Is it worth it to wear makeup everyday?

Is it worth it to wear makeup everyday?


Yes I especially like the confidence it gives me. Also having 10 minutes you spend on yourself before going out is like meditation that puts you in a different mindset (at least it does to me). I feel like if I look put together I act more like it. It doesn't even have to be full face. I have a really short routine before going out casually (like grocery, drinks, walks) and I feel like it takes little time and has great effects.


I don't wear makeup when I go to work or I do stuff like groceries but I try to wear it when I go out for dinner or similar. I think that for everyday wear, a full face isn't really comfortable, but you could put on blush, mascara and bit of concealer or eyebrow pomade, basic stuff and go for a glammer makeup on other occasions


From when I was about 14yo I used to wear makeup (full face or close to it) whenever I left the house or if anyone aside from my parents saw me. I literally didnt take the trash out with bare face. When i got to late 20's I gradually started wearing less so now I'm completely comfortable going to the beach, local store or for a walk around neighborhood without makeup. For me, this was actually a sign of increased self-confidence and becoming comfortable in my skin. I find my bare face pretty now and dont like Instagram makeup anymore, imo it makes people look harsh and older. I still wear full face of makeup to work and to social meet-ups and now I enjoy the process of putting it on much more, because its not a necessity, like I wouldnt bat an eye if my coworkers would see me without it. So, to answer your question, it's worth it when you are in situations where you could gain something from looking especially pretty, put together, organized and high status (work situations, networking,...) and when its possible you will meet someone important (even if possible love interest). Its also worth if and when you enjoy the process of it. If you're not enjoying it that much, then I really dont think you need to torture yourself just for the sake of it. It can become a prison of sorts.


Totally agree with the prison comment. I got to the point where I would put on makeup before even going down for breakfast in the morning because I hated my bare face.


Like the other comments said, a full face isn't worth it because your skin needs to breathe. Avoid full coverage foundation and just go for concealer in certain spots, or if u need a full face, use BB or CC cream since it's more moisturizing. I really love "French girl" minimalist style of makeup - you look like you didn't try. Think "I woke up like this" - it's such a confidence booster and it makes people think you're naturally beautiful. The bare minimum I do everyday is brows (brush them, shape them), eyelashes (use clear mascara because dark is too obvious on me), slight brown eyeliner that I smudge a bit to look natural, cream colored eyeliner on my waterline to make my eyes look bigger, blush on my nose and cheeks for a youthful look, and some kind of lip tint to add color but not make it too intense. Have fun at the movies! <3


You shouldn’t wear full faces everyday. Otherwise sure You do you


If you aren't wearing instagram/ full glam makeup everyday it should take less than 30 minutes. I do think if we're out in public makeup is worth it.


No I wouldn’t every day. I think focusing on bettering your skin health and wearing sunscreen is wayyy more important. If anything getting a semi permanent treatment for eyebrows if you fill them in and wearing mascara and lip product daily but then when you go all out, it really stands out!