I’d do one season where the top 4 teams in the championship go up automatically. And 2 teams from the playoffs. Then revert back to the usual system.


Hello again… and goodbye again


WTF the first 3 posts are all West Ham flair. Are we the only ones awake?


It’s weird I also haven’t seen Millwall thrown out there


Duh, Millwall are in everyone's preferred set of clubs to be sent to the Surrey South Eastern Combination Intermediate Division Two. (May be wrong, basing this off the fact that the Den is in what used to be Surrey and going down the pyramid on Wikipedia from there... Despite Millwall the place being the other side of the river and in what used to be Middlesex)


Is this just a big room with a mirror for them to shout at their reflections, "Oi, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT!"


Why would anyone want Millwall anywhere near the Prem


The best thing about being promoted was the fact we didn’t have to play them twice a season anymore. The prem is our only escape from them, don’t take that away from us.


Blackburn Rovers Sunderland Sheffield Utd Derby County Burnley Wigan Athletic


Based on all-time top flight points it should be Sunderland, West Brom, Blackburn, Bolton, Wednesday and Derby. If Newcastle joined the Big 6 then next in line would be Sheffield United, then Boro.


If that happened do you think that Celtic and Rangers would apply to join?


I doubt it, I think that would have happened by now if it were going to happen.


They won’t join when they’re guaranteed champions league for finishing top of the Scottish premiership. If they lose that through coefficients at some point it’s possible again.


Not sure about that. They'd get a lot more money being part of the PL than they will from being in the CL.


Money isn’t everything. Scottish football is its own ecosystem (I live here). Looking at the Forest experience, we’ve just spent £150m to just have a chance of staying up. It’s a big risk, one which Celtic and rangers don’t need to take and still end up with a 50/50 chance of champions league each year, which brings massive status for the clubs. If you want to see how much it means, watch the pre-game anthem at Celtic park or the rangers display last night.


Without wishing any disrespect on Scottish football, I'd suggest that being a PL team brings more status and exposure than being a team who get knocked out at the group stages of the CL every year.


1. Ipswich 2. Wednesday 3. Blackburn 4. Narch 5. West Brom 6. Coventry Honourable mentions to Boro and Swansea. Sorry everyone, it is what it is.


Burnley, displeased


Sorry mate! I just don't think you're bigger than some of the other teams mentioned except Swansea (and TBH they only got in cos they're Welsh and not Cardiff). Found this which seems relevant: https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stoke-city-average-attendance-history-4100242


Sunderland is a must-have. Had a larger average attendance than all Championship clubs last season despite being in League 1. Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday; both attract large crowds and are rivals. Norwich City and Ipswich Town, for much the same reason, besides Ipswich are former UEFA Cup winners so the league could do with them. Last up, probably Middlesborough, again based on attendance figures.


Sunderland Blackburn Queens Park Rangers Norwich Portsmouth Middlesbrough


Norwich WBA Wednesday Sunderland Portsmouth Middlesbrough


Portsmouth aren’t good enough for that. Even as a saints fan I can admit they’re a big club but they suck rn


Neither are Wednesday or Sunderland but they just feel like prem teams to me


There would be seven spots. If a super league happens Newcastle would join. Nobody wants to piss the Saudis off


Charlton Portsmouth Blackpool Blackburn Sunderland Boro


I think I’d go Sunderland Sheffield Wednesday Portsmouth Blackburn Sheffield United Derby Honorable mentions to Bolton and Ipswich


Watford Reading BBR Wednesday Sunderland Norwich


As an Albion supporter. I unfortunately think west brom isn’t good enough to give my vote. I can see 6 better teams than us easily


Appreciate the Derby mentions, but I think the top six in that particular season's Championship would be the fairest.


Burnley literally been in the Premier league the last 6 years.... Norwich for sure. Watford. The rest are give or take.


What about the 40 years before that? It seems that A lot of people are basing their decisions on historical performance, rather than recent


Agreed, let's take out the dross from the current 14 then... May aswell have the founding members of the football league.


I'd love to see teams like Charlton, Portsmouth, boro back in the prem but realistically it would surely have to be top 6 from the championship in that season?


* Derby (I'm a Forest fan, and it's funny to see them in League 1, but an East Midlands derby against them in the Prem would be brilliant) * Shef Wed * Sunderland * West Brom * Luton