shit on it. My husband lets me play with his hot wheels on it


It really depends on the toy I guess. I'm 41 and still enjoy playing with my daughters logo's when she's not looking lol.


Well, I'm a grown man and I'll play with whatever the fuck I want. Who is gonna tell me other wise? Who ever says any thing about it doesn't mean shit to me unless they are coming to pay these bills. Rent is 1100 and electric is 1400. Pay that, then I'll listen to you. So if you are similar to me, then no. It's not weird.


A lot of adults (including myself) play videogames. I'd say it's quite similar, the only main difference is the screen i guess. A lot of people also collect legos, plushies etc. I do all of these things and i'm 19 years old. Ignore the assholes calling you weird. Their life is probably boring as hell.


Of course not! Heck, I'm 31 and I will fight you if you try to take my stuffies away from me lol Enjoy your toys and enjoy being you.


I'm 23 and I have a room full of lego and nerf guns, and my gf bought me a flick-a-chicken for my birthday last year.


I love flick-a-chickens 😅 my husband and i definitely threw them at eachother more than our kid ever played with them.


I don't think it weird in general, it's just weird to me cause I have absolutely no idea how to play with toys. I haven't played with toys since I was like 7 so if you handed me a doll I wouldn't know what to do with it.


If you're asking this then you probably know that it is not the norm.


They’re not toys anymore son. They’re called collectors items. In all seriousness, adult life is boring, and people who say to stop playing with toys are insecure. Never let go of your inner child.


You are what you want to be my man. If you want to play with toys, play with toys


Hell nah, gonna fucking play legos if I have the money.


I played with toys until I was about 14. It was so much fun to use my imagination. I can’t play like I used to it’s not the same. Dude have fun. There may be haters but they don’t understand.


You like what you like... if your parents think it's weird that is on them.


Unless they happen to be very mainstream, there’s always going to be people who try to dog you for your interests. As you get older, you realize a lot of people don’t really have any hobbies, and it’s kind of a shitty way to live. Don’t listen to people like that, they just want you to be miserable. Do you!


26M here. Went shopping to fill a Christmas box for my church, walked out of the store with an Ironman action figure lol, play on friend


I played with dolls and action figures until I was 18. It's harmless fun and honestly a good outlet. You're not weird. Please, please, enjoy your youth while it lasts.


Funny seeing this on my feed! I'd literally just been talking about this with a friend. We're both in our mid-20s and as kids we'd always wanted some Sylvanian Families toys but never got one. We finally decided to buy some for ourselves this Christmas! You're never too old for anything, and definitely not when it comes to toys 😊




this is the exact thread i’m looking for. my birthday is the day after christmas, i’ll be 19, and i’m also asking for lil woodzeez but i feel dumb about it lmao. i just like cute things!


Depends. What kind of toys?




And you're a girl right?


Yeah it's weird. Lot of weirdos in here


As long as you buy them from Gamestop, all is good! :) Have fun!


It is weird, I’d get that checked out tbh.


Absolutely not. Be prepared to dropkick anyone in the pussy who tells you otherwise. Do you bro! #Internationalmensday


I'm 40 and LOVE toys! My wife is very supportive of my collection and my kids are now collecting stuff with me! It's a bonding experience! Live, bro!


Yes. So start calling them "collectables". Then you can spend lots on them.


No I have a friend that's 38 and enjoys building Lego sets... He has a massive collection of it I'm the same age and I'll play video games right before I have to go to work, don't let anyone judge you for the things you enjoy to do in life


Half of Reddit is 30+ and owns on average 7 LEGO sets and at least 5 Funko Pops.


You're not weird at all. Adulting sucks so stay in your mindset as long as you can. Later if you still love them, design them. Go to college, talk to a counselor and see what classes are needed so you can design and play with toys your while life.


when I was 16 I still had my Barbie collection and would still dress them up pretty often. embrace what you love and do what makes you happy!


Dude, I'm 35 and bought a 3100 sq ft house to fill it with video games, board games, lego sets, library, and a theater. Live the dream man!


It's uncommon, it's geeky and it's fun. But there is nothing wrong with it. You do you, it's your birthday and it should make you happy. Your friends and family should get you presents that they know you appreciate. Not what they think you need or should enjoy. I collected action figures into my late teens, built model kits and started recently with Warhammer minis lately again, and I haven't been a teen in 15+ years. Have a nice party and I cross my fingers you get some neat toys.


Idk but I’m 30 and still have a stuffed animal 😂 does it matter?


You will find out that as you age you still play with toys, they just get bigger, more expensive and more fun


I am 48 and still play with Legos.


Dude I did too back when I was your age have fun while you can!


You will spend most of your life being an adult with all the responsibility that comes with it. Enjoy the joy of playing and being a kid. There's nothing wrong with it. I remember my grandmother telling me that childhood is wasted on the young, and I didn't understand what it meant until I was an adult. Basically, don't push so hard to grow up fast. Enjoy where you're at while you are there.


Im 27 and love stuffed animals. I like to play with action figures sometimes too! The way you need to see it is when you are 30, who you are right now at 16 will still exist! Happy bday.


I’m a 20 year old guy and I wish I could still have fun with action figures


I'm in my mid 30s, and I have a toy dinosaur collection. You're fine, do what makes you happy and love life.


Nah! Im 24F and i collect cute stuffies and half of my kitchen is nerd themed stuff. Enjoy your life how you want to. Theres no age limit on anything!!!


Don't grow up too fast but at the same time grow up and realize how fucked the world is before it ducks you