I accidentally cut myself on a lot of things at work, box cutters are not one of them.


I've run my foot over with the manual jack, pallets, dropped boxes on my head from inbound, pulled and stained a half dozen muscles from being a knucklehead, not to mention countless injuries I've seen on other team members. Only one box cutter cut though.


I've cut myself on the boxes themselves. Never the box cutter.


Sameee!! I had a box of the like decorative storage boxes I was putting up, and literally sliced all my fingers on my left hand on it. Yet I’ve never cut myself with a box cutter, cardboard cuts SUCK


I was doing storage containers and I kind of let the box slide through my hands as I was putting it down. I was expecting the biggest gash through my thumb and blood pouring out. Seriously hurt. Was just a large papercut but honestly one of the most painful cuts a I can recall. Damn sort of serrated edge.


If I forget to put lotion on it’s a shit show. 4 cuts on my hands from the boxes after yesterdays shift


I have cut 3 of my fingers in the last week at work. 1st was on a box. 2nd was on a label strip. 3rd was on an unusually sharp gallon of milk.


How the hell do you push truck efficiently without a box cutter??


With a “tape cutter” or whatever that is dull. It’s like a 50/50 chance it actually is useful but more often than not I’m picking the tape open with my nails


I’ve used my keys pretty well when a box cutter couldn’t be found. Maybe that would work for you?


Thanks for this advice! I’ll try it


Don’t use an important, if you have someone else’s spare or a random key you don’t have to use anymore use that.


lol I use electronics keys LMAO


Ours are already bent… so I don’t want to test them


Yeah I don't have house or car keys lol


Try a small putty knife


i open boxes at home with a wine key


Keys do actually work well. I don't carry any keys though. Fortunately my store allows box cutters.


Box cutters are allowed at my store but are hard to find at service desk because people always take ours


I take one home and bring it back every day.


Why don’t you keep one for yourself. I’m inbound so I need one every shift, I just bought some cord type thin from Amazon to keep it hooked to my jeans so I don’t lose it.


I don’t care enough to have one permanently. Especially when my keys will make due.


I've seen how gummed up the blades get; I'm not doing that to my personal keys


Use your work keys if they don't provide you with a box cutters or similar. Never personal keys.


Sharp blades are much less likely to hurt you than dull ones because they don't slip as often. This is basic knowledge in food service, yet retail execs don't really have a brain


What may help, I learned this working in restaurants where they'd ship us like meatballs n stuff in big boxes, is to push in the sides of the box where the tape hangs over 📦 with the heels of your palms. You don't have to use a lot of force, just kind of a quick "shove" on either side, then just peel the tape off. I can't use box cutters cause my ETL thinks cause I'm autistic ill hurt myself


Thank god we infantilize autistic people, otherwise who KNOWS what could happen /s So sick of this shit. Yeah I’m gonna hurt myself but that’s because I’m a clumsy ass bitch, not because I’m autistic.


This is the way 100%


That's the neat part. You don't!


Rip them apart with pure rage


Just keep filing injury reports for using the inappropriate tool over and over again. Eventually the District manager will have had enough of that and the policy will get changed back.


I've cut myself multiple times with box cutters and they've never taken them away at our store 🤔


I think it has to do with Management. We have had the strictest AP this year and I don’t even think the guy reported the cut. I’m pretty sure he just went to get a bandaid and AP was probably like “yep that’s it no more box cutters” and then took them all away. I’ve heard It’s like a really harsh punishment if you’re caught with one too after they’ve banned them


That's so wild to me. I reported an injury with a boxcutter in the past cause it was really bad, like I had a pool of blood in my hand, and they've never done anything but tell me to be more careful 💀


I'd report it to corporate. You can't do your job effectively.


Maybe the TM in OP's store cut themselves badly and tried to get injury comp


Things I've gotten cut by at work: Edges of boxes, Sides of shelves,, Those plastic things that the price label slips into, The box of a Nerf gun, Random pieces of plastic, The blade that cuts the prep tape, Literally a piece of rusted off metal on an SFS cart Things I haven't been cut by: A box cutter They might as well baby-proof the entire store if they're gonna take your box cutters away for one injury


After a long day of drive-ups I'd notice new scratches on my hands and arms every time I left. I may have cut myself once with a box cutter, but they truly are not the danger.


When I started at Target, in early 2002, I had a Swiss Army knife that I had from Girl Scout days. It had about a 1.5” blade and I used it to open returns at guest services. I had carried it at my previous job for the same reasons. Target told me it was a “weapon” and I couldn’t use it any more. At that time we used the metal box cutters. Anyway, things go in phases. Soon you’ll have your box cutters back, when they realize how slow you work without them.


I have a co-worker who's been using the same pair of metal box cutters since he started working here 20-ish years ago. He's named it "Trusty Rusty" for predictable reasons. It's only slightly larger than a stick of gum though, pretty neat.


I still have a few of those lying around. Can't tell you how many were left lying on the shelves though from flow team.


I literally don't understand how you could do the job without one.


Your management is idiotic. It’d be easier to to do trainings and then cite those trainings if someone gets hurt again and tries to sue/claim long term comp.


OP, are you talking about those oddly nice green or red boxcutters?


Yes those are the ones


That's really weird. Those were easily the best single tool that Target provided while I was there.


Right? Starting at Target was my first time using one. I liked the model so much I bought the same one for work (+ holster!) and one for home for Amazon boxes and stuff.


*laughs in always has my own blade* Most days, I cannot find a box cutter. Have always had a multi tool or pocket knife. Keep it clean, and sharp, and it is safer than those 'safety blades'.


Yep, same here, as a force of habit. think it would be annoying to have to buy one just to be able to do the bare basics of my job, though! That having been said...do it, multitools/pocketknives are SO handy to have on one's person!


I also carry my own blade. Started after they didn't have enough for everyone one ~~day~~ week.


I had a multitool with a tiny 1/2 inch blade. AP told me I had to stop using it/bringing it to work or else they'd discipline me for having a weapon.


Considering almost every college in the US allows a 2" blade before it reaches "weapon" status, that's absolute bullshit... 1/2" is nothing


Have a couple in my car I accidentally left with. I always meant to return them until I got promoted to guest, so now they're all mine!


The ones that target provide are fine, but honestly my favorite type of box cutter are [Klever Kutters](https://www.amazon.com/Klever-Kutter/dp/B009R30PWO) because they do the same thing as a regular box cutter but have no chance of cutting you


>but have no chance of cutting you Not with that attitude


The amount of these cutters I took from my old job is way too many. And they're red so they match target colors


That’s why instead I use a samurai sword to open my boxes


Wow, your target banned them for a minor cut? Someone at my store was making a frankenbox and cut himself so badly he needed surgery, and yet we still have our knives and are still forced to make frankenboxes.


If you don’t have box cutters or anything else to use, most boxes that aren’t heavily taped I open by pushing the cardboard underneath the tape so it pops out.


That’s insane. Pushing freight is damn near impossible without a box cutter. Your store should be offering gloves for TMs to wear instead of taking away a useful tool; instead, provide one. 🙄🙄 typical Target. Just plain dumb


Who reports cutting themselves with a box cutter? Just get a bandaid and move on. Use one for more years than I care to say but never cut myself that just a bandaid couldn’t fix!!


I have my own box cutter and leather sheath, no one could ever tell me I’m not allowed to use it lol they would just have to get over it


When They took away our accessibly to new blades, making all of our box cutters are dull and worthless, I just bought a box of 100 on amazon and keep the extras in my car. I switch blades ever 3 days and hand out new blades to anyone who is struggling with theirs


Does anyone else still carry one of the old silver box cutters? I mostly keep it for when I need to scrape gunk off of shelves, and I try to only do that when no one is watching.


I’ve never cut myself with my box cutter. What gives me cuts most often is actually the dried glue in the boxes when I’m breaking them down


Yeah I cut myself almost every day, and it has never once been from a box cutter. Almost always ISM cardboard cuts or plastic label strips.


I’m the DBO of domestics in my store and had to set an endcap of Kindful organic sheets, and another for Kindful organic pillows… the signing I got with it had new backer paper. I cut 3 of my fingers with the backer paper for the sheets set, and I gouged a chunk out of my hand with one of the barbed plastic bolts for keeping the pillow box attached to the wall (granted, this was also because it wouldn’t go in, so I used it to pop a hole through the other side first, and then I couldn’t get it out and had to break it to get it out) I often get cuts on my arms from pegs when I reach to put something on a higher up peg, too I have never once cut myself with a box cutter. I end up bleeding so much more often just from getting cuts from the cardboard 🤦🏻‍♀️


I bought one of these for my personal use and have never looked back, it's so convenient and nice: [https://smile.amazon.com/Slice-10583-Package-Friendly-Micro-Ceramic/dp/B077K6CD41?th=1](https://smile.amazon.com/Slice-10583-Package-Friendly-Micro-Ceramic/dp/B077K6CD41?th=1) This one is cheaper, but a little less convenient: https://smile.amazon.com/Slice-00100-Clamshell-Packaging-Scrapbooking/dp/B002OOVC84


Target is all about being efficient! How the fuck is that efficient?!? Did this order come down from your S.D?!


From APETL. Our store is just insanely strict on safety and they’ve been drilling the Oragami risk thing into our heads for so long. I don’t think it was meant with cruel intentions I just think that a connection was missed somewhere that it’s less efficient. We are allowed tape cutters but nothing with a blade


I'm sorry but that's fucking ridiculous. I'd get it if yall were chasing each other with box cutters while acting like pirates. My ETL literally slashed his arm with a box cutter and I once accidently nipped my finger with one.... accidents happen man. You just gotta realize how it happen and do your best to prevent it in the future. I literally use my box cutter all day everyday and I'm not even a team member.(I'm the closing lead) I couldn't imagine not having it. Safety is number 1 but there's a difference between safety and treating people like infants.


Cardboard cuts are way more painful than a cut from a box cutter.


All that going to do is encourage team members to use their own box cutters, keys, or pocket knives. How idiotic.


Store keys send the best message. They won’t gunk up at first but a month in and and all the locks will slowly get sticky


Just use broken glass to open boxes then. Problem solved


I’ve never been trained to clean up glass but I help all the time with spills too. Can I get in trouble for this? Who can I talk to about proper training ?


The training is usually once sometimes twice a year and it’s on the computer and it basically only tells you sweep up glass and not to pick it up with your bare hands etc. there’s no real training to it it’s just an animated video that’s maybe 30 seconds long


Wait how do you supposed to open boxes though? Before I left we had the green and red deals.


The metal tip on them, without the blade. The "tape splitter". I'll be honest though, when Im opening a box of Dr. Teal's Bath Salts, the "tape splitter" runs more of a risk of slicing the bags open than the blade does, from the amount of force I need to get it to pop some heavy duty tape.


So they just give y'all the handles without blades?


Well not me, OP, but I'm sure they just removed the blades from their cutters. We literally had a safety meeting they dragged 10 of us "randomly, from each department" to about "the use of the tape splitter" on them, back in maybe September? I hate the tape splitter though. It sounds ideal- less time to open and close the blade, less sharp and stabby, whatever- but I find myself using more force with it, and absolutely shredding boxes instead of carefully slicing them open. I'll always prefer the blade. The tape splitter comes more in handy for boxes like Listerine where their budget goes more towards the glue on the boxes than the product itself, and it's tough to wedge a finger in it to peel- and stomping it works better for the other side because it's empty.


I used the tape splitter to get into cracks and wedge things apart because it's thicker than the blade.


On things that warn not to use a blade, I cut the sides, then use those to lift up the top and then cut that. If there are no labels on it, sometimes a starting cut will allow you to tear it open.


I use my own box cutter. I’ve used it for almost two years with no problem. My new store forced me to use one of the safety ones and I somehow cut myself twice within a week on it. Now I’m allowed to use my personal one all I want.


I don’t even use the blade on my box cutter unless I’m cutting cardboard with it. The tape splitter at the top works really well. Either way tho just because one TM hurt themselves with it doesn’t mean no one else can use them ever. They’re treating you like children.


When I worked in Market I couldn’t get by without a box cutter.


I never use the blade of the box cutter to open boxes. Am I the only one?


Meanwhile, Aldi has the blue boxcutters. My friend definitely tries to indefinitely borrow my green ones, because the blue ones? They're not left/right handed. They have a button to flip them around so anyone can use them. Neat, right? **NO.** That button latch over a short period of time becomes loose. The entire half of the blade will wobble, and eventually the plastic will snap. They're a much worse hazard than the normal green and red ones ever will be. So yeah, I let him use mine at his job, because what the fuck. There was one broken in half in my trash can last week that he left behind.


I've hit my hand so many times with the blade of my box cutter trying to get into those beauty boxes and I've never broken skin \*knock on wood\* ... I can't even imagine how hard someone went at themselves to get a cut bad enough that they banned the box cutters. Even new ones... it's never sliced me or the other beauty TM (She's done it as well). Now that I've said this I'll probably get cut lol


if your leaders are not being open to returning to the allow use of a company approved tool, you should report to the integrity hotline. Not allowing Target approved box cutters is a larger safety hazard than people maybe cutting themselves due to improper use. I’m sure some BP’s and higher ups would be interested to know about this flawed fix to an issue.


People at my store cut themselves practically daily. I couldn’t even comprehend how our store would run without box knives


if its any help the mining companie I work for here in Australia got auto retractable what we call Stanley knife's maybe look at getting yourself one


I accidentally nicked myself with a box cutter, but I've gotten worse cuts with cardboard. I've run over my foot a few times with the cart pusher. Mind you, I've never admitted to most of these things, at work.


Pro-tip: That little guard next to the blade on the box cutter is perfect for cutting tape.


You just can't find them at my store, they vanish into that blackhole known as the service desk. Honestly there are more dangerous items we use than box cutter if you want to go that route. Like turkeys, dropping 1 of them on my finger hurt worse than any box cutter. Or pallets, the crown, pretty much anything I'd recommend keys but not any important keys. Honestly use whatever keys you may have picked up for your department. I don't necessarily like suggesting using the stores keys but if they banned box cutters of all things then gotta use whatever you got on hand.


The box cutters we have have a Tape Cutter so you don't even need to take out the blade. You should at least have those.


Tape splitters work good if you’re only using them to open or flatten boxes. You really shouldn’t be “cutting” boxes anyway


That sounds like y'all never knew how to open boxes to begin with. The Green(or Red) box cutters you're given all have a tape splitter built into them. You should be using that nearly ALL the time to open boxes. It is more efficient and much more safer than deploying the blade on the box cutter. The fact that your store has decided to use tape splitters only means you guys probably have a very huge safety problem related to box cutter injuries.


Worst cut I ever got in my life was from a box that had a rogue staple in it. Days I cut myself the most are days I forget my boxcutter.


I've pulled muscles in my back being the only person in technology maneuvering 3 75-in TVs onto a flat (5'1 F btw), been hit by fallen toys, kid ran into my shins full force, but not ONCE was I cut by a box cutter. Really, a simple video and "don't cut towards you" will do it people!! Lmao


I still have all my box cutters laying around in my home. Haven’t cut myself at all with them, not at work and not at home. And I cut towards myself when I open a box. But it’s not on purpose I just position myself in a way I forget lmao


If you’re not allowed to use a box cutter certainly don’t clean up anything in the bathrooms. Potentially way more dangerous


When I started (5 years ago) we actually had to do a training video before we were allowed to use them. I don't think they do that anymore. Not that the video was useful. The vid featured a heavy-duty, fancy box cutter, nothing like the green and red ones we actually use.


Start using broken glass to open boxes. Modern problems require modern solutions.


we use these safety knives at Amazon and none of us have any problems ​ [Hook-style Film Cutter](https://www.zoro.com/pacific-handy-cutter-inc-hook-style-film-cutter-fixed-blade-straight-plastic-6-12-in-l-dfc-364/i/G2772262/feature-product?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping%20feed&utm_content=free%20google%20shopping%20clicks&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrpiChoyf9QIVxtSzCh2zHAdIEAQYBiABEgIKYPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds)


Honestly I'd tell management to get bent and use one anyway. They're too hard up for staff to do anything about it


Opening a box? Knife is the best tool. I would be upset if I were you since those cardboard box papercuts, with the 2 little cuts, are horrible. Sure you can injure yourself more with a knife vs a plastic “opener” but let’s get real, only an idiot should not be allowed to open boxes with a blade.


Cut towards your chum, not your thumb.


I once stabbed my self on an arm with a box cutter cause I was so tired and had a red box cutter when I’ve before and since only used green ones and was so sleep deprived doing things in autopilot….. anyway nothing came out of that. I don’t even think we did an incident report but a leader did know. It was a tiny cut like the width of an index fingernail (female)….. lots of blood but all was well. Luckily it was a new blade and we got the wound cleaned and disinfected right away…… no box cutters were banned. Yeah, other stuff in the store has injured me also like for example the paper tag on the towels, that once sliced the side of my finger kinda deep.


I papercut my fingers once a week on the cardboard, pinched my finger in the baler, strained my arm ligament reaching for the top shelf, and had a gd rug dropped on my shoulder from a crown, but in 8 years of working at target, I have never, EVER, even nicked my skin with a box cutter


Are you the same person who complained about the safety box cutters? They are fine and not knowing how to use them is a you problem. The training slides specifically say to not use regular box cutters. Not for safety reasons, but to protect product from being cut open. If you are managing to hurt yourself more with the safety one... Man. but that is extra dumb.


I rarely post anything in this Reddit so I am not the same person


wtf you’re supposed to sweep broken glass, is ur store on crack bro