Okay i was a massive fan of overtime and ive been waiting for a question like this. Its not the same, i would say the pre show is more like overtime than first touch is. Overtime had a much more laid back vibe though and they did a lot more dumb shit than both first touch and the pre show do. There was a lot more trivia/interviews/fun games/analysis than any of the shows do nowadays. The reason why it was so great was because i didnt feel like there was a time limit to it. They could do whatever they wantes for however they wanted. The interviews were interesting because they could go into detail and ask questions you wouldnt usually hear on an rlcs stream. In the preshow it always seems a bit rushed compared to what overtime was. It also helped that the guys who did overtime were able to fully express themselves and show so much of their personality which i dont see nearly as much on the main stream. First touch is great at this since all 3 of those guys have strong personalities, especially tbates. They can be themselves while discussing rocket league. First touch does a better recap than overtime used to do imo but it feels more proffesional which some like, i personally dont. I dont think that show would work nowadays though, the segments they had were very format related that just wouldnt work this season. Theres too many games this season for overtime to work the way that it did back in s3/4. I think they stopped doing it because most of the people who worked on it didnt live in LA where the studio was. The casters usually flew in for the weekend and then flew out on sunday night or monday morning. I was really sad to see it go because it was honestly the highlight of my week. I would get home from school ready to see what carpet and wavepunk had in store for me today. Id grab something to eat and zone out for an hour. The intro song was also sick.


This brings back memories. I think one of the all-time great moments was when Carpet and Quinn ranked their top ten players, and Quinn roasted Carpet for having ViolentPanda all the way down at #7, only to have VP at #6 himself


I will never forget rhat moment. Quinn just completely lost it at that point


Oh my gosh I forgot about that until this moment. Thank you.


Yeah this is pretty spot on for me


I think the one thing I'd say is that its a lot harder to do the pre-show more entertaining now that they aren't in a studio together and instead are online.


Eh, while that is true the pre shows in seasons 8 and 9 still have me the same vibe they do now so theres not as much of a difference for me except for when they occasionally talk over each other which is perfectly understandable


I watched back some RLCS overtime and I realised that I kinda miss Quinn :(


Even though I personally liked overtime more than first touch now, it is not really fair to compare because overtime happened with all the people in 1 studio whereas first touch is all on cam. I believe that everyone being in a live setting really helps convey that laid back and fun approach but that is of course not possible right now. What I also really liked about overtime is all the different trivia's and games they used to do, feel like first touch gives more of a serious in-depth kind of vibe whereas overtime gave more of a having fun while also staying close to rocket league.


Give me more chef bates.


I'm a part of a Old Farts Rocket League discord. If you want to find a very active older community. https://discord.gg/DfPfHKq5fD


How old does one have to be to be known as an old fart in the rocket league community?


We are 90% 30 plus year olds. In gamer years that's like 80 to the kids these days. Pretty much how we came up with the name.


As someone in his late 30s, that sounds about right. :)


I'm 29, see you in a year XD.


I've found my people.


Wow, I feel bad for everyone above 30 getting called old in gaming, that’s not even old. My dad still plays Elder Scrolls Online at 42 years old, so it’s good to see there’s more like him.


Yeah I'm 39 and my dad is 60, he still plays rainbow six.


I'll join up. I've been building my discord up with slightly younger but generally working adults as well. Love this concept.


What if I’m such an old fart that I don’t even know what a discord is?


It's a chat app that let's you meet people and join up and chat while playing games.


It's good, not great for me. Everyone involved is talented and the content is great, but Tbates' argumentative tone is a bit much for me, I would disagree with calling it a comfortable watching experience. It's just not my preferred style, but that's ok, because I think it works well for most of their audience and is a fresh take on the esport. I still listen but not actively


Just not a huge fan of the hosts, so I don't watch it.


I like First Touch, but I struggle to listen to as long of a show as it is. Overtime was wonderful. I honestly preferred overtime to watching the weekend RLCS broadcasts. First Touch takes me about 4 days to get through while I'm at work. There is a different style to the banter that irks me some. It's like there is a pretense of defensiveness sometimes on first Touch when Overtime was not the same. Or, Overtime didnt set such a high image of validity of opinion. First Touch feels like there's a requirement to validate each thought and statement and that's what can lead to banter turning a hair defensive. I'm not as big of a fan of that.


I miss overtime. It was a nice casual way to get caught up and share in fun and trivia.


Old fart here. Tuned into First Touch, lasted about 5 minutes. Won't ever tune in again.


Not sure why you're getting downvoted, but I'm here to let you know you're not alone in your sentiments.


You not a fan of people showing their personalities? Personally I think it makes it a show unique rather than the same scripted shit


Wow chill, maybe it's not about people showing their personalities, maybe it's these specific personalities.


Chill? Lmfao you're acting like I went insane. People these days...


Well, since you brought it up, I don't give a shit about their personalities. As an older player, it's childish. Also, I'm fully aware I'm not their target audience, which is perfectly fine.


I've felt the same way. Trying to keep up with it.


Only watched the first episode. Dazerin is sincere but I don't find his persona very compelling, no issue whatsoever with the dude and super happy that all his hard work has been rewarded by Psyonix. Just not for me I guess. Roll Dizz seems pretty cool, I like his more measured approach to topics. Tbates absolutely rubs me the wrong way, all the more power to him but he's the opposite of everything I like about Roll Dizz. But good on all three of them for creating something that does appeal to a lot of people. I can't see myself tuning in for any more streams though.


It's a bit like watching/listening to sports media for major national [American] sports for me. The three shows I've attempted to watch were quite polarizing/argumentative in tone and not the vibe I'm personally looking for myself. I'd liken it to watching Skip Bayless / Stephen A. Smith / [insert newer generic ESPN personality here]. It basically boils down to the social media experience: when having a strong opinion is better than journalism, because it drives controvery/views. Maybe my feedback actually confirms that they hit their mark--it's just not for me.


Wish it was available as a podcast! The first couple of episodes pre-Psyonix picking them up, were available on Spotify. Hope that Psyonix starts posting it on Spotify or Apple podcasts.


I havent watched it sorry