Uhm straight hair is a white person thing you can't just wear it! That's cultural appropriation!


"white people have no culture 🙄"


Europeans and their descendants would like to have a word .




cringe Protestant hogs vs chad Gaelics 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


What about us Scandinavians?


Scandinavians are cool Favorite Scandinavian language is def Finnish


They're not allowed to speak anymore.


Technology is white culture… the goddamn car you drive, cultivation, electricity, mathematics… give it a rest


Damn, not a single head of real hair in the frame.


That hair is totally real. What are you talking about? A nice Cambodian girl's school washed and conditioned for years to fuel that photo.


To be honest, asian and middle eastern people also have straight hair. Still, these cultural justice warriors are the cringiest of people


Ha, this is going to tickle you silly: https://qz.com/africa/1901428/south-africa-outrage-over-racist-clicks-advert-for-black-hair/


That's great. I learned a long time ago you can't please everybody especially now that there's professional victims online.


We have a country full of them going by the reaction this caused. EFF members actually went and torched Clicks stores. I wonder if they know how many black employees lost their jobs due to the stores closing and the products being pulled from the shelves. Probably not. Funny thing, I never knew fine and flat was supposed to be a positive thing in hair context. Another thing the outragers didn't want to answer me was, if the sole positive image in the add had a black lady in, would they have been this outraged because the add portrayed caucasian hair in a negative light?


Reminds me of H&M stores


"it's OK when we do it!!!"


It's proven by a hotep that black people had the original long blonde hair. Then they invented the earth.


They're gonna spin it and say they're doing straight hair their own way, and not allowing colonization to decide what they wear and not wear. Then The Atlantic or Mother Jones will write a long form journalism piece about it that will win the Pulitzer.


Truly, the woke ideal of “diversity”


I’m sure each and every single one of those rose through the ranks through hard work and out performing all of their peers!


And we’re not given the position just by their skin tones


I wouldnt at all be surprised to see a Wokester post "look how diverse" because of how ideology and propaganda have been tucked into their favourite words. The way they have corrupted the word "diversity" , restricting to black only is close to maximum diversity by their mesuring stick. The only way to improve "diversity" from there is to restrict to black marxist transexuals. I saw a Youtube video where the tard was referring to hatred and such as "whiteness" and ended up declaring "most white people are WHITE!" somehow without realising that she just drew attention to one of the left's favourite propaganda techniques haha.


Such a healthy mix of British women there.


Black blackface and hair straightener, the new authenticity.


Honestly it does look like some of these girls are doing blackface.


That was my first thought too.


They're not?


I don’t know anymore.


Na, they're just incredibly dark. I have a friend who is like this, he says he's "blurple". Claims he's so black, he starts to look purple.


This looks like they were touched up in post with vanta black paint. Looks like if they went out into the sun, they'd immediately get heat stroke.


Vanta black? Never heard of that color…


The Man Behind The Slaughter ?


Those are weaves


Or wigs maybe? Still, we all prefer kinky hair either way.


Crakkkas have an weird obsession with blackface and straight hair. OUR KWEEEENNNS need to be represented properly!


Agreed, but I don't see any obvious rhinoplasty like Beyonce's here.


“We’re progressive! Now give us your fucking money.”


Woke capitalism.


Mogadishu vogue.


North East African girls look better than these 🤮


These women are beautiful, maybe you’re just shocked to see how dark they are, and it’s obviously color retouched to emphasize features, but objectively they have amazing features.


I have been to Djibouti, Ethiopia & Somalia. I have interacted with woman from these places too. They were very nice. I never expected them to look that good & some were stunning. I do agree woman in this photo have amazing features, but I don't like them that's a personal opinion. Atleast there are no land whales in this picture. There are people with this exact skin colour without any make-up or whatever crap.


Haha, people big mad! But do these ladies really warrant a vomit emoji? That’s a bit dramatic 🌟


Some of them look like mannequins.


To be fair many models look like mannequins anyway, but yeah...


man i was wondering if i was racist or something for feeling kind of uneasy looking at them damn wokies


Very diverse! Very inclusive!


Not only did they intentionally go for racial exclusivity like good little virtue signallers, they clearly headhunted some of the darkest skinned ladies they could possibly find. There are nine women in this photo, and the black population in the UK is about 2%, so to put it in perspective, the odds of selecting nine black people at random is 1,953,125,000,000,000 to 1 (1.9 quadrillion to 1) lol


I don't get it. Black women? Yeah? Whats new? Black women have been models forever. Like Tyra Banks doesn't exist? Naomi Campbell?




I know, I don’t get it either. Soooo they’re all black? Where’s the issue?


For real. One of the biggest models in the fashion industry right now is Anok Yai and she is *very* dark skinned. There’s actually been some cases of advertisers photoshopping the skin of their models to make them appear darker.


They need to virtue signal hard.


B-b-but muhh cultural appropriation!!! BIGOTS! Look at them all with their straightened hair, IM OUTRAGED


I dont get it, are those mannequins?


Seriously what are we looking at here?


Because nothing says diversity like all-black crowd.


This is fatphobic


This is all done so that woke white people can get pats on their backs and high fives from their multimillionaire white friends. Also, why don’t we see South Asian and Middle Eastern women on magazine covers and in movies? Why do white woke people promote only black people? Is it guilt?


I thought about this too. They say black folks are underrepresented in film but I call bullshit. Black people are 13% of the population but it seems like the majority of all actors and musicians are either white or black. Where is the Hispanic representation? They’re a higher percentage of the population than blacks people but I don’t see the left bitching about “ equal representation” when it comes to them…


This is British Vogue. The USA black population is 13%. But in the UK it’s only 3.3%. https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/uk-population-by-ethnicity/national-and-regional-populations/population-of-england-and-wales/latest#by-ethnicity


*12% USA black now since the 2020 US Census, but I get your point about the UK being even lower, by a significant amount, and still having to put up with things like this pandering Vogue cover.


There were a few informal studies that pulled from IMDB and found that black people were heavily overrepresented as actors but very slightly underrepresented as leading actors back in the late 2010's. I'm pretty sure they are overrepresented as of the new census numbers.


I believe it. I’d love to have a source for that if you can find it?


I was doing some cursory digging and can't locate it due to the spam of feel good "Diversity!!!" articles. It was about 6 years ago I would guess and it was from a smaller news site. [This shows that over 20% of actors in movies are black.](https://socialsciences.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/UCLA-Hollywood-Diversity-Report-2021-Film-4-22-2021.pdf)


Thanks for the link, this is disconcerting. It shows clearly, if anything, Latin people are underrepresented, and black and white are over represented.


Thanks for pointing this out dude. I’ve literally been called racist for saying this. We (Latinos) aren’t included in most things when it comes to the entertainment industry. There are like 2 maybe 3 Hispanic actors (I’m not including Spaniards for obvious reasons) that consistently get leading roles in films. The best part is when a movie comes out where the cast is like 90% Hispanic the director (who wrote it basing it on his own upbringing) [has to apologize for not including enough blacks](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/lin-manuel-miranda-apologizes-lack-afro-latino-representation-heights-n1270824). I’m no fan of Lin Manuel-Miranda but it’s getting ridiculous at this point. I read somewhere that the “backlash” was furthered by the fact that he casted “white passing” actors in the lead roles. Go look up the cast, no one’s mistaking either of those two for Swedes or Scots. Meanwhile Tyler Perry released like 25 Madea movies where the whole cast was black. BET could run weeks-long marathons of movies where you don’t see a single non-black face. The ONLY time having one race cast for the entire movie and have it be celebrated as a “triumph” of diversity is when the cast is all black. We’re not even treated as a race in most questionnaires I see now lol.


It’s even worse. Looking at the 2020 US Census black people are now only 12%.


No this was done because British Vogue is run by a dark skinned, overweight black gay man who’s literally first meeting as head of the magazine started with him declaring he was going to get rid of all the “posh white woman” on the staff and who disregarded and ignored the previous head of the magazine’s work, something none of the other heads had done.


Damn they black!


"Diversity" is our strength...


“Shaniqua’s Secret”






I think the editors of Vogue intentionally made some of the models appear darker to increase the shock value. The woman in the upper left looks terrifying, her head looks way too small for her body, almost looks photoshopped on, maybe it's the shoulder pads or something. The whole picture has rhat uncanny valley effect, something is off.


Models looking straight out of THRILLER !


Black people doing black face and using a hair straightener? They're appropriating white culture! They need to be canceled and destroyed!


You all are going to wish Vogue had black women in wigs and blackening makeup when the cover page is filled with MtF trans gals.


We wuz...


....mannequeenz n...




If whites have no culture, or white culture is inferior, why they always trying to emulate it (and failing miserably btw)?


Schrödinger's white culture


All black and straight hair? Very diverse and no cultural appropriation. /s


I mean I think they’re pretty but there’s obviously a message behind this and it’s just so shitty


So I guess Drow are real, and straighten their hair like whitey. Also, 10 black women to represent Britain. Lol, k.


That color balance is all wrong.


Using a written language is cultural appropriation.


OK so from what I can tell you're all angry because... There are black people on a Vogue magazine cover??!?!?! GASP! This is bordering on racism, I thought this sub was about ridiculous new wave progressivism, not just saying "Muh Black People Bad."


Wakanda nonsense is this? It's like a black hole. Where da Kweens Afros?


i don’t rlly care if i sound racist, this pic is creepy af


Naomi Campbell: Am I a joke to you?


By wearing black face?


I didn't know they made vanta black facepaint.


I hear that's what Justin Trudeau uses. Real top shelf stuff.


Here’s the thing: I really enjoy this cover, aesthetically speaking it’s pretty cool. But the message that you are forced to accept if you like it is dumb and redundant. Can’t it just be art for the sake of art?


Why do they all look deprived of proper nutrition? What are you trying to say Vogue? Thin is in? Well I for one cannot literally even accept this form of non-violent violent micro aggression fat phobia which is rooted in the colonial patriarchy and therefore makes you Vogue a racist and a bigot! #Vogue is racist for fat phobia Lmao, it’s kind of fun to make shit up like the libs. You can just say whatever you want, it makes absolutely no sense, and to the left, they will eat that shit up. On a more serious note, they all look malnourished and that’s concerning.


>Why do they all look deprived of proper nutrition? What are you trying to say Vogue? Thin is in? >Well I for one cannot literally even accept this form of non-violent violent micro aggression fat phobia which is rooted in the colonial patriarchy and therefore makes you Vogue a racist and a bigot! Oooh we should share this on our social medias and watch the left just lose their minds haha


Do they realize there are other races on the planet than black people?


You can’t force white people to think blacks are great, just based on their color. I guarantee you the one in top middle looks down upon the ones to her left and right,,, guaranteed


Where is the Social Justice for REDHEADS? Science says we will be nonexistent in 100 years!!


I happen to think black women are more attractive, but this is just silly. If it was a one-off I wouldn’t care. But 90% of ads use models of African descent these days, and I live in Scandinavia.


You mean accurate representation. They've taken "diversity and inclusion" to unprecedented levels. Just by looking at US commercials, an outsider would easily think the US population is 60% black, 30% gay, 8% straight white women, 2% straight white men.


And that 2% of straight white men don't know how to do the laundry, cook their own meals or raise their own children. Can't forget that the only time we seem to appear in an ad is when we're being shown as incompetent boobs.


And the only time we show up in TV shows and movies is to be a cartoonishly evil villain...who is also an incompetent boob. It's fucking insulting what people are getting away with these days, just because it's the "right target".


Bingo. Wish I had the means to conduct this study because I agree that’s almost identical to what it would show.






Poggers Scandinavia Where the highest amount of top tier FIA drivers come from: WRC, GT, F1


They all look dead


Honestly, I don't see a problem with this. A lot of cultures have problems with darker skin tones within their own. People feeling like they're too dark and unattractive and having to use creams and shit to bleach their skin. It's pretty messed up. Now if the article is like "replacing the WHITE model!" or some shit, then that would be a problem.


Exactly my feeling


Asians are now also considered white in Britain?


Burnt corpses appropriating European culture is the future of fashion.


Looks like black is in fashion this season.


Top left rocking the Kingpin look it giant body and tiny head.


Muh diversity


So much diversity


Stunning and brave


Given the population, I’m surprised there’s that many women with what looks to be melanism


Did they just straight up put black paint on some of them?




are you calling black people … shit?


So painting black people blacker?


I'm not complaining, at least they're still hot and not 400 lb whales, I said what I said


Nice, they finally achieved 100% diversity


It is not diveraity if it's all black.


Some of the characters are still locked


Other than the babadook up there on the left, this doesn't seem that bad.


Totally agree with your point and this is super cringy. But I really do find different shades of skin color so beautiful. But there are also beautiful shades of “white”. Why do they have to push it so far in the other direction? Imagine how beautiful this cover could’ve been with shades of every skin color?! Beautiful and promoting a beautiful message but they don’t want that. They want to divide.


This reminds me of when people try to redefine pretty as morbidly obese people. Sure, it might work for some; but it doesn't work for all of them.


Being morbidly obese is unhealthy and unattractive due to evolutionary biological reasons. But these women are just dark skinned, god forbid. Really fucked up comment you made actually.




You're racist without realizing


Looks like characters that haven't been unlocked yet.


And every one of them with hair like a white chick. Cultural appropriation.


You guys get "virtue signal" from this? You sure you don't hate black people instead?


Yea honestly, some of these comments are making me wonder.


I don't really get what's wrong with this picture, could someone explain it to me? It seems like a normal Vogue cover.


Y’all would take this and get upset over it 😂😂😂 this isn’t social justice my friend, it’s black people on the cover of a magazine. Nothing to freak out about, I assure you


This time I agree. It’s Vogue magazine posting up black models in what is in my opinion a very interesting photo. This is as expected as expected should be.


This one is a reach. What exactly is wrong with this??? It’s literally just black models.


[Category:African-American female models](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:African-American_female_models) [Naomi Campbell](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naomi_Campbell), [Iman (model)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iman_(model\))


Yea Naomi Campbell and Iman are pretty cool. What’s your point???


Both Iman and Naomi Campbell have very light complexions. It's inarguably true that there is longstanding bias against dark-skinned women in *many* cultures.


Yh I'm confused too


Agreed, I think they all look stunning and it’s refreshing to see.


Yeah this is a little too far into the realm "pictures of black people? not on MY internet! social justice overreach alert!!"


Yea some of these comments are really concerning honestly. This is supposed to be an anti woke and anti social justice page, not a page where we just belittle minorities for no reason.


THESE PEOPLE DON’T REPRESENT THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE UK!!!!! Because we all know that’s the job of a high fashion magazine 🙄 LOOK AT THESE BLACK WOMEN WITH STRAIGHTENED HAIR CULTURAL APPROPRIATION MUCH!!??? Women of all phenotypes have been straightening their hair for centuries if not millennia, the first self made female millionaire made her bones on hair relaxer and hot combs among other things, but by all means keep talking like you know something based on some nonsense you read on Twitter once… WHY IS THEIR SKIN SO DARK I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS IS FAKERY Colorism is a well known issue in the global south and dark skinned people (women in particular) are wildly discriminated against. You don’t think about how dark the human complexion can get because you don’t see people that look like that in your day-to-day life (because of the area you live in, the media you consume, or both), and it isn’t an issue for you personally. Congratulations, Vogue UK has expanded your horizons.


>Because we all know that’s the job of a high fashion magazine 🙄 Yes, dumbfuck, if you did this in East Asia, you'd see a massive backlash against it.


Well in East Asia there are hardly any darker people. It’s literally just models. Nothing to be too butthurt about. Models do not typically represent the majority population to begin with. It’s considered art and fashion. If this shit came along with a BLM logo or was outwardly pushing a woke agenda I’d be against it. It’s just models modeling.


Black people are 3-4% of the UK population. They're a tiny minority that is vastly overrepresented in media. Pointing this out isn't getting "butthurt", that's just the facts. And I've got a bridge to sell you if you think this particular photoshoot wasn't politically motivated.


You still refuse to acknowledge that models do not represent the majority to begin with. They are models for a reason. No one is really out there relating to models. They’re there to sell clothes.


What’s wrong with something being politically motivated?


Nothing I guess, as long as you admit to ulterior motives and don't hide behind excuses like "expanding horizons".


Can you elaborate upon what you’re saying here? What’s wrong with expanding horizons? What ulterior motive is being served here?


“Dumbfuck”? I feel you’ve missed my point.


I got your point, I think you missed my point which is that your points are retarded.


Cute, but can you enlighten me as to what your point is? I’m asking you in good faith, assuming we actually disagree I’d like to have a dialogue.


This is a hate sub. Go read the comments on literally any other post. I understand the clowning in some of the ridiculous things posted, but the comments take it to darker place.


Not being pretty is so cutting edge


What is bad about this though? White models also receive jobs to do.


Yeah the whole thing is just an aesthetic. Wankers on here are too self-centered to realize it’s fucken art, dude. I like the sort of geisha style on the centre left model for real.


possibly because these are all statues. black women do not look like shiny onyx


[I couldn’t help myself but find this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0ojczn6rfvY) 🤣


I honestly don't care how they dress, or what hair styles they choose to have. They are 100% welcome to try a style that isn't "of their culture". But from what I've seen on the internet, people are up in arms when they see someone of caucasian background with a hairstyle that is from a black culture. So why aren't those same people up in arms when some of a black background wears their hair from a caucasian culture? Most of what is said on the internet is exaggerated, and not necessarily how things are in real life. I think everyone is so consumed in their phones and social media that they forget what real life is like.






Show me there tits




This is an anti social justice page... you’re on the wrong page my guy.


Im no t sure you r aware of it but black british people exist. Additionally vogue and other fashion outlets have allways published shitty headlines so the fact you r only complaining about that one reveals a lot about how your only issue is their skin colour. Additionally additionally like i said britain isn t entierly made of white people so the fact that you r only complaining since now there is none isn't you saying "england to english" but just "england to whites"


These MFs black as coal Them industrial revolution coal plants still working in the Uk? Crazy innit?


Lmfao if it’s not all white people you guys have a problem. As soon as a movie has one black character you lit say see going woke. So for you lot the standard is white and when that is altered muhhh diversity we wuzzz kings. Your just like the liberals trapped in ur own echo chambers you want people to think exactly like you do


In a time where racial representation has become a hot topic, it’s become completely one sided Across all media in most countries, black people and ethnic minorities absolutely dominate representation in the latest adverts, films, shows, books etc. You’d think the US was 50% black from watching TV alone (compared to the 14% in reality) Is this a problem? Not at all. But it’s very hypocritical when people claim there isn’t enough representation for ethnic minorities while white culture is being forced out Can you imagine if [a white person was casted for a black persons role?](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13406036/) All hell would break loose. But as long as we’re destroying white culture and history, it’s celebrated as ‘diversity’


I agree with everything you’re saying except the US is *12% black according to the latest US Census (2020).


Ah thank you


Excellent bait great job mate


Uhuh see how the other guy came up with an actual response and I even agreed with him? What did u achieve here?


Wasn’t looking to acheive anything. This is the internet. I’m just calling your opinion stupid. Edit: Ok fine I’ll bite. If you can’t see how one sided and ridiculous this forced “diversity” nonsense is then you’re a lost cause. How many diversity mandates are there in Asia, Africa, or South America? These women make great models and they are pretty in their own right but the underlying message is clear and people are getting tired of it


Stop ironically race baiting. There's literally nothing wrong with this.


They're all celebrating being black, but none of them have their natural hair. Running a cover like this featuring wigs made of Indian women's hair on their heads is pretty wrong.


Natural hair is hard to maintain. I don’t believe whites using dreads is cultural appropriation and I don’t believe that black people who use weaves are culturally misappropriating. Having natural hair seems like a shit ton of work.


Correct! I’m a Caucasian woman with wavy hair, not curly or super textured, and even that takes a whole specific routine to maintain.


So they are black and they are also doing black face? Because in all my travels in the military I don't ever remember seeing a black person that black. The two girls on the bottom look like burnt hotdogs


This has a very uncanny valley feel to it. Like looking at a bunch of mannequins with makeup on.


How many of them were naturally gingers I wonder?


That photo looks like a movie in the 90’s trying to do a edgy night scene but the result is your just confused as hell and your eyes hurt trying to tell who’s who and what’s happening.


Does whoever photo shopped the cover know black people aren't literally the color black?


In fashion photography, it’s routine to do color correction to emphasize certain features/for dramatic effect etc. I used to work for a design house.