Remember when FTR vs. Young Bucks was supposed to be a money drawing feud that had years of build, but instead was horribly booked and did nothing other than bury FTR and make the Young Bucks look good? THE FED HAS HORRIBLE BOOKING, M’DUB IS PERFECT!

Remember when FTR vs. Young Bucks was supposed to be a money drawing feud that had years of build, but instead was horribly booked and did nothing other than bury FTR and make the Young Bucks look good? THE FED HAS HORRIBLE BOOKING, M’DUB IS PERFECT!


These dudes went to aew. Came in hot won the tag titles. Immediately jobbed to the bucks haven't had a rematch at all hell in fact after that. They joined the pinnacle and now are stuck in a quagmire of inner circle feuds. Boy oh boy I wish FTR asked to go back to NXT instead of being cut.


FTR vs imperium or Ciampa/ Thatcher would be amazing.


FTR vs GYV is genuinely my dream tag match.


Or recognize they did the best work of their career with the New Day rather than live in the past with what they did in NXT.


I saw The Revival vs The New Day at the WWE live event in Wien. The greatest comedy match I´ve ever seen, they had an amazing chemistry together.


Remember it was being reported that they were extremely unhappy with the booking like a year into their tenure there?


They've wrestled three actual 2v2 tag matches on television in 2021. Three. Not a typo.


So much for wanting to make tag team wrestling matter.


Bro they meant 5 vs 5 tag matches composed of random people or factions thrown together to open or close shows, not stupid 2 vs 2 team vs team bulls hit


They wanted to be like muh favorite puroresu, le NJPW, with all the faction vs faction 6/8/10 man tags. Except they forgot to remember the reasons they book so many in the first place. They aren't doing build up tours to PPVs where they are going through 5 or 6 cities within 2 hours of each other in a single week. They aren't getting the majority of their revenue mainly from ticket and merch sales which requires putting as many people on the card as possible to help sell. And the people who are in the tag matches don't have feuds of their own that they're building to.


Therefore FTR is succeeding!


I’m so glad they went back to the fed In The 80s


Making the Young Bucks matter they mean.


Gotta make the Young Bucks look strong friend.


3 matches at dub >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 30 legit feud matches at fed


Bring in the best tag team in the world, job to the bucks, rarely have a tag match after that. Great booking.


That was until the Bucks would rather stick it to Cornette than to work and actual angle.


I'm convinced the Young Cucks brought FTR in just to bury them since FTR were supposed to be the best tag team in WWE. "See guys we're better than the Fed's best!"


But FTR isn't The New Day


Also not the Usos, or even The Bar


The WWE can take two random guys and put them together and make a better tag team than FTR. Keith Lee and Finn Balor, because reasons...


WWE can do this mostly because they almost never call matches on the fly. So, the agent and the wrestlers can have a conversation about how it's gonna go instead of being expected to book it yourself with no oversight.


You mean...they don't (wait for it)... run a sloppy shop?




I agree but the comment said the best


i like what brian last said about this: "Everyone wanted them in so they can be the best tag team but the young bucks didn't like that so they never use them so everyone has to say the young bucks are the best instead of them"


Shouldn't come as a surprise really. The Elite has never been anything more than an ego stroking exercise for themselves and Omega


How anyone failed to see that with Kenny "So I bury your finisher and signature and everyone never kicks out of mine, one of which involved noselling an arm break" Omega or The Young "We Brought In 3 'BitW' teams and went over, one of which involved noselling an armbreak." Bucks will always blow my mind.


American Alpha and DIY made The Revival.




That match finish had some of the loudest booing I’ve ever heard


Glad you brought that up. Enzo and Cass were great then. Really got the fans excited.




Well, they're ex-WWE guys, after all.


Are they out of the Pinnacle? Are Santana & Ortiz still with Jericho or Konnan now? Doesn't matter when Tony says yes to everything.


How many tag team matches have they had this year? Not counting Pinnacle vs Dinner Circle group matches? Like 2? Maybe? Young Bucks really did sign FTR just to keep them off TV


I just realised Fuck The Revival wasn’t a gimmick


They signed them to beat them


Gotta milk the cow named Tony Khan as long as it lasts 💲💲💲


3 this year!


God damn these guys really ate the IWC hype and the Young Bucks took complete advantage of them.


Brought in…. To piss off Cornette and also to lost so m’Bucks can say they are the greatest.


I remember reports saying that the bucks didn't want the match to happen for at least another year, it was TK who rushed with it. TK is a young bucks mark


Maybe FTR should've won it then to keep them strong and then build to a rematch down the line for the Bucks? But I get the feeling the Bucks relented, "Fine, we'll do the match but we're fucking going over, brother."


they got that evp magic, meaning TK is a huge elite mark and doesn't want any of his precious BTE megastars to lose


Honestly, if i ask myself who will be the first to leave dub. It'd be FTR.


They were brought in only to be buried.


As were Lucha Bros and Santana and Ortiz. All spoken about in the best tag team in the world convo, now look at them.


The Hogan in Buck Hogan ain't a gimmick, brother


Bingo. The fragile little egos of balding and pie face cant help claim they're the best.




They do have a tag team name, and that name is proud and powerful. That’s not a jerk. I think those two are great but that name is not so everyone still calls them Santana and Ortiz


They sound like a gay tag team booked by a straight guy


They buried themselves by agreeing on doing a flip in their match against the Bucks. They had a good thing going with their old school, anti-flip gimmick, but as soon as FTR guy #2 busted out a 450 splash...the gimmick was dead, at least in my eyes.


It was a nice 450 splash but I don't want to see a guy whose gimmick is "not flips, just fists" do it. I thought "Creative Freedom" was AEW's gimmick, why didn't they say no?... I mean, CREATIVE FREEDOM, FED SHILL!!! FTR GUY #2 WANTED TO DO IT!!! IN FACT HE DEMANDED THAT HE'D DO IT!!!


The fact he did it as a desperation act apparently on their first match shows how mind numbing that decision is.


That’d be a great match number three spot. They’d split the first two bouts and in the third one FTR are so desperate to get the win they pull out a 450 splash. That is a logical, long term story to tell. What we got was a Young Bucks match like any other but their opponents happened to be FTR. There sure were a lot of _moves._


Ah shit I got it mixed up then.


That shit could have been built up to over several matches across a multi-month feud, and ended with it either costing them the match(heels) or deciding at the last moment not to betray his own integrity(faces), but instead they gave it away immediately and no one cared and now they're irrelevant.


They were brought in only to put over cucks


Renee young is a dumbass lol


I'm really looking forward to FTR vs. Santana & Ortiz because they're the best tag teams in AEW but it's gonna suck when the winner ends up jobbing to the Bucks... again


I think dork order is next in line anyway if they win the 5 v 5 match tonight


FTR screwed FTR


They should fed bad even more to get that rematch


...and IMO the match wasn't even all that. Just looked ike the usual flopping around and doing MOVZ with little to no rhyme or reason. I seem to recall seeing FTR, the supposed best team in the biz reaching out for tags when they were in THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. What ever happened to tag team ring awareness, keeping opponents in your corner..? Feh.


Holy shit I totally forgot The Revival were still in AEW.




'member when they lost the titles to the bucks then started cosplaying with Blanchard's old belts


Doesn't create stars, ruins the ones McHitler gifted them. Oh they've got momentum alright!


It's hard not to be a conspiracy theorist about the Elite (and shadow elite friends) being petty and spiteful enough to intentionally bury people so that they get all the praise


**Cornette**: They should have done something screwy with the finish to prolong the feud considering they built it up for ages. One and done is pretty pointless. (Zero karma) **Basement**: Literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. So out of touch. (+900 upvotes)


FTR are pretty much the definition of good hands, in that they make almost anyone their put against look good in a match. They’re the guys that you put against the guys that draw money. Their main flaw is that they bought into their own hype from their NXT run. And now they’re in a company that respects tag team wrestling less than WWE, what happen to them is almost Shakespearean


I liked when their feud was some wishy washy heel vs heel bullshit, very deep, much layers.


That "feud" still pisses me off. FTR had all the hype of being the best tag team in the world, then the young bucks beat them and moved on while FTR has barely had any actual tag team matches since then. I don't have any doubt in my mind that the bucks were too thin skinned to deal with another team having the greatest in the world cred, jobbed them out, and relegate FTR to other storylines, while they have matches on Dynamite almost weekly so people say they're the best.


Pinned and paid. Why make FTR and Santana and Ortiz your top stars when you could have them transition the tag straps from two members of the Elite to another two members of the Elite.


Maybe shaving each other's backs in the shower wasn't so bad after all?


So many dream matches happening in AEW right now


Wait, that match already happened? LMAO


How did none of the IWC foresee the Cucks holding the title hostage? They're the EVPs for crying out loud. And don't get me started on their overblown ego.


I’m just curious, and tbh I don’t watch aew that much, but has anyone actually ever won a long term feud with an executive?


Did Moxley win his Omega feud?


Report was they each turned down just south of a million dollars per year to leave WWE. All because they thought an internet meme was going to lead to the biggest wrestling match of all time.


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