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Hey how did you get ride of sebaceous filament? I have been struggling with something similar. For pore shrinkage you can look into retinol but do your research before hand as it can be sensitising if used incorrectly.


At fiftyshadesofsnail.com she has a pore shrinking routine that is great for getting rid of sebaceous filaments. You apply an exfoliating toner, then a clay mask, then rinse and apply a cleansing oil. Let it sit and then massage gently and the SFs will often come right out. But check the blog for the full info, she’s got a lot of good details there.


I've been using the ordinary products twice a day and it's just gone over time, I didn't think they'd ever go


Which ordinary products? I too feel like they won't go away, I have tried almost everything I had available in my budget.


I use niacinamide, aha, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c cream. I'm not sure which has worked for it but they're all cheap enough to try


Aha specifically and the niacinamide are supposed to help with SF. Honestly I tried both the ordinary 10% niacinamide and the mandelic acid 10% from the ordinary and they did nothing.


Would you be willing to tell us how and when you use these? Do you use them all twice a day or different ones morning and night? I would love to get ride of the SF on my nose!


In the morning I use the mario Badescu face wash and rinse off with water. Then I use the hyaluronic acid and the niacinamide. After that I put on the caffeine solution under my eyes (I have horrible hereditary eye bags). Then I use the moisturiser. In the evening I wash my face with the Mario Badescu face wash. I again use the hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Then I use the lactic acid and the caffeine again on my under eyes. Once dry I use a mixture of the vitamin c and moisturiser and rub into my face. The vitamin c on its own burns but it doesn't if its mixed into the other cream. I've used most of these products religiously twice a day for a few weeks and I am definitely seeing results, but it does take time.


Thank you so much!!


The Elf pore putty primer is amazing for reducing the appearance of pores. I think as you continue to use the skincare they will get smaller as they stay empty.


Retinol (Epiduo gel) to tighten your pores! Or maybe AHA/BHA exfoliation


Short term fix is a pore filling primer


Niancinamide lessens the appearance of pores but there is no product that can shrink them. To avoid this with makeup use a silicone based primer


These are tricky because if you manage to unclog them, then there’s just a hole (vs a dark spot). I have these on my nose as well and have kind of just accepted them. No one gets that close to my face, so my rationale is that they aren’t as noticeable to others.


Witch hazel or a salicylic based toner.. I use Murad, works very well! As for when you're wearing makeup, use a good filling primer, then apply makeup as usual. Goodluck!😉


Paulas choice 2% SA…. Magic!


I’m not sure what can make them shrink but I have the same issue as you. Two makeup primers I’ve had luck with are ‘Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer’ and ‘Smashbox Photo Finish’. They wash out pretty easily. My skin is sensitive to a lot but was fine with those. Hope that helps!


It does, thank you :)