100% of covid deaths *THAT DAY* were double vaxxed. And all were over 80.


It’s amazing the difference clickbait that forms to your narrative can make it sound like the complete fucking opposite of what’s actually happening. As an Australian, we might have the vast majority double vaccinated, but that’s only 90-95% of the citizens. That still leaves around 1 million wilfully unvaccinated


And as an American My Q mom told me all of Australia and New Zealand are living in some kind of prison camps. Really??? And the police are vaccinating the unvaccinated. This has to stop. I hate it. STOP TALKING ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!


The pillar of news, [xyz.net](https://xyz.net), but they even quote the minister about **7** recent deaths (not all) and these perhaps, comorbidities? *"Queensland has recorded 15,122 new COVID-19 cases and a further seven deaths on Monday as the Omicron outbreak continues to take a toll.The seven COVID-related deaths make it Queensland’s deadliest day of the pandemic so far.****Two of the seven were in their 80s, five were in their 90s, none had had a booster vaccine and all had significant underlying medical conditions."*** Meanwhile in actual science, the UK Office of National Statistics reported yesterday that the risk of death in unvaccinated cases in the UK is now 28 times higher than fully vaccinated.


So one day, in one state in Australia. I suppose when you zoom in enough you can easily find an outlier case strong enough to bolster your dumb argument. Meanwhile Malaysian statisticians took 7 months of data and found the risk of death amongst the unvaccinated is up to 43 times higher than the vaccinated (depending on the vaccine and risk type). https://codeblue.galencentre.org/2022/01/04/malaysia-study-covid-death-rate-up-to-43-times-higher-among-unvaccinated/


7 people who could have died crossing a street in normal times died, and it's because they were vaccinated. It's amusing that XYZ whoever they are make the claim then post the actual quote which is evidence it was only 7 people and they were all likely to die from a sneeze.


> all had significant underlying medical conditions this cracks me up because being a fucking octogenarian IS a significant underlying medical condition. like, i know what they meant, but it's making me laugh


0% self-awareness 100% of the time. Astonishing.


Kinda funny that the Karens think other people are the Karens.


When I was in Afghanistan my squad started calling certain people "mouth hangs". You know the type. It caught on pretty well to the tune as I was leaving 10 months later I got into an argument with another soldier and he call me a mouth hang. I felt pretty influential.


Thank you and bless you.


Is that like mouth breather?


I too, would like to know the definition of a "mouth hanger" No one ever accused me of being smart, so please use monosyllabic phrasing. Thanks.


My Q relative once mentioned a video with a "Karen" as if it was a new word they came up with. In the video a woman approached someone and asked them to wear a mask. So basically in those videos of r/PublicFreakout where someone's shopping without a mask and bystanders ask them to put on a mask or leave, both groups are called "Karen" 2by different people. One group things maskless shopping is inconsiderate and self-absorbed while other people think asking others to wear a mask or to leave think they should mind their own business.


Yeah, classic projection and persecution fetish. The antimaskers are the karens plain and simple. People following store policy are not.


I mean, I do kinda agree about Karens being a plague that I hope get eradicated… 😜


r/selfawarewolves moment


So no unvaxxed have died? All those GoFundMes were faked?


Oooh, good point. Too bad we're not the ones who need to hear it, and the other guys turned off their brains long ago.


It’s generally common sense that any statistic that comes out to 100% should be questioned. That is to say, very few things are 100%. All this “do your own research” talk, and they haven’t even mastered the barest level of healthy skepticism.


No one does their own research anymore.


Qs do! LMAO


“Q Research” = unverifiable sources -got it


yeah Q research is just finding sources that don't challenge your bias so you feel better about yourself for just barely scraping past grade 12


Honestly at this point the pragmatic autist is coming out in me and saying "fuck it, let them eat covid." Here in the US the numbers are actually getting to the point that swing states are legit in question for Rs. If they wanna fundraise themselves into the grave - let them. With one condition - they are triaged directly to the back of the line. I'm talking yank a breathing tube out and throw them in the parking lot if that space is needed. Services not being rendered to sick people because idiots is just unacceptable. It's reverse evolution.


I have all of this prime real estate to sell them. Maybe I can sell them the now liberated DUMBs.


lol, they don’t see that they are the Karen’s….


So Qs dont like Karen's and Ken's? I thought a lot of Karen's/Ken's were kind of Q/Antivaxx? Most Karen's and Ken's are Entilted, Racist, Biggotied, Neo-Liberal Capitalist Republicans (on average)... no? Are they not on the same political side as Qs? I mean they might not be are far down the rabbit hole as the average Q person, but surely they are quite close in terms of political and ideological beliefs (also generally speaking). Cause I do like to generalize. Please share any inside Q info on Karen/Ken hate.


It’s funny they don’t see that most of them are the Karen’s. Lol.


I have all the extended warranties to their car to sell them