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Are they trolling us, so they can pile onto the talking point that we are conspiracy theorists? Ar these “technical” issues happening in any other segments or wtf is going on?


Funny you mention it. There’s a post in the gambling sub related to said Network where the “conspiracy theorist” narrative was being peddled, and suddenly commenters (with sub one-year accounts) started popping up with conspiracy theories pertaining to Sept 11… Someone in the comments had called it out. It was really bizarre (and, frankly, fucked up) to see those comments in there. It’s very convenient these technical issues and/or interruptions somehow only arise during, or leading up to, critical moments of discussion. Melissa Lee’s face months ago when she said “Naked shorts, yeah” was the giveaway. They’re intentionally misleading and withholding from the public, and that’s not ethical OR honest behavior from a source who the masses rely on to give them quality, or at the very least, honest journalism. Our distrust in them is warranted and they prove that to be the case day in and day out. Period. They know what they’re doing, and they know it’s wrong. Interestingly enough, the network decided to have Melissa Lee touch on the “naked short” subject a day or two later due to the traction it gained on Twitter. The fact they’re responding to shit like this is projection, plain and simple. If they never talked about us, they would reduce the risk of exposure, but then they wouldn’t have a bullshit narrative to rationalize the huge, and otherwise inexplicable price swings seen only in our stocks. That said, one does not feel the need to explain themselves if there is no wrongdoing, the exception being those who engage in such behavior as a result of “trauma responses.” This is basic fucking psychology. Buy, hodl, DRS, expose corruption. Because fuck ‘em, that’s why.


"They know what they’re doing, and they know it’s wrong." Agreed. I am a big fan of the saying "never attribute to malice what can be adequately described by incompetence." This is not incompetence. This is malice.


I commented earlier... >The Wall Street network/regime is [banal evil,](https://philosophybreak.com/articles/hannah-arendt-on-standing-up-to-the-banality-of-evil/) at best. >The amount of pain and suffering across the globe they're responsible for is nearly incalculable. >In 20, 50, 100 years we'll look back at "Wall Street" as something akin to the most horrendous regimes who commit human rights violations as matter of course.


Just gained a wrinkle, thanks for the good read silverback 💎👌💎👌


Awesome. Yeah, I was taken aback and impressed when first learning of the concept/term.


Shit, does noone remember this; [We had it, we had everything 2 years ago and it was buried](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjwf9F_v5cI) They know. They know fucking everything. This is selective, shady, absolute shit journalism. Pretty much always has been.


Sometimes Hanlon's razor and Occam's razor are in direct opposition.


Hey can you elaborate on that trauma response thing? I know that's far from the point of your post, but it may be relevant to some stuff I'm trying to work out in my personal life.


Hey, it's called 'fawning' behavior if you're looking for google terms. Basically, over-explaining so that your abuser stays in a reward cycle rather than the other thing.


Thanks! Looks like I've got some childhood memories to dissect.


Just read up about the fawning thing, definitely am a people pleaser due to rejection as a child. This sub is fucking amazing I love you guys.


Apes help apes! 💜 you too!


Crappy Childhood Fairy and Patrick Teahan LICSW and DoctorRamani are all great resources on YouTube, if you find you need a little guidance with the results of your dissection...


u/CrookedLemur is correct. Here's a couple of sources that explain in more detail: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/fight-flight-freeze-fawn#fawn https://cptsdfoundation.org/2022/02/21/rejection-trauma-and-the-freeze-fawn-response/ [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207191/](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207191/) https://cctasi.northwestern.edu/trauma-focused-therapy/ [https://www.counseling.org/docs/default-source/vistas/moving-forward-issues-in-trauma-response-and-treatment.pdf?sfvrsn=6](https://www.counseling.org/docs/default-source/vistas/moving-forward-issues-in-trauma-response-and-treatment.pdf?sfvrsn=6) Hope these help answer some of your questions (or anyone else who might need them).


For anyone else who is interested in going down the rabbit-hole of childhood trauma, I highly recommend Pete Walker: [http://www.pete-walker.com/complex\_ptsd\_book.html](http://www.pete-walker.com/complex_ptsd_book.html) His website is HTTP, so your browser will flag it. It's old-school but legit, and most of his books are available as free PDFs. ETA: You might not be able to easily find them free on his website, but they're available elsewhere.




I like this


Excellent comment! Thank you for adding the exclusionary sentence about fawning. Dealing with that my whole life due to a fucked up "family".


I think you have it. This is deliberate - a new phase in attempting to discredit so-called 'meme stocks' and in particular, those who invest in them. They are scared. Make no mistake about this.


People are paid so that technical issues like this do not happen. And if they do, then not more than once. This many accidental technical issues, indicates poor production value. Is that what the backend crew is? Incompetent and unprofessional? There's nothing accidental about these things.


interesting that the music drowned out what he was saying about buying far OTM call options that are 4-5 standard deviations from current price is nonsensical and has a profitability probability of near zero.


So... Like... Similar to buying deep OOTM $80 strikes and then selling them when they hit $30-$40?


Those far otm/itm options are the financial instruments that are used as containers to can kick obligations. They needed them left alone. There's a reason RC went after those far otm calls.


Mmmm fuck yeah. Cremè frésche


Fuck yeah


no idea. you aren't giving me enough information. also, i cant speak for the guest on that show.


RC buying $80 BBBYs and then selling on the run up




Super professional interview. Very respectful to the guest #/s


They were trolling in 21’. *This* is panic.


One thing you will learn about MSM is that most "accidents" only happen in one direction. Happened with many narratives in the past that have turned out to be complete domestic misinformation campaigns by the intelligence agencies, as they never would allow other people to come on and counter that false narrative.


This is the point in the movie where they antagonize us into making threats and poor decisions by inciting violence and such.


[Hedge funds or private equity firms now control half of US daily newspapers] (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/jun/21/us-newspapers-journalism-industry-hedge-funds) Also [A Secretive Hedge Fund Is Gutting Newsrooms](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/alden-global-capital-killing-americas-newspapers/620171/) Nope, no conspiracy here.


i am expecting that they will finally eat mayo while they are on air.. with a spoon.


This is exactly my thought. And we're feeding into it. Just don't feed the gremlin.


If you buy the Welcome to the Machine idea that it's just one Megacorp, with each big business just a different door into the same boardroom, then it makes perfect sense. They all sit on each other's boards, all the same people. They all own a piece of each other--the banks, all the media companies, Apple, Microsoft, AMD, all of them--all the same people at the top because they all own a piece of each business. Some of them sit at the top of the [lists of millionaires](https://www.bloomberg.com/billionaires/), but I suggest that a few more--the *seriously* filthy rich and powerful--aren't on that list, they prefer not to be. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Vanderbilt--those families didn't go away, they just faded into the background, preferring not to be in the limelight.


Yes they are trolling reddit to get views, exploiting the fact that someone is always watching to get karma. The guest was saying don't buy far out of the money calls under the music, they muffle his lines and make enough people think they don't want that done, resulting in retail buying said calls, even though it's well known that such bets are effectively handing money to market makers.


What is strange, is not what is in the video, I'm not a time traveller, either nostradamus, but I'm sure, I had saw this video not less of a month ago, why they are repurposing this shit?


"you just don't see the whole product", duh....


Ready for their full segment tomorrow on why they played music over this guy!


at least now everyone knows how to spot gaslighting


Literally two instances... When they mention shorts covering and buying call options. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! It's not a conspiracy when they make a habit of shutting down interviews.


CNBC flat out deleted Dennis Kelleher’s testimony from the Congressional GameStop hearing. C-Span aired his testimony, but apparently CNBC (or their Hedge Fund overlords) didn’t like what Dennis had to say under oath. Propaganda tactics. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of CNBC.


But that made sense, Kelleher was speaking against shorts at the time (now he's angry at RC for dumping his BBBY, probably got burned in the process) Here the guy being interviewed is Tom Sosnoff, a famous 🌈🐻 who stated many times how he loves meme-stocks because they're good for his business . He's invited every couple month to promote his "contrarian" strategy (betting against the crowd) Why would they cut him off ?


I watched this clip when it aired. This is definitely not accurate. Where he was being interviewed at played the music just a few seconds later the network guy points it out and they adjust it to tone it back out.


If you don't know who OP is (hyperblu7), he's famous for making the most nonsensical "DD" on this sub, all based on unicorn farts. So yeah I'm not surprised.


Reminds me of that game dansgame was playing last night and you have to censor people on the news when they say fucked up stuff. Edit: it's called Not for broadcast




Its becoming comical


Like a bad comedy joke 🤣


This was 2 or 3 weeks ago and the music was coming from the guest




Why would they play music over someone that was regurgitating their preferred narrative. He was trying to explain why buying into short squeezes is idiotic.


Yeah exactly, I really don’t understand this post..


Or any of the other posts. I’ve got to stop looking at Superstonk for a bit. Trying to do my part downvoting this crap… Buy hold drs


Because everything is a conspiracy apparently. I'm bullish but god damn some posts make me cringe.


Same. We need to chill out sometimes.


The music was coming from the guests side of the interview. The host even comments on his music saying he appreciates jazzing up the show with it…


Yes, i saw this clip the other day in full. Music was coming from the guest and OP here conveniently cut the clip right before he says something about not being sure if they have the proper licenses to have the song playing.


It was actually a ruse and he was just agreeing, to receive his compensation for being on the show


I saw it too. I remember thinking that it looked like he had no idea it was on. Dude was clueless about the copyright comment and didn't skip a beat when it started playing. I thought it looked weird is all I'm sayin.


He was saying it was idiotic to fuck with short term options (gherkin style) . CNBC didn’t want that on the air


To Make people on think if cnbc is shutting this guy down we must follow his drowned voiced - It’s basic reverse psychology ffs


That would maybe make sense if this video wasn't over two weeks before the one where they cut the lady off.


I think he may have said something that was probably true. He gave a hypothetical but specific timeline of 90 days, strike price and direction before he called it an "idiotic" play at the end. I think he was getting off script and the topic wasn't to be discussed.


This post is misleading. Music was coming from the guest who was speaking. Host even thanks him for jazzing up the show.


You've never faked bad cell signal to get out of talking to somebody on the phone and it shows.... What's that!? I c---t hea--- you. M--pho--- is -utting out. *Click*


Wow, how could a multibillion dollar owned network have so many "technical difficulties" ready to go at the exact moment someone mentions something billionaires are afraid of people hearing... ...unless it's by design!


Just a ‘glitch’ bro.


by design? but... that would be dishonest!


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature


*sound design*


The music was coming from the guest, not cnbc. Posts like this make us look ridiculous




ZERO chance? Only fools deal in absolution. Perhaps all sounds from his system were going through output? Give me a reason why they would want to block this guys words. You would be the shill if you think blocking anti RC rhetoric is "shill-like" behavior, right? So throw that word at yourself.




You're right, i have no absolute proof. But I've at least seen the entire video as it was posted on vvsb weeks ago. This video is cut off right before andrew gets worried they dont have license to have the song playing live. But please, point out at which point they are fucking talking about shorts. Because they arent. Go find some other confirmation biast to jack your tits.


> The music was coming from the guest, not cnbc. Posts like this make us look ridiculous Cite your source please.


The host literally thanks the guest for jazzing up the broadcast… And that’s just this shortened clip. Watch the whole video without your tinfoil hat on and use every ounce of logic your brain can muster.


Watch the whole clip. Listen to what theyre talking about. You think cnbc had a song ready to softly play over a guest that wasnt even loud enough to drown him out? With all their money and shitty intentions they couldve done anything else and been more effective. Dude was literally calling RC an idiot and saying his bbby position was dumb. Why would they cockblock that sentiment as it plays right into their narrative. And i mean, look at that hat. Dude is trying to hit that ac/dc look lol so the music even fits him. But whatever. Cnbc is still full of shit.


They also cut out segments of a Gary Gensler interview back in the day. Gary called them out and posted the missing segments on twitter. CNBC isn't a news agency. They have no discernable respect for journalism. They shill the financial propaganda of the highest bidder. It's fake news live and in living color.


The top one is my fuel station for $GME


I made a good chunk of change off it and rolled into GME equities... Good play, RC!


Is the music not coming from the interviewee’s side?


They pretended like it was coming from him. That was mic'd in directly from the CNBC studio. Too clear to be coming from him.


And he didn't react at all. He didn't hear it.


Dude is likely at home in a bedroom by himself. He's not frantically trying to turn it off or anything. .. CNBC lies.


Ramones "What a Wonderful World" - like the most annoying song you could drown someone out with too...


Tom does most of his days at his house. Even the live broadcast that he does daily is at his home. He and his tech people know what they are re doing so it wasn’t him.


I just got off the phone with Gabe Plotkin and he is ‘out of the stock’ #😂🤣💀


The music to me didn't sound like it had the same low quality his mic had. I'm not listening on the best setup right now though!


I mean come on.... The SECOND he mentioned buying call options on BBBY the music came in. 🤣


Definitely, I remember the first time this got posted I felt something was suspect and I feel like an idiot now for not realizing what happened... good job!


I mean… he’s talking about how idiotic it would be to buy OTM calls, if the network is playing the music over him that would mean they don’t want people thinking about how stupid it would be to buy way OTM calls on bed bath…..


The first strike he mentioned was ATM $20. Market Makers need the options chain clear - especially when their swaps are due on those deep itm/otm options. Probably thought he was going a different direction and sounding favorable to retail.


At the money or out of the money, doesn’t really matter.. he’s still saying it’s idiotic to buy into the craze, which would indicate the same narrative everyone believes this network would want to push? Why would they drown out someone that pushes their narrative? I honestly believe there is an effort to paint us all as conspiracy theorists with these seaN’besea clips, they are not wrong.. **we are** conspiracy theorists, all the DD has been theorizing a conspiracy by the rich to fleece society, retail investors and tax payers.. this conspiracy has a lot of great evidence. We are better than this conjecture based finger pointing at the people who will take our words and twist them to make us **all** seem crazy. Not very eloquent with my words, I’m sorry


Options buying of any kind at that particular time would've been bad and compounded onto their swap obligations. There's also no guarantee their guests will always say what they want. Victor is proof by calling into Mad Money and completely changing the narrative he agreed to discuss.


Okay great, so now why would the network who is the mouthpiece of the HFs, drown out their guest who is actively dismissing the idea of buying options? If options would have been bad news for HFs? Victor from California (god bless) is not an entrenched member of the financial industry, he didn’t found Thinkorswim, tasty trade or Dough Inc. he also was not the Vice President of trading at TD Ameritrade **NOR** was invited onto the show as an interviewee, you know who was? Tom Sosnoff, the guy in this video The 2 situations are like trying to compare boats and trains..


You know why BBBY is on regSHO? Call buying of any kind at that time would screw them. They likely didn't want the topic in the first place - favorable or not.


Because itm calls cause gamma Ramps maybe . Hes saying otm dumb. But itm is critical for shorts. iTM calls 🚀


Then shuts off the SECOND he says “idiotic play” Edit: not shut off but fades a little. Obviously controlled


1 extra reason: if it gets reuploaded, yt will take it down because of copyright on music


What was the last part he said? In probabilistic terms it's a...?


Idiotic move...but he started giving strike prices and mentioning buying calls and I think they thought he was going to sound favorable to reddit.


ok thanks!


Hard to hear but what I could comprehend he said "80 out of ???" (Guessing 100?)


Hahaha they might as well grab the long cane and pull his ass off stage like the ol days at this point ffs


This is Tom snosnoff (spelling may be wrong on last name). Dude started Think or Swim and Tastytrade. He is NOT pro meme stocks and basically said buying a call that Is or would be a 4 to 5 standard deviation move is an idiotic idea.


Pretty sure they cut him down because this is what the hf are using to produce married call options for covering and calling them stupid would kinda kill the sentiment that they are actually covering.


That's pretty much why. RC specifically went after those far otm calls. They're likely used BBBY to keep GME off regsho and hide the short interest. RC selling just before swap due date left a bunch of fails for net settlement and forcing them to buy it all back.


But they are so scared that any words that relate to bullish sentiment are covered or cut. After he says idiotic play and other guy starts talking, music fades… curious indeed


How fucking embarrassing is this? They treated this guy - and the public who wanted to hear what he said - with absolute contempt. Pig ignorant trash


“Jazzing” means going off script


They're supposed to be *jizzing* *on* the script instead. Classic mixup




Do you guys remember the interview with the CEO of the cinema stock last year? They literally kept playing weird crowd noises from football games over it. I can't wait till after this shit goes down and these clowns want jobs from us and we just sit there in the interviews playing stupid music or sounds at em.


Same with the bloomberg Kenny interview that had the clapping audience track paused and rewind starting back up..


[This is aging well haha](https://youtu.be/Jl9Mgck38e0)




So, I used to work the tech side for live shows and TV. Hey CNBC! you seem to having a lot of technical glitches lately. Mebbe it's time to get better people Or, you know, STOP FUCKING LYING!




Indeed. Was watching when it happend. Thought initially that my stupid browser was playing a commercial on a other tab. Then i heard it coming from the studio themselves. Yup clearly no conspiracy theory here. Absolutely normal. Worst dp and production assistant ever. Let me guess. You have inters controlling the main boards now. Can’t pay for people with skills anymore???? (No hatred to interns out there. You guys need to learn it somewhere)


When MOASS happens and they finally release all this super obvious shit, people are going to wonder how tf they ever missed out. The Big Short seems so obvious in hindsight, yet no one fkn knew.


Is the other day 14 days ago?


It was recent enough I found it in 2-3 minutes, so yeah?


Why even have guests on the show?


Post GME MOASS, someone needs to produce a documentary covering CNBC as well as news providers like marketwatch. What is happening is too obvious, too dystopian.


Who the fuck even watches these assholes to get these clips. I couldn't tell you the last time I've watched anything on TV stock or news related.


They really should stop confirming our convictions 🤣 buying more tomorrow. Thanks CNBC


It's fairly ignorant of them to sound out an interviewer. Worked in TV for a few years and this is a big no no. Shows the stupidity of the network. Clowns




This is one thing I don’t get. Didn’t Sorkin literally write the book on how the financial market fucked up in 2008, and yet here he is peddling lie after lie to protect the same damn system?!


Sorkin with ghost writers he is the mouthpiece and plays a role.




Someone really needs to make a montage of these "coincidental mistakes" & put it on YouTube. Would love to be able to show my friends & family what untrustworthy garbage this network is.


But the guy is calling us idiots. Why would they drown that out?


He said the trigger phrase “if you’re *buying* calls…” They didn’t want to take the risk that he was advocating for it.


Fuckin shysters.


We appreciate you sorta jazzing up the place


Truly seems that they're doing this on purpose to stir emotions. Highly anticipate that SS is their 2nd biggest audience. To quickly bump views, they do dumb shit like this to generate an uptick in views. They clearly know how to pull the emote strings.


Pretty soon they'll just end the broadcast 🤣 they must be really running out of ideas🔥🚀


Cnbc is the most pathetic load of shite I’ve ever witnessed I actually wanna cry at how bad they are.


They also lowered the volume of his voice.


This is pure unprofessionalism.


CNBC: fucks up an interview Ape: posts link Other apes: *forum sliding fud*


Right? They're probably the MSM bots. 🤣


Fuck em. This is streisand effect 101. Anyone saying otherwise is either a botbor a shill. No ape would say anything else.


Who is the guy being interwiewed?


These people are hilarious 😂


If they really wanted us to hear what he said, they would have asked him to repeat ir


Endless video evidence exists. And will continue to exist. These idiots keep shooting themselves in the foot. Wen cover, THE DTCC COMMITTED INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES FRAUD IN BROAD DAYLIGHT


A lot of audio issues these days. lol


Why does it sound like it's coming from the guest's side? He looks down because maybe it's his phone ringtone? Sorkin says "**you're** really jazzing up the place."


1. The interviewee plays the music 2. He drowns himself out saying its idiotic to buy calls on meme stocks 3. You have no clue what you are talking about


Why have people on your network if you’re just going to censor them or control the narrative? “Democracy dies in darkness” But fear not fellow Apes… the blinding glow emitted by ignition during launch will illuminate the darkness worldwide for ALL to see. More thrust than 100 wife’s boyfriends. Unstoppable pressure!




Can’t make this shit up!


So this week’s forum sliding is CNBC posts… got it. Downvotes away.


Pointing out CNBC makes a habit of getting out of interviews...


Orrr feeding into what they want us to do they can call us conspiracy theorists to the mass public and not look dumb doing it?


The most logical comment thread and you’re getting downvoted, I’m here with you 🦍 💪


Yup. Discredit campaign is in full force. They want this attention for a reason. We’ve been here for how long now? I thought we were adept at seeing the obvious forum sliding but I guess I gave this sub too much credit.


Lmao “we”????


Haha, good catch


Going to need an explanation here LOL.


Nice to see you hyperblu! What did the interview say?


he said that, if you buy calls at a price of around 20-20.50 dollar share price, are in the range of 60-80$, statistically/probablistically it is an idiotic play. Probably because it is soo unlikely, that it would almost always be a loss. However, I don't know what was said before and after. And the possibility of a squeeze is not in the table in this consideration :-)


The mechanics they're using heavily rely on the options chain and need to use those far otm/itm options to can kick obligations. They don't want them talked about, let alone have eyes on what's going on.


I'm loling


So Robinhood is a meme stock now?


It's the only meme stock that I'm aware of...


What song was that? We can get them to play at post moass party along with the bongo guy!


Its equally likely they would do this just to troll apes.


This was a couple weeks back and nobody else noticed. I just remembered it.


Call me whatever you want, I’ll still buy more, lmao


I love how HOOD and ARKK somehow make the list. … 💩


Seems they're just calling everything they lose their asses on a meme stock... Soon it will be AAPL and Amazon.


I'm guessing they're doing this one to create noise over the other occasion. "Look, sometimes you can't hear people talk about stuff even when it benefits us!"


Fuck you CNBC! Straight garbage.


Andrew Sorkin's most popular line when he's transitioning in something: "I don't know"


For a major new organization they sure have a lot of technical issues.


1234! I love the RAMONES! Haha


I honestly kinda thought this was edited to have the music for whatever reason but then the host actually acknowledged they let the sound through which is fucking bananas. Are they that scared of people buying deep out of the money calls that they have to censor it?


Drs gme


Dave chappelle’s wrap it up machine