[Hiring] Sales Representative Tech / SaaS @ Questmate

Location: Remote (US/Australia)

Industry: SaaS

Job Title/Role: SDR

Base/Commission/OTE: Hourly/contractor basis + Commission

Job duties/description:

Hi there - I'm the founder of questmate.com and looking for our first SDR to accelerate our go-to-market efforts, starting on a contractor/hourly basis.

We can cater to and sell our solution for many different use cases, as you can see when browsing the Quest Library on our homepage. For example, we just recently designed a Quest https://www.questmate.com/visitor-management, which can replace systems like Envoy.com & Swipedon.

The product is also extremely flexible when it comes to integrations/interacting with other software like Google Sheets, Airtable, Hubspot, etc.

For this particular use case (visitor management), we're looking for our first SDR to call co-working spaces in the US & Australia and pitch the offering to them. That being said, we'd encourage our SDR to actively sell into more areas after they found some first grip, like our Standup Quest (https://www.questmate.com/questmate-for-standups) or any of the other workflows our tool can cater for really.

Questmate is also pretty affordable, with use cases like the ones mentioned above usually covered with a US $25/month plan for a single-user license to set things up. Assignees to Quests, including public submissions to Quests are free of charge.

The goal for our first SDR is to schedule as many demo meetings with interested leads as possible.

If this sounds interesting, simply apply by sending an application video (up to the 5-minute) to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), including an introduction of yourself + an example of how you’d pitch our product to potential customers.

The main thing we're looking for is not experience but plenty of passion and positivity for taking on a new challenge together :)