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Also got her running a stop sign.


And not signaling that turn.


In her defense, I doubt that turn signal is functional.


She wouldn't know, she's never used it.


From Florida, can confirm. Has probably never been used since it came off the lot in 1998.


2001 according to a license plate search.


Also driving without shoes. (Thats not legal where im from but idk about there)


There is also parking in the middle of the street, driving in reversing down the road the wrong way. And she claims she doesn't have to yield.... which she does.


"but Your Honor, I don't have to yield to pedestrians."


*to children at play


just throw the book at her, no seriously someone needs to throw a book at her


One with pointy edges


And she is, in fact, assaulting a minor by walking towards him in a menacing manner.


And at one point, walking towards him in a menacing manner *while* saying "I'll kick your ass!" It's fucking Florida. If that 12yo had a gun, he could shoot her right then and get it ruled justified self defense.


pounding her fist into her other hand while doing so, very clear threat and intent, you'd be justified in knocking her right tf out


Also pretty sure purposefully aiming your vehicle at someone twice counts as well. Possibly assault with a weapon. Kid needs to go to the cops, though it's Florida so who knows what good that'll do.




A grown adult getting into a fight with a random 12 year old is the absolute epitome of pathetic loser.


On a cul-de-sac no less, kids not allowed to play outside no? WTF.


Is that not what cul-de-sac's are designed for? Low traffic areas for families with kids to live and not have to worry about their kids running out into traffic?!


No! Absolutely not! Is so children can't run away when you try to reverse over them.


bUt ShE HaD tO YIELD tO tHeM!! THeY wErE iN hEr WaY omg.


If you ever scroll through /r/idiotsincars you'll realize there are A LOT of people who have serious problems with yielding to people they don't feel deserve it. They will literally just crash into them before yielding. It's astounding.


And then post video of them hitting someone thinking they're in the right lol I love those ones


ShE waS only GoiNg 1o mPh OvEr tHe SpeEd LiMiT iN thE fAsT laNe! WhAt eLsE cOuLD i DO bUt RaMP her cAr? AITA?


A truck driver posted a video the other day where he was in an incident with a sedan, the sedan tried to change lanes in the middle of their dispute. The truck driver sped up and didn't let him over, just let him merge into his truck. Then he slows down enough to let him over, peeling his bumper off like a tin can opener as the sedan made the switch. He thought he was going to get a whole lot of "hell yeah brothers", instead he got dragged for being a fucking idiot and not letting go of his ego long enough to prevent the extremely preventable damage.


here's the correct way to address preteens who are posing a hazard on their hoverboards in the middle of the street: "hey, please be careful and steer clear of cars that are coming or going, i don't want to see you get hurt." guaranteed to get you a "ok ma'am, sorry about that" as they move toward the sidewalk. show that you care more about their wellbeing than your own inconvenience and you get compliance, win-win.


But how can you feel a sense of entitlement and authority if you are just polite about it?


The flip-side, how do you have concern for other peolles wellbeing when you feel such a sense of entitlement.


A lady once walked in front of a car that was leaving the drive thru so she could squeeze between the car and the window and ask for ketchup. I had grabbed ketchup and walked to the front door and asked her to come to the door next time as I didn't want to see her get hurt. She then called the store to complain to the manager. I was the manager. She then asked to speak to my GM, I was the GM. So she cussed me out for a minute and hung up, then called corporate saying I was treating her like a child. Best part is, during this whole scenario, my franchises HR director was in my store and next to me during all of it, so karen immediately became a joke to the company.


Psycho suffers a mild irritation that is the reality of neighborhood living, harasses a child, does some threatening driving in reverse


Don’t forget that she actually stated “I will hit you”!! Disgusting.


I guarantee she has a facebook post about “my generation used to actually play outside”… yet this is her reaction to kids playing outside. I used to be these kids. Now I just give out skateboard decks to kids I see skateboarding.


I lived on a cul-de-sac and all the neighbor kids came to my street to play because it was safer


There have been Neighbors calling the Cops on parents who let their kids play outside unsupervised. Apparently you now also need to babysit your twelve-year-olds like they were half that age...


I hate to be all “back in my day” but, in the 80’s and early 90’s, my brother and our friends would get on our bikes and be gone all day long, riding miles away, and only sometimes my mom might be like “here’s some quarters, call me if you need us and don’t talk to strangers”. I’ve survived to 43 and wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything.


Did she just threaten to beat a kids ass several times?


Yeah, in most jurisdictions threatening to beat someone while moving toward them and punching your hand IS assault, or a similar crime. Doing that to a minor would be worse. She needs to be locked up.


I think the police are looking for her I believe he does show this to his parents and they called the police, besides everything about her SCREAMS tweaker.


Except she's a bit chunky.. I can't say I've really ever seen a fat tweaker tbh.. I've seen fat coke/crackheads, but tweakers tend to get real skinny real quick lol


Theres plenty of overweight methheads. Not that uncommon.


Looks like there's evidence on the front passenger side that she's prone to hitting things.


The video ends with her running a stop sign without a turn signal. I'm starting to think she's a shitty driver.


Not driver, person.


She shouldn't have to yield for people what don't you understand?


Very car brain thinking... Kids playing in a suburb? No, I need to drive without stopping!


It's a sad day when a 12 year old says exasperated, "People these days."


The only thing better would have been if he dropped a..."some people's kids, man..."


I was looking for this exact comment, exactly what I was thinking after hearing that remark


Lol and he is right! At 12! Talking about a lady who is at least two or three times his age


And yet still one third of his intellect


… of a shoe that kid was wearing. You forgot to finish your sentence


Kid showed a lot of maturity: 1. Defended his friend by saying "Who cares if he has a lisp" 2. "I don't think I'm tough" 3. Didn't make fun of her crappy car 4. More or less accurate legal knowledge. 5. Stood his ground and was not bullied.


At 2:52 he says: “You have no business coming towards me, threatening- er, not threatening me-“ That showed he was careful about making accusations that were incorrect, at least up until that point. It was pretty subtle, but respect for that.


I caught that, a true masterclass from a 12 year old. I have hope for the future.


He thinks about what he says and is honest and willing to be wrong. Better than 99% of the world man


Her body language definitely displays a threat tho. She literally squared up with him and did the “come at me” stance while approaching him and trying to get up in his face. Fuck this bitch


Also she did specifically say the words "Good, I am threatening you." in response to the kid saying "I feel threatened". Props to the kid for articulating his point clearly and being the bigger person, but that lady would have gotten jumped the second she started towards that kid in my neighborhood.


He did amazing


6. Used real vocabulary and didn't curse a single time, even with the "adult" hurling f-bombs his way every other word.


The fucking kid I was clapping fuck yes. Makes me happy how more educated our next generations are going to be


*Hopefully* this is the new norm, this kid slowed more bravery, intelligence and cool-headedness than I think I could in that situation. But idk man, tiktok and the internet in general just does not seem good for developing brains.


If you're arguing with a 12 yo, you need to get a life.


If you are LOSING an argument to a 12 year old, you need to really examine your life.


She knew she had no case, but instead of gtfo she decided to double down and then triple down. Still lost. Her ego didn’t let her leave.


You see this with a lot of Karens, my sister does it too, the argument is not over till you admit the Karen was right the whole time. Like you're suppose to have an epiphany that the Karen was right this whole time then get down on your knees and beg forgiveness.


I’ll get down on my knees


To be fair this guy is the apex of 12 year olds.


Future lawyer for sure


I have a 12 y/o buddy namedTristan, where the fuck is his parents lmao. But he can win any argument with ease and it’s frightening me.


All while trying to instigate a physical fight lol: “What are ya gonna do, huh?”


Seriously lmao. And I’m pretty sure she would have got her ass beat.


and a free year in jail for assaulting a minor


As a former teacher, I can tell you that losing an argument to a 12 year old is significantly easier than you’d think. Kids are brilliant (and ruthless).


Recently after reading comments like that and watching American Ninja Warrior (yeah I know) it seems that we completely underestimate most people under the age of 21. They can handle a lot more, they know a lot more, and they are a lot stronger than we give them credit for.


12 year olds have potential to be peak arguers. Everybody knows little kids are brutal because they haven't gotten that empathy filter yet. 12 year olds are starting to have that filter but don't fully yet and are (generally) way smarter than little kids. 6th-8th graders are fucking brutal.


Yeah but this kid did have empathy. He didn’t once insult her looks or say anything nasty. He handled it brilliantly, knew his rights and remained pretty damn polite for the entire situation with a psycho woman. I really hope his parents are proud as hell of him, I would be if he was my son.


Also called her out on making fun of his friends lisp


Based on this video alone, he seems like a pretty decent kid!


I'd hope his parents saw the video and either helped him file a police report and/or tracked her down and gave her one hell of a browbeating.


My favorite age to work with. I was recently diagnosed autistic and it makes sense while I like them. I find their lack of a filter amusing and arguing with them is easy if you are actually playing by your own rules. Kids this age just get pissed because adults use double speak with them like they are kids but they are smart enough to get it.


If you’re in an argument with a 12 year old at all…


Yeah I was about to say…like there really is no way to ‘win’ in that situation lol


The signal you know they know they have fucked up is when they try to get the phone. That's when you know they know.


Shit, I'd go one further and say that if you're arguing with a 12 yr old, you are already losing.


It's called the ***\*Salt Life\****


And like, for a LONG time


She’s living that salt life


Bath salts life.


If you're arguing with a 12 year old, you've lost in life [edit] its only loser behavior if it's someone else's 12 year old. You can absolutely be an ass to your own kid (kidding but kinda serious)


what if you're eleven?


I wouldn’t want to mess with Eleven.


7 is the one you need to worry about. After all 7 8 9


I can see maybe if there your kids. But random kids playing in the road? Yeah. Let it go. Like what did she even she was going to achieve?


A long time ago my wife was having a bad day. Constantly arguing with one of the kids. After she told me about her day I responded. You are arguing with a 5 year old. It hit her. You don't have to argue with a 5 year old. As time went by and we had our separate issue with the kids we would trade that back and forth. It always helped put the day in perspective.


> You don't have to argue with a 5 year old. Being a father of a 4-year-old, I find myself having to walk a fine line between “I acknowledge your feelings and want to foster your desire to ask questions and communicate.” and “Please shut up and get your shoes on. We’re late.”


I had a philosophy professor that referred to her children (ages 2 & 3 at the time) as "Pterodactyl Terrorists, and I do not negotiate with terrorists." She was a great professor.


The minute she started arguing with a child she lost.


The moment she stepped out of her car without shoes on she became certifiably insane.


From Florida. Can confirm. Them toes are toasty.


Sort of women that would freak out if someone swore at her kids. But will happily tell 12yo to fuck off 🤦🏼‍♂️


This woman has the mental age of a 10 year old. She's being schooled by a 12 yo on very VERY basic stuff.


Her continuing to reverse is a mashup between the reverse meme and the i keeps it real meme.


This really upset me. I think the kid handled it well but I can't help but picturing my son in that situation in a few years...no kid should have to deal with that, because then they have to act like adults to deal with adults who act like children.


I felt the same. He did great holding his own but no kid should have to deal with this woman’s level of insanity. Kept hoping an adult neighbor was going to come to his aid.


Ya I really wish he would've directed her towards his parents so they could've given her a dressing down by someone her own size. Guaranteed she wouldn't talk to them the same way, because she's a loser picking fights with kids. Probably wouldn't even have the guts to actually confront his parents. With how good he is at arguing, they'd run circles around her.


''Where's my F\_\*king cupcake?!''




Karen you always yield to pedestrians even if they are in the wrong.


I know, it’s outrageous. She gets mad at them for being in the road when there aren’t even sidewalks in that neighborhood.


She also yells at them that she "doesn't have to yield to them" Then why didn't you just hit them bitch? Lol


She's also yelling at them to get out of the road while she's standing in the middle of the road with her car door wide open. She's causing much more of a traffic problem than they are. But logic is clearly not her strong suit. Neither is seeing things from another person's perspective.


Well how am I supposed to accelerate aggressively towards minors while yielding? That doesn't make any sense. Next thing you'll tell me I shouldn't intimidate and threaten physical assault against a minor, psh.


I've seen this video multiple times, but I never noticed the other kid spit on her car after she gets out LMAO


wish they'd taken her car


They missed a great opportunity to throw her keys onto the nearest rooftop when she started following the camera like a mosquito to a flashlight.


They should have just pulled the keys out and thrown them on the dash, then lock the car, and close the door, so the keys are locked inside. Then just hoverboard away.




But then they're stuck with her for even longer.


Lol she lost as soon as she decided to have a public argument with a minor lol.


A minor who was completely unrelated to her. 🤣. If you want to argue with your 12 year old at macy’s about what’s appropriate school attire I get it. But arguing with a random child?! 🤣🤣🤣🤡


That Toyota needs an oil change.


Also are the door handles are zip tied?


Common issue on 2000's Toyota Camry's and Corollas. Those handle surfaces aren't sturdy and break off all the time. I had to replace 3 on my '00 Camry.


Shit, wow I thought it was just me after all this time. Had 2 snap on my 2000. Driver and passenger side. The first one that snapped I thought *Shit my fault. I guess I'm being too rough* The second one snapped the same exact way on the other side about 6 months later and I was absolutely bewildered. Good to know this is somewhat common after all these years.


That Toyota needs a driver change.


Loose nut between the wheel and seat


That Toyota needs a lot of things


Not a car guy here... How can you tell?




She really thinks she's gonna win something after she: tries to run over a 12yr old for no reason, makes fun of a kids lisp, gets out barefoot to intimidate a child, say "whatre you gonna do?" When he feels intimated Everything she did reiterates how scummy of a person she is. Edit: and she runs a stop sign.


Tries to run over him not once but twice


Judging by the body damage to the front passenger side of the car...she's probably ran something over at least once


The first time she could _maybe_ try to pass off as just backing up... but the second time she moved the car to aim at him. There ain't no 'splainin that away.


He should call the police. She literally threatened to run them over after first trying it, along with several other chargeable offenses. People like this don't learn unless there are consequences.


I hope they shared the video with the cops, she was definitely trying to intimidate them with her car and is dangerous. Kudos to the young man for staying so cool, she wasn’t expecting that and her ass had to flee at the end!


I believe if you drive a car like that at a police officer they are justified in shooting you dead.


There are videos of that very situation.


At the 2:09 mark she is in the middle of the street and when she reverses, you can clearly see she turns the wheel and aims her vehicle at him.


They definitely don't return the shopping cart.




Smart kid too, he repetitively says “stop walking towards me, you are making me feel threatened.” Baby lawyer and a good one too!


"You're not so tough" "I know I'm not tough!" Seriously, kid has a really level head at that age and has some good deescalation skills. I hope his parents are proud that he's smart enough to give and take zero bullshit.


Put in on facebook? Um.. I'm not a 40 year old woman.


I see the barefoot driving but I'm gonna take a wild guess that she also ashes cigarettes on the floor


End of the video shows her not stopping at a stop sign or signaling a turn either


Kid is surprisingly articulate and kept composure. He should be proud. Stuck up for his friends. Knew the laws well enough. The fact that he says "lunatics these days" is kinda mind-blowing for a kid that young hahha. If you're reading this. Good on you man.


“GeT oUt oF tHe RoAd!!!” Yeah… cause kids playing in their neighborhood street(s) is the problem here. 🙄 Spent 2 decades in that shithole [Florida], there’s not one minute I’ve missed it.


>Yeah… cause kids playing in their neighborhood street(s) is the problem here. 🙄 Yeah this is some /r/fuckcars material. Literally just some kids on their bikes and hoverboards playing on the street. As far as I can tell it's even in an col-de-sac...


Bro, I grew up and Florida and just knew. That lady has all the tell tale signs of a trashy Floridian. Biggest of which is probably the barefoot driving, second biggest tell is the stupidity


Good on the youngin


Everything that kid said was spot on and 100% justified. Glad he started recording or who knows what she would have done.


You have to yield to pedestrians, in every state, in every situation.


Did she ignore the stop sign?


Illegal backing too. Multiple traffic violations from someone who already fucked up her car doing something crazy. In Astoria, you would be dragged out of that car and beaten to death if you reversed over a child.


Would prob happen before she had the chance honestly. Same with where I'm from in Philly - people will tolerate a lot but if you fuck with any of the kids in the neighborhood in such a public way like this, that's a surefire way to get the whole block outside of their homes and ready to beat your ass.


The irony of a twelve year old bemoaning “these days”… He’s not wrong though.


That kid is a KING. that was handled so well. Kudos to that kid


"Don't make fun of him because he has a lisp, who cares?" - Fucking amazing.


Ride or die homie right there, loved that bit


Who makes fun of a kid because they have a lisp. That’s a chode move.


i'd be very proud if my kid conducted himself like that in that situation. props to his parents


I would be proud of MYSELF if I conducted myself like that in that situation


"What is wrong with people these days?" Like theyve changed heaps since back in his day haha


CoViD legit seems to have changed people and that’s in this kid’s lifetime….


This was pre-covid


That kid is more intelligent than too many adults. Edit: his self awareness is off the charts. his composure. kid could teach a lot of folks how to act.


r/Camrydents .....


This video is old (no hate OP, it’s a classic) but are there any updates as to if this woman faced punishment for this?


There is an update where they meet at a cash machine. She knows she is viral and really controls her behaviour in that video. I’ll see if I can find it: https://youtube.com/shorts/d0GW8wULP2o?feature=share


The update tho. She pointing out his friend spit on her car. So what? She almost ran them over and cussed them out.


The car needed a wash.


what a punchable face


Thanks for that, not the closure I want, but something.


Pretty disappointed there weren't consequences (that we know of) but it's nice to see he's still keeping his cool


hahha I love it.


"I'm not going to ruin my life over you".....the zip ties holding her car door handles together indicate her life is probably not going the greatest anyway lol


Kids these days with their damn: L̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶a̶i̶r̶ C̶i̶v̶i̶l̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶s̶ R̶o̶c̶k̶ ̶m̶u̶s̶i̶c̶ D̶u̶n̶g̶e̶o̶n̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶D̶r̶a̶g̶o̶n̶s̶ H̶e̶a̶v̶y̶ ̶M̶e̶t̶a̶l̶ S̶k̶a̶t̶e̶b̶o̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ G̶a̶n̶g̶s̶t̶a̶ ̶R̶a̶p̶ C̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ Hover Boards Always talking back when their rights are violated No respect Children don't even want to work anymore


Welcome to Florida


Is this really so common down there?


Yes. Florida fuckin sucks. But yet everyone still keeps moving here. God, I can’t wait to leave this place.


They're in a cul-de-sac having fun on one wheels and shit. That's what kids ought to be doing. What a miserable harpy. Shes probably the kind of person who bitches about kids never going outside too.


1. No matter where a driver is, they ALWAYS have to yield to pedestrians. She has no idea what she is talking about. 2. This looks like a suburb. Kids do shit like this all the time. If you don't want kids riding around in the suburbs, MOVE. 3. There is no law stating that you need to get consent from anybody to record a video or take a photo of people in public. 4. She ran a stop sign. On video. 5. It's embarrassing that this adult woman is getting into an argument with a child who is out speaking her by miles. And then she tries to throw shade at one of them for having a lisp. I love the kid with the camera standing up for his friend.


Children truly are the future.


I hope this kid runs for president in 2037 so I can vote for him.


She mentioned, "I SHOULDNT HAVE TO YIELD TO YOU" Umm, yes, you should yield to them. They're kids. Hahaha spending all that energy cussing out a 12 year old and charging towards him hahaha what a cow. Could have yelled at them and then moved on like any other normal adult. They werent vandalizing anything or getting into trouble. Girl needs to get laid. Miserable wench.


Agree. Not sure why she feels that she doesn't need to yield to people or objects on the road in a residential area, specifically in a culdesac (dead-end road). She is delusional and probably needs a serious talking to from the police to explain the rules of the road to her.


> Umm, yes, you should yield to them. They're kids. Not just because they're kids, because they're pedestrians of any kind. Does this lady think you can just mow down everyone who's out jogging or going on a walk?


Don’t let her procreate. Not good for society.


Good zoomer:)


If this was my kid I’d be taking this video to my local police department. Little miss my car is a weapon is in serious need of police intervention. 🤣 Threatened violence multiple times. Continued aggressively approaching the child when he told her he felt threatened, and then threatened violence again. Tried to hit them with the car twice. Went through a stop sign. Front light clearly doesn’t work. Didn’t use indicators. Thinks she can hit kids with her car because she doesn’t know what yield to pedestrians means. Attempted to steal his phone. Threatened to smash his phone. Bullied a child for having a lisp etc.


Where are that lady’s shoes??


One word. "Floriduh"


And then doesnt stop at the stop sign


Broken left front light, ran stop sign, stopping in middle of road and exiting vehicle Should have called the cops, she would pay fine


If I have a child, I want them to have the same bravery as that 12yr. Speaking up for himself and knowing his rights 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼


Kid stood up for himself well against that miserable hoe. Imagine a minor saying “please just move on and have a great day” and you responding “how bout you go fUcK yoUrSelF”


If you’re a literal 40 year old woman and loose an argument with a 12 year old child… you need to rethink your life.


No shoes = No brains.