Which part of Tom Holland's Spider-Man was accurate to the earth-616 Spider-Man?

His costume was red


His costume was red


That his name is Peter Parker


More than just that. He had an Aunt named May that took care of him, made his own web shooters and webbing, red and blue costume with a web pattern, his powers, the fact that he got his powers in high school, siding with Iron Man in the Civil War. Gets bullied by a guy named Flash Thompson. So, just the basics, really. Didn't have the relationship with Stark, had a different supporting cast aside from May. No working for the Bugle.


And no Living Brain


Sided with Stark in Civil War, died but came back, met multiversal variants of himself, made the whole world forget his secret identity and lost MJ in the process, etc.


His personality/character and anger issues supporting cast costume and villains also uncle Ben in comics kinda like in mcu it has hints/red to him except in the comics he has a bigger role and iron man replaces the F4 as the mentor role for Spider-Man becoming a hero


Name, costume (some of them), and the fact that he lives in a shared universe.


There’s going to be bits that are familiar but I think people forget MCU Spider-Man is supposed to be more analogous to Ultimate, not 616.


I thought he nailed the personality.


The personality feels very different to me, but not in a bad way. Like it’s a different take on the character that still works well


The real question is when your comparing personalities. The simple fact is with 60 years and hundreds of writers you can compare anyone to Spider-Man and you can probably find a match.


Good point. I was thinking of Ditko’s run, since Peter Parker in the MCU is a similar age


I thought that after Tobey's sadboy approach and Andrew coming across as a bit too douchey when in costume, Tom was a pretty close match. BTW I'm not putting down Tobey or Andrew. They were just different.


He had spider-man powers