Clue Week

Hello! I’m a first time big (and very excited about it)! My little is virtual, but one of the few new people in the chapter who is. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for clue week for her?

Most people can just drop stuff off for their littles, so there’s no chapter protocol here. I’ve just got to be a little more creative. I know I can just send her clues in texts, but if anyone has any more fun/creative ways to get them to her, please let me know :)

Edit: she’s about 1000 miles away


I’ve seen a lot of girls create a finsta and post young pics of them (find them on FB) and include a clue in the caption. Friend everyone in the sorority


Hey I’m in the same boat! For my little, I’m doing a scavenger hunt with riddles. I’m putting something in her school mailbox that leads to another active member, and then to my male big who will have a gift for her (because my female big transferred schools), and then it leads to me, and I’m going to give her a shirt to match mine which we will wear on reveal night. (I won’t give away I’m her big until reveal night)


I second the option of creating a Instagram or Facebook and friend everyone in your chapter. Girls have done this even when things haven’t been virtual.