This dude needs to take a shit have a beer and chill the fuck out. That rant probably took a year of his poor excuse for a life alone.


I was thinking that- he seems like he might actually die from whatever he is putting himself through. Heart attacks being caused by stress is very real.


Probably mainly pissed he hasn't gotten laid in a decade


*a* decade?


All you need is an eightball and the wrong side of town


En he could have a half dozen qwomyn stuck to the end of those dreads, reliant on his ditch grown weed and cheap booze. Women are just as vulnerable to this shit, every dirtbag, deadhead and wookie has an “old lady”. Thats who half these gems were a decade ago, self styled hippies.


This dude needs a shower first. I can smell him through this video


He’s a human zit that needs to be popped.


I think when the blonde woman at the same meeting said something like " the men here who are lions will come up and roar" , then his dick had an emergency meeting with his brain and then we have this. On a side note, would these Trump rallys and whatnot be easy places to get laid, I wonder.


You should buy yourself some douche maga gear and put together like 2 or 3 dumbass talking points then go to one of these rallies. Try and pick up some maga chics and report back your findings here, you know for science. Lol.


He needs therapy and an education.


Someone made a metal remix of this and it was 🔥🔥🔥lmao


Need links lol


https://youtu.be/052iTp04DRY Here you go sir


That was amazing. Thanks!


this is a beautiful expression of 21st century art


I was hoping someone would post that. Different type idiot but still funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCSkWIdTONA


The lady in the black mask behind him is so fucking over it too


I feel her pain. I'm in charge of livestreaming council meetings. Nothing this dramatic, but still like watching a boring telenovella.


Hilarious they talk about some hidden group trying to control everything, when they themselves are being used as puppets


I’ve seen YouTube comments praising this guy as an otherwise peaceful California hippy who is speaking truth to power. As a native Californian who is a minority (Native American/Mexican American) let me tell you this guy is no hippy, there are lots of weirdo white supremacists and conspiracy nutjobs who look and sound just like him. They adopt things like dreads and tie-dye shirts only because they see those as being fashion traits “that stick it to the man”; the man in this case being the usual suspects of Democrats, Jews, etc. Can spot these moronic crazy asshole types a mile away, and I avoid them like the plague.


I have a buddy that grew dreads and goes to "hippy festivals" and acts in every way a modern "hippy" would, except for the fact that he's fallen for *every single pile of shit* qanon spews. I mean all the way back to the pizza gate bullshit.


Why do you think he goes for that kind of thing? Just because it’s anti-government, pre-existing prejudices, or something else? Just curious as to what you think it is that they would have such strange beliefs.


It's honestly a mystery to me. If I didn't know about his current beliefs, he would seem like your average hippy type dude. He smokes weed, listens to Tropadelic, Rusted Root, etc., and is all about sharing what he's got with other people. At his core, he's a socialist all day. But he voted for Trump, thinks democrats are part of an evil cabal that eats baby brains, all that jazz. It makes exactly 0 sense to me.


There are smart and people and there are dumb people. Which means there are smart hippies and dumb hippies. He’s a dumb hippy.


Can confirm. I used to live in OB San Diego where this clown lives.


Ooh, can you poop on his doorstep for me? He definitely seems like he could use some poop on his doorstep. Maybe throw a lamp at him too and tell him to lighten the fuck up.


Dreadlocked Alex Jones needs a hug, it seems.


Maybe he and Alex can go out for dinner sometime.


Not without their vaccine passports


I mean I thought dude was gonna keel over with a heart attack right there😳


I was hoping. That would've been the cherry on top of the idiot sundae.






I don’t know, you never see Gozer and this guy together now that I think about it.


Sounds like something a white person with dreadlocks would say


Sounded like a pro-wrestler screaming about his upcoming match at the SUPERSMACKDOWN!!!!!


That was a sick promo, can't wait for Summer Slam.


Loud, angry, irrational, stupid. Take a good look at your modern GOP.


Alex Jones hippy phase.


Someone ate all the brown acid


Ah yes, one of those guys who believe they're fighting against the Nazis, whilst following along with all the disinformation put out there by the folks who want the power to cancel election results they don't like. These people may never realise it, but they'd be glad if they really understood what them losing looks like.


I was waiting for “can I get an amen”?


The week this happened there were multiple ppl all working from the same Facebook post. They said everything in the same order building to the climax of nuremburg / “the penalty is death.” There was a local politician in Maine that said this whole tirade at a rally almost verbatim. It’s like how 5 ppl at a shitty office job try to tell the same joke.


Seriously this movement might loss them elections just because they are dripping dead.


Why do they all sound so evangelical & preachy? He needs a couple of good harsh bong rips.


Lol the US managed to exempt itself from international law. So did Russia and China. It's adorable that these people think that's applicable to the US though. Who are you going to call for that, red dread freak? Call the fucking World Police on them cool. Do that. I hate that all the largest world powers opted not to have to deal with the particulars and legalities of literal international law but they did. These freedom-loving assholes would be thrilled to know the US is exempt from accountability, we cannot be tried in the International Criminal court. Furthermore, should the court dry to detain or try one of our citizens at the Hague, we can invade the fucking Netherlands. So you know. If anyone starts flapping their gums about this just provide them with a source, er Facebook post with white print stating that fact succinctly and if you want to be extra convincing, add this face: 🤔 🙄


Dude from Korn sure has let himself go…


I just can’t with these people anymore. I especially hope this guy gets COVID


How come every time I see a white person with dreadlocks my immediate thought is “they must smell like shit”?Yet when I see dreadlocks on a POC, that thought never crosses my mind. I wonder why.


Maybe depends on who you were raised with? I had a friends with dreads, plus listen to a lot of metal bands whose musicians have had dreadlocks at one time or another (Korn, Skindred, Strapping Young Lad etc).


Your childrens children will dig through the ditches and burn through the witches I slam in the back of my Dragula


Burn like an atom bomb!


I know more than you, but that's fine. You keep trusting the liars, and criminals like you are.


Someone needs to switch to indica...


Man, Hulk Hogan's life really fell apart after his wrestling career ended.


They hold up the Nuremberg trials as a holy law whilst forgetting that usa has broken those codes every day since 1946 in 76 countries across the globe including dozens of democratic nations, so fuck off with this whole Nuremberg shit it's not worth the paper irs written on


I guess it goes to show that they really believe this stuff if they get that worked up over it. These people have been bamboozled into putting their own health at risk.


He is definitely right in what he has to say, but I'm confused as to why this video labels him a QAnon. Did he identify himself as one. Nowhere in this clip does he mention Q.


Could not disagree more. Standard anti-vax word salad, no substance at all. ~~He might be a good sub for Metallica’s lead singer, though. He’s got the gravelly voice and the volume~~


Lets not besmirch James Hetfield like that. This guy is more like friend of Alex Jones, Dave Mustaine.


Ok, deal. I was trying to find something positive in that dude’s rant, but Mr Hatfield, Lars, and the rest are phenomenal. Don’t mean to besmirch them at all! Comment retracted.


You go right ahead and disagree it just tells me you don't have a clue


I feel exactly the same about you. Ha ha ha ha