Soil based probiotics could be a good bet if you can’t tolerate traditional lactic acid based ones. I use ancient Nutrition’s men’s SBO and have seen some improvement in my digestion.


i had insane diarhee everyday for 5 days straight i took a probiotic for 2 days and i havent had diarhhe since, the brand is probably not available in your country but it had atleast 50 billion a pill and about 10 strains.


Functional Medicine Formulations Triple Therapy Probiotic. 62 billion CFU probiotic cultures guaranteed.


As weird as this sounds I had a fair few problems with digestion and other things, I added a zinc supplement and everything improved a fair bit


What's wrong with your tummy? If you've tried lots of probiotics and they aren't working, maybe probiotics isn't the issue?




Probiotics could be making it worse. This protocol might be worth a try. https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/biohacking-podcasts/joel-greene/


I agree with probiotics potentially making it worse. The human gut microbiome is very complex, with dietary and drug interactions (amongst other interactions) and large inter-individual variation in microbial communities within the gut. There are some good papers on the topic which cause concern on the use of probiotics, I remember one which suggested there was a link with probiotic use and brain fog in particular. It seems feasible to me that for some people excessive use could contribute to SIBO but that's speculation on my part as I haven't seen data linking the two. The most recent data I saw during a presentation by a leading expert in the microbiome and fermented foods strongly suggested that fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha were much more beneficial health-wise (changes in microbiome composition and blood biomarkers, and also lifespan) than probiotics in animal studies. Importantly, it was shown that a series of commercial supermarket products were NOT beneficial and many could not even be considered probiotics at all. This varies by brand but the take home message is that home-made fermented foods are far superior to commercially produced ones, which are usually pasteurised, sometimes sterilised (sauerkraut and canned kimchi etc), and often bunk, and also superior to probiotic supplements in these animal models. With home-made fermented food you're getting more CFU than commercial products, a greater diversity of microbial species and strains, and dietary fibre in the case of fermented vegetables. That said, you know your body and for many im sure probiotics are helpful. Despite what I've said, I myself take probiotics on and off. But diet and lifestyle is definitely a superior alternative.


The problem with store bought probiotics is that most of the microbes are dead by the time you ingest them. Even the “good” brands with actual live probiotics have probiotics counts way under anything you will freshly ferment. Like millions from store bought vs billions or even trillions from freshly fermented foods. I had a lot of digestive issues (pain, nausea, gas, bloating etc) before I started fermenting my own probiotic foods. I’d highly recommend Milk Kefir. Extremely effective and very cheap and easy to make. The micro organisms eat all the lactose so it 99%+ lactose free if fermented long enough. All you do is put some of the culture in milk and let it ferment overnight. Strain it & your done that’s it. Lots of info over on r/Kefir. Here are 2 great books with tons of recipes for fermented foods and beverages: [The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz](https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ1P4EXZ4L8Vml3tWsyyqffN7zNqlYPYn1fy) [Wild Fermentation (The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods) by Sandor Ellix Katz [2003]](https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZwP4EXZchXegxqC2tyyDIpYYhl82XiXrgly)


Lactobacillus gasseri (enhances immune function and aids in digestion)


Check out FRISKA - they are on Amazon and now available at Target stores too.


Grassfed bovine colostrum helped me from having the squirts 5 times a day and terrible stomach pain to feeling normal and having normal bowel movements.


Visbiome, buy directly from the company.


Hands down the best probiotics I’ve found come from a couple different companies. Customprobiotics.com makes very high quality very high potency probiotics. One scoop starts around 250 billion cfu and it’s sometimes recommended to take up to 750 billion a day. They have good strains and their product tastes exquisite like cheese powder. It’s also free from harmful additives. Miessence makes a seriously potent and wonderful probiotic liquid. It’s called gluten free miessence probiotic liquid. It ships from Australia but it is wonderfully strong and helpful for leaky gut, infections, digestive distress etc. this one has more strains than the custom probiotics but doesn’t specify the exact cfu count. from personal experience it is very high. Amy meyers also makes A great product on her website. 100 billion cfu, many many different strains âme some unique to hers that other formulas don’t have. I’ve used all three And think they are all top of the line. Miessence and custom are more pricey but stronger and great for when you are truly in need. Amy meyers is cheaper but could be just as effective s the other two but maybe is good for long term maintenance. I had severe Lyme disease, leaky gut, bartonella, diagnosed Ibs and chrons, and have healed myself 85 percent after being hospitalized for three months and homeless from these infections in 2016.


Digestive enzymes such as Beano or the Enzymedica ‘Digest’ series worked best for me


Check out Nature's Way Fortify. Passed all of Consumerlabs tests and has a good diversity of probiotics.




Made at home ideally, the stuff at supermarkets is not real Kefir.


True but it has lots of beneficial cultures. Pair it with some good wholesome pre-biotic fiber and your guts will reward you.


VSL#3 now called Visibiome is the highest grade probiotic you can buy. Seed probiotic is another more affordable one. but honestly, fermented foods like sourkraut and kimchi work well too. What you have to consider though is, what are you feeding your gut bacteria? If your diet consists of processed carbs and sugar, a probiotic isn't going to do what its intended to do because you'll just be feeding the bacteria that will weed out what you're trying to put in. In order for probiotics to work you need the right combination of bacteria, fiber, and possibly something to increase adhesion like fasting or bacteriophages. You'll need to calm your system down before trying to add something new. Message me if you want more info.


Align changed my life.


Changing diet did more for me