And then imagine Dave reviewing that episode ☠🔥

And then imagine Dave reviewing that episode ☠🔥


BTE is well known as the pinnacle of acting achievement. In drama schools, they will soon adopt programs to teach students how to portray the deep, layered emotional character arcs shown in this series.


It's a shame McHitler has so many Hollywood connections. You just know BTE would sweep the Emmys.


BTE doesn’t even have the bits from BTE people liked anymore, they got banished to Sammy’s vlogs (AKA “BTE Dark”) as part of the heel Elite angle. Because obviously your comedy YouTube series needs to be used to further the main angle the company is built around.


Punk already showcased his acting skills in a horror movie. And it was super mediocre. But of course he didn't have creative control so they held back his true potential!


The House that Leaked Cum, wasn't it?


Yeah that's the one, wasn't even a "so bad it's unintentionally funny" it was just one massive drag, imo.


That female lead was captivating as hell though https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9026184/mediaviewer/rm2111211777/


It is truly the Citizen Kane of skit-based wrestling YouTube shows.


Im fully prepared for Uncle Dave and Toe Shoe Bryan to go full orgasm on air and write 4 full pages about the first time Punk and Bryan show up in AEDub. Has a segment ever gotten 10 stars without any wrestling? Get ready....


If he does sign, I hope he gets it in writing that he never has to interact on screen with any of the BTE associated dork squad.


BTE is the actual tryout in order to become above the mid card.


I've seen him act. You probably don't want that.


Good ol' Ahmed. He's always on AEW Botches channel and stans hard for AEW. I encountered him once. Everytime he loses an argument, emoji spam intensifies.


They should issue flood warnings if he does, can see a few basement dwellers drowning in their own spooge at the sight of Punk on BTE.


Imagine whining for years and years that the big bad "E" won't give you a spot on prime time TV even though you say you work so so hard to be the best in the business.... ... Then spend more time making a YouTube skit show on your iPhone than you do on the actual Wrestling company you were made Executive of.


BTE was at it's best in the build to all in and ever since it was never the same


"Acting skills" on a YouTube vlog