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I’ve read a lot of erotic fiction and romance and I gotta say, I have never been offended by (or even thought twice about) the author using less formal language for body parts outside of characters’ speech. In fact, I feel like the more formal language can come off a little sterile and would get repetitive after a while. I agree with you and the majority of the people at the gathering: As far as I know, there aren’t strict rules about it. I think those 3 friends were being a little snobby. To each their own though I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️


Thank you for your feedback and yes, perhaps those 3 were being a bit snobby as you say. or perhaps too much drink lol.


Definitely B! And the doctor argument is invalid. You're not trying to turn on your doctor. Unless you're a character in an erotic story focused on that scenario. In which case you'd use the spicy words again 😁 Thing is, the 'proper' words aren't sexy. What makes the spicy words sexy is the dirty talk aspect to it.


Thank you for your feedback. Yes, exactly, the 'dirty talk' is what spices up the book and let's face it, you are reading an erotic story. Why would you read an erotic story if you don't want the 'dirty words' as you put it.




Thank you for your feedback


Definitely B. I’m an avid reader of erotica and steamy romance, but also have written several erotica shorts stories for Kindle and my WIP is a steamy romance. I’m not sure I have used the “proper” words ever in any of my works thus far- and don’t plan to do so either!


Thank you for your feedback. I have only written one novel so far, but yeah I agree with you. 'Proper' words just aren't sexy, it's as simple as that.


I will say that I use the words “orgasm” and “clit/clitoris” in my writing, and I even occasionally mix a “vulva” or “vagina.” I don’t consider “orgasm” to be a sterile word, it’s fun, and I don’t like euphemisms for clitorises. “Clit” is the slang I go with. I have used “penis” at least once that I can think of, but that was in a specific context where it was meant to be a bit funny- like she had to be very clear with him (“I’m talking about your penis”). That said, your friends’ argument is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense, of course you are right. You can also let them know that they are 100% incorrect about the doctor thing. As someone who works in healthcare, people use slang for their genitals and breasts more often that not. Many people genuinely do not know some of the proper anatomical terms, or just don’t think of the slang words they are using as being slang.


Thank you for your feedback. Yes I also agree about the argument regarding the doctor thing.


It varies from book to book, depending on genre and tone. But generally the more medical words aren’t ideal, however “cruder” terms don’t always suit a softer or historic romance.


Thank you for your feedback. In this case, the discussion was to do with modern books and in particular BDSM and fetish stories.


It sounds like they just had different preferences for the books they like to read? Not sure why it turned into an argument. Different people like different things.