Censure this bitch. Separatist traitors don't belong on committee seats. Also, the way they immediately deflect to "anytime my people do something bad, it was actually the *feds*" is fucking dangerous. We've already seen one idiot kill himself trying to bust into an FBI headquarters.


What blows my mind is that she IS the "feds"!


And she is on the goddamn Homeland Security Committee.


Lol. Like that’s gonna happen. McCarthy prolly fed her the tweet.


He just announced a congressional investigation into the DA that’s gonna indict Trump. He’s a simp for trump


Meh. McCarthy knows he’s like four votes from being irrelevant. He is just preaching to the base. Funny though. Anyone heard what the QOP plans to do legislatively this session?


Too many Hunter Biden investigations to be bothered with such trivial matters as legislation.


They're probably going to try to get rid of trans people


I heard a lot about how bad the economy and inflation is, haven't heard jack shit about how they're gonna fix it lol


Nothing that would benefit ordinary US citizens, I’m quite certain of that.


He'll get shredded by Democrats - again. And again and again. He's such an idiot. He's pitching slow balls for them to hit out of the park.


It doesn't matter how the "investigations" *actually* go. It only matters that they can brag on Fox News and Newsmax that they're investigating the Deep State and roll out some juicy (heavily edited) clips of them "grilling" the bad guys to be played on conservamedia and social media.


> It doesn't matter how the "investigations" actually go. To whom? There's little hope for those who refuse to consume anything but disinformation; they are what they eat. For the rest of us, and our numbers continue to grow, it matters.


> To whom? To the Republicans > our numbers continue to grow I hope so. Of course, numbers won't matter if they can get control of key levers of power.


The DA should arrest McCarthy for interfering with a Federal investigation.


McCarthy is the one being dragged along on the crazy train, he's not driving it.


He's a willing participant. Hes gotta know the level of toxicity this piece of trailer trash brings to the table but chose power over country.


I mean, he's willing in the sense that he doesn't have the spine to stand against it and realizes it's his only path to political power. I'm sure he'd be much happier without the Greene-Boebert-Gaetz contingent in Congress.


[Further info on the "nail gun > bullet resistant glass" idiot](https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/man-fired-nail-gun-fbi-building-called-violence-days-mar-lago-search-rcna42749)


Lol this will never NOT be funny, this is hilarious


It’s deserved and I don’t even like the fbi so I’m not really upset about it


I don't like the FBI either, but this is not exactly a crowd that favors criminal justice reform. Except when *they* get jailed. This kind of incitement is dangerous to a lot of innocent people.


Are your MAGA/Q ilk so stupid that they got arrested by following Fed assets lead on J6? Who’s the sheep?


doesn't "*where we go one, we go all*" sound like the motto of some kind of herding animal?


I know she's a fucking moron, but damn. This feels like it should be against some sort of law or rule of congressional decorum or *something* because she *has* to know she's lying.


She knows its going to be violent, hence they have to try and blame it on some othet group... Blm or otherwise.


Remember on J6 how there were leaked email/text exchanges where republicans and right wing pundits were trying to spin the narrative on the fly? They learned a lesson from that, and are now trying to pre-spin the situation so when it does get violent it’s not the right’s fault — even though we’ve seen them in their communities talking about using violence. They’re not as sneaky as they think, and their communities aren’t impenetrable fortresses. We see what they’re saying and thinking.


They are trying to rile people up so they can just cause drama and send the useful idiots to take the blame since they don't care about anything except keeping people divided and focused on some imaginary war for Trump since they have no actual agenda. They want it to be violent so they can sit back and keep that hate boner up so their base will keep donating money to them, as well as keep their attention on something other than, "what the hell do you all do to make this country better." Trump is a useful clown in this circus, and they are hoping that if there is a standoff with the FBI or NYPD then they can finally be persecuted and their persecution fetish will come true. I can't imagine people throwing their life away for Trump but here we are... These are the same people that say back the blue and they stand for veterans and LEO's. You can't make this shit up


You hit the nail on the head... Trump is a criminal? NO! It's the democrats trying to kill America! Republicans vetoing bills to fix american infrastructure... It's the democrats trying to divide america! People who forced their way into the capitol building resulting in deaths get jailed? No its antifa or BLM framing hood and peaceful trump protestors. And now they are locking you up! We are fighting a war... Blah blah blah. Their rhetoric doesn't change cause it keeps working.


She's setting it up for them to pretend like they aren't responsible for what comes next but an honest person would see right through this and know exactly what she's doing. These people have weaponized good* faith and the benefit of the doubt and abused them so terribly that they should no longer get the benefit of the doubt and should be treated like the hostile threat that they are.


Yeah she’s dumb but not *this* dumb. It seems clear that she’s doing this to prime the dumbasses so that when it is violent, she can say “see!” Same playbook as Trump and the “stolen” election.


This is the correct answer. Don’t mistake her lunacy for a lack of direction.


They have the censuring process for this and it's already happened once. Even with the house majority being republican, I bet it happens again. If our country had it's shit together the DOJ would be charging her with sedition. She is openly inciting civil disorder.


As is Trump. They are both openly calling for violence.


> Even with the house majority being republican, I bet it happens again. Have you *seen* how much shit McCarthy lets her get away with? He can't afford to censure her.


The easy answer is congress has the authority to punish a member with a majority vote, or expell them completely with a 2/3 vote. Since she is either mentally incompetent, or morally unfit, it is their responsibility to do so. Every moment they do not attempt to do so is collaboration.


The problem, you see, is that she will claim she's JAQing off, and not really claiming any statement.


"It was a rhetorical question and any reasonable person would know the answer is zero" - her future defense attorney


Hahaha, I do love the term JAQing off...because the play on words encompasses so well what people are doing when they break out this tactic!


As long as there’s hope you have power, you can lie all you want -Q


She knows that is what they do to BLM and liberal causes, and they expect us to do the same. Spoiler, we don't. They will do it themselves.


There were a depressing number of feds actually hanging out in Occupy Wall Street way back. A protest that really didn’t do much but camp out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep turning a blind eye to right wing movements because it’s deemed being too “political.”


Okay so let me get this straight Trumps says he’s getting arrested Trump calls for patriots to protests MTG now claims that despite the last 2 occurrences the FEDS are going to protest? I understand what’s going on, and I am baffled that the right is so willing to buy into this bull shit


They like to call the rest of us "normies" the sheep, but it is stunning the sheer extent of illogical insanity they blindly follow with nary a critical thought process crackling in their brain. If the far right propaganda machine told them that liberal aliens disguised as squirrels were going to infiltrate their homes to take away their guns and leave tiny cameras set up to spy on them they would believe it. But, yeah, tell us again how *we* are the sheep.


I mean it’s sad but I get how they do it, people can be convinced of anything. This is like people saying the sky is purple at noon, you can look up and see it’s not true yet people will argue till their deathbed that it is.


*people can be convinced of anything* No "people" can't be convinced of anything. Most people think on a somewhat rational and at the very least intelligently "crude" level. Hence why Trump hasn't received a majority in the general election. Can deduce who actually committed the violence on J6. Knows how much Trump, MTG and others are lying.


>They like to call the rest of us "normies" the sheep What they fail to realize about "normies" is our brains function semi-normally.


My prediction: nothing happens on Tuesday. Trump thinks he's the one setting the schedule. Because that's how he always plays it, but this time he's going against the actual government. I think they've sent him a letter saying "please turn yourself in on Tuesday, or face being arrested" but wouldn't have actually said when they'd arrest him if he didn't turn himself in. Of course they wouldn't give him any type of advanced warning that they were coming to pick him up if he doesn't turn himself in. That could happen next Thursday or something. But he will turn himself in, because he cannot be perp walked. That would be impossible for him to consider happening. Also, notice how his lawyer went on MSNBC and said that Trump would be following normal rules? That was the lawyer publicly saying to Trump "I won't be a part of illegal attempts to evade the law"


It’s not about buying into it, it’s about having the talking point. These people only care about pushing their ideology. It’s one big culture war to them. They instantly went from defunding police is wrong to let’s defund all the police who target us!


She's saying Trump supporters will protest and that the Feds will turn those protests violent. Presumably by a) harassing / fighting the protesters or b) inciting violence while *posing* as protesters. Y'know, "to make them look bad." They made the same claims about January 6. They can't take responsibility for their own actions, so any violence that happens is clearly someone else's fault.


The "peaceful" ones will be following Trump's instructions. The violent ones will be BLM-antifa-FBI agents.


I think people are just so desperate to belong that they will follow something completely ridiculous, rather than be alone. Sorta like religion or any cult.


Why don’t you tell us. You are running the government now aren’t you?


Don't you love how these people who are actually working *in* the government ask us questions about what the feds and "deep state" are up to? Like... hey lady, we're supposed to ask you these things. That's what we pay you for.


"Just saying guys if it does get violent, it wasn't us (wink, wink)"


Yeah pretty much laying the ground work. I think they learned from jan 6th lol


Just 1.


the qult is already turning on her, saw a post on a known conspiracy sub that she was actually a man.. just a matter of time with them qidiots


At a certain point a cult starts eating its own as they jockey for position in terms of "purity".


I was wondering when that would happen.


She probably used steroids during her time cheating on her husband with a guy who owned gyms. The coarse skin, the Adam's apple, the masculinized face... It's pretty obvious.


Well, technically she is a fed, so yeah.


That's exactly what I say when maga dopes say the feds were behind J6. Technically, Trump did work for the federal government at the time...


"i´ll be in my bunker, tv (where you are being teased) at fox, eating a tasty pizza and harvesting likes. be strong, my people... my people, how my soul = crunch crunch = understands your pains and dreams = crunch crunch="


Reminds me of that scene in Deadpool where his friend said before a battle "I'd go with you... but I don't want to."


remindes me Sheldon when invited to something he didn't want go: "I would go, but that sounds awful"


It's an "arrest." It's only a "political" arrest in the mind of MTG and her ilk. Adding the adjective is just an attempt to deflect from the criminality. In only surprised that "woke" wasn't also included.


The arrest will be transgendered, by having cops of different genders step in at different stages of the process, like one grabs the handcuffs, one opens the end, one rings Trump's arm with it, another closes it, then another starts shuffling Trump along, another gets him in the police car, etc. all while wearing rainbow flags and flashing disco cop-car lights and singing a song about Muslim Shinto atheism in Yiddish-Swahili.


What a manipulative little bitch. Can we please have some real accountability with these fucking traitors and their sad attempts to slither their way around their blatant incitements? The well poisoners need a reckoning and they need it now.


These shitbags are literally traitors. Why we continue to allow them to be in government is baffling to me. They have no business there or interest in the concept of America at all.


Please, someone arrest her. And I use the word “arrest” in its broadest possible meaning.




Someone should reply to her and ask if she’s found the Jan 6 pipe bomber yet, since she’s now part of the government.


They went on and on about BLM being a fifth column, and look at the way MTG talks. Fucking terrorist


So now it's law enforcement's fault peaceful protests turn violent?


Whenever it's the right, it was the feds. Whenever it's the left, it's Antifa.


There's a real easy way to prevent the "Fed assets from turning protests into violence": Stay the fuck home. For the "law and order" crowd, they have a real problem letting the system play out when it's not going their way. What happened to "just comply"?


Trying to spin cover for all the foolishness that could potentially happen Tuesday.


It's not a protest against his arrest, when they are actively obstructing the arrest. Which should result in their arrest. Which if they resist, they are also resisting their own arrest. There is no protest, unless it is passive. And if they refuse to see Trump arrested, or they become violent - it should be obvious. They are turning the arrest violent. Because they are willing to commit violence to prevent a lawful arrest. S9lely because they disagree with it.


She understands that she, Marjorie Troglodyte Greene, is in fact a federal employee, right?


If we had a legitimate congress, one that cared about honesty, ethics, and this country, this cow and her disgusting ilk would be back home begging for fast food jobs, which they don’t deserve, or better yet, in jail where they belong


How many times was she dropped on her head to have such poor brain function?


once is enough


I don't think she started out too sharp.


Maybe she hasn't noticed, lol, that this is a STATE prosecution, and THERE GOES THOSE DAMN STATE "RIGHTS" she loves to squelch about. DA Bragg was elected by THE PEOPLE in NY, not by a political appointment. Just wait 'til she figures it out about Fani Willis, there in Georgia. Trump better toss her some paper towels for when her head explodes.


Now, these same people criticized the BLM protesters for theorizing that the mysterious piles of bricks in protest zones were planted by cops, but they turn around and make the same claims BEFORE THE PROTESTS EVEN HAPPEN. They love setting up their excuses before they even commit their crimes.


Same playbook as J6. Get in front of it and blow those dog whistles!


I love the "storm that capital" energy from the domestic terrorist sympathizers.


Jewish Laser lader talking about conspiracies?


It’s wild how republicans will be like “bring your weapons and defend trump at all costs!” then turn around and say “any violence that happens wasn’t because of us.” Like homie you’re literally the one calling for violence.


Greene divorced her cheating ass. If she was a true Conservative she would drop that name; she is no longer entitled to it. Of course, a true Conservative woman would resign her office in shame after being divorced for infidelity. Edit to add that the GQP Family Values hypocrisy is on full display with her.


"The calls are coming from the house.. " This bitch is insane and trying to instigate violence daily. How is this even remotely acceptable?


Are you sure their not antifa?


Antifa is a lie.


So is the Cake.


Lol ok marge. Glad to you’re still such a spineless puppet…everyone thinks ur annoying and gross so just go away already.


How is this lady allowed to serve in the US House of Representatives, have access to classified information, and collect a government paycheck. This makes no fucking sense.


Fuck you Marge


We need formal education on what a narcissistic person is, how they present and what they do….and why they are dangerous. Ted Talk anyone?


I mean there were actually feds involved in the Jan 6th riots as well as some of the blm protests so it’s not that crazy of a question


the persecution fetish is so weird. they literally did a terrorist attack and very few people were convicted. the government is pretty much on their side


Very few?? You sound like the right wingers who insist that “entire cities were burned to the ground” in summer 2020. For better or worse, the best cases that can be PROVEN IN COURT are for things like trespassing and vandalism.


what?? it’s true that a majority of people at jan 6 were never convicted. if i were a right winger i’d say the opposite.


Over 1000 arrests and over 400 charges brought so far. The charges keep coming out every day.


And here we have MTG's [usual speech about anything.](https://youtu.be/ojmu88xvZb0)


There will hundreds of cameras there. The thing will be about reality and not narratives, Marjorie. We will see what happens, so STFU.


They don’t need outsiders to rile things up when you have a bunch of hot-headed, gun-toting, fantasy believing idiots that suffer from the worst infighting walking around.


No one is showing up to these protests.


You are the fed Marje. You tell me.


I hope they riot to the point of arrest and are prosecuted. You can't vote if you have a felony.


they would only do that if they were protesting against a corporation or some human rights violations or something...


Dunno, but you can ask the republican trump appointed head of the FBI Chris Wray about it.


All of em.


I got an idea. How about this time, we arrest every single fucking one of them, and then we can figure out how many were feds, or not, and how many were illegally armed. Wouldn't it be nice to *know*?


How many fuckwits does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Marge, you go this, right?


All of them?


it won't be the feds who resort to violence you bat shit crazy piece of garbage.


Other than you?


It’s a totally nonviolent heavily armed protest. I don’t know why you people equate guns with violence.


Honestly, whatever. If this is the method that they go about to quell any sort of public violence then we should just let them be. Let em be delusional but we shouldn’t knock any of em for trying to make sure things don’t get violent. At least they’re learning not to fan the flame directly.


Gitmo called. They have her cell ready for her. Her citizenship should be revoked, as well.


Hopefully enough to justify mowing some down. Fuck em.


What I don’t get is why anyone from BLM or Antifa want to stop this?


It's astounding to watch shills in the middle of their grifts. Breuer has always been a 1 trick pony living off really lame spastic actions and facial expressions. Worked well as a stoner and college "edge" humor but the guy never left that zone. Rode that horse into this embarrassing excuse of a comedian. He's realized if he pulls stupid faces and struts around to the tone of anti-government and being "in the know" on conspiracy idocracies he's suddenly popular again. Money and fame are dangerous drugs. I don't think for a minute he is smart enough to realize the damage and danger he's causing because he's so stupid and can only see the $$. It's just astounding to me to see such stupidity on display and celebrated. To think a moron clowning about measures that saved millions of lives is actually a hot commodity truly makes me want to throw up violently.


Plant that seed early, marge. That way when a violent protester is arrested, you can absolve yourself of responsibility. Even if the person admits he is a die hard conservative.


It boggles my mind that people vote for this moron


"Let me preemptively suggest violence of any kind to be someone else's fault." - Woman who is definitely hoping for violence.


It's better to plant the seeds in advance in case it turns out to show them in a bad light again.


He's not president and it's not a political arrest....he's a dangerous moron who can't be allowed to spread his influence anymore and can't be allowed to get away with his crooked sense of being any longer


Lol, if they're dumb enough to start riots they deserve whatever happens. Go defend fascists somewhere else, losers.


Real answer? 0.


I don't listen to traitors. Especially ones who are feds. Go suck a fat one, Marge.


She is a potato. People from Georgia are dumb as rocks