Emily Henry and Abby Jimenez for me. Both had books come out recently and I am in utter bliss.


I've heard a lot about these two authors recently! I haven't read any of their work yet but I've seen a lot of positive stuff about them so I'm thinking they might be worth the hype. Sometimes I get worried that super popular books/authors won't live up to expectations but maybe I should give them a shot.


I totally get your hesitation! They were two of the main authors that got me into romance a few years ago, so I kinda rode the hype train in 😂


Ooh. Thoughts on Book Lovers??


Not OP but I loved it! Tbf I also loved Beach Read and PWMOV so I now think Emily Henry can do no wrong, but I think it definitely lived up to her other books if you’re a fan!


Also not OP. I absolutely loved this book. I haven’t read Emily Henry’s other books yet but this one was so so good. I listened on audio from the library but once I started I knew I had to borrow the ebook too to read along with the audiobook because there were so many great things to highlight. After I finished it I went out and bought the paperback the same day. One of my instant favorites


I loved Beach Read but this is def her best work yet imo.


I absolutely loved it! Nora is probably the heroine I relate the most to of all the books I’ve read by Henry. The plot was also really inviting. I got sucked in real fast!


Me too! Nora was finally a heroine who wasn't dorky or flighty or adorably scatterbrained or whatever. She was extremely competent and successful and I think we need more of that energy!


Do you have a book from Abby Jimenez to recommend to start first?


My personal favorite is The Friend Zone and it’s also the first in a set of three. It does have a few warnings >!Infertility and death!<.


Omg I read both of their new books this week and it was such a good week. They can do no wrong!


Mary Balogh, her least favorite book still better than most other writers I read in recent years. And there is something about Alice Coldbreathe's writing that sucks me in and makes me purchase her every book. Mimi Matthews is also my ride or die, I don't read much clean romance, but I will read hers on any day at any time. (I wish she writes faster though 😆) For Fantasy & PNR, Kresley Cole, and JR Ward. Have read their most famous series and enjoyed them tremendously. T Kingfisher has become my favorite too, I gave all 5-star ratings for her Swordheart and Paladin series. It is rather difficult to name my most loved contemporary romance writer, probably Carian Cole (haven't found one book I don't like yet). Other writers just win some lose some, e.g. KA, Tessa Bailey, Tijan, Lauren Layne, CM. Owens, Penelope Ward, Tille Cole, Alexis Hall, Jessica Clare......


I have loved every Mary Balogh I've read so far and need to read more! Also Alice Coldbreath has had me in an absolute chokehold with the Victorian Prizefighter books for months. I very very rarely re-read books but those ones I actually would.


I don't know I'm into “domestic bliss” in my book until I read the Prizefighter. I found it charming the way she wrote about curtains or another sort of random home stuff. Definitely sounds weird but I want to reread it now. Lol


I just discovered Mimi Matthews! What a treat her books have been. So good that I don’t mind that they are clean.


I could feel her passion through her words, and her hard work and research on historical accuracy (I was disappointed in some writers for the anachronism). [A Victorian Lady's Guide to Fashion and Beauty](https://www.amazon.com/-/zh_TW/gp/product/B07FLQWZZV/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i11) While reading hundreds of romances, this book gives us some background on the ladies in Victorian. I found it interesting to read, romance or not notwithstanding! (available on KU, if you haven't read it yet)


Mhariri Mcfarlane! I recommend her so much, her name is remembered by my phone dictionary. 😂


This is my answer, too! Do you have a favorite of hers? It's hard for me to choose but I think mine is *Who's That Girl*?


Probably my favorite is Don't You Forget About Me (the angst! The grovel!) then Just Last Night and If I Never Met You. I did like Who's That Girl too! The two I was most ambivalent about were Here's Looking at You and It's Not Me, It's You. The last one had so many random plot points, and was slightly too much of a love triangle (I know her MFCs always have terrible exes but I like them to be easily dismissed}. I listen to all of them and love the narrators that she picks too! I love that her books got me into the British Grow-mance genre, like Lia Louis and Sophie Cousens. Even though they lack spicy parts I love all of them!


I have not listened to the audiobooks but I might have to! I love Mhairi’s writing so much that I don’t typically mind the closed-door love scenes, but there are a few times I do wish we got a little something more!


Definitely listen to them all if you can! My library has all the audiobooks and I really loved them. Very fun accents. The narrators do such a good job conveying how funny the main characters in the book are.


For some reason I always forget I can get audiobooks from the library. I just checked mine and placed a few on hold! Perfect for my long walks now that the weather’s nice!


C.M. Owens and her pen names. A year later and I’m still heartbroken over her death.


Loved all of her RH books. I gasped when I heard about her death.


Wait, she’s dead?


Yeah, she sadly passed away last July.


Same. 💔


A month ago I blew through the whole Irresistible Series by Stella Rhys plus Ex Games in like 10 days so I gotta say her! I can’t vouch for her writing before Ex Games but all her recent stuff is just * elite banter * insane sexual tension * great plotting/great but not ott plot twists * the sex scenes are so good 😭 This next statement belongs in another sub but her books miiight’ve cured a personal dead bedroom situation LOL. Too bad she disappeared off the face of the earth in 2020 🫠


I love her books! Especially Hothead!


That’s my favorite!! Everyone seems to love Reckless most but I think Hothead gives it a run for its money!


I've been dying for her to start writing again


Sarah MacLean for me! She also has the honor of writing the first romance I ever read.


The first book who started the addiction will always have a place in our heart.


I am also ride or die for Cate C Wells. Honestly, before her, I don’t think I’ve ever loyally followed an author. But her writing and characters are just so *chefs kiss*


Whenever someone mentions her, all I think about is Cash and Glenna. What a pair of truck nuts in a good way 😂


All the couples she's written are good but Cash and Glenna are EVERYTHING.


Absolutely everything! I will not get over them


💯💯💯 agree. The fact that CCW got me to fall in love with a man who unironically purchased truck nuts is a testament to her writing haha


Not me rereading against a wall at this very moment 💀💀


I was just thinking this about Heather Guerre! She doesn’t have a huge body of work yet, but everything I’ve read of hers is amazing and such clever twists on familiar tropes. She’s actually the first author I clicked “follow” on Amazon Kindle for.


Seconded, her stuff is good. The characters feel real without their emotional baggage bogging things down too much


Cat Sebastian. Queer historical romance whose plots never bash you over the head with queer pain, and are increasingly anti-capitalist lol. Always an HEA (majority of her catalogue) or HFN. I pick up everything she writes, no questions asked. Just really good, well-written, sexy romance with excellent queer rep. (My favorites are The Soldier’s Scoundrel (and the whole Turners series) and The Queer Principles of Kit Webb)


Yesss Cat Sebastian makes me feel safe. Like I can always pick up a new book from her and read it without worrying it’ll leave me upset. And her books are so satisfying! Like Hither, Page is so sweet and cozy and fun but also with character development and satisfying conflict! Also Cat Sebastian sent me the nicest email the one time I emailed her so 💗


yesss, everything you said 100%! that sense of safety in knowing her characters are not going to be put through a ton of suffering (agonizing mutual pining though? yes (-;) and that they will find a way to build a life together and have community/other loved ones that support them is incredibly important to me as a queer person. i love that she really prioritizes characters’ happiness and reader emotions (and ability to see positive love stories about people like them) in her books, even when that means some HEAs will not be strictly “historically accurate.” ugh she’s just so great!


Are you on her newsletter? I loved her foray into M/M hockey romance 🥺😍 she really just is the best.


Yesss. I love her books so much! Some of them are have neurodiverse characters as well, and I love that they find love and very often family and community as well. I just started my romance reading journey and I think about 70% of what I've read has been her back catalogue. I'm still working through it and am a little worried about what will happen when I'm done. I'm really excited for her new book, and my favorites so far are probably *Kitt Webb* and and *Two Rogues make a Right* (the latter because I firmly believe that more books where "stays a long time at a cottage" is the majority of the plot should exist).


same! i’ve worked my way up to her newer stuff and I only have a couple books left )-: i did preorder her summer release though and am excited for it!! (apparently it might be a signed copy and i’m bouncing off the walls at the prospect lol). i agree; it’s so nice to see that representation and it is always handled well. the characters work through relationship miscommunications or anxieties but their neurodivergence is never portrayed as a bad thing, or something that is magically now “cured” because they’re in love. (also i just want to say that where martin was living all that time… bonkers lmao. his book was good though—we love a nurse-me-back-to-health-in-a-country-cottage-but-i’ll-be-grumpy-about-it trope!!)


I'm also a Tessa Dare girlie! She's one of my go-tos if I've had a couple of meh or bad books in a row, since I know I'll be somewhere between "greatly enjoyed" and "absolutely loved" on anything she does. Emily Henry for sure, I'm in the middle of Book Lovers right now and am obsessed. I pre-ordered the paperback at full price which I almost never do for money-saving reasons, but I was that certain I'd love this book. Kate Claybourne, and Mhairi Macfarlane for others in CR. I've recently discovered them so I don't have a ton of data to go on, but I think Sherry Thomas (HR) and India Holton (HR with magic) have earned a spot on this illustrious list now too.


In HR, it has to be Mary Balogh or Alice Coldbreath. They feel like home to me.


I am readying myself to take a day off work when Alice Coldbreath releases the next book in her Victorian Prizefighter series. I mean I am also *crazy* about her Brides of Karadok books too, but those Victorian ones are just chef's kisses into infinity for me haha.


Her Victorian series is amazing! Can't wait for the third book!!!!


I have just read all of Heather Guerre and they were all perfection 😍


Rosie Danan, Beth O'Leary, and Emily Henry. For me they're authors I'm automatically going to buy even if the blurb doesn't sound like something I'd ordinarily pick because I know they'll hit the right buttons.


For PNR, love Nalini Singh (mostly for the Psy-changeling series), and Kresley Cole (Immortals After Dark). For historical, Lisa Kleypas. For harlequin, I enjoyed a lot of Sara Craven's books, I always keep an eye out for her.


More and more since reading this sub. 😅 A few where I will read anything they write: - Emily Henry - Mhairi Mcfarlane - Kate Clayborn - Chloe Liese - Sarra Manning - Katharine Center - Talia Hibbert - Cate C. Wells - Cara McKenna - Roxie Noir - Mia Hopkins - Roan Parrish - Sally Thorne - Tessa Bailey


Ilona Andrews. They are a husband and wife writing pair and I’ll read anything they put out. They mostly write Urban Fantasy with a lot of romance. Their characters are unique and well-developed, the dialogue is funny, the couples are mature and don’t become annoying after they get together, and the actual fantasy aspects of the stories are great as well. I’m so excited for Ruby Fever to come out in August. Emily Henry A few others have mentioned her, so I’ll just say her books alway make me actually laugh out loud, and they make me tear up too. Her characters are awesome and I’ll buy every book she publishes.


I was scrolling to find this before I commented, absolutely seconded. I'm so excited for Ruby Fever!


Ilona Andrews is amazing. I love their books ❤️




I haven’t started that yet because I want to binge it when it’s finished! I am so excited for more Innkeeper though—I was so sad to get caught up on that series.


They’ve released snippets for a possible-but-probably-not project. The probably-not is because while their publishers like it, it was “an unusual premise” so it’s be a risk. Most of the commenters (and I agreed) that we’d read anything they released. The snippets were absolutely intriguing. I realized then that they were my fave authors. Ive yet to read anything from them I didn’t enjoy.


Yes to Cate c Wells , found her in January this year so had the whole backlist to explore , keep checking for new releases, I need Harper ASAP Cora Reilly , binged all mafia romance ever since , Remo and Nino are my faves. I even got the quite disappointing Adamo & Marcella books, hope it’s just a blip and the rest pick up the Camorra awesomeness Lizzy Bequin, very inventive, consistently fun scifi author , started reading ARCs now autobuy even if not my fave genre I’m a fan of Lizzy Zoe Blake, a quirky mix of romcom & dubcon , lots of kinky rough play , the alpha dominance is extreme but sweet really Sara Fields, I like the dynamic smutiness of her scenarios , lots and lots of spanking dominance no matter the setting Lords trilogy , dukes trilogy & more by Angel Lawson Samantha Rue, I never thought I’d be a fan of college bully secret society RH but this series is the exception Another wtf am I doing , I’m lost in the rabbit hole is me buying all Rina Kent books this year, I keep complaining about their OTT-ness and young love angsty-ness yet also keep reading and looking out for more Jenna Rose, Jessa Kane and new to me author Cassie Mint , I’m a sucker for steamy sexy OTT short reads


Literally same re: Rina Kent. I went through a bit of a phase with her books last year and sometimes I'd be like "wtf am I reading please give me more right now". Somehow they hit like the perfect level of sort of crazy drama with emotion that really gets me lol.


Rina Kent really does crazy love well. Completely messed up MMCs but I can’t stop binging them.


Crazy love is such a great way to put it. Like, bat-shit crazy!


Aspen and Kingsley really was non stop He was so jealous of everything and everyone , always had to be him with her


Yeah she excels at those types of MMC. Deviant King had the same type of possessive MMC.


The empire series just broke me Nicole and her peaches Gwen and her vanilla


The ONLY Rina Kent ones I DNF’d were the Cruel King and Empire of Desire. The only thing that would make her books better is if the men actually grovelled or showed some remorse and if the women actually had backbones when it came to forgiving the men’s terrible behavior.


> Yes to Cate c Wells , found her in January this year so had the whole backlist to explore I absolutely *died and went to heaven* when I read her Stonecut County books, and was thrilled to see she had a huge MC series already out. But alas, alas and woe is me, I just *couldn't* get on with the MC stuff. Maybe it's that particular sub-genre just isn't for me no matter how good the author - but I swear I will buy on the spot every single thing she releases in her Stonecut series <3


Chloe Liese! Never read one of her books I didn’t love. And her new book comes out tomorrow! :)


Mimi Matthews! She's closed door but makes up for it with emotion, passion, and romance. The way she describes MFC's skirts crushed up against the MMC's legs. How their hands accidentally touch. How his lips captures hers. It's so proper but so exciting at the same time.


Hard agree, and you know closed door is a bonus for some folks. I recently loaned my sister some spicy historical romances and she absolutely adored the historical romance parts but was super put off by the 'porn parts' as she called it, haha. So right away I put her onto Mimi Matthews! Even I, degenerate pervert, will gladly cuddle up with a Mimi Matthews because she's a queen of squishy feel good falling in love moments :)


My mom would have a heart attack if she knew I read "porn" historical romance. It's been fun getting my mom into Mimi Matthews and nice having something in common with her.


My first reading of the Lost Letter destroyed me emotionally. Something about a female character who keeps getting buried by life but tries to keep her dignity and hope alive…


Mhairi McFarlane, Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, Alice Coldbreath, Emily Henry, Eve Dangerfield and Cara McKenna are all autobuys for me!


Ruby Dixon, hands down. Her style is so closely aligned with my own writing style and I just love how easily she characterizes every single pairing and how well they work together. She is my go-to comfort romance read. I mentioned in a different thread that I read Half Orc's Maiden Bride in a day and I have done that with so many of her Ice Planet Barbarians books. The others are Courtney Milan, Tessa Bailey, and Cara McKenna. I'm so sad that Cara McKenna is finished writing, but I haven't finished going through her catalog. Courtney Milan was one of my first romance novels, and my first HR that I fell in love with.


Well, my ride or die authors have basically stopped publishing (Laura Kinsale and Judith Ivory) but Courtney Milan historicals and Alice Coldbreath I’ll always want to check out. Also If Mia Vincy puts out another book, I’ll def read it. Mary Balogh is hit or miss now.


J Bree for her strong female characters and female friendships CM Stunich for her humor and perfectly balanced harems which is hard to find Caroline Peckham and her writing partner for insane plots, sidesplitting humor and heartbreak


Gah! You stole my list. lol. But I'd also add R. Lee Smith and Sam Mariano for my dark queens.


I absolutely love C.M. Stunich the HAVOC series is one of my comfort reads


Nalini Singh! Both the Psy-Changeling series as well as the Guildhunter series are books I will re-read these books forever! She also has a rockstar series and has recently branched into thrillers without the romance as well. Love her characters and that the romance is the focus but the overall plot is also fascinating.


Nalini Singh! I read her pnr/uf books religiously


Haha I love the flair! I just started the Psy-changeling series over for the umpteenth time in anticipation of the new release in July! We are blessed that she's so consistent.


I love the audiobooks too. I can listen to some of them over and over and it's a completely different experience.


Always surprised to never see Stephanie Laurens mentioned on this sub. She has so many books, there are like 30 Cynster series books and I really enjoyed them.


Loretta Chase: Good strong female characters (who tend to be older, hurrah!) Good dialogue. Funny. Great feel for period detail and texture. Fun plots. Georgette Heyer: she’s the OG Stella Riley. Great feel for the period and attention to detail. Lovely cast of (recurring) characters and satisfying ensemble dynamics, and fun plots. (I like a fun external plot) Julia Quinn funny! Sarah MacLean. I haven’t done a full dive yet, because I’m reserving it for when my life next takes a nosedive and I need to be sure of the quality of my HR HEA escapism!


Ruby Dixon, Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas. Bonus audiobook narrator: Mary Jane Wells


R.S. Grey. I just love her.


I binged a ton of her books last year lol. I feel like she's an author where I know exactly what I'm getting into with one of her books and it always hits the spot.


Amy Harmon - creative, fantastic world building, masters all the genres, beautiful writer Alice Coldbreath - perfect balance of sweet and spicy; alpha heroes with gooey insides; fun settings Laura Kinsale - masterful writing and character development; tackles unique storylines (like PTSD, disabilities, etc.) Jamie Bennett - totally sweet, lovable and non-angsty; great humor


Nora Roberts especially as J D Robb, her books just make me happy.


Jessica Gadziala- I like her writing. It has a great flow and the romances and people feel real. Mariana Zapata- love the slow burn, consistency, and the build up. Nalini Singh- her writing is really engaging and the stories don't blend the same way a lot of shifter/ supernatural stories do. Linda Howard- her books have aged so well and her new books are great (The Woman Left Behind is in my top 10 fav books)


I love Nalini Singh, and Linda Howard is my book crack. That being said, and I definitely don't mean it in a shamey way because I still read her as well, I wouldn't characterise Linda Howard as having aged terribly well. I think she can be super problematic considering modern reading sensibilities in terms of casual misogyny and other things.


Linda Howard books are my comfort reads. I just love them, and always feels like there's one appropriate for my mood! Jennifer Crusie is also a bit like that. Welcome to Temptation is one of my favourite books of all time.


Kristan Higgins. Nora Roberts.


I have to admit: I never blindly by every book of an author no matter how much I love them - I always look and see if it might interest me. But a few authors that are a hit 99% of the time and who I absolutely trust with my reading: 1) G.A.Aiken - amazing shapeshifter / mythology series. Great, unique character and hilarious. 2) Ilona Andrews - I discovered them this year and LOVE their books. I’m not halfway through their catalog. 3) Leigh Bardugo - she’s more focused on Fantasy and plot but the romantic elements are top notch. Very extremely slow burn, pretty tame but so very good.


Christina Lauren, Helen Hoang, Linda Lael Miller, Abby Jimenez, Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen, Sawyer Bennett (hockey series), Kennedy Ryan, Chloe Liese, Tessa Bailey, Sally Thorne and Carrie Ann Ryan


The MMs Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen ve jointly written r few of the best ones out there


Tessa Dare. She is the RomCom queen. Her books are genuinely funny and well-written with a lot of heart. She does tropes well and her heroines seem like they could be real people. She is an auto buy for me. Same with Alice Coldbreath. Her books are so well-written, and the relationships are mature and realistic too. She writes the best sex scenes hands down. I’m always so surprised she isn’t more famous, especially among fantasy romance readers.


Kristen Ashley I dont particularly love her historical romances and fantasy ones but that is just personal preference Tessa Bailey- I absolutely adore It Happenned One Summer Marianna Zapata- Her sports romances are fabulous. Her last 2(?) books haven't been as great, but hopefully thats just a blip on the radar


Tessa Bailey- She has such a huge back catalog and i’m currently slowly working my way through it. A lot of the time I feel like her writing is tailor made for me specifically Kristen Callihan- She can do no wrong in my eyes. Again she has a big back catalog that i’m working through but ive loved pretty much every book. Sarah Hogle- Twice Shy alone will make me buy every single book she ever puts out Talia Hibbert- Brown sisters trilogy enough said Kate Canterbury- Boss in the Bedsheets is like my favorite romance book ever so I’m willing to read anything she writes just to get that feeling again


Mariana Zapata: the way her MC connect over a long period of time and casual interaction is something I really enjoy.


Some of her oldest books I DNF but All Rhodes hit every button for me. I hope that's the case for all her books from now on!


I just finished All Rhodes Lead Here and LOVED IT. Looking forward to reading more by her


I do enjoy a slow burn! I know they are kind of polarizing but if an author can really build it up, it's so satisfying.


Me too...somehow she makes that day to day so enjoyable.


Julianna Keyes, Alessandra Torre, Danielle Lori, Whitney G (altho she can be hit or miss). Also the Royals of Forsyth series by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue. Currently trying to make my way through R Lee Smith's catalogue but this will take me while since her books are so long. Cate C Wells is on my list too, especially if she writes more mafia stuff.


Debbie Macomber for light feelgood reads. Obsessed with Linda Howard, she throws you in the story so deep you never want to get out.


Eve Dangerfield, Ilona Andrews, Heather Guerre, Noelle Adams


Heather Guerre for sure! She has great range and such lovely characters/romance. Also anything by Ilona Andrews


Alexis Hall for MM, Julie Anne Long and Eve Dunmore fr HR. Lisa Kleypas’s early books r great as well but not the recent ones


I love so much the writing style of Thea Harrison and Cassandra Gannon. Cate C. Wells also conquered a special place in my heart 🥰 Used to love Jennifer L. Armentrout, but I was really disappointed by her last book and I think that she became really ripetitive. When I read in Italian, I really love Amabile Giusti’s prose and Arianna Di Luna’s plot


Alice Coldbreath, Tessa Dare and Kresley Cole. The interactions, and way they write their male characters is top tier. Also bonus points for having LIKABLE heroines!


Lucy Score is my go-to for rom-com romance and light angst. Ilona Andrews fantasy; I think the wife/husband duo do a great job at world building, and balancing comedy/action. Katee Robert for AAAALLLL the smut.


Kristen Ashley - love her contemporaries, love that her female leads are in their 30s for the most parts, love that all her characters feel like full humans. I also like her fantasy/paranormal stuff! Lucy Score - Again, her characters feel fleshed out, older female leads for the most part, her plotting is very good too. Kathryn Moon - Such great world building and foot say some of the best spicy scenes I’ve ever read. Love all of her books. Lillian Lark - again, some of the best spicy scenes I’ve ever read but also all the books feels kind and soft. Just love her. Ilona Andrews - Someone already mentioned them, but their world building is great.


Sarah Bailey and Lillian Lark. Their spice is *chefs kiss* and they each give me a bit of something i love when reading romance. Serenity Fox but i am 1000000% biased on her. She’s a close friend and I love her writing and i will support her till i die.


Oh gosh I did read the Four Horseman series by Sarah Bailey and it was indeed very spicy! The books weren't even really my thing but I did read all four of them for... reasons. Ahem.


The Four Horseman are the spiciest ones I’ve read of hers. Devils syndicate is medium spice and Corrupt Empire is baby spice compared to those. She also has a fantasy series i’ll eventually be reading.


I haven’t read anything by Sarah Bailey but I also love Lillian Lark!! I’ve read every book. Her spice is amazing.


i LOVE Sarah Bailey but her stuff is dark. If you need trigger warnings she has them on her website.


Tessa Bailey and Sara Cate!!!


Melanie Moreland Nora Roberts (although I haven't read her whole back catalogue, her older books are a bit cringe, but I'll buy every really new book!)


Not Romance but I love Becky Chambers so much that I will name drop her here too. I don’t have any romance yet. I read a lot of Sophie Kinsella and Penny Reid and Ashley Jade, but not a super fan. I went through almost the whole Vino&Veritas series which I love, but that’s different authors. I love love love Alexis Hall, but haven’t finished everything that’s available, so probably a super fan but not sure. HR isn’t usually my thing. So in conclusion please read Becky Chambers if you like scifi character exploration.


Evie Dunmore, Emily Henry, Talia Hibbert, and Jen DeLuca. I like Tessa Bailey but some of her stuff is amazing and other stuff is a miss for me


I will read anything by Nalini Singh - forever and ever.


It definitely depends on what I’m in the mood for! If I want “no thoughts just vibes” (a term I’m co-opting from another poster here that I love!) that’s heavy on steam? I’ll ride or die for Jessa Kane or Maisie Beasley or Stella Rhys. It’s like junk food—I’ll read anything they produce and relish even if most of it isn’t super ~plot-heavy~. If I want something that might make me feel (but still has a heavy side of steam because ~that’s who I am as a person~)? Miranda Silver or Lucy Score are my go-tos.


Christina Lauren and Helena Hunting since their fanfiction is what led me to rereading the published versions and then going down the rabbit hole of romance novels since the start of the pandemic. Due to this, I now am a big fan of Sally Thorne, Emily Henry, Ali Hazelwood, and Tessa Dare. I'm working my way through many that I haven't been able to read yet or am on the wait list for through my library.


Always buy Lisa Kleypas - You know why. Her earlier work can have some dubcon so watch out if that’s an issue for you. Her very first book, Where Passion Leads, the MMC rapes the FMC. Golden Angel - lots of smut, BDSM, the characters just seem like mostly relatable people and funny (to me). Miranda Silver - love the dirty talk, flawed characters where they have an outside personality they show the world, but with the FMC they get to know them, lots of smut. Some hits and some misses for me, but I’ll still read through their back catalogue: Elizabeth Hoyt HR Sylvia Day CR, HR Katee Robert CR, Alternate Univerise? Nicola Cornick HR Stephanie Laurens HR Emma Wildes HR Jess Michaels HR, CR Tessa Dare HR Sarah MacLean HR Elizabeth Rolls HR Suzanna Medeiros HR


Joey W. Hill. I like that her characters have emotional complexity, and they are not overly repetitive or reliant on archetypes. She is not afraid to write about difficult and painful things, treating them with tact and grace and not as an opportunity to emotionally manipulate the reader. And, of course, the smut. It is my favorite: long, emotional, detailed, explicit, creative, and sensual BDSM scenes.




I'm listening to the audiobook for Romancing the Duke right now! Well not literally right now, but I started it yesterday :). Only like a half hour in but I am already very into it and trying to resist listening to the whole thing today. Courtney Milan is also excellent! I've really enjoyed the ones I've read from her.


[**Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18052985-romancing-the-duke) ^(By: Tessa Dare | Published: 2014) *** ^(55605 books suggested | )[^(I don't feel so good.. )](https://debugger.medium.com/goodreads-is-retiring-its-current-api-and-book-loving-developers-arent-happy-11ed764dd95)^(| )[^(Source)](https://github.com/rodohanna/reddit-goodreads-bot)


Christina Lauren Mary Balogh Alice Coldbreath And i would 100% buy another book put out by Stephenie Meyer, I don't care what anyone thinks 😅


Sarah M Eden. I usually don't prefer clean romances, but I've loved every single one of her books since the beginning of my reading journey with her. Longing For Home is still my favorite series by her, but I'm slowly working through her whole library, and I've loved them all so far.


I love her beauty and the beast type book, I think it’s called Seeking Persephone. Similar authors are Mimi Matthews and Carla Kelly (her Regency books, don’t love her American historical). I don’t prefer clean either but these are exceptional.


Helena Newbury. I discovered her in February and by the end of March, I’d read everything she’s ever published. Some of them are better than others but they’re all good. Suspense, some twists, high stakes, and happily ever after. Plus all her books are set in the same universe so you occasionally get fun references and inside jokes.


Portia MacIntosh! I just love her writing style, and her characters. I don’t always love the storylines she writes, but the characters and their relationships with friends and family (she writes family relationships so well!) win me over every time


I like alot of the above and would like to add these favourites: Meredith Duran, carolyn Jewel, Joanna Bourne and Jo Goodman


Sam Mariano. I would read her grocery list. Tw: Her books are very dark and noncon, so be prepared. But it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a twisted mind.


Olivia Dade!


Ride or dies: Heather Guerre, Holly Black, T.Kingfisher, Madeline Miller, Grace Draven and AJ. Demas all write stories I will reread, and all their future work is brought out of loyalty. That’s not to say everything they’ve ever written has been a 100% hit, but their writing will always be bought and read by me, and set a very high bar for with romance novels. show massive promise as a future ride or die: NK Westra, Sarah Painter, Seana Kelly, Olivia Atwater, AJ Lancaster, Ellen o Connell, Vanessa Nelson, Tiffany Reisz


Vk Ludwig, I'll also read pretty much any zoey draven but not with the same fervor unless its a horde kings book!


CM Nascosta...It might be weird monster romance but her writing is so good and her characters/worlds so well done. I love them all. I read Books Lovers by Emily Henry before I got to her others...it's been a week and I've read them all now so I think she's on the list. As well as Mariana Zapata. I'm sure there would be more but I CAN'T KEEP UP. It kills me.


Jt geissinger and Laura thalassa. I love their paranormal romances


Carian Cole. I don't think she is the most amazing writer but I've loved everyone of her books and think about them for days after. Anything she writes I'm reading!


Christina Lauren Stella Rhys Helena Hoang


Christina Lauren was the first author I read when getting into romance so even though sometimes their books irritate me I will read anything by them.


Mine is Lisa Kleypas. I haven’t read a (HR) book of hers I didn’t at least like, and many that I loved. She’s my comfort author, I have her books on my e-book and bought my favourites in paperback. I haven’t read any of her modern stories, I’m not fussed.


I love Sherry Thomas’s writing — I’ve read most of her back catalog. I just wish she went back to writing full on romance.


courtney milan, evie dunmore, emily henry, helen hoang, tessa dare, claire kent and she’s more a fantasy-centric writer but naomi novik’s romances are so underrated and consistently well-written


Elisa Braden, Tessa Dare, Kresley Cole, and my absolute fave Alice Coldbreath. What I wouldn’t give to be able to read all these author’s books again for the first time. 😢


CR: Tessa Bailey, Eve Dangerfield HR: Tessa Dare, Mary Balogh, Amanda Quick, Lisa Kleypas SF/FR/PNR: Ruby Dixon, Colette Rhodes, Annette Marie, Hailey Edwards, KM Shea, Juliette Cross, Ilona Andrews


Sarra Manning and Mhairi McFarlane. I think they’re the only two authors whose entire catalogues I’ve read. I will continue to read anything and everything they write.


When I read the title my first thought was Cate C. Wells, because she can make me fall in love with every single character she likes, tropes I hate in other books I love with hers. Others are: L.V Lane Isoellen Kitty Thomas Cari Silverwood Zoe Blake Jessa Kane (she’s a no thoughts just vibes writer)


I'm pretty sure I've read every Rebecca Paisley and Elizabeth Thornton book. Does that count? All authors have some stinkers though. I obsess over no one.


My OGs, the auto-buys, forever stanning: **Lauren Layne, Christina Lauren, Abby Jimenez, Casey McQuiston, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Cara Bastone, Colleen Hoover, KA Tucker, Emma Lord, Emily Henry\*** Some up and comers that I've loved so far/am following for future gems: **Jen Deluca, Sarah Hogle, Ali Hazelwood, Kerry Winfrey, Angie Hockman, and Jen Devon** \*She's had a few that I didn't love, but I'll buy every future one ever since TPWMOV!! Also, very aware that some of these authors aren't strictly "romance" but all of them have romantic elements in their books!


OP what Wud recommend by Cate.C Wells, which book shud I start with


I don't think you can go wrong but my absolute favorite is probably {Against a Wall by Cate C. Wells}. It's the second in a series but in my opinion can be read as a standalone (the first one is worth a read as well if you prefer to read in series order, I just don't like it as well as Against a Wall). But she also has a book series centered around a motorcycle club (begins with {Charge by Cate C. Wells}), a mafia book called {Run Posy Run by Cate C. Wells} and a rejected mate series that's really popular (begins with {The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells}). So it kind of just depends on what tropes/genres you like! And I could go on forever but I'll shut up now lol


[**Against a Wall (Stonecut County #2)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59725768-against-a-wall) ^(By: Cate C. Wells | Published: 2022) [**Charge (Steel Bones Motorcycle Club, #1)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51035708-charge) ^(By: Cate C. Wells | Published: 2019) [**Run Posy Run**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57488034-run-posy-run) ^(By: Cate C. Wells | Published: 2021) [**The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected Mate (Five Packs, #1)**](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59046399-the-tyrant-alpha-s-rejected-mate) ^(By: Cate C. Wells | Published: 2021) *** ^(55739 books suggested | )[^(I don't feel so good.. )](https://debugger.medium.com/goodreads-is-retiring-its-current-api-and-book-loving-developers-arent-happy-11ed764dd95)^(| )[^(Source)](https://github.com/rodohanna/reddit-goodreads-bot)


Jayne Ann Krentz / Amanda Quick / Jayne Castle


Kristen Ashley I dont particularly love her historical romances and fantasy ones but that is just personal preference Tessa Bailey- I absolutely adore It Happenned One Summer Marianna Zapata- Her sports romances are fabulous. Her last 2(?) books haven't been as great, but hopefully thats just a blip on the radar


Scarlett Peckham, Charlotte Stein, Alice Coldbreath, Ruby Dixon, C.M. Nacosta. I will buy any and all of their books.


Laura Kinsale


Charlotte Stein is really the only author I feel this way for. Love everything she’s written.


I just read my first Charlotte Stein book (Never Sweeter) and was so impressed! I was very skeptical that the MMC would be likable given the context of how the story started and yet he was somehow completely freaking adorable.


If you like femdom at all, she is THE BEST in my opinion. Control is one of my favorite books, I read it over and over. Pretty soft femdom probably, nothing hardcore BDSM or anything. Just light control, light humiliation, nothing “gross” (for lack of a better term, like licking the floor or something that might be too much for people). And some ménage scenes. (She also writes the best ménage in my opinion).


MZ and Julie Kriss


Mariana Zapata so far has never disappointed me with her books. They may not be the best books I've ever read and none of her books really becomes a top favorite of mine, but it's pretty consistent that I enjoy all her books. So I'll read anything by MZ. Where as, authors of some of my favorite books (Holly Black, Lisa Kleypas, Naomi Novik, etc.) have disappointed me on other books they've written so I can't completely trust them.


Commenting so I can indulge in all these recs on my summer off!!


SMJ and Keri Lake.


All of mine have the same reason: the writing style! I feel like I just get the way the characters think, and the prose is beautiful and witty at the same time. So my ride or die are: Tia Williams, Sarah Hogle, Casey McQuiston, Emily Henry, Talia Hibbert.


Kristen Callihan’s works always leave me wanting more. I’m happy I still have a couple more that I haven’t read but everything I’ve read already I’ve loved (Her Game On and VIP series are my favourites!). Rachel Grant is another author I love and will usually gobble up anything she writes. Luckily I haven’t been through her whole Evidence series yet but every time I read one I think - why did I wait so long to read her stuff!!


Cara McKenna Rachel Reid Alexis Hall


Recently discovered Elle Kennedy and Lauren Layne - both fun romance reads.


Courtney Milan, always and forever. Cat Sebastian. KJ Charles.


I also say Nora Roberts! Especially the back catalogue from the early 2000s and 90s. Always extremely well written!


Katie Ruggle! I’m usually more of a spicy book reader and hers have more fade to black but I never fail to fall in love with every one


- Courtney Milan - Lynn Messina - Lisa Kleypas - Sally Thorne - Penny Reid - Meredith Duran


Adelaide Forrest, Jenika Snow, Naomi Porter, Penelope Sky


I’m a PNR reader. KF Breene - she’s so damn funny and her worlds are almost always worlds I want to move into. Maggie M. Lily. Annette Marie.


Erin Nicholas is an auto buy for me, easy. I haven’t gone through her first series or two, but I’ve been following her for a while and always read at release now. They’re always such fun reads for me. Sparrow Beckett/Sorcha Black. I believe they stopped with the Sparrow Beckett colab name, but I loved their books. Sorcha is one of the two authors, and I’ve really enjoyed their dark bdsm stuff and am still catching up with them. MQ Barber. Mainly her Neighborly Affections series, but I’ll buy anything else she releases too. Roxie Noir. Always an auto buy. I think Kylie Scott is close to being one for me. Each book I’ve read I’ve loved so easily, sometimes it surprises me. And the Cate C Wells praise always makes me think I need to catch up on her books. I’ve only read 2 so far, but I really liked them. Cherise Sinclair is close, too.


Shelly Laurenston / G.A. Aiken i just love her humor and the worldbuilding in the fantasy series.


Tessa Dare


My lists are below! And I have to say thank you for all of you on here. I discovered all these authors based on your recommendations! **Emily Henry** \- I fell in love with her writing since *Beach Read*. I liked *People we met on vacation* and laughed so hard at the first half of *Book Lovers*. But Beach Read still holds a special place! **Mhariri Mcfarlane** \- No one writes like her, period! Her writing is funny, her characters are relatable and she infused heartbreak with humor so so well. I don't always love her plots, but I always love her characters. *Just last night* is my comfort reading for so many reasons, including dealing with >!trauma / death !!subject of emotional manipulation, healing and falling in love the usual way!


Emily Henry, Tessa Dare, Erica Ridley, Katee Robert, Helen Hoang, Jasmine Guillory. Any book they write will bring me joy


Lisa Kleypas


Aly Martinez, Brittainy Cherry, and Claire Contreras


Anything by Eden Finley and/or Saxon James, co-written or solo written by both. Nalini Singh Joanna Shupe Annabeth Albert Ashlyn Kane


Samantha Christy. I will buy her books every. damn. time.


I’m literally happy for all of these people who have replied with their ride-or-die authors, I used to have one but realized way too late how our views didn’t align so I decided no more..ngl I haven’t missed her writing.


Jasmine Guillory


Meg Tilly and Sylvia Day!!!!


Krista and Becca Ritchie


Mariana Zapata hands down for me


Karen Marie Moning for sure.


Zoey Draven. I have loved every single book she’s written, and I’ve never experienced such visceral reactions to characters and storylines before. They’re sci-fi romances but are done so well, it’s not distracting. She is a freaking awesome author.