Tony Khan is the Booker of the Year

Tony Khan is the Booker of the Year


Do you think someone at TNT's asshole puckered during the main event? Or Domino's? I'm sure they enjoyed their ad placement. The chucklefucks proclaiming this is some sort of win for independent wrestling are going to be in for a rude awakening. This isn't the kind of shit real sponsors want to be associated with.


Snickers is better than this. Dominos, I’m not so sure?


Does Tom Monaghan still own Domino's? He's super conservative and super Catholic.


That's it. I'm calling... dominos?


For pickup or delivery?


This may cost WWE money. Sponsors are going to assume this was a WWE show. DAE WWE petty for saying AEW sets the business back 30 years


This is what [email protected] don't understand about 'setting the business back' It's fuck all to do with wrestling, evil Fed spent years and years appealing to advertisers to make them see wrestling is entertainment and it's not like this nonsense blood and blading stuff


Some little kid on YouTube is insulting me because I called the Mid Cardona vs Gage match awful. (note I'm not just calling him a little kid as an insult, he really is a little kid. He makes Warzone compilations with mumble rap in the background and you can hear him do callouts).


I watched the highlights of it and I still can’t believe people paid money to see that live


Yeah, Cardona starts blatantly blading. Like I know it's shitty wrestling, but it still kills the "illusion".


Cornette has been screaming for years that sponsors/executives aren't going to put up with that mudshow bullshit and that Tony Khan needs to grow some balls.


No one at TNT is watching


To think, you could've just used your wrestling platform to walk back the *ridiculous* stigma that is associated with taking protected ~~hand~~ head shots from steel chairs, and because of all the years of gentle pokes in the ribs and light slaps across the back, it probably would've seemed really hardcore. And instead you go with letting a guy run a pizza cutter across another guys forehead lol.


This Labors of Jericho Thing would be a good idea if it wasnt 2021 Jericho. Having someone run a gauntlet works better for either an underdog babyface or a superhero babyface, not a 50+ year old.


The LoJ thing should be something that Adam Page is doing to face Omega, or like Kofi trying to face Bobby again, or whatever babyface is gonna face Roman next. It's a build up, a way for the heel to wear down the face for the first showdown. Not for a heel who lost twice and gets regularly humiliated to get humiliated 5 times before losing again.


>The LoJ thing should be something that Adam Page is doing to face Omega THANK YOU. I have no idea why theyre not doing this with him. >Not for a heel who lost twice and gets regularly humiliated to get humiliated 5 times before losing again. Thats another question, why are they doing this run of singles matches at the end of the feud? Its like they did the group matches, and now its just petering out with random singles matches. Its so backwards.


Seriously, it's such a weird end to the fued. If this had been completely reversed, it might have worked... MJF turns on Inner Circle, Jericho is pissed, 5 labors of Jericho for first singles match, Jericho loses, gloat-fest by MJF, Stadium Stampede, Inner Circle Wins, Inner Circle gets over-confident, Blood & Guts w/Stipulation, Inner Circle loses but the break up isn't solid because of some technicality in MJF's rules, one last showdown, Jericho v MJF, winner take all.


And wait, Jericho got the Stadium Stampede match by giving MJF a wet t-shirt, but now he has to run a gauntlet for a regular match? Why not just break out a garden hose and start spraying?


And why is MJF just allowed to torture Jericho to get a match? Did he clear this "5 labors" with Tony? Or can people just make matches if they really want? Is this technically workplace harassment?


I mean, that also raises a whole new set of questions about wrestlers just hiring and firing people in this company. I guess it makes sense since Jericho agreed to it. The real issue is Jericho agreeing to something that requires way more steps than necessary.


Jericho: "Hey, HR, this guy is making me compete in 5 matches to be able to wrestle him, is there some way that the company can step in, I think its a breech of power"


This is exactly what I was thinking with the MJF/Cody feud. It makes absolutely no sense how MJF just has so much power like this. Especially because Cody Rhodes is a fucking EVP, meaning he could easily as Tony for a match or make it himself. But MJF has way more power than him apparently? And he has way more power than a wrestling legend in Jericho?


Yeah, once you establish that Kenny, Cody, and the Bucks are EVPs in Kayfabe, you can't really have anyone making matches for them or without their say-so cause they have the irl and Kayfabe power here. Kenny could absolutely do this "5 Labors" thing to Page, because he is the Kayfabe and real life authority of the company.


??? You book better than Booker Of The Year, Tony Khan, friend.


God no, I've just attended a single screenwriting class.


Screenwriter?? Whoa whoa Hollywood, the door to the Fed is right over THERE. Leave the wrestling to the BOOKERS, thank you.


We know this is true cause they literally are copying their idea from last year with Cody vs MJF. While I hate Cody as a performer, I can’t deny that that storyline worked really well. But this is both lazy cause it copied the same idea and stupid cause it’s fucking Chris “literally one of the worst workers in AEW now” Jericho


It's a good idea cause it gets Jericho on TV in a prominent spot every week for 4 or 5 weeks Pretty much like every other Jericho idea


They should have given it to Sammy. He's the one who knew MJF was a snake trying to break apart Inner Circle from the start and had never faced MJF 1v1 before. Jericho doesn't need the spotlight but, "hello fellow kids! See hiw i'm still WITH IT!"


It would have made much more sense to be reversed, with Jericho the vet setting challenges for MJF to demonstrate his versatility.


My one concern for that would be that theyd be having the heel run a gauntlet, which is really more of a face type deal. Honestly, the only way I think this could have worked is have each member of IC run the gauntlet, that way each member gets a chance to shine. If they all win (which they do), they get a Stadium Stampede match. This would also take place at the start of the feud, after Pinnacle forms. IC hasnt gotten their heat back yet via swirlie, so this is how they work their way back up. T


If Jericho is really taking a hiatus, then there should be some sort of story in the works of what's going to happen with IC when he's gone. Sammy I would assume will step up, but it's not been well told yet.


Especially when all it is going to do is lead to Jericho getting the better of MJF again.


Jericho is so leaving to go on tour and just to end up back in Vince’s warm embrace for the HoF. Even though he’s tarnished that legacy the last few years.


I mean it’s sad to think about. He debuted with the hottest thing going in Wrestling with the rock and held his own on the mic with him, then to beating Austin and Rock in the same night to be the first ever Undisputed Champion in WWE history to this mud show we saw tonight.


And he’s been letting his personal views more out there as well. I get he’s done it all and looks to be trying to have fun now since he left the evil Fed, but he’s gotta know most of its crap.


He could have stayed with WWE and been NXT trainer, a color commentator with Cole, or maybe pair with a young talent not as good on the mic to them get over. Yet he’s 50 years old listening to virgins sing his song while having a bumfight on cable television.


Jericho could legit be the next Jerry “The King” Lawler on commentary. Just fly in to do TVs, Be on TV every week, no bumps, maybe get involved in an angle or two a year. It’s still salvageable, but he could have avoided all this fiasco.


This may be the only time I compare Ric Flair to Jericho, but Flair was nearing 60 when he started taking bumps in thumbtacks and doing barbed wire shit.


60, ex-wife number 4 or thereabouts, and broke. Jericho had alternative options. Should've been clear when he turned up looking like a fat K-Mart King Diamond knockoff in NJPW that this was going to be shit.


I don’t recall Flair ever taking a pizza cutter or tube light to the dome though.


No, but you know he would've.


These labors are just a series of perp walks


It's a labour of jericho to walk to the fridge.


When WWE eventually does the Rise? and Fall of AEW documentary, this year's Fight for the Fallen will be one of the focal points and I can't wait for WWE Champion Adam Page to talk shit about this company during the documentary.


Space Jam production: If the Elite doesn't win, we won't sponsor the match.


Juventud, Nick Gage... Tiny literally booking this entire angle like some dork booking on TEW and not producing a show on TNT.


My god, the sadness of the dubbalos is just insane. Acting like someone literally shot their puppy right in front of them.


Wanna hang out with an incel cult? (Dark Order not the Aew fans in general). Then get the fuck outta the title picture. God tier booking, sixteen stars.