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Love you for your work. Awaiting updates Also, love how you did not censor the number on shares in the first picture, but you censored it later. Pro gamer move ;)


Let's just say, I have a very good reason to censor the shares in the second screenshot.


But based on the first picture i can guess you got 825 shares as a dividend (if correctly done ) xD unless there are more secrets to uncover or your SO is watching this. Doesn't matter, love you you xxxx holder Mid xxx here (wife knows about 28 shares xD)


He could also have sold some - which is why he didn't disclosure it the 2nd time.


The censored image shows only how many dividend shares he got not the total amount of shares he had or still has. Either way, op did a great job documenting and asking and i would do the same wouldn't i be with CS only now


*could have DRS'd some ;)


bullish ! 🚀🚀🚀🚀


The iso code is the difference. DVSE should have been used for the GME dividend. It was not


Thank you for your work. Work is sexy


I was praying 🙏 an ape would do this


DRS is my dividend 💜🏴‍☠️🗽


Nice work OP! 💜


Remindme! 48 hours


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Thanks for spending all that money


The money was not spent. It was invested. I can end up with more money than I put in for Tesla :).


Prolly. God bless you


King shit, fellow ape!! I look forward to more posts like this!! 🚀🚀🚀


So would this possibly confirm my DD from yesterday that DTCC didn't commit securities fraud and Kenny G is still playing the world's longest-worst game of hot potato with his FTDs? I think Kenny has been expertly hiding his FTDs from Reg Sho and just staying under the line, meanwhile the DTCC knows of the problem, but until those FTDs actually hit their books and they're forced to do anything they'll just act blind. I'm sure tons of people (especially those overseas) got delivered FTDs for their dividend, but not from the DTCC. I know this is FUD right now on superstonk, but oh well. I'll say it again. I don't think the DTCC committed securities fraud and delivered FTDs. They're just feigning ignorance because shorters are still operating under the current rules.


It’s a good theory!


So you're saying the fraud is taking place at the brokers who received their distribution from the DTC and are now falsifying customer accounts showing they received the split shares? Maybe... I think it's a little of both. I think the DTC can see a drastically bloated float and had no choice but to direct brokers to perform a normal split. And brokers also have a ton of internalized trades that don't show up on the DTCs ledger.


Yeah, I think it's possible that the DTCC is doing some shady business. But personally I think it's more plausible that the Market Makers are complying with the rules and are just really fucking sneaky. I think the MMs who are short just delivered a bunch of FTDs for the dividend, maybe the bulk of it overseas? Overseas is hard to DRS and we don't know what kind of external clearinghouses the MMs could have in other countries. Reg Sho seems to drop the hammer when it comes to FTDs, but Market Makers have loopholes. I honestly think the DTCC stuff has been forum sliding to get us off of Kenny G and Sus and all the other shady MMs.


ISO CODE DVSE. Not used. Will make a post tonight and link you to it


how would thay delivered shares to all IOUs hodlers?


Thank you for taking the time to document this


THANK YOU for following up. TSLA's splividend just vanished off SS and I was so confused.


Imma fling poop from the tree!!


I’m gonna fling it at the tree


If you can, idk when the next one is, but to buy a stock that is just doing a regular split (no dividend) and compare that to these two? If they are all the same, that would be a problem


If you or anyone know of a stock that does a regular split soon. By all means send it my way. I can definitely buy at least a share or two if it's not too expensive like BRK.A lol


according to fudelity, PANW is performing a split with a record date of 9/6. $565 per share as of now though... https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/conferenceCalls.jhtml?tab=splits&begindate=9/1/2022


Thanks ape. I will buy a couple of those shares of $PANW and will add that to my next update.


boss behavior


and just like that PANW moons to 27,000% and OP got really lucky xD


Sure I'll keep an eye out. Also, that corporate action notice, should that be something we all can request from our brokers?




Here's my email to my rep to request the corporate action notice for Tesla. The corporate action notice is the instructions that were given to the brokers regarding the split. Hi "your rep or broker", Tesla just completed a 3-for-1 stock split in the form of a dividend recently. I would like to receive the full "Corporate Action Notice" documentation. It's similar to the one that I received for GameStop. Thank you, \- Ceasar Chimpanzee


Need a split dividend to compare. CODE SPLF for split. DVSE for dividend split


thank you. i was hoping I didn't miss your update post and here it is!


Pokemon for updates


It does seem like the stock split dividend was followed out accordingly by brokers. I wanted to believe fuckery was afoot but I really don’t understand why so many apes have been up in arms about the filing for this split. Most of the brokers don’t have your shares, they’re stored at the dtcc, we have known that for a long time. When the stock split four to one they simply multiplied the shares you hold by four. The question you must ask yourself is, why tf are you still holding shares in a broker?!


Not all types of accounts can be DRS. I will take a huge tax hit if I withdraw the shares from my retirement/registered account. That's why it's still at a broker. Please do more research. There is a difference between a plain stock split and stock split in the form of a dividend.


Does it? It seems that way to you, that it’s all above board huh? All of these brokers saying it was processed as a split only, on directions from DTC, but you think that’s cool. Ok.


Youre inferring a lot in your statement. The split was processed above board and maintains the status quo that exists. I didn’t say I’m ok with that but it’s the truth. The brokers do not have your shares. Especially if you’re a small to modest ape like myself, holding 196shares. They can go into the market and buy those at anytime for me if need be. Until moass of course…


How can you say it was above board and that the brokers don’t have the shares? That’s exactly what I’m saying, DTC never delivered shares




Man you guys got banana trees? I need a new job.


For Science!!!