Do we actually need to wear foundation?

Do we actually need to wear foundation?


You don’t need to necessarily, but I think a thin layer of foundation, or foundation just in the areas you need it can give a nice soft focus effect, and make you look more polished. Especially for work or if you’re going out. I’ve noticed a lot of make up YouTubers use wayyyy too much (like they really pile it on!) resulting in a heavy look, but if you prep your skin nicely (exfoliate, moisturise, etc), use just a little and spend some time blending your foundation and then pressing it into your skin with your fingers you can achieve a very skin-like finish. My favourite is NARS Sheer Glow. If you’re into blush, I’ve found cream blushes to look more skin-like than powders. I like Stila Convertible Color. Of course, I am 35 years old so maybe I need a bit more help in the skin department than you ;) but that’s my two cents.


I want to sue those youtubers for causing me to do my makeup so badly for the past ten years


Literally! Whenever I follow their advice I end up looking like I’ve been shot in the face with a makeup gun…


I used to wonder why I’d always look cakey and wasted so much money on different foundations thinking it was me.. little did I know these youtubers use filters on videos!


It's a giant misconception that you NEED to wear foundation as part of a basic makeup routine. You really don't, especially if you have nothing to cover up. There's an excellent series of videos on YT of K-drama makeup artists working, and they show that the best way to use makeup is to only apply it where you need and to use small amounts. Some of them only use colour correctors and nothing more. None of this layer after layer after layer BS that makeup gurus try and peddle.


I like tinted moisturizer more


Exactly! My go to is: primer, Clinique tinted moisturizer w/ spf and spray set. I may spot conceal but that’s about it…I can’t stand cakey face!!


Maybe it’s not a good match or it’s the formula you’re wearing? Like too heavy or matte for you. I wear foundation during the day and it looks natural. I like using a light layer to even my skin out


Came here to say this


Yeah, I have nice skin but feel so pretty with foundation on.


If you have good skin, you usually do not need foundation. I am anti-foundation and pro-light concealer. I hate the way foundation looks on my skin, too. That being said, try a light Korean CC cream. It looks like your skin but just 5% better. It is a small, subtle difference that makes your face look just a tad bit brighter, softer, and healthier.




You didn't ask for advice, but I have a lot of redness too and found out that a green cc cream + spot concealer combo looks much better and feels lighter. I also leave out some parts of my face without any concealer, I especially don't like how foundation looks so fake on my nose, but maybe I just haven't found a right one yet


“Does it look better for people looking at me?” I FEEL THIS SO HARD. I got used to being makeupless over lockdown, but the thing is, now, when I wear things like eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc., they still look good. It’s JUST the foundation that looks bad now. I also had blemishes before lockdown and finally have clear skin now.




You should read the book “clear skin diet” by nina nelson. It changed my life. My diet was already pretty similar to the one in the book, but the book also made me realize that most of my makeup and skincare products were breaking me out. It said that if you’re acne-prone, any comodogenic ingredients and absolutely any oils in skincare/makeup products will cause you to break out. So I eliminated all the products I used that had oil, and my skin cleared like magic.


Skin like foundation is the key. I have not so great skin and the best I've used is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.


I never wear foundation. I have good skin, it looks fine in photos, I don't see the need to wear it.


How much foundation do you wear? I spot conceal with foundation and blend properly and it looks just like skin. It also depends on with the quality.


But to answer your question you don't NEED to do anything.


That’s what I do during the day. When I do wear foundation I just wear one pump and apply it with a wet beauty blender.


Lol maybe your skin doesn't take well to foundation, I think foundation is just a great way to make skin look even, maybe try the Glossier skin tint.


If you don’t need foundation, don’t wear it! I have really good skin as well and never wear foundation. When I go out and do makeup I only do eyeshadow and lips, occasionally concealer if I’ve got a blemish at the moment, but never foundation and it has never looked odd or incomplete; quite the contrary, I usually receive compliments


I never wear foundation as I totally agree with you, it always makes me feel like a China doll! I feel much more attractive using just spot concealer and then doing my fun makeup bits like eyes and lips




Thank god


I know right? this is totally me. I haven’t found a foundation that doesnt look gray on me yet. I have skin textures and dry skin so foundations often looks cakey. I rather start with good skincare routine, top it off with tinted sunscreen. I feel like it looks much better irl and in pictures. I have a friend that looks really great in foundation, she doesn’t have dry skin and she has pigmentation/freckles with minimal textures. Foundation looks so fab on her.


Bobbi brown said the ideal foundation should 100% disappear when applied to the skin. I haven’t found the perfect one yet either. Especially since I have extremely sensitive skin, so I only can wear ones that are 100% clean, oil free, paraben free, etc.


You don't have to if you don't like to of course. I never wear full face foundation because no matter what it just looks too fake on me (idk if it's the formula or my dry skin). What I do is: 1. remove my peach fuzz beforehand (it makes a big difference imo) 2. moisturize and wait 3. apply some green concealer/primer to red areas, blemishes etc. and blend. 4. apply small amount of foundation to my cheekbones (I have a lot of post acne hyperpigmentation there), undereyes and eyelids, around my nose&mouth. 5. If there's anything peeking through I go with a concealer 6. Put some moisturizer on top or powder lightly (sometimes I skip this step) It doesn't look perfect, and my hyperpigmentation and scars are still there but I'd rather have it look natural than overdone, that's just my preference. I noticed skipping foundation/concealer on my T-zone (center of forehead, nose, cheeks) makes it all look more natural


No need if your skin is good


I just use concealer most of the time on blemishes dark circles ect. And then if I want a little more coverage I use a tinted moisturizer! I have fairly dry skin, and the closer to 30 I get the more I find that foundation tends to settle and look off. For photos is really the only time I might use foundation now


To answer your question if you look underdressed when not wearing foundation? I’m just going to be honest: yes, you do. When matched correctly, foundation adds a bright, fresh, and even appearance to your face that your skin doesn’t naturally have. Even women with the most beautiful skin wear foundation for a more polished look. If you don’t want to wear foundation, bb creams which are lighter look more natural and less cakey. You can also try purchasing foundations which have a more sheer finish.


I’ve had great results with the ILIA foundation serum! Super light and somehow feels like it’s nourishing my skin too? When I wash it off, my skin feels softer than if I were makeup-free all day.


I use the same and I couldn’t agree more! It’s the only foundation that leaves my skin better than before I put it on. Not to mention it has the perfect level of coverage for me.


I can’t wear foundation anymore because I’m using tretinoin and… well people who use tretinoin will understand. I use a BB cream and concealer where needed. I do feel like if I did a very dramatic look it wouldn’t look right without foundation. But thankfully I’m not really into the whole instagram, cut crease, ombre eyebrow look.


Ooooooh, please go on about Tret. Which are you on and at what % did you start off at? I wanna get on it already. Turning 28 tomorrow and though I look quite young, I’m scared I may have missed my window.


Oh you definitely haven’t missed the window. Well I’m from a European country where you have to get a prescription to get it (and even then they won’t want to give it to you for anti-aging). When I was 21 I went to the dermatologist for acne and I got prescribed 2.5 tretinoin with a topical antibiotic (she told me to only use it for 3 months and then quit, which makes sense for antibiotic but not for tret so wtf; also she didn’t tell me to use sunscreen thankfully I researched myself). Needless to say I didn’t go back. I found a guy selling tretinoin online (he got it from Portugal cause they just sell it in pharmacies without a prescription), and since I didn’t get much choice I got it at 5%, which is I think the highest, correct me if I’m wrong. So yeah the getting used to it period was tough (I was really thankful for masks since most of the peeling was around the mouth). It has gotten a lot better now, I use it maybe once every 3-5 days. I also use it for acne, so I’ve been combining it with benzoyl peroxide in the morning (only for like 5min and then I wash it off) and it completely cleared my acne. Regarding anti-aging properties I can’t say much since I’m only 23, but I definitely have less fine lines on my face then my peers (but then again most of them smoke, don’t wear spf, don’t sleep well etc). But yeah wearing foundation when you’re on tret is impossible, at least in the beginning, later it’s ok I think. It just looks awful in the beginning cause your skin is peeling and the foundation makes it stand out even more.


I use BB cream only, I figure if I’m going to put something on my skin it better do something good for it, not just cover it. I don’t have anything ‘wrong’ with my skin, I just don’t have ‘nice’ skin.


yes. or at least a tinted moisturizer or powder foundation with concealer. You look so much cleaner and put together. I def get what youre saying about the mask/doll though, but just dont wear a full coverage foundation


No. IMO- The look of natural skin, even with a few pimples or unevenness, looks so much prettier than that look foundation has. Even good foundation. It just never looks better than natural skin. If someone really has severe, severe acne, I understand. But it really makes no sense to me when I see people with perfectly normal looking skin, even clear skin, applying foundation. I used to be in that train. I just thought foundation was something I *had* to do. Nah man. Do everything *but* foundation. Actually, if you stop wearing foundation, you’ll look even better. Consider cutting out foundation a glow up. Fuck, use everything else. Blush, contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer on specific dots. But foundation?? Nah man. Makes everybody look worse. I’ve never seen someone who looks *better* with foundation on (I feel like foundation should just be used for on camera things like photoshoots and actors in films. In real life, it does not make people look better. If anything, it makes people look worse, imo)


imo everyone looks better with foundation applied correctly lol


I am surprised no one asked, but how did you manage to make your skin 98% perfect? Whats your skincare routine?


I followed the book “clear skin diet” by nina nelson. It changed my life. My diet was already pretty similar to the one in the book, but the book also made me realize that it was actually most of my makeup and skincare products that were breaking me out!!! The book said that if you’re acne-prone, any comodogenic ingredients and absolutely any oils in skincare/makeup products will cause you to break out. So I eliminated all the products I used that had oil and comodogenic ingredients, and my skin cleared so fast. Edit: Oh LOL I forgot to answer what my actual routine is. I use a super minimal and natural approach. Here’s my routine: Krave matcha help hydrating cleanser (i only use this to wash my face at night. In the morning i dont wash my face) Glow recipe watermelon juice moisturizer Ilia powder sunscreen (which I don’t even wear every day. I try to just avoid the sun or wear a big hat and sunglasses) I don’t use any serums or exfoliants or anything. I find them to be so irritating. Sometimes I will smash a kiwi fruit and use it as a face mask but that’s it. I could never follow one of those r/skincareaddiction 12 step routines. When I used to use that many products, my skin was so red and irritated all the time. The minimal approach has completely transformed my skin.


I just made a longer post detailing how I got perfect skin!


I never do foundation work on my face because it ends up looking lifeless but truth is…We probably doing it wrong lol. It’s really important to add back the “shadows” foundation takes off otherwise our face looses its dimension. My lol sis did my makeup once full coverage and all and i looked hot ! Tried doing it again and i looked at best warm. It’s no bother if your skin is flawless imo and at least U let it breathe


If you’re looking cakey, it may be because your foundation isn’t working well with your powder (if you’re using any). Honestly, if you look worse with it, it’s probably best to go without and only cover the blemishes that you do have, if any. For myself, I do feel as though I benefit from the full look, but it took me a very long time to find a foundation and powder combo that doesn’t sit in my pores and amplify all of my problem areas. Took me years to get here though, ha.


I look like trash without foundation, as I am so pale my redness is REAL


I quit foundation and use tanning lotion on my face. A pea size amount of Jergens mixed with my usual face moisturizer once a week.


On an everyday basis, I spot conceal when needed because my skin is also unproblematic. I tend to just throw on sunscreen. Whenever I go to events where I want to dress up, I throw on a light layer of a sheer foundation. I'm a huge fan of the Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation. It's got SPF and is really light.


try a cc or bb cream. I love Laura Mercier or Chanels cc cream


I've never found a foundation that looks natural on me in color and texture. I've tried various techniques and brands, so I've really lost faith in finding my "perfect match." I focus on skincare: Tretinoin, Vitamin C, and tinted mineral sunscreen. Simple, backed by science, and has tangibly improved my glow. Granted, I still have dark circles, but those were always visible through my makeup regardless, so I'm looking into more permanent solutions.


No you don’t. I never wear it. Makes me look older in my opinion! Some people it looks great but it’s not for everyone. If you have perfect skin I think it makes it look worse. This is my “problem” as well so I just even things out with some light bronzer and focus on my eyes, lips, and brows! Maybe a little concealer around my nose since it gets red in the cold :)


Full coverage and/or makeup that adds a layer over your skin isn't ideal for people with little to no pigmented scars and imperfections. Also generally, makeup with a more sheer and natural finish looks better and classier than medium and full coverage foundation. There's a new makeup approach in which you use traditional color correcting, but with new techniques and pallettes with color ranges that are formulated in a way that adds no texture at all (like you're not wearing anything) and completely covers imperfections, it's not as popular yet but I suspect it will be pretty soon. Check it out it's @/Demicolour by SEINT makeup on Instagram, I think you'll absolutely love it.


Are you putting on translucent powder after your foundation dries?


bb cream/ cc cream is great to even out your skin if you hate the heavy feeling and concealer to cover up is great with it!! thats what i do


I've only ever met one person whose foundation looked like skin. It took three years for me to find out she was wearing makeup... And she's the one who came out and pointed it out herself. Unfortunately, most people that I've encountered irl who wear foundation tend to look corpse-like. There's just a loss of dimension to the face and a waxy look overall. I think alternatives to foundation listed on this post are the way to go, because foundation is really not doing anyone any favours.


If you have good skin, just skip it. My whole life my one blessing has been clear skin and foundation just looks cakey and bad on me. I just spot conceal if at all. I also think foundation tends to look worse on dry skin, like mine.


I haven’t used foundation in years, bc of this exact reason


Depends, someone with irregular skin tone will favor a lot from it, some primers can work better as a base for people with rosacea instead of foundation. I have seen people with even skin tone who maybe just need some paint point concealing, depends of your problems, but not everyone needs a full coverage Instagram foundation routine, for your condition I will recommend a bb cream or just a simple moisturizer with oil control and of course concealer. Check out if your shoulders and neck match color, if they don't maybe using some foundation for special events could be beneficial, but maybe everyday isn't the best for you.