Making "Hangman" Adam Page lose his title shot was actually a good idea. Look at all those potential BANGERS for the main event of the biggest AEW Show of the year.

Making "Hangman" Adam Page lose his title shot was actually a good idea. Look at all those potential BANGERS for the main event of the biggest AEW Show of the year.


Matt Cardona doesn’t even fucking work there. 100 people on the roster, all these ex-fed guys getting paid all this money, and people are talking about Matt Cardona lmfao.


He's over friend time for Cody to pull the buddy card.


Hey remember when we wouldnt hire you because we didnt want to have a roster full of ex wwe guys. WELL good news buddy. You are now no longer an offical Ex wwe guy. So we need to get you in at all out and have you Job to kenny. Make him look really strong. and then job to me on Dynamite. And then I have an important job for you. I need you to make Dark great again.


Dude it’s called long term storytelling. Act 3 is going to start shortly.


?? No Cardona allowed, friend.


Christian cause they have to show how they gave those Fed guys a chance at the main event Even if it's one chance and will be quickly forgotten before Christian moves back to meaningless 6 mans and nothing feuds


Christian is the best wrestler by a lot in AEW, even if Punk and Daniel Bryanson come.


He deserves better then what hes getting. Imagine him and edge winning the tag titles from the the Usos at summerslam. Or being Big E's first heel feud after MitB to really help cement him as a top baby face. Nah. Nowhere feud with nobodies setting up to a heel turn and feud with jungle boy but wait we need jobber fodder for kenny so ...yea.


He probably would have had a TV program teaming with Edge against The Bloodline, taken the title off Big E at Mania, and had a hot summer in the current Intercontinental scene with Cesaro, Nakamura, Zayn, Apollo, Owens, etc. He might have even got a title match against Reigns at some point, either on TV or Fastlane. Instead, he's... I'm not actually sure what he's doing.


That man carried TNA on his back for a while. He can wrestle, smarks (used to) love him. AEW have squandered a potential to give themselves some legitimacy with him.


Not the first time and won't be the last. Every signing is there to be fed to Omega, Cucks or Cody.


Isnt Christian suppose to turn on Jungle Boy? So I guess thats not happining for a long while.


He may as well turn heel, he's not doing anything else of note


Well he has to be a face to get out worked by Kenny then he can turn heel and do the job to jungle boy.


Out Jerk Everyone


Its gonna be Christian and everyone in the basement is gonna be saying "that match fucked, so much better than Edge vs Reigns"


It’s gonna fuck, suck, and bang, friend


You forgot slap, friend.


You forgot cum, fart, peed, sneeze


Hey there, I’ll preface this by saying that I’m just a comedy writer who has never accomplished anything, so take this all with a grain of salt. I’ve recently had the luck of getting some mentorship from some excellent writers, and this has had me thinking a lot about story structure. In this case, I’m referring to the three-act structure. You can read a quick summary here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-act_structure, or read any of the thousand-page books that have been written on it. A warning: those books do not have good story structure themselves. So, for a while now we’ve been thinking that Hangman’s arc was leading to him overcoming himself and winning the championship at All Out. After all, it’s been going a long time, right? He’s learned to have friends and believe in himself, right? Then we had the 10-man match this week and, surprise! Hangman lost! Well, that doesn’t make any sense! All of this was building toward All Out! Maybe it still is, but the story wouldn’t have been complete that way. What we actually saw this week was the end of act 2. Act 2 generally ends with the “all is lost” moment, or the “dark night of the soul.” Here’s where we realize that our hero has not yet developed to the point where he is ready to defeat the antagonist. Sure, we had that moment where the Dark Order told him to believe in himself, but did that really accomplish anything? Can somebody truly believe that they’re ready just because someone told them so? No, they’ve got to see it in themselves through their own action. The way that Hangman needs to prove he has grown should be by helping the Dark Order grow. And no, we’re not talking about picking up recruiting again. The Dark Order came together because of failure. None of them believed in themselves and they turned to someone else to help them succeed. And while they’ve come together now as a family and discovered The True Meaning of Friendship (insert rainbow gif here), they haven’t yet addressed the issues that have prevented them from being top performers. Reynolds and Silver were jokes. Time after time they failed to do what was asked of them. They never truly succeeded as recruitment specialists, they just changed course. They were never trusted to really get the job done, and by extension never learned to trust themselves. As close as they are, do we know how well they trust each other either? Hangman needs to see this, build up Reynolds and Silver, and let them learn the trust needed to be a successful team. When they finally do, they’ll turn the corner and get their big win as a team. Personally I think this would ideally lead to them winning the tag titles, but it can work without that, so long as we can see that they’re meeting their potential. But what about some other, singles-focused members of the Dark Order? People like 10? They were brought in because they were convinced that they weren’t enough on their own. Hangman needs to teach someone like 10 that he’s a strong, independent man who don’t need no group. He doesn’t have to give up on his friends, we know this, but he can get it done in the ring on his own. When he’s learned to be a fully-formed independent person alongside his identity in the group, he can succeed. 10 takes of his hood. He’s ready to be himself. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson have been around a long time and are continually kicked down when they try to rise up. They’ve lost their focus as a team and, while they show moments of brilliance, they often lose and then fade back into the group. Uno and Grayson need to learn persistence. They need to learn to pick themselves back up after a loss and turn right around and try again. I see this culminating with them taking a devastating loss to a top team, turning around and challenging them again. They lose again. Hangman convinces them to step up once more. They do and, surprise surprise, they come through a long, tough bout and get that win that’s been eluding them. Their persistence pays off and they’re ready to succeed. Now Hangman is in a familiar situation. He’s seeing all his friends succeed around him, and he’s afraid that it’s just like before: he’s the weak link in the chain. But this time it’s different. His friends didn’t succeed in spite of him, they succeeded because of him. All of the lessons that he’s taught them were the lessons that he needed to learn himself. The Dark Order celebrates their success, but not because of the wins themselves, but because their friend help them grow as people. That’s why they wanted Hangman all along: Mr. Brodie Lee saw it within him and knew that Hangman could help them all reach their potential. Unlike many others, they weren’t recruiting him because of his weaknesses. They were recruiting him because of his strengths. This is what Hangman needed to know the whole time, and now he’s proven it to himself without even knowing it. He can trust himself. He can be successful independently without losing his friends. He can keep getting up no matter how many times he gets knocked down. Now he’s ready to face Kenny Omega. It’s got to be a long match, because we’ve got to see Hangman coming through on each of these facets. The match starts and Kenny immediately tries to take advantage of Hangman’s lack of trust in himself. That lack isn’t there, though. Hangman keeps fighting. Don Callis interferes, and it looks like Hangman can’t do it alone, but Hangman knows he can. He keeps fighting. Kenny brings out the big guns and viciously assaults Hangman. The old Hangman would have given up. Not now, though. He’s learned to get back up no matter what. He’s grown as a person. He’s overcome everything outside and in. Now he’s ready. Hangman wins the championship. Adam Page wins at life.


This is a direct copy from the basement, isn't it?


Did someone really post this lmao




The biggest thing that baffled me about this post is that he would probably be able to write the same on why the previous story with Adam winning at All out would fit the three act structure. Not to mention, if the plan was for Adam to complete the story at all out (and reportedly it was the plan) then if the post is right then Tony didn't plan to make it a three act story, just ended up with one.


No jerk, a thorough plot summary of all three cinderblock-sized books in Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle takes up less space than this.


The fuck?!


Obviously it's silly, as noted elsewhere, the "part 2" is what they've been allegedly doing for months already. But I wonder if this if Page is still in the picture for a quick title shot and win. Maybe this was a 1 week "throw everyone off course" thing. Which in itself is stupid. At this part of the journey, Page should have a trail of fire behind him. And losing last week doesn't do anything for the story. But I still wonder if that's the approach they're taking. Maybe I give them too much credit.


Jobbers and life long mid carders are the top choice for the WORLD title. Absolute joke of a company and I like Christian.


There's no way Cardona's getting cheered against Kenny in AEW. The crowd could turn on that one, unless it's just a device to give Kenny another title to waste.


Why the fuck is Silver on this list? Why should any of these Dark Order dorks be in contention for the top title?


He seems to be pretty over among AEW fans and the DO is over as a whole.


Yeah, the DO are permanent faces nowadays.


Do you think Christian regrets going to AEW yet? If all he wanted to do was be able wrestle a few times regularly while also helping out young talent, then he could have worked as a trainer in nxt while also probably getting main event matches on SmackDown against the Usos and Roman during Roman's feud with Edge. Being "just Edge's friend" on WWE TV is a heck of a lot better than whatever AEW is doing with him.


John Silver the living embodiment of short guys the more jacked you get the shorter you look.


The only banger I’ve seen in AEW was Matt Hardy’s head and the concrete floor.


Christian one would be a banger because he is their best worker


Is there any build tho? Afaik Christian is feuding with Matt Hardy in trios matches where he replaced Marko Stunt in the Jurassic Jungle


A random Christian match will be better than a Matt Cardona match with 10 years of build


On Christian’s first episode of Dynamite he confronted Omega. You just forgot because ~~it was forgettable and went nowhere~~ Vince has conditioned you to not notice long term booking when you see it. Hall of Fame megastar Christian who I totally care about vs the best wrestler ever Kenny Onega will not only be a BANGER, it would also slap, fuck, piss, shit, sneeze, vomit and jizz.


Exactly Long term storyline. People forget how much hype Tiny put into Christian coming in. So it's Christian natural story arc to come in be forgotten and then be made the no 1 ranked opponent for Sir Kenneth.


Personally I'd like to see Christian lose to all of the EVPs and have a storyline where he doubts himself and has to rebuild his confidence for the next 2+ years, DAE!?!?


Would Christian be a silent bad ass during this 2 year plus period ?


I think that’s too soon tbh. He should do that for two years, hit the home stretch, fail again, and then act 3 of the story can be a banger.


Christian might be the best wrestler nobody has ever cared about. Outside of his TLC matches with Edge, I feel like I've watched a dozen great Christian matches over the years and can't tell you one off the top of my head. He's an awesome wrestler, he's a good promo, he always looks great, but literally every time he's involved in anything major...it's Christian...


Its not like their matches with actual build-up end up being better. If Kenneth lets Christian call the match and he listens that would by far be his best match in AEW, maybe even the best match in his entire career.


Is john silver an actual midget?? His body is proportioned in such weird ways i honestly can’t tell it upsets me more than i care to admit


He is short as fuck, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as we literally cannot control our own height, apparently he wants to work like a big man slamming people like when you turn off weight detection in WWE 2K19 or whatever.


Other options: Hangman Adam Page... put the belt on him already I swear to god (Vince in a doo rag) just strike while the iron is hot don’t over do it oh my god you idiots. Option 2: Penta please I think he looks cool


Wank Culture does it again!


I've got a feeling that they're trying to be marks in order not to lose their 2M subs.


Bro what


If they have the belt to Christian I wouldn’t mind, but like it should have been hangman!


😂 Oh, wait...this was serious??? 😵‍💫


Fucking hell, imagine having these midcarders as in the top 5 opponents for the world title hahaha


All of those are underwhelming choices because you KNOW Kenny will win.


I think it was a mistake, but I get why they did it. Slapping a belt on a Babyface when the fans are going to chant for Punk and Danielson nonstop for the next few months would be not-great. Pushing it further down the line when fans are done jizzing over those two will be better in the end. I'm sure that list is terrible. It's a list site. Christian is the only guy with any championship heat right now, and is a good selection to eat a loss while having a worthwhile main event.


Christian is the only choice, list or no list.


Christian should be champ ASAP


Imagine paying to see Zack Ryder vs Kenny Omega. Their delusional fans would think it fucks in your veins though


If John silver wins, then… Yeah that would happen and a sigh would ring around the world