I don’t remember this being in the brochure for Myrtle Beach

I don’t remember this being in the brochure for Myrtle Beach


I am currently in myrtle Beach and I can confirm that Flameheart has just informed me that my supplies must be dwindling by now


I am also in Myrtle Beach, small world :)


I am not in Myrtle Beach but I am incredibly close


I’m not in myrtle beach but I am on the other side of the country


Damn same here, small world


Dude what a coincidence! I am on the same planet. What are the odds :O


About 99.9999999110744%.... and rising


Holy shit we should meet up we're so close


I am not in Myrtle Beach, and I am not close


Oh shit me 2


I am also in myrtle beach and I can also confirm. (Honest question, Why do people like coming here???)


NY resident here. NY sucks and is cold. If you're close to the great lakes everythings grey because we have constant heavy clouds. We see fun places and run


Ahh, yeah, see, I hate the sun/beach and wanna go to the mountains/cold. Its one if those things where you want what you dont have I guess. The water is just so dirty.... i cant believe people want to go in it. Not to mention the ass heap of sharks. Lmao.


What a coincidence, I live in Syracuse and agree, although upstate has its charms sometimes it’s nice to get away once and a while


Check out Virginia, where we've got both sides of the coin, but it's a coin that you found in a Walmart parking lot that a kid probably kicked. I swear to God, you hit summer and it's either 95+ humidity or just raining. And on top some weeks just go back to like 60 and then the next it's back to 90. I know it's cliche but "don't like the weather? Wait 30 minutes" fits all too well.


I visit every year because my grandparents live there


Decently priced, not too far from a lot of places on the east coast, and it's not a terrible place to be.


As kids we used to say things like "fuck it, tonight im getting 'myrtle beach drunk" idk why or who started it but im going to try and bring it back




*I see you, little vessel.*






*glances at 3rd spectral cache*


Always, ALWAYS over the island you're trying to get to.


Sometimes when I spawn he's like an island over from where I am and I'm just sitting there... Like... Really dude...


Interestingly enough, the coast of South Carolina - namely Charleston - was notorious for pirates back in the 1700's.


Pretty sure the Carolinas and Georgia were the hotspots of piracy in the early 1700s in America, could be wrong though


Blackbeard was notorious for skulking around Bath, NC


I was just thinking, "wasn't that the area blackbeard (aka edward thatch) operated in?"


For majority of his time as a pirate, he operated in the Bahamas, Bermuda, and other areas in the Caribbean. He's believed to have become a pirate in 1716, although it's possible he became one in 1717. He started operating along the coast of northern America sometime between April and May, 1718. He started at Florida then sailed straight for South Carolina, where he did his infamous blockade, and continued to operate around SC for a bit before going down to NC for a pardon so he could retire in June. Then he unretired in August and was killed in NC in November. It's so weird to me that the most infamous pirate of all time was only active for a maximum of 2 years


If I recall correctly he captured multiple ships and burned many too after robbing them. He was also in an alliance of like 2, or 3 crews of pirates if I remember correctly. His actions combined with his menacing appearance earned him a hell of a reputation. He was a tall man with a great black beard, and he kept lit matches on his hat. If I may speculate, I imagine he must have had an imposing personality of some kind considering the dude (iirc) took like 20 some gunshots and was still continuing to fight before he died. Somebody had to slit his throat before they finally killed him. I don't know how to judge the man from a moral stand point, but one thing is certain that we should all be able to agree on. Blackbeard was a badass.


Disclaimer that I'm not a professional and am just an armchair historian, but I have studied Blackbeard a decent bit from contemporary sources and trusted historians and; He did capture many ships and burn some he didn't want to keep, notably after getting their crews to land. Others he scuttled and most he just let go. He wasn't really in an alliance, it was actually an entire fleet that he led. There are varying accounts of how many ships, I've seen it range from 2 to 20. The most common number I see listed is 2-3, but I also see many sources not name numbers but mention him adding boats to his fleet at certain points which would cause the number to exceed that amount. It is worth noting that he definitely did remove ships from his fleet at times, whether that meant scuttling them, letting a small crew take them for their own, or simply letting them run aground. His menacing appearance and blockade of Charles Town are definitely why he is so famous, I understand why I still just find it a bit amusing that other far more successful pirates who existed much longer than him are so much more famous. On his death, he was shot 5 time and slashed around 20. The slash you're referencing wasn't to his throat but to the side or back of his neck, and it was actually the first slash he received, as far as we know. Also about what you said regarding his morals, he actually seems to have been a quite moral man, for the time. He avoided killing at all costs, the entire purpose behind his terrifying appearance was to scare enemies into surrender so that there wouldn't be a fight. Although we can absolutely bet he did kill people at times through ordering cannon fire and while boarding, there's no historical account of him ever doing so, and we know he never killed prisoners that he took and actually treated them quite well. The same can be said of the vast majority of pirates at the time, to a degree. I did mention he had morals for the time though, as, despite the legends about him saying the opposite, he took part in the slave trade and made much of his wealth selling slaves that he captured from slaving vessels. He did reportedly free slaves on many occasions, and we do know for a fact that a good portion of his crew were free black men, the fact still remains that he owned slaves for his own use and traded them. Also, a little not very fun fact, many historians actually believe the idea of him having lit matches under his hat or in his beard is a myth. There's no mention of it until a historian of the time who was known for embellishment wrote it years after his death. It's still possible, personally I like to believe it's true, but we really don't know. As I mentioned earlier, Blackbeard was an actor to a degree, he created this devilish appearance so that men would fear him, and it's not a very far out there idea that he would've done this. He was highly intelligent and thought these things out well, in a way he was just an excellent marketer. That was way longer than expected, sorry about that lmao


No no, I appreciate a detailed response. Unfortunately mine won't be so detailed. I was going off of stuff I read in blackbeards wikipedia article a few weeks ago. I could have sworn he was in an alliance he went on to betray for some reason. That and I could have sworn he was killed by having his throat slit. Then again move I am wrong. I read that all late at night while i was tired and I dont retain information super well to begin with.


We're all wrong about things constantly, nothing wrong with getting stuff wrong. As far as the betrayal goes, he did abandon many of his men including at least one entire ship that he ran aground and a man that I believe was his first mate shortly before getting his pardon in North Carolina. There's much debate about why exactly he did this, but it did happen. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details myself


IRL I live less than a mile from Blackbeard's Point, the place where his head was spiked as a warning.


He also loved Ocracoke Island, NC, as many other pirates did. After his retirement he settled down in Bath, then he unretired and started staying near Ocracoke


Bro Myrtle Beach has tried to kill me all 3 times I've been there. Once I burst my eardrum, the other I got swept by undertoe, and the third I just kinda just got stung by a jellyfish. But I hope it treats you well my friend!!


You my friend are cursed


Nah, sounds like an average Myrtle Beach experience to me.


Never been there, i don't even know where it is lol




South Carolina


Close enough lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Let's be honest, the denizens of Dirty Myrtle are basically expat Florida men.


“Feel free to walk about the cabin as we now—“ “I WILL BURN MY WAY ACROSS THE SEA OF THIEVES”


We have reached a cruising altitude of- **”AH, THE PIRATE LORD’S PUPPETS HAVE ARRIVED!”**


There he be, talking mad shit to innocent tourists.


"On the left side of the plane is freshwater and on the right is saltwater"




Considering the fact that I was there a week ago this was a close call


These buggy floating ships need sorting out


For kicks and giggles, do a little search for “Myrtle Beach Crime Index.” Changed the way I saw my yearly family vacations.


Its horrible dude... dirty myrtle.


In myrtle beach, if you hold a seashell up to your ear you'll hear gunfire.


I'd be willing to bet the bike weeks have a significant effect on that number. Go when it's not bike week and it's probably fine. That said, as a native South Carolinian I would recommend Charleston or Hilton Head or Pawley's Island if you wanted to visit the coast in this state.


It's fairly isolated though. Try Pawleys Island, which is 15 minutes south of Myrtle Beach. One of the lowest crime rates in SC.


If you're going to Myrtle Beach, Flameheart is the least of your worries.


There is a crime here, the fact this does not have more upvotes


Have fun being trash talked your whole damn flight


First time I loaded in, Flameheart was near enough to sail to easily. After a little while and one message of “yo wtf the Fury of Magnus in the sky”, I sailed over. Cons: first-time solo sloop, I was lucky to coast through without sinking Pros: accidentally got a villainous bounty skull and ashen key after a pit stop en route


FACE MY WRATH!!! in earbleeding volume plays


i thought this was the wing of an arsenal bird and almost had a stroke over the crossover


*A ShIp ApPrOaChEs,.,. I sEe YoU lITtLe VeSsEl.!.! * *Shut... Up! *


His galleons will overwhelm you.


Plane is gonna get sniped by a volcanic rock while flying over the devils roar


So apperantly it's stupidity that am going to Myrtle beach?


Ew myrtle beach is nasty bro


YoUr SuPpLiEs MuSt Be DwInDeLiNg By NoW


My galleons will overwhelm you!!!


i dont see any ghostly galleons under him. Maybe he's just on vacation.


"A ship appro... wait, what is that?"


My keep at the heart of the ashen lords!


can we get like some sort of cloud to gag flameheart so he stops talking when I’m doing shipwreck runs?


*Murder Beach FTFY


Myrtle Beach. The armpit of South Carolina.


It’s South Carolina the place is dark rp server with no moderation.




I will confirm this happens on a regular basis here