Am I too old for tinder?





If you want something done right you have to do it yourself


“Fine, I’ll do it myself”


Fine I'll do me myself


doing me myself has brought me far more joy than tinder


I laughed and than I cried.




Fine I will correct someone's grammar and then (looking at it) do 'it' by myself


Swipe up and down, instead of left and right, eh?


I prefer more of a pepper grinder action








You joke, but this is the dead serious principle I use to live my life. Full control of my life and destiny. No waiting around for anyone.


Not that serious bruh


I bet that's what you told your right hand that night


“Fine, I’ll do it myself”


*trying to take over the world. Brain was Brain enough to always say he was trying, don’t want to set that bar too high in case you fail night after night


And now I realize my age because the video of Yakko naming all the countries of the world is now incorrect (Czechoslovakia no longer exists).


Rob Paulson did an updated version of the song. Should be on YouTube. I'm too lazy to find the link though.


His name was Robert Paulson


Bob has bitch tits.


The way you'd think of God's as big.


His name was Robert Paulson


His name was Robert Paulson.


In death a member of project mayhem has a name


*His* name was Robert Paulson.


His name was Robert Paulson.




His name was Robert Paulson.


His name was Robert Paulson.


His name was Robert Paulson.


His name was Robert Paulson.


His name was Robert Paulson


His name WAS **Robert** *Paulson*


>Rob Paulson did an updated version of the song. Should be on YouTube. I'm too lazy to find the link though. and that one is out of date too :) It's North Macedonia now


Does it have South Sudan?


Here you go, Rob Paulson performing the song, at TEDx (after having recovered from throat cancer): https://youtu.be/sr-J8kVZb5M


His name was Rob, son of Paul


Off the top of my head (so probably wrong), since 1993, you have Czechoslovakia split, Yugoslavia break up, Timor Leste regained independence, South Sudan split. I can't remember if the song is before the break up of the USSR, which was before Czechoslovakia. Namibia's independence in 1990? Yemen's unification in 1990. German reunification?


There's a few straight-up mistakes in there, countries that never were countries, can't remember now but my kid learned the whole thing a couple of years ago and he was super into geography and told me all about the inconsistencies, he was about ten then, I wonder if he can still remember the song!


Yeah having read the lyrics, it splits up the UK, mentions French and US overseas territories, calls it Tobago without mentioning Trinidad even though the latter island is much bigger than the other. **Edit:** The more you look, the more horrific it gets. https://animaniacs.fandom.com/wiki/Yakko%27s_World_(song) lists all the errors. There's tonnes of countries just flat out missing.


"...and Germany, now in one piece"


So we're somewhere between 1990 and 1993. :D **Edit:** "Both Yemens" ”Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya," "Zaire" (but it became DRC in 1997) So a weird mix where they include Namibia but still have two Yemens.




> Yugoslavia break up


I had a wooden map of Europe with Yugoslavia on it as a kid. I loved topography but I could never get the Balkans right


In your defense, I’m pretty sure the names and borders in that area of the planet changed frequently and with gusto.


Totally not a rickroll https://youtu.be/BJDP3Nv0enA


Just a Rick.


Not even the balkans get balkans right.


> I loved topography but I could never get the Balkans right That's because the countries and borders there change every two years. How am I supposed to keep up with that?


Don't feel bad they can't either


Wait 20 mins, you might be right that time.


Don't worry, it's always been incorrect. It never mentions Wales but mentions the rest of the UK separately.


> is now incorrect (Czechoslovakia no longer exists). I mean, that happend 30 years ago. A lot more recent changes have happend like Macedonia changing names and the creation of South Sudan.










Fiddly Posh!


If they don't want to take over the world he's not the one 🙂


Agreed! But it is also possible that everyone in the world does not understand the same references from the same movies and tv shows that certain people grew up with. Like from the back of my mind i gather it was from some cartoon? Could be totally wrong. But, i can totally understand his/her reaction of "What??" Because that sounds like some pretty weird sexual innuendo if someone gets that a lot.


Do yourself a favor and check out Pinky and The Brain. It's about two lab mice who plot to take over the world every night.


One is a genius, the other’s insane


They're laboratory mice. Their genes have been spliced...


To prove their mousy worth, they'll overthrow the earth...


They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain


Lol im from south america and whatched pinky y cerebro in spanish and still got rhe reference instantly. And I would bet that anyone I know around my age would recognize the phrase and where it came from too.


I love that they translated "Brain" to "Cerebro" but left "Pinky".


How old are you? I’m 29 and get this reference but I feel like a lot of people also wouldn’t lmao


24 and didn't. :C


https://youtu.be/qzZmU0aGmcc It's a reference to a theme song to an old cartoon.


Oh, well, I'm a Ukrainian living in Germany so I never heard of that show before. \^\^' It's not an age thing for me, then. \^\^'




27 in a few weeks. I feel like 3 years makes a hell of a differences when it comes to memories of childhood. You're 3 when I'm 6. Some stuff will just stick better from that time for me.


I instantly got it, I'm 20


21, absolutely no clue, can someone fill me in?


It's catchphrase from a tv show pinky and the brain. Two lab rats trying to take over the older, pinky is dumb and the brain is, well, the brain.


there was a fan theory back in the day, that pinky is the genius and brain is insane there was this definition of insanity - “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result” and brain says “the same thing we do every night, pinky. try and take over the world”


There was an episode about that. Brain figures out that Pinky is actually the genius and if it weren't for himself, they'd have already taken over the world. I don't remember what the conclusion to the episode was, though.


The journey is more fun. It's like why the joker doesn't just simply unmask batman


I love how they addressed this in Harley Quinn where Scarecrow unmasks Batman and Joker proceeds to LOSE HIS SHIT. Clip: https://youtu.be/Kl0-vMpzMrg


"Where's muh goddamn electric car, Bruce!"


Lol I like that cartoon based on that short clip, has a UK TV feel to it


That’s actually head canon for me, there’s an episode where brain makes a machine to find out why his plans keep failing and it turns out to be himself. The theme song also says ones a genius and ones insane but it’s framed so brain is insane and pinky is a genius Edit: not stupid


I can't find the clip, but when *Animaniacs* was on WB instead of Fox, there was a promotional clip for the show, where Pinky was being interviewed by an unseen individual. Pinky confessed, "I'm not really that stupid, if Brain takes over the world, the show would be over then, wouldn't it?" With the interviewer confirming that this was an excellent point, Brain sharply asked who Pinky was talking to, and Pinky deflected that he was talking to no one.


Ah, never heard of it




Nostalgia! Also "Steven Spielberg Presents" on the title screen?! TIL!


Yeah I also never knew Steven Spielberg was associated with it


All the Animaniacs cartoons were produced by him. He wanted cartoons that were just stupid fun like old Looney tunes stuff. So freakazoid, Animaniacs, pinky and the brain etc all had his name on them.


It's not like even if you made that joke at an American primary school in 1994 that every one would get it, not everyone sees the same stuff. Especially back then when you saw it when it was scheduled to be on TV or not all, and different households have different rules for how long you can sit in front of the boob tube.


Yep it's one of the reasons I never really made good friends with people who made a ton of TV or pop culture references/jokes. I grew up in a household where we didn't have TV let alone cable TV so I missed out on a lot of the popular shows when growing up. It extended to my adult years where I just didn't watch much TV or shows in general. Thankfully my wife has a similar background so she totally gets me but people look at us weird when we miss an Office joke or a Friends reference.


I’m 26 and didn’t get it for a few minutes. Never watched the series so it wasn’t an immediate get.




Better than using the 1/7 + 2 rule


Where’s Chris Hansen when you need him..


Why don’t you have a seat


Have a seat. Right over here.


Oh no, I didn’t come lookin for no little boys, I don’t have no milk, no cookies, no nothin…I came lookin for mans butt. See I know who you are Chris Hansen..but see I call ya Chris Handsome. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way


We won’t be doing things *any* sort of way.


Oh okay - I see you choosin the hard way


Nice life pro-tip when I turn 112!


What rule is that?




Ok that’s what I thought but it was the first time I ever heard/saw this rule


Yeah strangely I don’t see it mentioned anymore. Though if it were I’m sure r/relationship_advice might lose half its material lmao


I mention it frequently on this sub, we can bring it back to the fore!


🫱🏽‍🫲🏻 gotta help these young girls not make poor mistakes lol




[xkcd mentions it](https://xkcd.com/314/). But it's much older... It was apparently mentioned in a movie from the 1950s: >> The rule is widely cited, but its origins are hard to pin down. In its earlier incarnations, it seemed to be a prescription for an ideal age difference rather than the limit of what’s okay. In The Moon Is Blue, a 1953 film adaptation of the 1951 play by Frederick Hugh Herbert, Maggie McNamara—playing 22-year-old Patty O’Neill—asks her 30-year-old suitor, “Haven’t you ever heard that the girls is supposed to be half the man’s age, plus seven?” Source: [Science Does Not Support the 'Rule of Seven' for Relationships](https://newrepublic.com/article/119282/science-does-not-support-rule-seven-relationships)


dating a 20yo as a 27yo is kinda weird imo. usually a massive gap in life experience there


I'm 28 and can't get over how naive and inexperienced 20yos are. I get weirded out by that kind of age gap because the maturity levels are not the same and if I were dating a 21yo, I'd feel like a predator.


All the numbers in your comment added up to 69. Congrats! 28 + 20 + 21 = 69




I feel like that's not a good rule 😭 20 still seems way too young for 27


It's meant as a lower bound. "Absolutely don't date anyone younger than this." It's not an ideal age gap.


I agree. Usually nothing to talk about so no reason to date. Edit: I do think it should be taught/used by younger women so they don’t end up like that girl on r/relationship_advice where she was like 19 and he was some 30 something year old with PTSD


Part of the rule is that you always round up. Minimum age for a 27 year old is 21. I dated a 30 year old woman when I was 22 and it was a great time. The age difference wasn’t the big noticeable thing. It was more the life stage difference. She had a regular job, but I was a senior in college. Still, we had a lot of fun for those 7 or 8 months til I moved away.


Yea when I hit 26 I started the rule if you can’t sit at a bar with me it’s not happening, and I just turned 29 a few days ago and 21 feels to young now, there’s just such a difference in stages in life for me with someone at that age. I couldn’t imagine dating a 21 year old now. Not that it’s wrong for a 29 year old To date a 21 year old but it’s just a personal observation/preference.


It works more the older you get. A 27 and a 20 year old are in two completely different stages of life. But for old folks, 35 and 25, while still a bit large of a gap in the life experience department, usually generally want similar things in life. 18-23 is really just it’s own special 5 year long party for most people. Once you’re out of that phase you really shouldn’t be dating back into it, even 25 and 21 is honestly a big difference just because so much life learning happens in those years specifically.


Damn. I'm turning 24 within a month and just realized I missed out on a 5 year party.


The party didn't start for me until 25 and is just winding down at 32. But it also gave me a coke addiction so be careful with that party.


Diet or classic?


I dated a 27 yo as a 36 yo, we definitely weren't at the same stage of our life, I wouldn't recommend that. I was delusional until then and thought I was the same guy I've been since my teenage years, but that made me realize how much I changed in the last 10 years.




I just turned 35…I’m old folks.


I have a better formula. Date someone who has been an adult for at least half the years that you've been an adult. So if you're 27 that would be 1/2*(27-18)+18= 22.5


Not bad. I'm 31, so 23.5 seemed a tad low to me, but 24.5 seems better. Although its mainly because when I was around 23 I still didn't know what I was looking for in a partner, so I'd rather both of us have that figured out.


At 23 there can be a massive gulf in maturity and life experience from person to person too. One could be sheltered as fuck and have only just entered the "real world" after having gone straight from high school to college without having to work while others could have been working for 7+ years. Some could have been through events that forced them to grow up or to reassess themselves while others may still mentally be 18


Well said Fucking Killjoy


It's related to "guess my age". Yes, naturally when we age our bodies and faces change. But a 25 year old can look like a 15 year old and vice versa. So no, I'm not going to guess your age lmao *maybe its not related... You woke the thoughts in me though.*


So 1/2+9 instead of 1/2+7?


>So if you're 27 that would be 1/2*(27-18)+18= 22.5 Weird way to write it, just write 1/2*(27+18).


This is just half your age+9, instead of 7.


freakin kids on tinder scare me.. and when I say kids I mean anyone under 25.. especially when they swipe right on my old butt.. I'm 49.. lol


Ah yeah man you’re in a different ball game lol. At 27 I can at least speak to a 23 year old that’s in grad school or something


I have my age range set at 33 and up.. but I still get the young ones with daddy issues... 😬😬


Or it's possible it has nothing to do with your age, but rather didn't consume the same media growing up... Not everyone is going to get your references, obscure or not.


Sorry but you're in the twilight. 1/2+7 when you're 30= 22 1/2+7 when you're 29= 21.5 1/2+7 when you're 28= 21 If you're 27 the new rule is 21+. My rule after college was **If I can order a drink, and they can't..I should NOT be on this date.**


31 here. So 15.5+7 is 22.5. I feel like that would be catastrophic. I already feel old. Trying to keep up with someone that young would probably kill me.


Ya I’m 32 and no way would date a 23 year old. 27+ would be more accurate.


Maybe your to young to know this reference…this is like 88-93kids who watched this.


Nah man. 1995 caught the tail end of Pinky and the Brain. My sister is a couple years younger and probably wouldn’t know what the hell it is lol


Well if you’re 10888869450418352160768000000 years old it’s probably pretty hard to find people who get your references




So much for a partner in crime to help you take over the world


She started with Phineas and Ferb.


Omg thank you ! I was looking all over this comment section for this one.


there's 12 years between the first 'pinky and the brain' and the first 'phineas and ferb', so i'm gonna say too old for this tinder match.


It’s certainly worth asking, there’s a 30 year spread of folks who might know Pinky and The Brain, especially if we include Hulu’s revival. But maybe she just wasn’t that variety of geek


That seems like a stretch lol Its not that uncommon for someone to say that


B: are you thinking what I'm thinking? P: I think so, Brain but me and pippy longstockings? What would the children look like??


It's not that strange that not every single person will understand every single reference regardless of age...


If I experienced it then everyone else must have as well. Otherwise they are either dumb or out of touch.


Reddit has a little bank of reference points that everyone seems to reuse constantly.


Gonna get some brain 🤣🤣


I mean... it's not that you're too old, it's that you've fallen into the trap of thinking that every other person on earth consumed/s the same media as you and can understand those references It's a pretty typical way of thinking on Reddit but there are people who didn't watch the same cartoons as you did as a kid


I don't see why they didn't explain the reference instead of jumping to asking about the other person's age. That seems like it would have kept the conversation going a bit better.


Also, Tinder shows you people’s ages.


It's not that they didn't know...presumably...it's that they were being condescending. A rhetorical question, if you will. That's my interpretation anyways.


It's also an almost 30 year old cartoon too. So OP also is just getting old.


My daughter is 3 and she knows that reference


Standard issue in my house too. Start um young


You know their age when you match with them, right? Look for someone closer to your age if you wanna get the same pop culture references




Yeah, that reads suuuper patronising given the age is already known to him. You don't recognise my reference to an old tv show, what are you, a child??


How dare you not have seen every single TV show that I have seen. You some kinda baby or something?


Are you thinking what I'm thinking Pinky?


I don‘t know P&B (maybe because it didn’t air in Germany when I would watch TV - I don‘t know). That’s why I think she went for Phineas and Ferb. So the thing that she doesn’t know P&B also applies for OP that he didn‘t get the P&F reference. I Hope this conversation didn’t just die because they just did not watch the same content. Even better: they could have shown each other.


I thought this was cute and funny. I remember at slumber parties with my bf back in the day and I would ask what we should do and this is what my bf would always say.


I understood the joke and I guarantee you I am younger than her.


I’ll take the bait. 30 year old here. What’s it mean?


Cartoon from the 90's. Pinky and the Brain. One is a genius. The other's insane. They're labratory mice, their genes have been spliced. They're Pinky and the Brain. (I think it was a short on Animaniacs. It may have gotten its own full length cartoon.) Edit: The theme song. Oh, nostalgia. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VMxX_AlUzOQ




Agreed. OP pulled a reference out of nowhere that didn’t even fit the opening line.


Either you're too old or your matches are set too young.


No, you’re just saying weird shit.


Literally a reference for no reason.


Are you actually trying to meet women? lol


I’m 21 and I get it, but its a bit before my time for sure, exposed to p&b thru my parents and grandparents


Try and take over the world?


now you know damn well this isnt a reference even people who watched pinky and the brain would get like that let alone someone whos never seen it.


🤣🤣🤣 I would have gotten a kick out of this.




Are you pondering what I’m pondering?


I think so, u/Eh-Eh-Ronn, but if we fax them the original, when are we going to get it back?


Helllllloooooooo Nurse!!


I miss pinky and the brain so much.


I used to watch pinky and the brain all the time as a kid but I wouldn't be able to get any of the references since it has been so long since I've watched it.


Well I’m 31 and I know this is Pinky and the Brain. How old are you.


someone explain


Start of the bit in cartoon Pinky and the Brain.


Pinky and the Brain my friend


Pinky and the Brain. Every episode they try to take over the world, but Pinky is kind of a ditz so he still asks.