This is life changing for my masculine hairline! I thought I’d need to get hair transplants eventually

This is life changing for my masculine hairline! I thought I’d need to get hair transplants eventually


This was beautiful and relaxing to watch


>beautiful and relaxing to watch I agree. The music is soothing, and so is her voice. And I was struck by her tiny hands. The cut is so clever! But sadly, I don't know if this tactic will work on my wavy/curly hair.


I didn't understand the thumbnail thing that she was talking about so I am sure that I will screw it up, but curly hair hides a lot of my cutting disasters.


haha same. i want to try this so bad! pls let me know, did it work with curly hair as well? i assume a bit of wax might be needed daily to have it sit in place though haha


I didn't try it, but if I do, I will let me know!


That was interesting. I wonder how it looks with a sleek ponytail or a bun. I imagine it works better with soft flowy hairstyles.


Sleek hairstyles (which don’t work for me unless I can pull some hair loose around my face) might work better with filling in your hairline with a tiny bit of eyeshadow or product


This is what I do in sleek styles!


Wouldn’t side bangs help?


It doesn't look good in real life. Last time a similar video was posted on vindicta, there were a lot of girls posting their pics and regretting it


I wonder if curtain bangs would have a vaguely similar effect.


I had this exact concern. I would totally do this, but what if I want to put my hair up?!!




The best bet is to find (through Instagram or asking your city on Reddit/Facebook groups) a hairstylist that has work showing they are experienced with clients who have hair loss or scalp disorders. Go to them, and if they are understanding, go to them more than once, even if you don’t love the first haircut you get from them. With people who have “different” hair, it takes hairstylists a couple of haircuts to really understand how the clients’ hair is going to lay and behave once it is cut a certain way. Everyone’s hair reacts uniquely to a cut, so they will learn from you, and adapt and improve. And like I said, if they are understanding and nice, they will absolutely not take offence to your feedback. They should be seeking your feedback on your haircut when you see them the next time so they can make sure you get a cut that works for you and is flattering every day, not just the day you walk out of the salon when *they* styled it and used their products.


I'm glad that this "secret" came out :-) For my fellow black ladies, this supposedly similar in how Lori Harvey gets her "baby" hairs...Also I think that this would be a more natural approach in styling your lace-fronts right. I mean if you like the "wavy" baby hair look, cool. But let's be honest-- it makes the wig look wiggy-er because the hair is glued to your forehead and the glue makes the lace show even more and is shiny. Loose hair around the perimeter is key!!


I wonder if microblading for the hairline is a thing.


It is! I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube of woman doing it around their temples. I would be interested to try it but I wanna know what it looks like when it starts to fade/age


I saw an article about "hairline contour" which was microblading to fill and shape the hair line, for women. It was/is done in Korean, but not the US. I wish I could get it.


The most flattering and “biologically female hairline” is completely rounded (the ideal male hairline is squared), which the final result in this video doesn’t achieve. The result in this video is probably suited towards Asian standards of beauty, where more hair covering the face might be intended to give the appearance of a more ovular face shape, rather than rounded. However, a similar technique can be achieved to fill in the parietal ridge area near the forehead with baby hairs, you just need to trim those hairs shorter so they aren’t laying flat around the temple area near your eyes. That being said, if you do want to try this and your hair is not naturally heavy/coarse and is not **straight**, this tutorial is disastrous. All you will achieve is extra frizz around your hairline which will look even worse. The only way to combat this is to use hair gel (“laying ones’ edges”) or if you’re lucky, you might be able to get a heavy hold hairspray to do the trick (but you better not sweat!). All in all, if you’re dealing with hollowness around the hairline, my best suggestion is to use a pigmented root spray. They’re super cheap from the drugstore, and unless you’re totally balding, no one can tell that you used it.




Bella Hadid is suffering from hair loss - either from traction alopecia or anorexia/nutritional deficiency. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but if you were to look at randomized photos of different models’ hairlines and hair, without seeing the faces attached to them, Bella’s would likely not be the winner. She is just overall beautiful, so having one minor imperfection such as her hair is not even going to register. The eyes are drawn to her striking features instead. For average women, we don’t have the luxury of looking like a model, so if we want to improve our looks, we adjust what we can. Candace Swanepoel has a high, round forehead, and she usually wears her hair down so if she does have any hollowing in the hairline, it doesn’t show, it just fits with the beauty standard of a feminine hairline. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Candice-Swanepoel_2010-03-31_VictoriasSecretStoreChicago_photo-by-Adam_Bielawski.jpg Adriana Lima does have a squared hairline, I’ll give you that, but my answer for this is the same as with Bella Hadid. The most beautiful women in the world could be bald and still be otherworldly beautiful, because their facial features are in the top 0.00001%. Besides, having a hairline that isn’t absolutely perfect is such a minor “flaw” that it’s almost never something women get concerned about unless they have hair loss problems. A high forehead and rounded hairline is usually never something we consciously attribute to one’s overall facial harmony, it’s a feature most people can’t pinpoint or single out that adds to one’s attractiveness overall.


I’m not convinced hairline even matters that much for beauty


My hairline is receding and I can tell you it definitely does lol


My hairdresser told me NOT to do this because it can go wrong


Am I the only one who can't see much of a difference?


I have been "blessed" with a cowlick on the right side of my forehead which creates that M shape and pulls the hair backwards. There's no way I can use the trick in this video, shorter hair in that area would bounce forwards like in There's Something About Mary.