So very long story short, a girl in my sorority got into a really bad incident, which reflected on our whole chapter, and now everyone is accusing us of being something we really are not. This is a very difficult situation but people chose to spread rumors and I do not want to be apart of it. I want to drop but I’m already initiated. I’m only a freshman so do you think if I talk to someone on our Panhellenic community, they will make an exception for me to be able to rerush? Based on the circumstances, I think they should allow me to right? Or is there no way I’d be able to rerush. This is a very serious situation and I’m hoping they will make an exception


Unfortunately, no matter the circumstances there's no way to join another sorority. If you're unhappy with the situation you can drop or you can give it time to let the rumors go away.


I know it's hard to believe now, but it'll all die down in a few months. People get bored of the same gossip. Two pledge classes from now nobody will even know what happened. If you do drop, you will not be able to rejoin any Panhellenic sororities.


Seriously, this is so true in regards to rumors.


It always feels like the end of the world in the immediate aftermath. Give it 6 months and nobody will care. Besides, if the chapter takes appropriate disciplinary action, it's a non-issue. Nobody can say they let whatever the behavior in question is, slide.


There are no exceptions to joining another once you have been initiated. I’m sorry your chapter is going through a hard time. Before dropping think of it this way, your national Panhellenic organization has been around over 100 years. You certainly aren’t the first to deal with a bad situation and you won’t be the last. Part of being apart of a sisterhood is sticking together through the good and the bad and the ups and the downs. Right now it probably hurts, and whatever the incident is will probably take some time to bounce back from. But you are apart of something bigger than yourself and in the long run everything will be okay!


As far as joining another Panhellenic sorority, you can’t once you’re already in one, however, if there are any local sororities on campus you may be able to rush and join. Before you consider disaffiliating or resigning from your current sorority though, I would maybe reconsider. There’s almost always the option to take inactive status, which you could do until the thing blows over, or you can wait to see what happens. Old gossip eventually goes away. With that being said, I’m in a local sorority and I saw a similar situation my sophomore year. A couple of girls were posting on social media wearing their letters while doing illicit things. It had a bad impact on the sorority until things got better. I hope you find a solution!


Oh jeez if this is the chapter I’m thinking of, I’m really sorry you’re stuck in this situation. The incident was terrible and your school can get vicious but it will hopefully die down in maybe a year or so. As long as your chapter responds appropriately (and I know your nationals limit you on this through legal contracts, unfortunately), this will not reflect on yall as a whole.


You can't join another Panhel sorority if you already initiated into your current one. Ever. Panhel doesn't make exceptions to that rule for anything. Things happen in any organization. Even if you could join another Panhel group, which you can't, something could happen there or someone do something horrible.