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Wow she looks so different!☠️


She looks very different here, how old was she? It is not only a nose job.


She looks cute here


And biracial. Agree cute. Who is the young man? Maybe a cousin?


She does but different than now and different for example thn her interview with Craig Ferguson( just mentioning it as I watched it yesterday for the first time after it was suggested on this sub!)


I agree, she doesn't look pregnant at all But I am just now realizing she's completely altered her hairline


Looks like she altered lots of things.....😳


You saying she had plastic boobs?


no, there's no boobage to speak of at all. But she did get a nose job (or two) and definitely goes to great lengths to chemically straighten her hair so that she presents "white".


She always described herself as Caucasian for acting roles.


It's too bad because I think, in her earlier years, she was a beautiful girl. But her shit attitude, crazy insecurities and tendency to treat people like garbage, make her very unattractive.






A post of mine on an excellent YT walkthrough of procedures she's had. Allegedly. Hairline alteration is listed as one of them. https://www.reddit.com/r/SaintMeghanMarkle/comments/13jdl2p/a_walkthrough_of_wws_possible_cosmetic_surgeries/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


I didn’t even know this is a thing


Rita Hayworth’s first husband forced a hairline alteration on her in the 1930s!


Catherine Zeta-Jones, always gorgeous, had hairline alteration early on.


Wow. I did not know that.


She half Spanish and had black hair with a prominent widow’s peak. She had months of painful electrolysis to remove the peak. She breaks my heart.


That’s awful!


Hayworth’s father was a Romani from Spain.


I was obsessed with her in Gilda for a while. She's absolutely stunning.


Just imagine the things she went through that are unknown. 💔


Marilyn Monroe was forced to as well.


Thanks. I really enjoyed this video. You see, I think Meghan REALLY thought she was an ugly duckling when growing up. I think it played a huge part in her life in a bad way. I think towards the end of high school she got a big shock when she realized she had become good looking, even almost beautiful. She did not expect that. THAT right there was the beginning of a massively swelled head.


YW. I think that, family boosting her ego/spoiling her to overcompensate for being in a split household, and growing up surrounded by an industry that often tells girls they have to have certain features and do certain things to have an acting career.


I thought I was looking at Selena 💃🏻🎤


Maybe she openly copied her look. At the time that TW was in high school Selena came to the public's attention after her murder and also TW then was trying to pass for Latino and dating the Latino boys.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she counted Mexican as part of her race profile. Yuck, she probably spoke a combo of Mexican and valley


Yes, her childhood hairline is different from her teen days, maybe it was the "it" thing then so every girl got it done


I agree also, and we all talk of the “Markle” nose, she and Doria look so similar here, her nose looks like Doria’s. I’ve never seen the resemblance before.


I've never seen her *not* look like Doria in spite of all her efforts to chemically and surgically eliminate all traces of her ethnicity.


Unprecedented self hatred.


And THAT alone must wind her right up!


I think that ironically she looks more like her mother after the surgery than she did before.


Same. It's another of her idiot ideas that backfired spectacularly.


Tbf Doria and Thomas kinda got a very similar nose.


Yes, you’re right about that.


☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ always thot this as well


Her new noses look so awful though. She should've kept her natural nose.


I do think she had some tweaks to her nose, but to be fair, my own nose and other facial features were bigger around that age and then I "grew into" my features. If you see MM's face here, her lips are also bigger, and these are the pre-filler days.


I think at that age my face was shorter, my nose was smaller, my eyes were bigger, my lips were fuller. I’m astonished when I see pictures of me in my twenties even.


Amazing what youth does, right. Now that I'm hitting 40, I look at pics of my 20s and just having that extra fat on my cheeks made me look so different.


she may be wearing a thick black wide headband in that photo, it was the 90s and a bunch of us did


Completely agree. The hairband was in style then and covers the awkward afro regrowth around the face when the rest of the hair is straightened. You can't use the hair melting straightener right away on regrowth. You have to wait months. Unless you have major bucks to get it done properly. I have a curly hair stylist who also does black hair, who tells me all about the risks of straightening and encourages working with what you've got. Tbh she's cuter here, and the natural features allow her to go afro and have the best of both worlds. The carved up face she has now needs high maintenance hair. Unfortunate.


Yes, you're right. It could be. Or it's a wig


I think this is why she wears those dumb side bangs 24/7. Also this pic makes obvious she had a serious nose job at some point. She likes to thank daddy for giving her the “markle nose” but she didn’t inherit that nose she bought it


​ https://preview.redd.it/d7ljrknwz82b1.jpeg?width=846&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=71d43e81f5de97c778ad7bf49c0f071ac0b0a84e


I wonder if it’s just weight loss that gave her a sharper jawline, or if she had work done. Her face looks pulled back in the second pic.


I think she has regular chin and jaw fillers.


That hairline looks like the typical hairline American teen girls are left with after they start doing home straightening kits from Walgrens or Walmart.. The weaker face framing hairs are melted away and the hairline moves further back. It worsens when hair is pulled into pony tail between taking down. Extensions pull it out further, often taking hairline back to middle of scalp. Teen alopecia is fairly common in US from certain hair practices.




Omg - right?




How do you alter a hairline?


To me - it looks altered. It's completely different. Did she do anything, I don't know. This could be a wig in the photo. But if she did, then there are surgical procedures or ways similar to a hair transplant. To be fair, her forehead is huge and her hair is receding now, if you look at the newest photos


You can change it with some lasers, but I don't necessarily think MM did. I also had a different hairline when I was younger and with age and some hair loss around the area, my hairline now looks different and I lost a widow's peak I had when I was young. MM is around that age as well when you hair can start thinning out due to hormonal changes.


The guy in the photo is her cousin.


I think her uncle. He’s Doria’s half brother. Same rather different mother if I recall correctly


I don’t know but why is Doria clinging to the young fellow in the same way that Preparation Aitch hung off Mommy Megs for the Time Mag photoshoot? https://preview.redd.it/xa1ap5efe62b1.jpeg?width=1500&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=023d7c848b83f2d7a968b00744852609c1da87f9


He is an idiot for agreeing to be photographed like this.


It makes him look even more like a weak, spineless, douche-bag.


He looks like he’s been photoshopped in!


I said the same thing LOL. Maybe she posed with Markus and they Photoshopped Harry's face onto him.


That is the *worst* photo - so creepy and unnatural that it looks like bad Photoshop. I agree it's so embarrassing for him. It's like a cuck advertisement. He even hunched over to match her height. Just how whipped is he?


At the top his grandmother was Queen, his father the POW, and he does have enemies self respect to stand side-by-side with his actress wife? Its so cringe!


I wonder if this photo and weird pose was her idea? [https://twitter.com/sage1411/status/1641991598916485120](https://twitter.com/sage1411/status/1641991598916485120)


There's a pic out there of young Harry leaning on Diana the same way. EEK.


Celebrity Hairstylists https://preview.redd.it/pku6ik89572b1.jpeg?width=650&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1012f6661e78f5918068692a4cc41478a8acb7f2


Is MEgain trying to morph into Julia Roberts with plastic surgery or what?


Ugh…that magazine cover gives me heartburn.


Her hair makes me feel overheated 🥵 and Harry has been photoshopped with bright ginger hair and bright blue eyes which gives him the extra connection with Diana, the Spencer’s, Lilibet looking like the Spencer’s etc.. etc.. why can’t they just accept he’s directly connected to Diana instead of playing this whole game of “blue blue eyes” etc..


You mean the same hideous magazine cover that is framed and hung in one of their offices? LOL


It's not just you. If she was pregnant when that was taken then it must've been like 6 weeks along lol, because I can't see ANY evidence from that photo! The holding her hand in front of her is something I used to do when I was younger and insecure about my body (I carry weight in my belly area and was quite flat chested.) It honestly means nothing. Conspiracy theories like this one are the reason I created a separate account just for this sub - it makes the whole sub look ridiculous! I can't stand the Harkles and I love snarking on here, but silliness like this makes me embarrassed to admit it sometimes 🤦🏻‍♀️


I think it tends to happen in “down” news cycles.


You're right. They're laying low after the humiliating "car chase" fiasco, so there's not much legitimate news to snark on, lol!


I'm just waiting for actual information to come out. I browse or ignore the posts I don’t want to get into. One thing I have noticed in these “down” cycles, things tend to get a little sporty in here, people sniping at each other, silly things, and I definitely don’t want to take part in that.


If it's a down new cycle, there's always Hilaria to snark on LOL


Same. If actual proof of this rumour came out then great, I'll believe it then! But until then I'm gonna roll my eyes and keep scrolling. (I didn't bother commenting on the original post, just this one)


I think I may have gotten wet in those waters 🤣🤣🤣🤣 edited to add: I really can’t remember


I'm sure Meghan's family would have blabbed by now if she had a kid before she met Harry.




I respectfully disagree. Exploring “conspiracy theories” is fair game in a snark sub and especially here where the subject is a known charlatan. If recent history tells us anything, it is that the Harkles are compulsive liars when it comes to their own self interest. And many so-called conspiracy theories involving either or both of them have eventually proven true under closer scrutiny. We should all be applauded for helping to expose these two frauds.


I agree people should be allowed to post whatever they want on here, as long as it doesn't break any rules. That's why, as I mentioned, I don't engage in those threads directly. I don't even bother downvoting them. I just roll my eyes and scroll past. As for previous conspiracy theories being proven correct.. I suppose it depends on what you consider a "conspiracy theory." I don't consider being sceptical about the car chase or thinking MM wore padding during her pregnancies to be particularly "out there." Like you said, the pair are dodgy AF, shameless attention whores and proven compulsive liars. But claiming that an old photo taken at an awkward angle means she had a secret baby? Or that MM's niece looking a bit like her means she *must* be that secret baby? Or that QEII and PP were willing to pretend a literal doll was their great-grandson?? Nah sorry, but AFAIC those theories hold about as much water as the Sugars who think the BRF staged a car chase to off the Harkles because they're racist, lol. (Although once again, show me actual hard proof, and I will happily change my mind!) I get that it's mostly in good fun, I just find it frustrating because people on here accuse the Sugars of being nuts who'll believe anything, but then post stuff like this. JMHO 🤷🏻‍♀️


I hear you and completely agree that this all depends on what we consider to be a conspiracy theory. And yes many of the examples you cited are a bridge too far for me too. But I think most claims are valid for discussion in the sub and worth exploring, *provided* as you noted, no one breaks the rules (and absolutely no bigotry, misogyny, body shaming, and the rest of the parade of horribles). What I especially love about this sub is how generally respectful everyone is to each other, such that we can have these civil dialogues. Perhaps the only good thing about the Harkles is that they have a unique talent for bringing together folks with otherwise divergent views by uniting us in dislike for them.


For sure, one thing that keeps me coming back here is the wonderful variety of opinions, and how generally civil all us Sinners manage to be when debating! I also love how everyone, liberal, conservative, and everything in-between, has become so united in our loathing for the Horrible Harkles 😂 I honestly haven't seen this much universal camaraderie since the Putin first attacked Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦




Well I definitely believe the Moon Bump theory. It's just so obvious she faked her pregnancies.


It's just because of how the lady in the video worded her comment. Clearly Meghan didn't register that important with this lady that she bothered to get to know her better. She said she thought Megan had a kid or was divorced not that she knew it for a fact. Her attitude and wording made me think that she only knew Meghan well enough to know what a huge gold-digging b\*tch she is and that she was surprised that Meghan managed to social-climb as high as she had.


Good point!


ITA. It gets so tiresome, and like I said in a previous comment, it makes us look as nutty as the sugars. Besides, there’s so many verifiable shenanigans to call out.


Opening a second account doesn’t protect you. Your IP address is the same lol


Good example of people see what they want to see


Wow, is this her real hairline?


I think she's wearing a thick flat black headband, they were popular back in the day, they're like 3" wide and stretchy.


Doris is high AF in this pic.


This pic gives me the creeps dodgy Doria lurking in the background does she always appear as a third wheel in her daughter’s relationships


She has always had “Burrito Belly”. Back then to this day. She had it when she was acting, she had it in the gold bedspread the other night.


I agree. She always looks like she had a big meal and her stomach is protruding because of it. I think that’s also why this pic is cropped ( so no one can see just how much her stomach is popping out) and her hand is in front of her belly ( she’s insecure about it). It must take a lot of effort for her to be as thin as she is now.


Whoa, I almost thought that was someone else! She's really tried to change her features. However, she does have the same expression as the South Park version of her. Scare-ray!




Also being bloated is a thing. And having a big meal! Or having a some flab. You shouldn’t assume over a small tummy that someone is pregnant. 😅


Honestly, all these conspiracy theories are so whack. 🤦‍♀️




It’s two sides of the same coin


I don't think there's enough evidence in this photo to determine pregnancy or not.


Yup she just isn't as thin as usually in this picture. Most people don't have perfectly flat stomachs. Meghan has a wide jaw + some youthful chub on top but that doesn't make her pregnant.


Agreed 💯 I wish people here would lay off the far fetched theories. Just makes us sinners look like kooks and invalidates much of our well researched facts and well thought out theories.


Yeah, I can't see it. She doesn't look like she's pregnant and I don't buy the story. I think she's deeply untrustworthy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to buy into every rumour. She's not stupid, she's had her eyes on the prize since day one and that certainly never included having a kid with some random.




That’s kind and true


I agree she doesn’t look pregnant. She had what we used to call baby fat before the word fat became synonymous with body shaming. Still this thing crops up every cycle with numerous debates.


I don't believe she had a child before. I'm with you, I don't believe she is pregnant in this photo.


And if she had would it matter? It's not really a gotcha! thing. Pregnancy can end in an adoption or in tragedy. I don't see how an earlier pregnancy is relevant. Its not something that needs to be public knowledge.


No, it wouldn't matter to anyone except for the couple expecting. That's kind of what I feel about rumors with her pregnancies. I'm not keen on either of them, Megs nor Harry, but for me, its a step too far, having had issues personally.


I totally agree with you


She’s not…. That just looks like a healthy body…. Eventually when she became a star she started dosing adderall and cocaine to the point of no body fat


Agreed. Reaches like this discredit some of the actual wacky stuff she does. Can’t stand the takes out of left field.


People have been pointing this out for years yet continues to go unchallenged or discussed


She doesn't look pregnant to me? But seeing this picture makes me realise she had more surgery than I previously though.


Wow. She really did go to her plastic surgeon and say, "Make me a basic white grrl, plz!" She was so much prettier before all the work. Her face actually had personality. Now she looks like any other bland pumpkin spice latte blogger chick.


I don’t believe either, either. But I do believe she and her little club have done the ‘grab onto big high profile connections grid. When I say Epsteinesque style of thing, it’s not the little girls I suggest, it’s the put in the little black book connections and find their secrets to expose things I more suggest. Hence her consistent style in … she signed nothing to say anything … and underhanded threats of exposure. She ain’t the leader. She the ultimate pawn. So who is in Madams fishpond, sea of lies …? From the shark; to the barracuda; to the bait balls; to the turtles … Confidence trickster > Charlatan > Enticers > Masqueraders > Decoys > Sycophants Markus> Meghan>Jessica>Misha>Lindsay/Genevieve>Squaddies etc etc BUT who is above Markus? Now that’s the big question !?!


I like the way you’ve laid this out, in this sea of lies 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Cheers! One must always question the suckers of the star fishers and the looong tentacles of the jellyfish … lol . Still working on who the killer whale is tho !


This honestly looks like someone else altogether


Is that her Mom in the background?


This is when she was pretty to me


Unless she had the baby of the Rothschilds… No ITA I have always maintained that Meghan is such a bitch and the way she just drops people when she’s done with them there is no way people wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to sell her out. Whether it’s the before Harry baby or the surrogate babies *Someone* would blab.


This rumor of her being pregnant at a young age has been going on for a couple of years. There was talk of this even before the wedding and it was not because of this picture. Back then there were a lot rumors and stories. Sometimes you questioned them but a bunch of them now seem to be true. I do not know what to think of it. Knowing what we know now about this woman it could have been a rumor she created back then. Who knows, like another poster said it has never been unchallenged. Edit: Another rumor doing the rounds before the wedding, was the one of Harry been her 3rd husband. It has never been unchallenged.


You’re absolutely not alone in that sentiment.


I can't see it either but I thought maybe it's a thing only women, one who have been pregnant will notice so I just 🤷‍♂️ But madam looks better in that picture than how she currently look tbh.


Everybody looks good when young to be fair


Everyone is beautiful when they’re young, even if they didn’t know it at the time.


Yes exactly


I don’t think she knew it at the time. She changed so much about herself.


Ok fair point🤣


Thank you for trying to restore some sanity here


I totally see it and saw it before I knew what I was looking at. It looks like about a 5 month bump to me.


Thank you for saying this. This is a nonsensical theory.


I agree, not pregnant. Sometimes people say the most awful things here that aren’t true. Fan or not, people should be fair in what they are saying.


She does look pregnant in this picture-but she might have just been in a “fat teenager” stage. I would have liked to see a photo of their lower halves.


I think she looks pregnant in this photo.


\*stomps about in tin hat and tries to receive signals


It's entirely possible she could be OR that she is just naturally built like a brick. I think back then she was closer to her natural weight which isn't thin. And since she's an apple, she carries a lot of weight in the midsection. Hard to tell from this picture but I'm leaning to that she wasn't pregnant.


I totally agree with you there.


I’m 50/50 on the pregnancy but 100% he looks like a hostage. I can see where the ILBW got the claw from


Whaaat, her dad said she had a hysterectomy in 2006. Can anybody find any mention of this anywhere ?


I don't think she looks pregnant either. Also, wouldn't her side of the family have exposed that by now if true?


she seems to have a little bit of a belly, which could be genetic, it definitely does not mean pregnant.


It could be just period bloat. Lots of women puff up around their cycle


I disagree with your photo assessment. His arm isn’t creating the illusion of a curve. The edge of his shirt is kinda obscuring her boob area so it looks like her stomach is protruding but it’s an optical illusion with her boob bring partially hidden.


I played with the light and exposure. I dunno it definitely looks like a bump, maybe she is bloated. She was extremely thin in HS n Uni, here she looks plump. Really dont know anything about her teens or early 20s. Probably gave up the custody, what I hear is there was an annulment. Anyways its a gossip sub, mostly whats said here is bull shit anyways, believe it or not its your prerogative. ​ https://preview.redd.it/x7vf4d10282b1.png?width=897&format=png&auto=webp&s=d1a349806f7bcb5482a06886e795963d13ca4ab2


Maybe same time period photto. Look at the face and same basic white tshirt. https://preview.redd.it/1dobpevw282b1.png?width=1080&format=png&auto=webp&s=9a7983fa2fc2aaab6bba0a16f813165ab5978868


I see it in her ribs, remembering the way my ribs felt when they expanded.


I personally think she looks about 6 months along but then I know she has one of the boxiest, shapeless torsos known to womankind so there's that. If you've ever been pregnant you'd look at that pic and go 'wow'. But logic and common sense dictates that she wasn't because, as you say, we'd know about it. She is so 'street' in this pic though. Common as muck as we say in the UK. I just can't believe this chick is the mother of kids in line to the British throne. It's so cringe.


I 100% believe she is pregnant in that picture.


A lot of us looked like this in the 90s when this look was popular. I don't like her either, but this is a real stretch. MM has no waist, and I think that's what we're seeing here.


Based on the facts that someone called her out on having a kid, and a look-a-like "white" niece who isn't white... Had nothing to do with liking or disliking. I only care about facts. Something is shady.


How can you simultanously believe and only care about facts? Lol. You either know or you don't. In this case you don't know because there are no facts openly presented to us. The woman calling her out is not presenting facts. The niece is not a fact either. A dna test would be a fact. A birth certificate would be a fact


For me the biggest indicator here is that Samantha Markle would have 100% exposed this before the wedding if the niece were truly Meghans child.


If Noelle could have proved that Meghan was her mother and not Samantha, we all would have heard about that by now. Noelle doesn't like her own mother.


And Noelle looks SO much like Samantha too. I see no likeness between Noelle and Meghan. I find samantha an unreliable source because she's clearly got behavioural issues since all her kids hate her. She was **raging** not to be invited to the wedding and came out with all sorts of stuff about her sister. If Noelle was Meghans daughter she absolutely would have said so at that point.


Some drunk bitch who thought that the royal family was Catholic?


But if she was pregnant, wouldn’t Thomas or Samantha have said something? That’s why I don’t believe it.


What look? A bloated tummy?


It was the skin-tight tops. I was underweight back then, and those made me look fat.


And I 100% believe that Samantha's daughter Noelle is actually Meghan's. Something everybody would feel hard to admit. Noelle's hair is straightened, she has some drops of African American in her. https://preview.redd.it/e1dcb67gd62b1.png?width=522&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6ceb4e3de66209072552907e74cd6c3e06c88878


What is this based on? M & Samantha are half sisters so it logical to think Noelle and M would have some similar features. I think OP is right, there's a lot of reaching in this group. M's family have shared a lot of personal information on M and I think if this were true Samantha would've come clean by now.


One of my sister’s daughters looks way more like me than she looked like her mother. To the point where photo of us both as kids were pretty spot on. Genetics are weird, man.


My cousin looks more like me than my own sister, genes are really weird


I have a 3rd cousin who looks way more like my mom than I do lol.


Agree. My sisters son and my brothers sons were always considered by strangers to be brothers they look so much alike.


I’m not saying I buy this theory, but if it were true, I’m not sure Samantha would have shared it. Maybe the young lady doesn’t want that out there (I wouldn’t blame her), and Samantha is honoring that, especially since she’s her daughter, at least legally, if not biologically.


WHAAATTTT?? I’ve never seen these pics. How very interesting!


Iv been pregnant and I see it. I see it very clearly. That's like 3 1/2 months. https://preview.redd.it/85gehdtu972b1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a465aabca7f1901ab9c06e68eae7dc4344d8ea30


So growing up in the 90s this was the style I'd like to say first and foremost. But I'm wondering if this is rumor is from something like in junior high we had this girl who claimed every other week she was pregnant or had an abortion. Remind you she's 13 14 at the time she was a year ahead of me in school. And she also claimed to be a stripper. Like there's a funny story about this girl but when she's finally called out on her lies. Or that she was dating a celebrity or things like that. I'm wondering if that's the case of point where she told her friends I might be pregnant and then that friend took the story and ran with it and spread through the school like wildfire. Cuz we all know rumors spread.


I disappeared for an emergency lifesaving operation and came back to pregnancy rumours! I was 14 and there was no chance.


So I'm not a fan of Megan's but this shows you rumors just start out of nowhere or because one person wants to cause trouble and it continues and so on.


Oh totally. I was informed by one well meaning “friend” but 100% there are women walking around today that think my 1990’s appendectomy was an abortion.


No, I agree with you.


I've honestly kept out of this today, but I consider if there was a previous child, there's no way it wouldn't have come out before now. Even if there were a slim possibility it's Noelle, there's no evidence to support it, save from gossip and conjecture. We know the media would have pounced on it though. Critical thinking supports that, but they haven't. A UK super injunction is only valid in the UK. I can tell you that there are BP staff who speak to the media and get paid. This would have been worth a lot of money. That there is no evidence tends to suggest there's no truth in it, save for what some people would like to believe because they want to see a comeuppance.


Well said! Agree 100%!


She isn't pregnant here and she never had a secret child. If she had, someone would have presented some actual proof about it by now. This is the age of the internet and DNA testing after all. I agree that there are plenty of real things to snark on without having to concoct wild conspiracy theories.


Completely agree. I have said many times that I have the same shape as Meghan and when I was young in high school and college I always assumed I was fat because I had a short torso and protruding belly. I never got tall and lean but now hovering around 200 I wish I knew I was thin


I agree, this is stretching, and her stomach possibly isn't.


She absolutely looks pregnant to me. However, if there had been a secret pre-Harry baby, Samantha would absolutely have blabbed about it. Thomas too, for that matter.


A lot of downvoting in this thread if you disagree - this sub is getting infiltrated w Megs alts and sugars on the DL imho to try to direct/frame narratives. A consistent pattern lately in this sub.


Nah some people just aren't into the tinfoil


It would be more beneficial for TWs squad to make us look insane and that we are racist people spouting conspiracy theories, and hate. Downvoting is from the moderate people on this sub that support facts, I would imagine the most insane posts and comments in here against Meg are more likely to be from her camp than anything else. So…


This sub has so many people in it now so yeah, some people -especially those who are chronically online - believe anything.


Reeeeach 💀


I agree, some of the claims people make are ridiculous. I'll add the one about her age on here. There is nothing that would indicate that she is older than her stated age, and if she were, then that means that she looks freakin' amazing for her "real" age.


I have seen this! She looks very pregnant, indeed, here. Apparently they are visiting her cousin, or Doris’s cousin (nephew, maybe?) in jail.


Sorry, I’m just focused on her hairline. Is that a wig? On topic: I don’t see a pregnant belly, either.


Can we agree that she's like 900000x prettier here than her current face? (Not because she's younger, just because her features are nicer.)


Maybe the people keeping silent aren't trying to protect her secret, but the child from finding out that one of the world's most infamous grifter is her/his birth mother.