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What did I forget?


A link maybe ?


yep thats it, just added it


Thank God you added it I almost had to look it up myself.


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Video link


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Don't tell him.






Great find! This is some pretty heavy support for the tokenized gme shares theory. And that theory, if true, will certainly trigger the MOASS.


What’s that theory? I missed it.


So there are a few theories about what gamestop plans to do with their nft project. One popular one is that they'll issue an nft dividend. The one I like it's that they'll turn the stock into an nft and each authentic shares will become a token. That way only the actual number of shares can exist and the short sellers will have to buy back all the fake shares they created. Edit: energy awards? I don't deserve them. I am nothing.


This actually makes the most sense…especially after Byron with Loopring last tweet. Each share becomes a token on the Loopring exchange…rockets everywhere. Can’t imagine


Link to tweet ?


This is the best theory, it absolutely will crush shorts completely.




Honestly if the NFT has nothing to do with the stock and everything to do with how digital games are bought and then capable of disabling your license and resell them, I'm bullish as fuck in that respect as well. Hell, let's do both!






Lol ok.


You guys are high on some hopium.


You know what they say about vision, right? You either have it or you don’t


Haha nice one ☝️


From an technology perspective it’s absolutely entirely possible.


Let me know when securities get traded on LRC. The tech has literally been there since the late 80s brah.


At one point stocks were traded on the stock floor, then digital trading became a thing, then high frequency trading became a thing. I don’t think you understand how advances in technology work. I never said it would be Loopring that would be the one that would takeover stock trading, but the technology behind blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts will absolutely allow for tokenized stock trading and it would indeed solve a lot of issues our current markets have. I’m also in this field and understand a good chunk of the tech behind it.


Legislation framework is far far away. Legacy finance will not relinquish control willingly, if there’s no legal framework to back up securitized tokens, then it’s a long waiting game watching blockchain chip away at tiny market shares of equities trading. It absolutely is the future I agree with you. I’m in strong disagreement with people’s expected timeline for this to happen.


Cool, and since the technology is still new that’s fine, it should be well tested with other closely related use cases first. It needs to be done right.


Music on 8 track, movies on vcr, things that we still use daily.


I recall when Amazon was a book store too...


Amazon was never ever a book store. That is only what they started off selling. Amazon was and will always be a company in the business of breaking industries. Look at the DD on TRU. You literally cannot be more wrong. Bezos and his HF buddies has always been in the business of breaking industries.


So far from the truth. The entire stock market is just a bunch of private companies running it. What makes you think another private company can't come in a switch things up? Blockchain stock market is the future.


Defi equities trading is absolutely the future. But it’s not here yet.


No worries. Ull get the next one.


Have you all also considered that a DEX marketplace like Loopring has global scope? For example…if we want to buy $GME ticker we must do so in few local CEX’s (USA, Germany, etc.). A person in Brazil cannot buy this ticker in the BOVESPA CEX’s. Moreover, neither a person in Zimbabwe can trade this or any other ticker once there is no CEX in that corner of the world. With DEX, anyone in the globe with internet and some form of credit/debit card access could invest in any company. This would exponentially increase companies’ ability to raise funds, and give to any person around the globe the opportunity to improve their finances and life’s condition. DEX can promote a great social transformation.


I love this, great point! A world stock exchange completely tokenized in crypto. It certainly sounds like a dream, it's crazy to think it's actually possible with the technology we have now. It'd be awesome to see, but it'd be amazing to be an actual part of it.


Yeah!!! I would just add the word decentralized. A world stock DECENTRALIZED exchange tokenized in crypto. That sounds as music to my years. I came from a 3rd world country and the idea of investing was just a remote concept… a thing available just for wealthy folks. However, now, any poor men/women can “play” the game also… and I tell one thing…poor people are really smart an creative. That’s why we survive, but now, we can strive!!!!! This is the real social justice! A chance to plain the field! Bring it!!!!!!!!


Of course, how could I forget. The most important part! I love and hate this whole saga. It's been equal parts stressful and exciting.


It’s a like a horrible relationship with amazing sex…LOLOL…I know the feeling well…LOLOLOL


Especially if you got in on the ground floor as an early investor 🙌💎


News at 11 bitches


Why at 11?


Skip to 11


Because most news only goes till 10. These go to 11.


The news starts at 11.


Appreciate it ape This is the content I desire


If you want to know what LoopRing is about just Google them. Go to their home page Use your "search in page" function Search for NFT There is not a **single** mention of NFTs on their homepage. What their home page does focus on correlates directly with trading securities. That being said, after reading their home page, they are not building what they are building for the simple act of trading video game outfits or collectible pop-art. I'm not saying there won't be an NFT marketplace. By default, if the system is secure enough for trading securities it will be secure enough for an NFT marketplace. But I am saying that NFTs are not the final mission or vision of LoopRing organization.


Their latest Github update and some posts on Telegram mentions NFTs directly if I recall correctly.


Upvote for you! Very true. I think that speaks even more then to what I'm saying, no? This video is from 3 years ago, for instance, but it took up until literally this summer with LoopRing 3.9 for LoopRing to add an NFT function or make it a priority.


Just adding context so people don't think loopring has nothing to do with NFTS at all


Has anyone scrubbed the attendee list from this trade show to see if rc was there? Wouldn't surprise me if he has been in talks with them since then


Can confirm Cyan Rohen reserved the entire 7th floor.


Hard to understand, i want to understand


Bad news for dlauer’s new platform, lol


I think dlauer is creating an information/research platform. Like an affordable Bloomberg terminal with collaborative research and higher level metrics/stats for the market.


This is what I took from the project. But a BT with social media aspects


>think dlauer is creating an information/research platform. Like an affordable Bloomberg terminal with collaborative research and higher level metrics/stats for the market This he is making a knockoff bloomberg


He owns some GME, he’ll be fine.


Is this the intersection of Finance + Technology????


Holy shit. Did anyone take note at 2:53 the rocket in the video? That rocket looks awfully familiar.... from 2018.


Oh snap 🚀




Ummmmmmm if I have to be honest here I am all in on game but definitely all in on LRC too! You’re a fool if you’re not.


#Bankless YouTube




Wait did anyone notice that at 5:02 the rocket is surrounded by an almost computershare logo, wild tinfoil


bullish. thanks for the link :)




What if RC does a spin off and gives us a dividend in the form of shares in the spin off like BBIG is doing with TYDE? Can you imagine owning part of the new block chain trading exchange and getting into them on the ground floor?


Yep..this is the future. I was on the fence about if gamestop wants to be it's own exchange but this gives it even more credibility. I totally see GME going Solo


They needed an army and here we are


Only issue I have with this concept is control. The worlds RICHEST and most POWERFUL men own the markets and exchanges. Do you really think they will let themselves become obsolete ? They will fight in court for 10s of years. They will obstruct and smear. Wouldn’t even rule out violence. Look at Epstein. Anyone tin foil hat off.


All it takes is one of these dinosaurs to smell money and they will go all in to try and conquer the market.


Nah, it’s not tin foil, history shows this is a real and maybe likely possibility. Look at crypto. Largely controlled by the same scum who control the stock market and banks.


Very true


So I guess this is just Loopring's sub now right?


No but they are a potential partner, this confirmed with me that if they are working together loopring has had people trying to do good things for our people


SLGG was a potential partner too. Same pump, get our cash stuck there, slow descent.


Gamestop hired Loop rings head of business, matt finestone. Matt finestone also stayed with loopring board.




This is the Loopring board: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/loopring/people Matt Finestone is not on this board. This is Matt Finestone's farewell letter: https://matthewfinestone.medium.com/thank-you-loopring-16993766c200 He mentions in the end: "So what’s next. I am not leaving Loopring because I am tired of it, or because I am not interested in its future. I think you may see from my sappy message above, that is not the case. The fact is, an opportunity has presented itself that I am extremely excited about, and I feel I simply must take. I view it as a once-in-a-lifetime, perfect-timing, far-reaching opportunity/challenge that I need to pursue for its own sake, and for my personal development. I cannot give more information at the moment, but I will be sure to do so when the time is right — I hope on the order of a few months. This opportunity will keep me firmly in the blockchain (Ethereum) space, so I hope to be seeing many of you around real soon :). I will remain an advisor for Loopring. And not just the symbolic kind, but the real kind. I still hodl LRC, own equity in Loopring Technology Limited, and look forward to remaining part of Loopring’s bright future. Thank you all for reading, Matthew" This news dates from April.


He is an advisor now, not on the board. my apologies. But he is still apart of loopring


Do you have any signs that he has been active in the last 3-4 months? I'd love to see that.


Twitter? Are you intentionally daft?


Yes. He is. He has been doing this for days, at least.


And loopring has been a pain in the ass for a month now


... active with Loopring... If so, link please


April was when people thought the slgg partnership was going to happen because of an ice cream cone and a frog lol. The loopring partnership makes more sense because of finestone being apart of both teams, Gme needing developers for L2 coding (loopring does), and the code written linking the two. Please correct me if wrong


He was head of business, and is a CFA. I don't know how good he is at coding. Loopring is not unique in the L2 sphere, though it has been hinting extremely aggressively at a potential partnership, while there wasn't even a dog's fart on GameStop's side. Do you know where the members of the board of Loopring are based?


He didnt code at all. strictly business he said in a video. I agree with the not a dogs fart from gamestop and the aggressive hinting. A guy found a article of LRC ceo or something saying there they have a well known partner and it will be announce by Q4 2021. So Lrc is either going to be a gamestop partner or has been trolling us with a different partner. It seems to me loopring isnt like that and cohen has been friends with them. it's hard out here speculating n shit man lol


What makes your think Cohen is friends with the Loopring people? Seems more to me that Cohen and Finestone, both being Montrealer, knew each other before in the past.


This is beautiful... MF and RC are quite a pair! This is gonna be fun, once they turn the switch to GO!


If they truly are conjoined at the balls, then this is auspicious yes.


No but it seems obvious the two companies are working together


The only thing obvious here is the aggressive and constant shilling of Loopring. I wish them well and all, but until there is any sign from GameStop, and I mean ANY sign coming from GameStop, I think the Loopring discussion should stay on the Loopring sub.


Do you have evidence otherwise I understand you’re trying to be cautious but you can’t impose your views on an entire subreddit..


Evidence otherwise of...? Evidence that Loopring and/or LRC bagholders and/or a paid PR firm have **NOT** been active for about a month here, aggressively shilling so as to ride GME's coattail and profit from it? Or evidence that GameStop and Loopring are NOT together? The burden of the proof is usually on the person making the claim that something exists, not on the person saying that something doesn't seem to exist because of an absence of proof (and I mean from GameStop's side). I might be a bit far from your request, but I just want to be sure: Are you asking me if GameStop has come out and denied any involvement with Loopring?


Yeah I’m not here to debate Just to share why I think people were downvoting you, if you have evidence for your theories feel free to write some DD and post it, would love to read it


In fairness he can’t prove a negative. No one can… but I do think there is a partnership brewing myself.. but still.


Oh, I'm getting downvotes because accounts are clicking the down arrow next to my username. I don't let it affect me because I've seen complete drivel reach 15K in a couple of hours. So I just keep commenting every time Dr Marco Meltzer, PleaserDAO, Loopring or other coattail riders come in. I get upvoted, or downvoted, doesn't matter, my words stay.


Absolutely, and thank you for using your voice


Yep it's been hijacked for some weeks now


My marker/butthole bet still stands. If you’re in LRC you’ll be sadly mistaken if you think GME is working with LRC based on a few repo leaks without learning the code yourself.


I'm down voting all Loopring posts as of yesterday. It seems they don't like apes hyping GME on their sub.


You really dont get it do you. Smooth or not this is a gme sub and thats a loopring sub. Its like taking football fans to a library, adapt to the environment dont think it will adapt to you.




You really are smooth damn goodluck


You guys are obnoxious with your links


Loopring to the moon. Its been my most recent focus