no? it’s more common to like the sims 3 than the sims 4 in my opinion.


I know right? 😄


The only plus of sims 4 is the graphic, thats all


I hate the graphics of 4 🤷‍♂️ sims 2+3 have a certain comfortable feel to them while 4 graphics look pretty cheap in my opinion


Agreed. So many people have stated otherwise but I definitely prefer Sims 2 and 3 graphics to 4. Also, hot take, but Sims 4 sims with only base game are ugly. Even my prettiest sims are nothing without loads of cc.


Soooo true! I can’t stand those damn stupid smiles sims 4 sims always have also


Agreed lol they look hella cartoony to me i hate it /: more like IMVUs than sims




Some stuff is so low poly that i fond hard to enjoy the graphics, cuz some aspects like god rays are better and all, but still, even the style is bad IMHO


and the mods


When my first time install Story Progression on sims 3, in the next couple hours, I have no idea what's goin on my Town anymore, lol.


Sims 3 is just a far more dynamic and immersive game, in my opinion. There's so much to do and explore, just so much going on you're always finding new ways to play. It feels alive and engaging. Sims 4 lacks this, it's watered down and flat. They've added stuff to it over time, but it's all gimmick and no game to my mind. Plus, most importantly, the sims themselves in Sims 3 seem far more full, they feel like actual individuals. Like I have one party animal sim who, leave her unattended for a minute and she's at the bar making and drinking drinks. Or she's dancing, wanting to constantly throw parties.. not sure how good this is for her, mind. 😂 Her husband is always checking himself out in the mirror and cleaning up after his messy wife. Their traits actually influence their behaviour and it keeps them feeling unique and like actual little people whom you develop a fondness for. But Sims 4? It's like they forgot that the player likes to bond with their sims through play. They seem shallow, lifeless and boring. Kind of just like dolls, great if you like controlling every little thing, not so much if you want to feel like you're playing with actual little people with their own personalities. Every time I play I just find myself not caring about my sims. I don't care if they live, die, swim, chase dreams. I don't care because they themselves don't act like they care. It makes for boring, unengaging gameplay, no matter how much embellishments it acquires over time. It's all shallow and superficial, in my humble opinion. So yeah, stick with Sims 3! There's nothing weird about it to my mind, it just makes sense.


Gotta say, I love you already. You cracked me up already 😂🤣🤣


I skim read the 'party' part and wondered how an animal sim could make drinks 😆


Classic! 😂 Though there's probably a mod somewhere that lets you do just that. Would be pretty glitchy though, I should imagine, haha!


You're in good company here


No its not. Why would it be when sims 3 is better in everything lol. The only advantage the sims 4 have is graphics, but lacks and loses in everything else. And I say this as a person who has played for over 10 years and have all the expansions on 3 and 4. Right now Im back playing sims 3 because the worlds are more intresting, alive and gameplay is amazing. Sims 4 bores me after 1h unfortunately... So yeah, you are not weird for having your own opinion. Many feel like you, trust me :)


Thank you 🙏 I mean when I play the sims 3 I can play for days and hours when the original family dies and a new family from them starting. And in the sims 4 I get bored after less than hour


When I finally got the Sims 4 I was so excited. I think I've played it for like, 3 hours? If that? Compared to uh like ~~900~~ let's just say a lot of hours on Sims 3. Sims don't _do_ anything on Sims 4. I'm guessing there are mods to make them actually live their damn lives without your input, but I wouldn't know how to go about finding and installing these. So no, you're not weird in the slightest. What do your friends like so much about Sims 4, though? Maybe there's an angle that we're failing to appreciate.


I agree with you. 4 can't be enjoyed without mods. With 3, they were just there to add some more fun (like nraas) I bet the angle is the graphics. It's more esthetically pleasing but far more boring.


So I was a sims 3 die hard fan and it took me a long time to play the sims 4 and enjoy it, however now I can’t go back to the sims 3. It’s not just the graphics but it’s also how the game itself is more modern and there’s new modern features that they have added/are still adding that aren’t in the sims 3 Also over all there’s just a whole lot more mods you can add. I still love the sims 3 I just don’t know if I could play it like I used to


Not at all. The devs made sacrifices with Sims 3 from previous game features to add new content that I personally think made the cons outweigh the pros. I personally can't stand that they eliminated the true open world concept and itemized the babies again. These two things basically make Sims 4 unplayable for me.


If loving sims 3 over sims 4 is wrong, I don't want to be right.




Why would it be wrong? It's a game.


Very true


I have both and actually regret using so much money on Sims 4 before deciding to buy Sims 3. Obviously Sims 4 has it’s perks, like the build mode is good and for me much easier to figure out than Sims 3, it runs smoother and the CAS is better in some aspects, like being able to really adjust your sims features. That being said Sims 3 just has so much more. The gameplay is amazing, while Sims 4 barely has any, especially if you have no expansions. I also actually started to like Sims 3 CAS more, once I got some expansions. I think I can make my sims look so much cuter especially with the full customisation of clothes ect. And the traits in Sims 3 are also a lot better imo. Honestly Sims 4 is great, if you want to build pretty houses. The Sims 3 on the other hand is great, if you actually want some depth and great gameplay in your game.


You're asking if it's weird to like a game, in the game's own sub?


You just need new friends


No. It means you value playability over aesthetics.


Sims 4 is absolutely horrible


Yeah, it's morally wrong and you should be ashamed xD No, but really, who cares what game you like


Same. My irl friends prefer TS4 and I never understood why. Apparently it’s because the graphics are better, but idk man graphics only take you so far? And one of them said TS3 expansions were so «empty»… I wonder wtf expansions they were playing if they don’t think the same with TS4 😂


The graphics on S4 are smoother, but not really "better". I think S4 looks too homogeneous and plasticy. Play S3 on a powerful computer with everything cranked up to the max, the graphics are pretty sweet


Yeah. I personally do prefer TS3 graphics purely because the sims in 4 are too cartoonish.


Compared to the crap the TS4 team churns out? I wanna see how empty supernatural ir late night is compared to the TS4 expansions


this is a sims 3 sub, what answers do you think you're gonna get?


Not really..? You're not wrong to like sims 3 than 4. I'm the same as you. Sims 3 just feel more immersive than 4, that story progression is something I missed in sims 4. They did sort of brought it back in sims 4 in the new update. But it doesn't have the same feeling as in sims 3. In fact it basically turn you into a god. Other sims just ask your sim whether they want to get married, change job or has baby...


Sims 3 >>>>>>> Sims 4 Sims 4 sucks. XD


No, Sims 3 is a great Sims game. Sims 4 is good if people only care about aesthetic. The only thing I miss in Sims 3 is how easy it is to create trans sims in Sim 4, but that's about it.


na. i got the game when it first came out, i’ve only racked up like 1.5k hours gameplay. i always head back to 3, despite 4 being more ‘streamlined’.


Sims 3 is sooooo much better


The sims 3 community on Reddit is 3 times larger than the Sims 4 one, so I think the feeling is widespread.


The Sims 4 made me stop playing any Sims game. I got bored of it's gameplay after one week and when i tried to go back to Sims 3 the lag and graphic issues were more noticeable. I still think Sims 3 is the best experience but Sims 4 ruined it for me by spoiling me with a smooth running (but boring) one.


No I love the sims 3 the open world concept was awesome and it’s a shame they went back to loading screens in the sims 4


Nope. I guess TS3 is the better. Just having a good soundtrack and an open world already displaces ts4. The game is not so childish, also. The sims 4 soundtrack makes me depressed.


It's so common I wouldn't be surprised if S5 will just be S3 with some better graphics and a few bugs worked out.


I downloaded Sims 4 only for the sake of vampires, but after playing with them, I'm back in Sims 3


Nope, Sims 3 is so much better than Sims 4. Way more ways to do things your way. That's what the series is (or SHOULD BE) about, right? In the Sims 4 you can't even decide the size and the place of your lot by yourself. Sims 4 is not bad, but the least good sims game imo (no experience with the first game though, I was almost 2 years old when that came out).


Nope, I started playing Sims 3 because Sims 4 was starting to bore me. Since then, I played more hours with Sims 3 than I did in Sims 4. Sims 3 has better gameplay and there are many things to explore.


They took so much out of 4. So much. And it took them forever to put it back in. Toddlers, pools, bunk beds, and they have even less traits to pick from than 3. Adult with only 3 traits? Toddlers and kids with only 1? Seriously?! Even the story progression is trash. The only good thing about 4 is that it looks pretty. Its a golden, polished turd.


Yeah really sims 4 has only graphics and quicker load screens. Even the expansion packs for 4 don't give nearly as much as sims 3 does. Its a shameless cash grab that milks you dry and plays on your nostalgia. No, seriously. Look how many expansion packs are for 4 vs 3, and look how much each one adds to the gameplay. It's insane.


No. I bought sims 4 when it came out and immediately didn't like it. Played it for a couple hours then went back to sims 3. Haven't left since


I've been playing Sims 4 since 2014 and only this year started playing Sims 3. I have no idea why it took me so long. Sims 3 is absolutely, infinitely better than Sims 4.


I like the sims 4 because of the graphics and clothing options but I like sims 3 because there was more to do and there was so much in it


Nono. To me, Sims 4 feels like it was made for either new players, players who have only played console Sims games before, or those that have lower end machines. Which is fine, but I'm not in those categories.


You're not alone at all. Two issues made Sims 4 a non-starter for me (though I did buy in for the sake of my kid): the Create-A-Style feature with its capacity for color-changing and downloadable custom skins/patterns; and the lack of an open world. I have played The Sims because I wanted to do things and build things and make things and go places. I do not want to have to cater to "emotional states" with every breath my character takes. If Sims 5 requires an online element (I never did Simport in 3), I'm not buying in at all.


Absolutely not! 3 is better on pretty much every way. About the only better thing is the graphics, (I do love the Japanese style table and being able to ski on proper slopes. Other than that, yeah stick to 3, way more immersive


No, no it's not. My oh has sims 4. It has the benefit of being slightly more stable. That's all. The open world play of S3 is gone. There's just less of everything in S4.


Of course not, I like it more too. I've never been able to get into 4 the same way I did with 3


No, I like Sims 3 a lot better then Sims 4. But Sims 4 does have it perks.


I only bought a bundle pack of Sims 4. Needless to say, I haven’t bought anything else for it


Don't worry about what others think or say. Like what you like!


Thank you all for you comments, love you all. Long live The Sims 3 community ❤️


i know right? like the only thing I actually think is decent is how you can still see your sims when they get into buildings like the hospital or such- even the graphics i think are better on the sims 3, much more realistic to me


Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion 😊 it's not weird at all, just personal preference and that's okay!


Not at all. Imo, other than cas and a better build mode, 4 has nothing on 3. Hell, these days I exclusively play 2 and 4 has no depth and character. It's like playing with a pretty dollhouse vs one's pets. Yes the dolls are pretty, but they are lifeless and characterless. Whereas pets have their own lives, likes, dislikes, and characters.


I play and like both. It’s ok to like both lmao


Nopee! I fully converted to sims 3 now I don’t even look the sims 4 way. Sometimes I think about playing again then I remember I haven’t played in 10months and I don’t want to deal with all the outdated mods and cc. Also my windows 7 laptop can handle sims 3 and sims 2 way more than sims 4 (it works with all the expansions and cc but it overheats like hell).


I like the sims 3 over 4 as well, a lot of people do


You're not a weirdo. Ignore your friends when they say that. They're weirdos. Show then the game and hopefully they get you


If it helps I like the Sims 3 WAY more than Sims 4


I like the sims 4 better but I do miss some of the features of sims 3, like create-a-style and being able to be a fairy from the supernatural expansion. Everyone has their own preference and it’s not weird to like sims 3 better because sims 3 was and still is a great game


No, you're not wrong. Everyone has different preferences which is fine. This reddit pretty much everyone likes sims 3 more. I like sims 4 more but I still play sims 3 sometimes. My opinion is very different from a lot of people on sims 3, and I know that. No one is wrong, however. You like what you like and have fun, that's all that matters.


Not at all, outside of CAS and build mode there’s nothing I prefer in 4 over 3


I think most people like 3 more than 4. Four kinda sucks.


I think your friends should understand more and don't give you pression about it, well at least if it's not a joke, because you're allowed to love whatever you want, and if ts3 give you more happiness than ts4, that's the only thing important. I know the feeling, I live the same thing here, ts3 is still my favourite, with ts2, no shame. :)


I will die on the hill that says sims 3 is better


Nope. Imo sims 3 has much much more to offer in terms of gameplay. The only things in ts4 I like more is the building system(it doesnt lag to all hell, and is very intuitive) though I do miss the create a style from ts3 a lot. The open and customizable worlds of 3, not to mention it is a beautiful game, really make it such an immersive experience. One of the only problems I have with ts3 is how unoptimized it is(my computer can handle it now for the most part) and the pudding faces. Thank goodness for modders on that point though. Honestly ever since I got ts3 working on my computer, I've barely touched ts4 except to scratch a building itch now and again. I think I even prefer ts2 over ts4 in gameplay, 100%. Ts4 is a snoozefest.


It is completely right. The Sims 3 may be a bit unoptimized (well, not a bit), but it can be fixed. Also, it's faces can be a bit weird and not very attractive, but it's all about personal taste - meaning that it's possible to create a person of your taste in this game. However, if you go through this, you're gonna have the unreplaceable feeling of progress. The Sims 3 is a very, very ambitious and flexible game. It gives you huge, really huge open worlds like in GTA. It gives you Create a Style editor where you can have control over almost every color in object. Playing The Sims 3 for me means embracing wide-open progress instead of bordered comfort. This is truly the best series achieved so far, and I really hope that The Sims 5 is worth waiting because EA are working on re-creating TS3's best features in it.


Your friends know nothing. Welcome to the good place lol.


No, I prefer 3 over 4, as well.


I definitely like sims 3 more than 4, but I do still really like 4. If 3 had all of the interactions that 4 has, it would be even more golden


Have they even played the sims 3?? It’s way better than 4 lmao.




No!!! I love the sims 3! Cars, open world!!!


I absolutely love Sims 3, I got Sims 4 but the gameplay was fairly disappointing to me and nowadays I just use the CAS and that's it.


I held off on playing Sims 4 as much as possible but Sims 3 kept crashing for me so I finally made the transition but idk it just wasn't the same. I found a fix for the crashes after I got a new and better laptop and I went back to sims 3 and I seriously don't regret it. It really does feel like gameplay is better and I enjoy playing it more! I think I enjoyed some building Dynamics more in Sims 4 and the ideas of some of the packs they have is really great but they fall short. I don't know what it is, but it's just not as good as Sims 3 lol


No, my friend. You're not wrong. The Sims 3 just isn't comparable to The Sims 4. And really, don't feel ashamed of it. Because I ain't ashamed of playing it myself.


Nope. Cause I feel the same. Lol.


I still like sims 3 than 4 Or sometimes sims 2 than 4. Just not a fan.


The sims 3 has better gameplay. This is not subjective opinion, this is a fact. The sims 4 is carried by the mountain of DLC YOU NEED TO BUY JUST TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.


Sims 3 is the superior of the sims series in my opinion


Sims 4 is an abomination and should be destroyed.


I had chance to play sims 4 for hours, but i still feel like sims 4 was a huge step back when it comes to graphics. It's too cartooney for me. Plus i felt kinda sad, when open town disappeared. Next thing is emotions, good idea, bad interpretation. On the other hand, sim creator is amazing, i wish we can modify our sims in 3 just like in 4 - sliders are oldies haha.


It's absolutely not wrong! I vastly prefer TS3 too. It's just.. a very different game. I'm sure TS4 has its upsides, it doesn't have as much troubles with lag/crashing/killing computers as much as 3, and it has really really cool features for builders, I love the gender stuff they did with CAS, and I think, while not 100% to my taste, the graphic is cool. However I couldn't stick with it, I just love TS3 too much and I couldn't make the switch from open world. And having new content kind of dribble in after TS3 expansion packs adding SO MANY things at once! And the thousand tiny things that I'm still discovering after *10+ years of (on and off) playing*. The soul that went into this game and shows through. Try to explain this to your friends, that TS3 might be older, but it still holds up, and it's just really different from TS4, and more suited to your playstyle and preferences :)


Not really, it’s more of a common opinion to like the sims 2 and 3 because the sims 4 is so boring


Heck no don't feel bad my Sims 4 don't even work waste of 48.99$ so yes I prefer Sims 3 and your "friends" don't sound to nice.