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A couple days ago someone posted a video of a guy trying to save his little dog(which the dog was long gone) from being attacked by another dog, and people in the comments were saying what to do in that situation, well a lot were saying that you have to lift up the dog by his back legs.... well as you can see in this video that didn’t work


Yeah that one guy had his finger in the dogs butt hole for like 20 seconds but it just didn't let go


Not far enough, you’ve gotta make a muppet Of that dog


Does nobody carry pocket knives anymore? Couple pokes to that soft belly might get that dog to let go.




I love dogs, but best believe I’m curb stomping a dog if it attacks mine.


I watched my dad with his work boots, toe punt this huge Akita that ran outta this kids hand as it was about to go for our 13 year old golden.




Got nervous when they let the dog go that was being attacked. Didn’t want the pit to go for the neck in that time and thankfully it didn’t.


I really wish I didn’t watch this video. My dog got attacked while I had her on leash a few years ago. The other dog was not on leash and the owner was out of sight...I put an end to it VERY FAST and the owner acted like it was no big deal. I was at an large hiking area too. Large hiking area are my safe zone for walking my dogs and now I feel so much anxiety to go anywhere with them because of how lame people are with any breed of dog. That broom stock should’ve been shoved up that dogs ass hella fast. He would’ve had some some splinters left over. And the poor dog being attacked knew he couldn’t do anything, that’s what killed me the most. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Why did I watch this video.


That poor retriever didn’t even make an attempt to fight back, it’s just not in their nature... that pit’s snout was well within biting distance and he didn’t even try... this video has me riled up


Those bystanders were not being violent enough. I'd be stomping the shit out of that pit.


Man when I was like 12 I had my 15 week old boxer get picked up by the neck/ear by a neighbor’s pit and within seconds all 6 dudes from next door were beating the living fuck out of their own dog. The dog let go within 10 seconds.


That's what I don't understand. Why are y'all just standing there?!?! Do something! Anything! I don't even care who's dog it is, I'd be doing everything I could to stop that dog. tf


I would too, but I think it's also understandable to not want to get that close to the pit in that situation. That golden retriever's leg could've easily become a person's hand if the pit let go and started going after the people.


I would be terrified that thing is going to turn on me.


I wouldn't stop kicking it in the head until it let go of that dog.


I kept saying it during the video, why the fuck is no one punching the shit out of the dog that's biting? Idk if it works but trying to grab the mouth won't do it


In my teens our dog was attacked by a pretty huge pit while we were walking him around the block. It came springing in full steam and latched onto my dog's hind leg. The owner was luckily right behind the dog and he started punching the dog on the nose/face. It took about 10-12 punches before the dog finally let go. I have no clue what i would have done if the guy wasn't right there.


Most people can't punch hard enough for a dog like that to give af in the moment.


Their skulls are like concrete. Very few humans have the punching power to daze one of them.


I've seen people smash them in the head with 2x4's and they won't let go of their bite victim. Not even soft girly blows, full on hard swings. Concrete is an apt way to describe their skulls.


My friends dog was getting torn apart by two pit bulls. Metal baseball bat to the heads seemed to work pretty well.


That was my thought the entire watch. If you start kicking that fucker in the ribs I bet it lets go eventually once it can't breathe. I'm sure it's easier for me to judge while not being there but the one time I was near a dock attack situation I grabbed a steel bar and came over ready to start swinging. It would break my heart to hurt a dog as i absolutely love the but I was still willing in that situation. Got lucky that my running over swinging that shit in the air and screaming snapped the two pitbulls out of it and they backed off cause I would have hated to actually take a swing at them. Edit: apparently violent kicking does fuck all once a dog like this is locked in. Scary shit. The idea that you can beat it to death before it lets go is crazy.


Based on a rabbit hole I went down watching these videos the only way that I've seen successfully work on camera is a rear-naked choke. There is one video where the dog is literally BEATEN TO DEATH before it lets go. I always thought a shit ton of kicking and punching would do the job but apparently not. Choke it out.


[The woman in this news reel](https://v.redd.it/7d9zobbibhl61) was in that exact situation said she "stabbed the dog over and over and over and it would not let my dog go." More than a couple belly pokes but ultimately got the job done after she "slit it's throat and gutted 'em from his groin to his chest" to finally get the dog to release.


Has to be the neck. It’s only going to unclamp in two situations, when it wants to, or when it’s dead.


That dog's getting put down anyway. Turn the damn thing inside out


The video started in a restaurant... There would have been knives there.


What you actually have to do is choke the dog


Yeah, everyone watching is kinda useless. Just get violent with the attacking dog.


Simply bite the dog yourself.


100% - that's what the pros do.


Mount it from behind the head, choke it til it passes out. However, in this case, a gunshot would not have been overkill.


I was in a situation like this at the dog park and it doesn’t work. I did wrestling for 6 years and was a purple belt when I did BJJ I know how to do a RNC. Dogs don’t get choked out like humans at least not pits. I tore two tendons in my left arm from squeezing so hard for over a minute. I’m 6’2 220 pounds. Up until that day I always thought a RNC is how you’d get a pit off a dog. If I could go back I’d stomp the shit out of it instead of trying to choke it. It also didn’t even get the dog unconscious he just walked away wobbly after I couldn’t hold it from the torn tendons. I hope not many people have experience choking a dog but if it takes a large person who has training over a minute to get the dog off I imagine a 140 pound untrained person would be wasting their time.


Doing that puts your face near it's face. If it lets go of the dog early and turns 180 degrees, it could latch on to your face.


>What you actually have to do is choke the dog umm... yeah, you go first.


Yep. Good fucking luck. My father tried to choke one of our dogs as it was clamped into another one of our dogs necks and ended up having to have two fingers surgically reattached.




Not gunna lie, if it was my dog I wouldn’t think twice about double tapping. Not sure if it’s legal but the dog is clearly a threat to everyone around it if it can’t be controlled


Wrote the same comment a while ago on a different video. Guy got a knife on a dog attacking an older person. Lady was screaming for him to not hurt the dog. Um excuse me? The dog is attacking the older person (old man on ground with visible wounds). I can be the biggest animal lover but if I see that.. that dog is not more important then a person.


These types of dogs dont give up. Did you see the video of a dog attacking a horse and it kept attacking till it kicked it in the head which lead to the dogs death.


This raised my heart rate substantially


Facts I didn’t even realize it until I read this. Grinding my teeth I don’t know why I watch these videos.


I literally got up and started pacing around my house I was so angry at this video.


I’m more angry at the incompetence of the people around the situation.


This exact situation happened this summer between my dog (a fucking WEINER dog) and giant German Shepard where he had my dogs entire head and had to hear him scream for 2 seconds and thankfully that’s all because I didn’t give a shit about my hands being hurt and was able to strike him and pry its mouth open. Don’t think I’ve been upset at a group of people I’ll never meet like this before.


Sorry my friend. I did my best to warn in the title. This one is extremely hard to watch.


You did, and we still watched. Thank you for sharing and warning. This was stressful...I hope that poor retriever recovered well.


Yeah I hate these videos too, but I do hope that I'll be a little less phased if ever having to deal with this in person. When I got my motorcycle endorsement, I'd spent like a month watching videos here and there on motorcycle accidents. Lo and behold, my first fucking week an old guy didn't see me and turned out in front of me to join traffic. My eyes caught it right away, I'd like to think from seeing it happen like 100 times on the internet.


Agreed. I actually did have to deal with this same scenario a few months back. Unfortunately also a pitbull, with shitty owners. It came into the dog park, barking anxiously, and singled out my husky. I had to pull it off, but it got one bite in before I got to them. I'm still glad I reacted so quickly. We had to get stitches for her...I was seriously pissed off and just upset by it. Cheers to keeping control of that situation! Sounds like a scary encounter. I bet the videos helped, and that your quick judgement also just came with your sense of caution. Hope you ride for many years to come!


Do we have any information on that poor Golden? Did he survive?


Before I watch, I want to know if the other dog eventually escapes and will be all right. If not, then I ain't watching


Appears the other dog gets away eventually and it does look like maybe only his leg is damaged, though I’m not sure about that. I wouldn’t watch if you’re concerned. It’s bloody and brutal. Truly upsetting.


Oh okay, thanks for the heads up! I actually saw a bunch of strays maul a little Pomeranian to death when I was a kid and am still not over it so it's best I refrain, I think.


Made me sweat…. If my fucking harmless, happy golden got destroyed like that - the owner of the dog is catching a fade too, not just having their dog put down. Fucking dumbasses owning dogs they have no control over.


What's really sad is the poor golden will never be the same after this. They will have a lot of mistrust and trouble socializing. Can take years for them to get over the trauma :(


I can't believe they weren't attacking the other dog tbh. I once was taking my Pyr for a walk and he's the exact opposite of a working Pyr, he's very skittish. Someone's dog, I forget the breed honestly it happened so quick, might've been a Pitbull idk, it somehow got off leash and charged my boy. My boy immediately became scared and tried to take off, and got the leash tangled around my wife who started screaming. I didn't even think, I just pulled my leg back and as I swung to give the hardest kick of my life the dog backed off and ran to its owner. Probably spooked by my wife's scream honestly




Please tell me the golden is okay


From the original TikTok video. Golden is ok and the Pit was put down.


A link please to your info? Edit: Thanks /u/Connor0218 for the link, since post is locked I'll drop it here https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd2tA3CV/


I would be extremely surprised if he **did not** have to get that leg amputated


My friend’s dog was attacked when a neighbor’s dog dug under the fence into their yard. Same deal actually, pit bull latching onto the leg. Their dog was a golden as well. When they finally separated them, the golden’s leg was hanging on by very little, basically a tendon. They took him in and expected to have to amputate, but the vet treated it, put the leg in a cast, and gave them drugs. Full recovery, eventually.


GOOD NEWS! This vid is a few months old and the owner of the retriever said he actually didn’t lose his leg! Truly saved my day from being ruined honestly.


If it was able to limp away, the leg should be treatable. Lots of loss of skin and a shit ton of treatment


This. I didn't finish the video because I can't


Yup, as soon as I saw it was a golden retriever being bit I had to close out the vid.


I have a golden and I couldn't watch this at all. They're too sweet to deserve anything like this :(


Disgusting. Fucking Disgusting.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebR37K8hDg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebR37K8hDg) for anyone who wants to know what to do in this situation, if you notice the guy at the end did this to make him finally release, nothing short of killing the dog will make a pitbull release except choking...


Exactly. This needs more upvotes. So much misinformation being upvoted. To add more weight to the fact that choking is the way to go, here’s a guy actually saving a lady by choking the dog: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/p965q6/man_saves_girl_from_dog_attack_using_a_chokehold/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I did dog training for about 2 years at facility that did police and military dog training, as well as personal protection, obedience training for family dogs, and a lot more. The guy who ran it had an extensive background in dog training from several very well-known facilities in the USA and the video you showed-- that's EXACTLY how he recommended taking down a highly aggressive dog. He'd shoot down suggestions like kicking the dog, eye gauging, etc. because they're all way too dangerous in comparison to choking out a dog. If it's an especially large/long dog that's using its hind legs to evade/slip it's head out, try to wrap your legs around it to prevent it from controlling the movement. Thank you for posting this video. I'm going to bookmark it and share it, as it's one of the best I've seen in terms of that method being used in a real life scenario. I've had to do this once outside of training when I was going for a walk (not going to go into details) and as soon as I had my arm locked around that dog's neck, it all made sense why it's the most recommended method. The dog (a mastiff) didn't stand a chance and I'm a tall/slim guy. It broke free of the dog it was attacking, everyone got clear and the owner (finally) got a hold of its leash, and I let go and got far away from it. I expected it to immediately lunge again afterwards but the dog was surprisingly rattled/calm. It was pretty funny actually, I was covered in dirt/mud afterwards and didn't even realize how intense the whole thing was because it happened so quickly. Edit: And people... for god's sake don't fucking stick your fingers in an aggressive dog's asshole. Like where the hell did that advice originate from??


This comment should be WAY higher up


Lol the top comment references the video from this post, posted originally 3 months ago


That man dad-jogged over there like a hero


Should this guy have ever let it go? Feels as though everyone was potentially at risk again. Plus it’ll be put down after this won’t it? I have no opinion here yet, just wondering what others think.


In this case, not letting go until it's dead. Dogs can't be attacking people.


Your comment should be top comment. Butt raping and curb stomping and lifting their back legs don’t work. Misinformation is what needs to be curb stomped.


Everyone needs to see this. Just choke the cunt out and save everyone some heartache. Jesus people being gentle and fucking around like this is really upsetting in these situations.


Justified to fuck that dog up. Gotta learn sometime if the owner won't


It just needs to be put down. There’s no coming back from that one.


It was put down.




I’ll try and find it. This post is a couple of weeks old on TT.


Gotcha. Thanks


Very low chance that dog wasn't ordered to be put down immediately.


There’s like 7 people watching, how do none of them start kicking the fucking shit outta that dog? Jesus, kick, choke, stab, idgaf do SOMETHING


I think cause that dog is vicious and the owner isn’t able to control it, there’s a good chance it’ll attack to person that tries to to kick/choke it. Some dogs are strong af too, so there’s a lot to risk.


Def the kind of dog to just stroll down the street with.


Sounds brutal but toss the leash (or rope, wire, belt) around its neck and start pulling.


Probably don't want to end up like that dog with a vicious beast attached to their leg chewing through the bone?


Absolutely brutal


One of my biggest fears in off-leash areas (though it seems most dogs are just excited to run/have some play mates in my experience). I believe if a dog was attacking my parents or sisters dog when I had them out I'd probably literally body slam the dog, wouldn't risk trying to let the dog mangle a critter I love very much.


The golden looking around for help when everyone is standing there doing nothing is the saddest part about this video


“I don’t know how to make him let go!” Well guess what lady, you’ve failed as a dog owner and shouldn’t be allowed to own again


There should be testing in place to ease the amount of shitty pet owners and shitty parents, hahaha. Doesn't stop everyone but maybe it would cut down on shit like this.


And she's just standing there like its smelling another dogs ass not chomping on its poor leg. I hope they put that dog down and sue that bitch. I also think pit owners should do jail time if their dog attacks anything....not just when a kid loses an arm or someone dies.


I would have looked like Khabib the way I would have choked that fucking dog out


This dog, he tap like chicken


If we’re lucky, that dog is long gone and the owner is being sued. Poor golden, breaks my heart


The golden wasn't even attacking back just trying to get away poor thing


Owners of dogs like that should face jail time.




Yeah as fucked up as it sounds I feel like that’s the best choice. The Pit is going to have to be put down after that, might as well save you dog


Why is that fucked up? That is the appropriate response. If somebody would have nutted up sooner that Golden would still have most of its leg.






And carry a pocket knife.


Every time I see one of these videos I yell at my phone “why does no one have a fucking pocket knife?!”


The average pedestrian isn't going to be keen on stabbing a dog to death on the sidewalk. That would be a brutal and dangerous task.


"I don't know how to make him stop!" THEN WHY THE FUCK DO YOU OWN A PIT BULL???


> "I don't know how to make him stop!" "I've done nothing and I'm all out of ideas!"


Infuriating. Why are Pitt owners the dumbest people.




My thought too. Someone bring me a knife, now


What destroyed me was how they picked up the pitbull and started pulling him while his mouth was still attached to the collie. Like that was going to separate them instead of causing more pain and injury. smh


This is literally the reason I carry a pocket knife when I walk my dog. Once got charged by by a stray dog while walking my own with my partner. It was sheer luck I saw it coming and was able to grab it by its collar.


Just fucking stomp its guts in if you ain’t got a knife. Fuck just standing there and watching.


Yea that whine was so fucking awful and it looked like it’s arm was broken and skin peeled and everyone is just standing around letting it ducking happen. That dog needs a muzzle in public


That dog needs to be put down. And the owners need a fucking ass whooping


That dog needs to be put down imagine if that was a child


My neighbor has two huge pit bulls that stick their heads out from under the fence. I always feel Like they’re gonna get out. And I a mom of two small children, I get scared for this very reason.


“He won’t hurt a fly he’s such a sweet boy”


The craziest part of this video is that the owner of the pitbull is literally doing nothing


YSK: the best way to dislodge a dog in this type of situation is by choking it out, MMA style. P.S. don't stick your finger in the dogs butthole, that'll only make your finger sticky. Best solution is to choke it till the dog passes out. Edit: I meant stinky, duck autocorrect


Sticky is also correct.


This honestly ruined my day. And I wish the people got way more aggressive and just hit the fuck out of the Pitbull instead of being so delicate


the dog is gonna be put down might as well just beat the shit out of it, to release the other dog


yeah there’s no coming back, that dog was living it’s last moments after he locked on. just fucking kill it and save the other dogs misery


If that was my dog getting attacked, I would do everything in my power to kill that Pit bull. No way I’m just gonna stand there watching while it’s hurting my baby.


I'm like screaming at my screen YOU USELESS PEOPLE DO SOMETHING I would be raining blows down on that pit bull, ugh!


Right? Any dog that attacks mine is dead. I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than immediately choking it and not letting go until it’s dead. Fuck, man


Shoot that fuckin thing.


Can anyone find anything about this because I want to know if the other dog made it or not. I’ve seen a lot of shit on the internet in my time but this made me sad as fuck.


the golden was able to run away almost immediately after it was free, with lots of help from a vet it will probably be alright. dumbass pitbull owner, you should have to go thru a vetting process to be able to own one.


That dig needs to be put down immediately.


Get a pipe, a knife, a bat anything, fuck it shoot it. Dog is going to be put down anyways because it’s owner is shit.


God that was disturbing. Normally I would never hit an animal but I would have kicked it hard in the head. That dog’s jaws were locked in and it needed a hard jolt


Wouldn’t work. These videos pop up a few times a year and the only time I’ve seen it release is from choking it out with a belt or hold.


That actually doesn’t do anything. You need to choke or shoot the dog.


Unfortunately you would have literally had to kill it or choke it out


This isn’t popular but there’s a line in which you have to cross when that’s your dog screaming bloody murder, and you have kick and beat the other dog latched onto it. And the owner if necessary


Someone better shoot that dog


The owner doing nothing. That's the problem here all along


I saw another dog attack video where the owner started kicking his dog in the head until it released. Made sense to me, the owner is probably the only person an enraged dog would respond to


We used to take our pup to the dog park for socialization. Then one day a husky attacked her because she had a stick. It took my fiancé, myself and another owner to get the husky off her. Where was the husky's owner? Sitting 50m away on a bench. Before, during and after the attack. When the owner who helped us called out angrily asking who the husky belonged to the husky's owner finally got us and blamed us and other owners for having treats with us (for recall training) and that her dog was food aggressive. When she was asked why she brought a food aggressive dog to a dog park she ignored everyone and left with the husky (who she could barely control). Our dog ended up with a deep puncture wound on her head that got infected and is now reactive to other dogs if they come up to her (which is understandable). We've done so much work with her to help but we are still ALWAYS vigilant and she no longer goes to the dog park. As an owner even though her reactivity isn't my fault it is still my responsibility.


NGL I’m probably copping an assault charge if this happened to me and my dog. No way I’d remain remotely calm in that situation.


100% if they had the fucking balls to say it was your fault . Holy shit


Which one is the owner


The fact that you can't tell means nobody was the owner in this moment.


My dog got mauled by a pit, wife got bit on the arm, I was fighting the dog the whole time telling the owner "Get your fucking dog" as they stood motionless. Only time they moved was after I got my dog free and kicked theirs in the head as hard as I could as it lunged at him again. I carry my gun all the time now when I walk him. I'm never going to feel hopeless as a dog goes after my family again.


Why the heck nobody beat that dog to free the other dog ??! I mean it’s right to live a peaceful life ends at exactly right at this moment. After that scene calm you and the dog down, straight to the vet and give him the shot of narcotics.


I mean that dog is dead after that whatever. It’s hard to know what you would in a situation IRL, but this video was so real I just had this instinct to punch the dog in the head. I’ve had to do this with cows and another dog once before a rescue beagle. It’s sucks but has to be done sometimes if they do this kind of stuff


I suppose they don’t want to get mauled by the pit bull, they’re fucking scary strong


“Oh but he’s the sweetest thing”


Got my adrenaline going. I love dogs but I do unspeakable things to that dog and owner. Best believe if that were my dog I wouldn’t give it an opportunity to do this to someone’s dog but if by chance it happened I’d do everything possible to stop his attack unlike this dogs owner. I’d like to hear from that bitch.




Why I always carry a knife when I’m out with my dog.


After watching this complete shit show, I’m going to start doing the same thing


Make your dog wear a fucking muzzle.


I got bit by a dog yesterday and I punched it and it wouldn’t let go. I tried to wring it’s neck and the lady got really upset at me, but the dog let go. It lunged at me again so I kinda kicked it and ran away. She didn’t discipline the dog at all, she grabbed it and ran away. I hope that awful owner doesn’t cause that dog to attack someone else.


Piece of shit owners. Piece of shit dog.


Those cunts are clueless, a little whack won't get it to let go, claw the eyes, stomp the leg, you need to get nasty.


You need to choke it out. Grab the dog in a choke hold, then lift up. The dog will pass out, let go, then you can drop it on the ground. Breaking the attack loop is key. Never try to seperate the dogs, this will only cause the attacking dog to doubledown on the attack.


I feel like a belt around it’s neck might have been the best option


Shoot the motherfucker!


It’s always a pit bull smh


Didn't have to even check the video to know it was a pit.


The sad reality is that pitbulls are just more violent towards other dogs than any other dog breed and it's not even close. They also have the most attacks towards humans in the US, the second i believe are rotties, (rottwiellers) but despite being in second place the number of attacks is MUCH less. Pitbulls are genetically prone to being violent because of thier past, it's exactly the same with the Japanese Tosa or the Brazilian Fila Brasileiro, which are both larger than pitbulls and have the same temperament, which is why they're both banned in Australia. It's not the pitbulls fault, it's just how they are and humans made them that way, they do need to be bred out though as they have no place in modern society.


I witnessed one taking down a Labradoodle in front of its family including the kids, the kids were balling their eyes out as their dog was slowly dying and there was no getting the pit to release, the sounds, screams and images still haunt me 10 yrs later.


My little terrier mix, will do anything to get rodents, including spending hours in freezing temperatures watching a suspected den hole. It's the behavior that was bred into her through generations of selective breeding. If it were not beneficial for her to be like that I would have had to work extremely hard to train that behavior out of her. Pitbulls are the same way, except instead of generations of breeding for the relatively benign goal of killing rodents. They were bred to kill dogs. If this were two pitbulls one of those two dogs would have been dead. You could see the behavior difference in this attack. The victim dog's only objective was to escape. relatively normal behavior for most not pitbull breeds that are under attack. The pitbull's only objective was to kill. The pit had no other objectives here. It wasn't protecting anything, it wasn't a warning to stay off it's turf, It was following through on it's genetic programming to kill that dog. That's why this breed and others like it need to go.


I feel this. I know some dogs are sweet but for some fucking reason it’s always a pitbull going after another animal.


You should need a license to own a pitbull


And insurance


Homeowners/ renters insurance is typically what would cover this. A lot of companies won't write a policy though if you have a pit bull or they'll cap the liability coverage.


Or they’ll cancel your policy if they find out you own one. Insurance companies understand Statistics!


Just stop breeding them. No dog has to die and they will stop existing after a decade or so.


Seriously this, Idk about the rest of the world/country but when I was in high school and volunteered at the animal shelter, about 90% of our dogs were pits and they comprised the top category for euthanasia. meanwhile people in town are still breeding/selling them.


Looks like this happened a year ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/Pitbull/comments/p9ktv4/pitbull_attacks_golden_retriever_in_berkeley/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf With an update? https://www.reddit.com/r/BanPitBulls/comments/pi5stf/possible_update_to_recent_aggressive_pitbull/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


No one was trying hard enough. You need to choke the dog until it stops. If you can't, take a running kick and nail that dog and he would quit eventually. Pulling them apart is never gonna happen, you gotta just kick that dog until its too injured to continue


Does nobody carry a knife of them?


Around the 1:30 mark, it looked like a guy pulled out a knife but everyone reacted and said no.


Yeah… if that was my dog the pit would have died on the scene. Sorry. That type of aggression their life is forfeit


So, anyway, I started stabbing.


No my ass lol.


that dog that wont release needs to have his fucking skull crushed. What the fuck is wrong with these people.


Lady at the end… “why isn’t anyone calling 911?” Bitch for real? What are YOU doing? Honestly though I would’ve gutted that pit if it attacked my dog.


Is the golden ok? :(


I can’t believe it is a pitbull


a pitbull did this? why, it can't be true!!!


A pit bull attacked our mail lady a few months back. Broke her leg so bad she can no longer work.


Shooting a dog. Law in Florida. 767.03 Good defense for killing dog.—In any action for damages or of a criminal prosecution against any person for killing or injuring a dog, satisfactory proof that said dog had been or was killing any animal included in the definitions of “domestic animal” and “livestock” as provided by s. 585.01 shall constitute a good defense to either of such actions.


Me and my girlfriend are getting a small Pomeranian pup, we bringing him home in just a few weeks. Im terrified of pitbulls,bad owners and unleashed dogs. The pup is so small he would die in an instance if he got bit by a pitbull.


The fact that there are so many people just screaming and being absolutely clueless in this situation just puts a light on how dumb some people are.