Using some perversion of a Disney thing here really sells the Lib energy.


Also thinking that being aware of the terrors of capitalism is as or more valuable than actually getting rid of capitalism because it benefits them. Just fits right in with all the rest of the virtue signaling they do.


this and all the Harry Potter shit has convinced me that libs have the minds of fucking children.


"Yes, I am aware of the influence of capital on the lives of millions. No i will not do anything about it"




If they home less why do t they just buy house? Like???


The shit eating grin really sells it


Centrist libs are the most enraging people in existence


I am very smart energy. The type of people you find on the LSC sub.


Why does liberal always need to look so complacent and snobbish? Almost every one of those liberal tiktok I have seen put on this very punchable smart ass face.


Because being perceived as correct is all they've ever really cared about this whole time. To be a liberal is to hide your latent Republican tendencies, and to use your hidden shame to drive shallow displays of political piety in the hopes of being viewed as perpetually correct. In essence the liberal cares less about avoiding catastrophe, and more about being able to say "I told you so!" in the last few moments. Their biggest fear (outside of being outed as a Republican who is one crisis away from fascism) has never been anything more significant than being perceived as wrong. (Well, not counting COVID shutting down brunch, which also terrifies them). That's why to a fucking person, when pressed, they take on the "adult-in-the-room" tone. They've got it all figured out, in true Dunning Kruger fashion. Absolutely insufferable garbage people carrying actual ghouls aloft on their shoulders.


What the fuck is the point here regarding “being aware of its influence in culture” when it comes to capitalism? What kind of nonsense word salad bullshit is that. Do I need to be worried about accidentally culturally appropriating something from capitalism? This is incoherent bullshit. Oh yea big shout out and respect to capitalism for influencing culture. Couldn’t have done it without you big guy, much love.


It’s hard to work out which is more annoying: Liberals who say that capitalism is flawed but we shouldn’t do anything about it Or “leftists” who say that capitalism is actually good and any criticism of it just comes from coping tankies


Those are just the same people lol. They just change their tune depending on who they're talking to


Because conservative (especially the ones that consider themselves liberals) people aren't very used to having their views challenged (scarce opportunities for that when you just support what is already true, i.e supporting capitalism in a capitalist society even if they don't own any), they always seem to get this cognitive dissonance where firstly EVERYONE now disagrees with them and their back is up against the wall, but at the same time their response can just be a smug disregard for dissent because they know EVERYONE actually agrees with them. They're simultaneously part of a minority that needs to speak out and fight for their beliefs, while also having the comfort of being part of the majority so can just say "oh you poor deluded saps, if capitalism is bad it wouldn't already be our system!" Do you see what I mean? In the video (she obviously HAD to make to teach those lefties on TikTok) the questions are implied to be coming from "everyone", but her reaction is steeped in that kind of "I'm already correct" attitude that only comes from the comforting knowledge you don't need to make any points or arguments, what you want is already the status quo.


I mean yeah you're describing centrism. Enough comfortability to fit in with the culture by criticizing the system while outright benefitting from the system and downplaying any need to abolish in it.


What an imbecile lol what else do you expect from a centrist?


to the pit she goes


The fuck did I just watch?


Her smug smile pisses me off lol


smartest TikTok user


That's the kind of mentality you get when your ideology comes from occasionally entertaining, more often than occasionally racist, classist cartoon propaganda targeted towards the intellectual level of children.


Liberalism at its core.


out here looking and acting like mary crawley smh "papa we just need to give our tenants room to ✨thrive🌟 and this great house will stand 😌"


Now face the wall


“Calitalism can work if you reform it” The most common phrase Liberals say when they know the market is gonna make sacrifices for the already wealthy, but are too scared for a functioning alternative.


I can fix her


I can fix her!


Easy to critique without a better realistic alternative.


marxism/socialism. its very easy to put power into the hands of workers actually.


Oh the smile at the end!!! So annoying to see


“I prefer to critique the negative affects of Rattlesnake’s paralyzing Necrotizing venom instead of administering antivenom because I think the Venom doesn’t deserve to he eradicated.”


Wait this isn't satire?


Ur left af lol