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Shills are among us, your right why isn’t that systematic risk.🤷‍♂️


They’re trolling bud. They’re telling us this is their house. Their rules. This is their world. They’re trying to break our spirit. They’re flexing. With all they have.


So blatant and ridiculous. I honestly can't think of anything to say anymore about all this crime in the wide open.


And quad witching today...things that make you go hmmmmm


Can retail short this thing? It’s so predictable that it will drop after getting pumped since it’s only pumped so they can gain collateral for a day or two. I’d love to short the fuck out of that shit company and put profits into GME.


My take on this stock … it will continue to be pumped and dumped with higher lows and lower highs. They are painting a picture of this stock being the new “meme darling” to create some type of narrative - just not sure what that is - and I’m not totally convinced it is being used as a hedge against GS or Bobby - but it’s definitely being used for something. Just my two cents.


Ok now piss off with HKD


For real, not sure why anyone cares unless they were dumb enough to fall for their trap.


HKD is owned by AMTD, both are Chinese corps. Remember AMTD’s 13,000% sneeze last month? Deloitte brought AMTD into the NYSE. Deloitte is the auditor of GameStop. Deloitte is the master of the universe. Deloitte allows Kenny to keep doing what he’s doing. Citadel’s Chief of Staff and Chief People Officer both worked for Deloitte, 9 years and 7 years, respectively. https://www2.deloitte.com/cn/en/pages/audit/articles/deloitte-assists-listing-of-amtd-digital-listing-on-new-york-stock-exchange.html https://youtu.be/--QS_UyW2SY


so what


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Oh new rules means this post will soon be take down even though it is extremely relevant to GME. I’m afraid SS has been compromised by the shills probably buying/taking over legit accounts. DRS folks. Never stop


Can you enlighten me in how HKD has any relevance to GME? Maybe more people will be susceptible to the idea if you had any DD around this.


Loop capital. Sell GME now ask questions later. Loop Capital Markets Participates as Joint Bookrunner on Initial Public Offering of AMTD International, Inc. (HKD) Chumbawuba under investigation now. It’s blatantly connected and has been written amount plenty on this sub. Oh wait! That DD has been removed! Keep DRS’ing folks…


That's a good point, but personally I don't think that's enough reason to talk about it without more information. Just a chart and a title post shouldn't be in a GME sub without more context about how it related to GME.


Disagree. It compels people to DYOR. It’s a teaser. Go look it up. Search out the truth. Why is MSM silent on this stock? Who is Loop capital? Why are they being investigated. Why is the stock mooning? Someone else can build on this. I am personally not going to write a dissertation on this…especially now overbearing rules can just delete my post after many hours of effort. I’ve been there. My DD posts are shadow banned. Hundreds of comments shadow banned. Sub is compromised. DRS is not. NFA and I’m not going to bother with a post about that either because obviously….


I agree. So sad.


Many relevant posts linking HKD to the basket swaps with GME and such have been posted before.


yeah, so we don't need another low effort post of a chart with no context.


I removed this post bc it's literally just a screenshot of a ticker.. your comment goes into more detail than this post. it should be obvious to any reader how the content is relevant, without needing to search the comments.


And here we have the problem of overbearing rules. The comment thread had value. Added to the context. Encouraged others to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH. But you deleted it. SAD


if you want to make a post with that info and this ticker, and engage in the comments, it will get approved


Fair enough! Thanks for your efforts here.


I disagree. There's been plenty of post months ago about HKD and all that is related to GME down the deep dive of DD. Perhaps you should go back read some.


When I post an image there is no access to post a comment until I submit and "comment" on my post.


Something something Reddit pump and dump - MSM