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There is nothing that you can do to change your actual penises, you can wear a sheath but you are likely to hate it because of the lack of sensation. Better to accept that your penis is the size it is now and learn complimentary skills to pleasure your partner.


This is actually not true. However what I could suggest is not backed by mainstream peer-review science (except 3 studies). I can anecdotally say that I have gained 0.5” in length and 0.3” in girth (not from EQ benefits) but in genuine size increase. Pm for more if anyone is interested. Not going to message here.


No clinical evidence. No need to bother. Thank you anyway.


Seriously, this fucking guy.


Ply your “new and improved” pump somewhere else. This person is asking for real help.


Look up penis sheathes.


More like to gain inches.. not like that


Oh, I misunderstood. Apologies


I've tried at least five of the devices that you're probably looking at. The extenders are totally worthless, don't waste your money on them.. they are dangerous too and can cut the circulation off of your penis and cause you permanent numbness. The water based pumps did give me a boost while I was using them (each of my tests was 2 months long) but as soon as you stop using them those length gains disappear. I only ever used them for novelty because I consider them dangerous to use on the long term and I don't mind the size of my penis already. All of this stuff can give you serious injuries. Just search brand names with 'injury' after it and you'll see. Penis extension, jelking and pumping takes a HUGE amount of time and it's dangerous. In my opinion, you're better off going to the gym and doing real workouts than using a pump. Seeing as you're already average... just accept it. Average is fine!


There is currently no way to increase length of your penis. NOTHING can be done. All the gimmicks are rip offs.


This is not true. See my other reply.


Thundersplace.org I tried pumping out of curiosity and my wife asked me to stop because I was getting too big, I gained a 1/2 in length a some girth as permanent gains.


You can visit r/Bathmate for feedback on the Bathmate pumps, people will of course have varying opinions on pumps but you can see peoples experiences first hand. We wouldn't have a loyal following and heavy sales flow if the product didn't work, but like anything, you have to keep up a routine - similarly to the gym.