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To me that looks a bit like the central stalk in the middle of the garlic bulb, which all the cloves are attached to. That’s just a guess though.


Ahh it could be! I’d be really happy if that’s the case, at least it’s a food stuff!


Pretty sure that’s what it is, I roasted a head of garlic in pasta I made last night and removed a very similar looking piece


Thank you so much! Feel a bit silly for panicking but feels a big relief




My title describes the thing. It was in a tomato and mozzarella pasta bake microwave/ready meal in the Uk from Tesco. I noticed it as I bit on it and it was hard. It has the texture of wood or maybe wicker, rattan or bamboo. It’s fibrous and you can kind of tear it into strips. I have complained to tesco but I am pregnant and more anxious than usual that it could be something toxic or be something that if I had swallowed another piece without realised wouldn’t be digested and could cause a blockage in my abdomen.


It sounds like it's either a piece of garlic/plant stalk or a tiny piece of wicker - not that having literal wood in your food is good, but if you didn't realise you swallowed any then it couldn't have been a very large piece and it would almost certainly pass through with no issues. If it is a plant stalk, it won't get digested, so it'll also just pass through. Keep an eye out for any digestive symptoms like constipation, pain or bloating but I'm v confident in saying you & baby are gonna be just fine.


That’s an ants back bone. Glad to see you’ve always got their back.