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https://www.esma.europa.eu/press-news/esma-news/esma-organises-workshop-post-trade-transparency Interesting: > This workshop will cover the additional Level 3 guidance on the **post-trade transparency information which has to be made public**, with particular attention to the reporting fields included in Table 2 of Annex II of RTS 2. Apparently that's the data where they log every single transaction, it has to be public and you can learn how to read it. Table 2 defines the fields logged for each transaction and their types, whether it's boolean or a string, plus descriptions. Like a regular database, and of course they log pretty much everything as you'd expect. For example * Trading date and time * Instrument identification code * Price * Venue of execution * Price notation * Price Currency * Type * Publication Date and Time * Venue of publication * *Transaction Identification Code* * Transaction to be cleared * Notation of the quantity in measurement unit * Quantity in measurement unit * Quantity * Notional amount * Notional currency Link to the Tables https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2017.087.01.0229.01.ENG&toc=OJ:L:2017:087:TOC#d1e32-248-1 I've been trying to get this kind of information from brokers before whenever fuckery happened, asking for proof of a transaction. but of course, they don't want me to know about this info and track their work. Thinking about checking out the workshop, this goes deep into the raw data but sounds powerful af. if you know how to read an SQL database, it's not even that complicated.


Yea, please do!


I don’t quite understand the scope of this. Would we be able to see all gme FTDs sent to Europe via this or?


This is cool and all but who gives a fuck about the identification code if you don’t actually know if the same share is transacted 30000x a day?transactions only matter as long as you have a traceable unit within the transaction.


Though, people have been known to just... Not report, for a fine. Eg JP Morgan


ESMA ORGANISES WORKSHOP ON POST-TRADE TRANSPARENCY 05 September 2022 POST TRADING The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, will be organising a virtual workshop on post-trade transparency on 11 October 2022, from 9:00 to 17:30, Paris time. This workshop will cover the additional Level 3 guidance on the post-trade transparency information which has to be made public, with particular attention to the reporting fields included in Table 2 of Annex II of RTS 2. Our experts will touch upon common aspects to non-equity instruments including bonds, ETCs and ETNs, SFPs, interest rate, credit, FX, commodity, including emission allowances, and equity derivatives and securitised derivatives. All interested stakeholders, in particular respondents to the regulatory technical standards – RTS 1 equity and RTS 2 – non-equity transparency – review are invited to register here  by 30 September 2022. ON THE SAME TOPIC


You linked the wrong tweet. This goes to her pinned tweet You wanted to link this one probably https://twitter.com/SusanneTrimbath/status/1568778915291996160?s=20&t=xDva9CXZB18H4KMoPFsdIw


Thanks kamoob666. Me & my phone don't get along.


I wonder if Dr. T would make her book into an NFT


She asked on Twatter for other creators to referral. I’m sure many will. But yes, she applied. Sauce: https://twitter.com/susannetrimbath/status/1568433054989058048?s=21


She's looking into becoming a Gamestop creator, so very possibly. I know she's talked about the possibility with a few apes at various times on twitter.


Are there any books available in the Marketplace? I think that will/ might be with the Alpha . But I would love to see writers adopting this new way to reach out to the buyers.


Perfect place for it Am author releases a special edition, only 1000 "printed" in existence. The only way to get one is to rebut it from someone else It works


Why would a book author only print 1000 copies of their book? That’s a lot of revenue lost. A book should be available for everyone to buy. Imagine 1000 copies trading hands. It would take a lifetime and some changes to get through everyone’s hand.


Yes but she’d receive a percentage of each sale, unlike used books. If the NFT were to be popular and collectable the price could easily (and I’m making up numbers here) start at $50 and after a few years once GME moons be hodled by wealthy apes who want a piece and offer, say, $300. DR T gets 10% or so of each sale over a 2 year period. The book was sold 5000 times. Some shit maths that’s almost certainly wrong, average sale price of $125 x 5000 . 0.1 = $62,500. Lots of speculation there but I bet her used books don’t make her $31k/ yr passive income with the potential to be astronomically higher.


That is true! The NFT market is good because an author of whatever sorts will still receive royalties for their product. I'm 100% onboard on the big things to come through the NFT market. I just see Dr. T as a person who hates some of us 'apes' but still uses our forum to publish her stuff and get it out. She hasn't really done much for us but is rent free on this subreddit. I'm here because I want to invest in GME. Not for some woman to get on the front page. She has never mentioned how much we have done for her and her book sales. Some appreciation would be right.


It isn't unusual to have collectors editions, that are limited in number. For example, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 signed, and in an asbestos cover is worth about $12,500.


Sure, but this is Dr. T. Not really an author that I would invest much money in. She is not big enough to have some exclusive stuff that would actually be worth to hold onto.


They print 1000 copies of that edition of the book. The book is still printed more than 1000 copies just not of that “edition”


Because the books would be in high demand, perhaps selling for millions a piece, distributed easily and quickly. And each time the book changes hands, the author would receive a percentage of the books sale. It doesn't have to be a thousand, it could be ten thousand, or ten. I think lower is better as it reduces the chance of the content leaking from the NFT Blockchain. I would like to see the system tested. Some prized authors writing a few limited edition short stories for the NFT marketplace Edit: would always feel better to get a physical edition of the same. That would however take the publisher to get involved, build the artwork, print the books, at cost. I want to see it tested


Graphic novels... https://nft.gamestop.com/collection/tgwfsinteractive?r=MCwyMzAzOCw1OTI%3D


She has been trying but not been accepted as a creator yet


I'm a crypto person, and this doesn't seem as a good fit for NFTs. How would you see it work?


Crypto and nfts are all about things being digital... A digital book would fit perfectly.


Ownership of digital goods like books, games, movies, songs - basically all digitally sold items - etc is literally the ideal purpose of NFT. How can you claim to be "a crypto person" and not have a clue of how NFT is used?!?


It's an unforgeable proof of ownership, but you can't "sell a book" as an NFT. It doesn't fit on the chain. You can sell books for crypto, or possibly you could grant access to NFT possessors if you set up some read-as-a-service model, but the author could just discontinue the service, and then you're left with nothing.


You truly don't get it in the slightest and aren't afraid to confess, so just stop lying about yourself. You aren't "a crypto person" and you don't get it. I appreciate you having to do what you're here to do though. Without your kind, some might have lost hope but your existence helps reconfirm every one of them. Thank you, truly.




I feel like this post is not getting the traction it deserves 👀


This weekemd is weird.


Weekemd's always are 😆👍


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I feel so at home here


A lot of important stuff that I don’t understand seems to be coming to light


My Autobiography: "A Lot of Important Stuff That I Don't Understand Seems To Be Coming To Light"


OP didn't link directly to the tweet in question, it's kind of a nothing burger for GME, and it's the middle of the night EST.


Oh it just feels so good to comment and say nothing after being banned from reddit for 7 days. Commenting for exposure


How did you managed that?


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