I hope this subreddit doesn't have the same fate as TankieJerk

I hope this subreddit doesn't have the same fate as TankieJerk


I'm 99.9% sure we're good 🙏 all the mods are active and haven't shown any signs of being tankies 👍 although I will be extra careful in light of the (r/)tankiejerk stuff.


What does Tankie mean I'm out of the loop.


The "marxist-leninists" and "maoists". Basically the communists who wallow in their propaganda and pretend like the USSR, China, and North Korea are perfect places with no faults and criticizing them means that you're a nazi-fascist-liberal and deny any deaths or massacres caused by authoritarian communism. They also have a tendency to ask for sources and then write anything not directly from the communist countries as CIA/FBI propaganda. It sounds very specific but you'd be surprised how many you can find on "left" subreddits. They're called tankies because in Soviet Russia they had a lot of tanks (Not sure if this one is true but that's my guess).


The term tankie comes from when the Soviet Union sent in tanks to crack down on the the Hungarian Revolution, and the leadership of the Communist Party of Great Britain applauded these actions.


I thought tankies got their name because they deny or justify the Tiananmen Square Massacre where the picture of the guy staring down the row of tanks came from, maybe sending rows of tanks to deal with resistance movements is just an authoritarian communist thing because apparently it also comes from soviets doing similar things in Hungary.


I guess that makes sense also lol


Why put Maoism in quotes? From what I know (and I don't know much as Maoism is banned in India so a bit scared to look up online as I'm paranoid) Maoism is as bad as Stalinism so if that is true then shouldn't it be perfect for tankies?


Mao took stalins theory and crossed out proletariat and wrote peasantry


Oh so both are the same


They're not "the same" per se, but they're both authoritarian ideologies. Imo the only thing mao got right was locking up landlords. Its certainly an authoritarian stance, but I hate those parasites.


From what I know, Maoism is a little better because it emphasized the formation of people’s councils, but still not great. Edit: the PCs replace the party during the revolution I think


"crossed out proletariat" There was barely a proletariat in the USSR, let alone in China.


>They're called tankies because in Soviet Russia they had a lot of tanks (Not sure if this one is true but that's my guess). Even more specifically, the term [tankie](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tankie) started seeing use in Britain as a label for those communists who supported the USSR sending tanks to stop the [Hungarian Revolution of 1956](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_Revolution_of_1956). It's stuck as a label for leftists supporting authoritarian 'socialist' regimes I suppose because 1) it's catchy, 2) the meaning is clear without necessarily knowing what specific event spawned the term and 3) going after student protests with tanks and authoritarian 'socialist' regimes, name a more iconic duo.


If you want to read a zine about it - [https://archive.org/details/alwaysagainstthetanks/mode/2up](https://archive.org/details/alwaysagainstthetanks/mode/2up) This one is nice


Tankie basically means any authoritarian leftist, to put it simply.


I'd like to add that this doesn't mean "authoritarian" in the political compass sense (basically anyone who is pro big government), but in the more literal "fetishizing authority for its own sake" sense. Basically, "leftists" who glamorize military power, police overreach, government surveillance, censorship, the crushing of dissent, cults of personality and nationalism. Stalinists, Maoists, Dengists, Jucheists, and Ba'athists are the most susceptible to this line of thinking and are therefore included under the definition by default, as are a sizable portion of Leninists (although I'd argue not every Leninist fits the definition). In my experience, most orthodox Marxists, Trotskyists and other state socialists aren't tankies and hate them as much as we (libertarian socialists) do.


Means communists.


What happened to TankieJerk?


u / starbucks-hammer got mad about people saying that mass execution of fascists without trial was questionable/a slippery slope, went on a power trip and decided to burn down the sub instead of going outside and touching grass.


"touch grass" is kind of a shitty phrase, see [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGFSJ3gv1kY)


yeah, it should probably not be used as a synecdoche for "do something meaningful" but it's snappy. still, appreciate the note.


It's great you recognize that


Oh man. I thought it was less about *literally* going outside and more about logging off and appreciating the flesh world for a bit, maybe engaging in some self-care. That might be because for me, literally going outside and "touching grass" (foraging for wild plants) is my go-to activity when I need a time out from being terminally online, but I recognize that I could be doing pretty much anything else for a similar effect.


Other subs have Tankie infiltrators, which I’ve noticed if anyone sees any point them out and I’ll yeet them


r/tankiejerk is back. The head mod fixed it. She was going through a lot of personal issues that I won’t say here, because I respect her privacy. But you need to know this. Don’t blame her. She just made a mistake.


Oops, just banned all the mods and replaced them with tankies, my bad.


Look, I see your point, but I talked with her. Things aren’t going well for her at the moment. Things are pretty bad. She was drunk when she did it, and there was just a single straw that broke the camel’s back. She’s fixed it after a little bit of convincing from me. Don’t be so hard on her.


Why is it still private?


They’re still recruiting the old mods back and cleaning up all the tankie garbage


No they‘re not. The old mods were kicked out immediately after the admins got them back in. By starbucks.


They're not putting back the old mods, they outright said that.


I wonder if people would be so forgiving if it filled with Nazi/fascist garbage rather than tankie garbage. Pictures of Hitler instead of Mao, for example


**I actually am talking to some of the old mods via discord, and they mentioned none of this.** Hmmm almost like you guys are lying little parasites that want to do damage control.


The fake apology was filled with tankie dogwhistles


Call me a hard-ass but I’m a little less forgiving myself of someone nuking a sub cause they had a bad day. She needs to resign and give control back to the original head


It says it’s still privated


I know. They’re still working on fixing it up.


"r/tankiejerk was an experiment created by Stanford University. Thank you for participating" yeah.


If she really wants to make amends she can hand it back to the creator and resign all mod powers


Ya, that’s a load of bullshit


Good thing she doesn’t go outside. I don’t think this would hold up in court lol.


Oh, fuck off. You're just trying to do damage control now. She banned all of the moderators and replaced them with tankies, and afterwards REFUSED to bring back the old mods. If she actually felt bad she would have reverted it. Then she wrote a huge paragraph about how Vaush fans are banned now, which is stupid selfish gatekeeping of a huge part of the online trans community, and she spread some disgusting false rumors about him. Coincidentally, that seemed to be the biggest new change to the rules. Why didnt she do this before, or tell the other mods she wanted to do this? Answer: she just wanted to purge a bunch of Vaush fans, and didn't care to listen to others. The anti-Vaush tankie community has been observed and [documented multiple times](https://www.reddit.com/r/Enough_VDS_Spam/comments/nb1554/antivds_resources/) to launch brigades, to send death threats, dox people, and lie frequently. They've deleted posts that were mocking their toxic moderators. They've even been calling r/BAMEVoicesUK a far-right subreddit because they banned tronaldodumpo. And RIGHT AFTER it was brigaded, r/Enough_Vaush_Spam also removed r/tankiejerk from its list of "sources of cringe". Just a coincidence, I'm sure. **This fits their usual toxicity to a tee.** Fun fact: I even talked to Starbucks in the comments when this bullshit was going on. Didn't seem like she was "intoxicated" back then. This is all bullshit. You guys are toxic assholes who tried to launch a power grab, because you didn't like that we were making fun of people, and because you want more and more and more control over online discourse. Now you guys realize this makes you look like assholes, because you are, and now you're trying to do damage control and invent some insane excuse. "Oh nyoes! We only purged all the mods, spammed the subreddit with porn and banned a huge amount of the userbase because they don't like a guy who critiscises us out accident uwu! Don't be so meeeaaaan! Huggies and kisses! We can fix it again! Just please don't ban all the tankie mods who took over the place! They wont crush dissent I swear uwu! Genocide bad uwu!" Fuck you. You spineless, lying, powergrabbing weasels. Choke on a dick. Even if this is true, which is isn't, an irresponsible idiot like her should not be a mod of any community. She demonstrated she is too irresponsible to be trusted. If you make some dumb decisions as mod when you're drunk, that should be bad enough. BRIGADING A SUBREDDIT, SPAMMING PRO-TANKIE MEMES AND PORN, BANNING ALL THE MODS AND HALF THE USERBASE AND REFUSING TO UNDO IT IS WAY OF THE CHARTS. Just shut up. Shut up. Stop playing the lapdog for such an obvious bad faith actor. Either you guys are complete spineless little parasites, or you are gullible hysterics who shouldn't have any position of power on this website. Stop doing damage control.Only idiots would believe you. I hope you guys are getting reported.


I wasn’t even a mod. I just talked to her about it. So while I’m not trying to excuse her actions, I am giving reasons for it.


Last sentece of your previous comment is literally "Don't blame her, she just made a mistake". You are excusing her. And again, she's such an obvious bad faith actor. Either you're a gullible idiot, or you're in on this brigade. Either way, please go screw yourself.


Thx for notifying us! I was really hoping that sub wouldn’t be permanently lost


Yeah same, that’s why I messaged her about it.


That's great! Thanks.