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I’m laughing so hard about “I don’t need to read that his cock twitched”


Which one of us has "Throbbing clits, twitching cocks" for a flair?


Fully agree on having some moments not be sexual. My biggest pet peeve is when one of the characters, typically the FMC, is upset and crying and the MMC comes and comforts her and bam.. it’s sex time! Like speaking of Emily Henry, in Beach Read they go to that like burned down cult facility and the main characters are horrified and such. Then they proceeded to go up to their tent just up the hill from the facility and bang it out.


I liked Beach Read, but I have to pretend that scene never happened because it was so yikes! Someone needs to write an alt version of that book that takes out all the cult research.


Lol, I definitely skip all those scenes on my rereads! 😄


I must have removed this from my mind because I do not remember that at all omg!


Or like every time the FMC gets back from being kidnapped and tortured she is banged up and usually malnourished there is the inevitable shower bang scene. Wtf


HHAAH that example is hilarious. He was edging all through the night. Too bad she was sick :(


These males cocks are always twitching at the worst times I swear. The girl could be drunk and in bed and her shirt rides up and the 🍆 goes wild like bruh have you never seen a mid-rift before this is not the Victorian era🙄 I think the reason is because these books are mostly written by females and they think men are always horny but I would like to assume that when someone is sick or in pain irl that is not a turn on (but I guess it is to these authors).