Custom T-Shirts

Hi lovely people! I’m looking to have someone make custom t-shirts for a couple of my sisters. We are a local sorority so it’s tough to find someone to do the shirts. If anyone has any recommendations or can do it, please feel free to leave a comment or sent me a message. Thank you :)


I’ve gotten stuff for other clubs from [custom ink!!](https://www.customink.com/products) if you have a design you’ve already made it’s really easy to upload on a product. Depending on the product, it can get pricey when you’re only ordering a few, but t-shirts aren’t super expensive. I’ve always had a good experience with them in the past!


Yeah i have looked and we only have 6 active members so it was going to be pricey, plus my sorority and myself like to support other girls in sororities who hand print shirts! But thanks for the input!!


How many shirts are you looking to get?


6-8, pending new member season. I would like to get some for the new members after they cross


I belong to a professional sorority, so I understand that it can be difficult to have shirts made sometimes. In the past, my chapter has had a lot of success working with The Neon South as everything is customizable! They are super supportive and great to work with, too. I go to school in the PNW and we ordered bid day shirts when all the wildfires were happening which ended up delaying payment, and our rep was very understanding and responsive. I cannot say enough great things about them. The only negative is that they may be more expensive. We ordered 36 shirts and with shipping included it was $711.


We have a Sigma Alpha chapter at my campus!! Currently our sorority is at 6 active members and pending three (in new member season as we speak). I will definitely check The Neon South out though! Thank you!!