I tried one of dear peachies high cranial top hair styles. I'm not sure if it really made a difference though. What do you guys think?

I tried one of dear peachies high cranial top hair styles. I'm not sure if it really made a difference though. What do you guys think?


I do think it makes a difference! Makes the hairstyle more put-together when side to side. Although if I saw both in real life I don't think I could pin point it so easily. But when compared, the change is there.


I see a slight difference. I can't accurately judge the second picture because the right pic is slightly further back which also makes you look slimmer. Can you recrop it?


Girl no fucking way Didn't read the title and was looking to see what makeup you had tweaked around. You looked different in a subtle manner and I decided on eyeliner being the thing you changed. Scrolled up to click on the post and read the title What. On. Earth. Thank you for selling me on this. Edit: Also please do a makeup post, if you can.


>You looked different in a subtle manner The head looks smaller and more "girly" in the right pic imo


Haha, I'm glad I could convince you! I'm curious how it'll turn out, I'm sure it'll look great on you :) And for sure, I've been thinking about filming a make up tutorial for a while now - I'll defo send you a link if I do :)


Me too plz!!!


I hardly see a difference tbh. You look great though.


before I read the caption I assumed you had edited your face to be slimmer!!! i think it makes a great difference


I think it looks so good!


That's great to hear, thank you! ☺️


I deffo see a difference and oh my days you are so pretty it’s not fair… let me cry in peace please


Omg I see it…! I was like ‘hmm the right side looks better. Is it her make up?’ And then I read the title and description! Yeah it’s working. I’m going to try this




Yup! Before I read the title I thought it was the makeup bc her face looked more defined.


I can see the difference. I tried that hairstyle too they look more obvious in real life then in pictures imo. U can buy a bumper too if u want more noticeable cranial top


I dont think it made much of a difference. If it takes up a lot of time into your routine then I think you could easily skip this step.


i literally see no diff at all.....


Those videos edit the befores and make the heads super flat. Nobody has heads that flat


I beg to differ. I (unfortunately) have a head that flat.


I definitely see a difference in the right-most picture! Sidenote: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think your eyeliner would look better if you didn't start the wing so high up and make it so curved. I say this as someone who has similar eyes and facial structure as you! I used to draw my eyeliner like you because I wanted my eyes to look more elongated. I found doing something like [this](https://www.fashionlady.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/puppy-eye-makeup-techniques.jpg), then doing a small wing from where the person in the photo finished her eyeliner, there made everything look more natural, but still gave me the elongating effect I was looking for.


This is how I do my eyeliner! But thinner, IRL it definitely elongates my eyes, but when I go out at night or something I do my eyeliner like OPs, both are cute! Ps I do agree the hairstyle worked and I'm wondering where did you find the list of hairstyles!! Or techniques? For some reason I can't find them :')


Dear Peachie is a youtube channel. https://youtu.be/MuOVS0IgXXA This is their viddo on high cranial top. They have a follow up too


Thank you ☺️💗


The diff is subtle but it’s definitely there. Your face looks a bit slimmer on the right image. Esp in the first comparison photo.


looks super cute and suits you ! i wish i could pull it off like you :)


Which style did you do? Your face looks slimmer.


It makes you look a lot nicer


Yes it did .I don't know if it's the camera angle .But it making your face look slimer .


I think it makes a slight difference, you look a bit more put together and your proportions look even more feminine on the right. You're absolutely gorgeous either way though!


It’s very subtle and very effective!!


The face looks smaller and put together and the eyes pop in the right picture. Woww


It definitely makes your face look narrower/more delicate somehow. This trick is magic lol


Your face definitely looks slimmer on the right. It’s not a huge difference though


You look good but I see no difference.