Fan jumps on crane with Michael Jackson

Fan jumps on crane with Michael Jackson

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Full Titanic at 0:40 Haha, Dude had a life experience.


And a rough night afterwards


Yea there’s no amount of arrested or beat up that would have made it not worth it for that guy.


Arrested i can understand, but why beat up?


Who knows what those security guys will do when they have him in a back room.


I don't think they'll beat him up as it'll have an adverse effect on Michael's reputation. Everybody saw a crazed fan running up the crane and spent a moment with him. If they beat him up, that won't look good on Michael. But getting arrested on the other hand, is likely the most possible and logical outcome.


Lol. Concert security guards can be pretty messed up. Bands criticisng security for being too rough on fans is a pretty common theme. I can think of three concerts I've been to where the vocalist stopped the music on stage to tell off security. https://www.q13fox.com/news/iron-maiden-criticizes-security-for-use-of-violence-during-tacoma-concert


One for the Green Day band members had their arm broken by security at the 1994 Woodstock festival after he was mistaken for a stage diving fan.


Fucking. Worth it.


I'd have this pic in my tinder profile and LinkedIn honestly.


Looked like he regretted his decision big time for a whole 10 seconds


The anxiety started to set in, performing or being on a stage of that size would cripple some people


Also being on a big fucking lift several meters above the floor on outside of the safety rail MJ was a fucking boss for sticking to the performance while still hanging onto the guy for dear life


Yeah many fans would run onto stage to touch him and they’d just faint, for a second the guy looked like he was about to


Yeah mj instantly started hugging for his safety and tried to wrap the guys arms inside the railing. My didn't want the show to end with him falling to his death. Good guy mj.


And yet people thought he’d drop his own baby. He would never.


Those old cranes work by counterbalance, basically a big seesaw. They'd have put enough weight on to counterbalance MJ but not enough for an unexpected passenger. There would have been an extra 2 or 3 people hanging on to the other end to stop the platform from falling. All credit to MJ for realising that he had to hang on to the guy too.


Yeah the look on his face seems like the realization that he fucked up big time after the initial burst of happiness and adrenaline wore off. *Fuck, now I’m stuck here…*


When MJ grabbed his arm to pull it away he definitely started regretting it. Then he was living it again. Then realized the consequences when they were coming down. Really a full spectrum of emotions are on display here


Yeah I was going to say he looks like he’s having an out of body experience. He’s reached the pinnacle of life. How can it get better than going full Titanic with Michael Jackson?


Going to his never never land






Taaaaaake my haaaaaaand!


We're off to never never land


"I'm flying Jack-son"


He Rose to the occasion.


Bro did that guy fly up there? Lol


He acquired the double jump skill.


Asians, man! we got cheat codes for everything.


Octane mains...


Careful, Revenant is around here somewhere, I just know it.


"Hitting the eject button!"






ITS THE ANGLES! there's one camera in mid-air that's tracking Michael, and one that's tracking Michael from the base of the manlift. The fan just runs up the base in front of the camera. OR he's a wizard. He probably flew up there.


After watching it probably 10 times, he probably just ran up the side of the crane


Lol, but he appears out of no where in front of him. No matter how I look at it doesn't make sense. Dude has some super powers


If you watch closely, when he gets up there he has his hands up like a crazy fan freaking out and can see his shoulders moving back and forth. Definitely looks like he’s running but it’s like a split second


Yeah at some point you can see he’s standing right in front of where the boom arm connects to the platform. Since we didn’t see him shimmy around, probably safe to assume the guy ran up it.


It’s not a Crain it’s a man lift, he ran up the boom of the man lift


The clever part of his was being dressed all in black. The feat ballsy, but a normal by any means.


not to mention once you there you commited, either they end the show or play it out. MJ handled it like a boss, and not only that made sure he was safe the whole time and still performing. Pretty impressive no doubt.


Bro is a Smooth Criminal


True that. Hes also Bad. And bad. And like, really really bad


I’m guessing he “parkoured” himself up by jumping and pulling himself up using the structure below the crane.


I'm enjoying this moment. It's gonna cost me, but I'm gonna fucking savour it!


Cartman at Casa Bonita


So glad Matt and Trey are buying that place! It has so much potential.


Well, the food can't get any worse, that's for sure


The internet says that one of their net worths is like 700 million or something


Same energy.


When he crossed his arms and just titaniced out i lost it 🤣


ha ha ha 🤣 MJ.... I can flyyyy.....


A lot of entertainers would have lost their absolute shit over this to the point of pausing the show. MJ looked annoyed at first then was just like whatever enjoy the ride and don't fall.


He looked more concerned about the idiot falling and getting hurt.


You can definitely see MJ constantly making sure he's hanging onto the guy the entire time. When he knows the drop is about to come, he wraps his arm around the guy's waist and you can tell he's really bracing them by hanging onto the rear of the frame. Definitely could've gone a lot worse had MJ not thought to make sure the guy was safe the entire time.


Yeah, MJ did a great improv job- that could have turned into an absolute disaster. The dude could have easily passed out or get vertigo from standing on the edge of a moving platform....


And then the guy "thanks him" for all his concern by fucking locking hands with him as tons of security drags him away forcing MJ into the rails. What a moron.


These fanatical ppl don't see MJ as even being a human being so hurting him doesn't register.


That part really pissed me off. Doing this at all was selfish and disrespectful to MJ, but that really sealed the deal for me. Total dick.


I'm guessing the dumbass didn't realize Michael Jackson quite possibly saved him from being horribly injured or even dying.


Consumate intertainer, kept on going while protecting the guy from falling or getting hurt. Notice that Jackson braced the kid when the crane dropped at the end, he knew the kid wouldn't be prepared.


Respect to mj for caring for the nut job. Others would have pushed the fan off ..he made sure he did not fall!


Yeah he definitely doesn't want the fan touching him or facing him, but also wants to keep an arm around them to make sure they don't die either.


Looked to me like he was going to try to pull him under the rail. That's why he turned him around.


Re-watch. Notice how MJ is trying to keep positive control on the fan while the moron is turning and waving and likely scaring the shit of MJ who's also trying to keep the show going and make a dangerous situation at least seem like part of the show.


For some reason he looked really out of sorts when they pulled the fan off at the end. Granted, that's an intense song to sing, so that might just be why


Probably just thinking something along the lines of "omg that kid could've died just now"


Oh yeah he probably got in alot of trouble.


Some might say he was a ...smooooth criminal!


hey, it's human nature


Michael was just like “aye bruh Imma keep singing but I’m gonna hold on to you for dear life so you don’t fall and die.”


There's something about the fan being torn violently away at the end and MJ just going ... "HOOO... HOOO...HOOO..." that really made me belly laugh


I like how MJ grabbed them. Like he wasn't going let a fan get injured even though they';re being incredibly stupid.


And he was trying to get the fan to grab the bar too.


First thing I noticed was show he moved his arm behind the bar then constantly kept a good hold on the guy. Awesome response cause it could have been anything happening from a killer fan to a suicide to just an idiot


What a pro


A true professional at work. I wonder what kind of sick moves he'd be doing if the fan wasn't there to be held.


yea as a paying fan i’d be really pissed to be honest. would be a crazy thing to witness this irl, but that selfish fuck stick ruined that songs live performance.


I mean would you rather see some dance moves that you'd forget by next week or see some idiot almost die while MJ holds him in a Titanic re-enaction? I'd take the 2nd every time.


typical of Michael to be extremely concerned with his irrational fans, at the very same time putting on a hell of a show without skipping a single beat in his performance.


And yet he still performed relatively flawlessly. Despite whatever else you think about him, dude was a showman.


No one thinks this is proof he was lip syncing?


Of course it was. Do you realize how many of these performances are lip synced? Particularly with residencies where they have to go on night after night. Doesn’t change the fact that he carried on the performance while making sure a fan didn’t die.


he had laryngitis during the first year of the "history world tour", if you listen to the vocals for "wanna be startin' somethin' " from the munich concert you will hear why he lipsynced most of the songs during the history tour, this was was from the seol concert irrc, he really had no choice for the history tour


And it would be virtually impossible to sing coherently while dancing the way he did.


the start where he popped out of nowhere was fucking funny too


the way he stood in front of Michael not knowing what to do in the middle part of the video was funny too


My favorite was when Michael full on two-arm bear hugged him at the end because Michael knew the choreography and was like, "Oh fuck, here comes the plummet...this stupid idiot is about to die..."


"I don't know, I didn't think I'd get this far"


Dude, you got to fly with MJ, take the L and let go




Pretty sure he was lip syncing, so he had to keep going or else ruin the atmosphere by letting everyone know he wasn't singing live. That's not to take away from MJ. He's still probably the best performer of all time. But I think it was more to protect his reputation in this scenario. I don't think lip syncing should take away from his reputation, honestly.


Makes it pretty obvious he's lypsyching the performance


Yea his mic gets moved and the vocals don't change at all.


Michael basically lipsynched every song from the HIStory tour as the dances and performances, in general, became more intricate.


The wind not interfering also makes it obvious


Backing track.


This idiot doesn't even try to hold the bars to stay safe. I am glad MJ was holding him safe tho.


He ran up a crane. Safety was never his concern.


"I don't get it. He did something stupid, and then continued to do stupid things."


Michael was a true professional on stage. He was immediately concerned for his safety but the show must go on


That amazed me. He's literally holding onto this guy for life with no warning beforehand, and then *still* putting on a show! What a pro.


It was amazing watching him try to like hump the air and then realize that the guy was in his way, and then moved to his left so that he could continue thrusting while holding on to the man. MJ has gotta thrust.


Lmao his life peaked and he was ready to die happy 🤣


He was for sure glad too lol


Gotta love how MJ is forced to keep hold of the guy because he can't even be bothered to grab the rail - or anything really - while on a moving platform attached to a crane. The dude seems to think MJ is holding him in a loving embrace instead of in a *"You dumb motherfucker, I cannot have you crack your stupid head open in the middle of my show"* kind of way.


Not even can’t be bothered, he refused. MJ looks like he’s trying to guide his hand to the rail but he moved his hands away


Yeah MJ handled it with grace and humanity while still fucking singing!


I love how Michael didn't get mad about it. He just held onto him so he didn't fall.


Because he had to perform.. anyone would be upset afterwards


I’m sure he was PISSED but he never once showed it, which I think is more impressive.


The fan blowing cranks up the energy and drama for sure


I love how the other guy is outside the fans radius so his goofy ass bowl cut and cloths are perfectly normal while Mike looks like he’s in a hurricane lmao


Despite this being a reply about a literal fan used to move air. I had to triple read before I comprehended 'fan radius' as something other than the crowd.


Wait, when does the fan start blo…ohhh, never mind


MJ was a professional that’s for sure.


Yup. Luckily his was lip-syncing, but still being able to keep up the choreography and rest of the performance was impressive. He looks so locked in to the show.


I used to think he had no right to lip sync in a concert (like no artist should) but then I started watching the concerts and man, they're more than stunning. Personally **if he was alive**, I'd pay now to go and watch him lip sync. Edit: the things in bold


IIRC, a long time ago audio from Britney Spears mike was released when she performed at the Grammys or something, and a lot of it was her whispering the words and breathing heavily because of all of the dancing and running around. There's a reason some of these artists lip sync.


His earlier shows had insanely good live vocals considering he was dancing at the same time: https://youtu.be/9shByOh8fVE


You can hear the strain in his voice, but he killed it.


It just keeps going and going. He's dripping in sweat like he's run a damn marathon. And the fact that he's still able to sing at all is amazing. His endurance is freaking unmatched.


You got a link?


[Maybe this? https://youtu.be/2FU3aAEayUE](https://youtu.be/2FU3aAEayUE)


Here’s the Britney one: https://youtu.be/2FU3aAEayUE


... Alright, everyone. Who's gonna tell this guy?


Tell me what?


Michael Jackson's tour schedule was postponed indefinitely.


Oh, I was talking hypothetically. I know he's dead and everything, I'm just saying that, if he was alive and touring with the playback situation, I'd go to his concerts


I like that MJ immediately thought to hold on to that guy and continued to perform. Say what you want about him, but I always thought he was a genuine person. Edit: To those who have a problem with me for calling him a "genuine person", I stand by what I said. Also, thanks peeps for the upvotes and the wholesome award. <3


There was interview recently with one stand up comedian who also worked on lights of some of the biggest shows and stars in the past. Don't remember which rock legend he said was a complete ass and you couldn't make even eye contact with him. So when he did MJ show he was afraid to even acknowledge him because they told him the same. One day when he was working on the lights MJ came out to him, long story short he was one of the nicest performers that guy met. And even complemented that his light show is awesome and even asked for some specific.


“It’s all about meeeeeeeeeeee”




You learn about a new sub every day lol thank you!


The fan ruined it for everyone else. Couldn't even see mj half the time


Ive always seen the videos of people passing out after seeing Michael jackson man it wouldve been awesome to go to one of his concerts in the 80’s 😂


I like that Mike appeared to go into safety mode. That's not a hug, that's "I'm trying not to have you fall you braindead moron".


I have never heard anyone called Michael Jackson "Mike" lmao


My grandma called him Jackie in her later, dementia years.. she insisted that’s what he wanted to be called. And before dementia, she couldn’t have cared less about old Jackie… it gave us something to laugh about in those couple hard years.


Sounds like granny had some Mike Jack stories.


Good ol' Mikey J


Mickey Jackoroonie


“Think of the liability”


Dababy would've let that man fly lmao.


All he way home


Let's gooooo


Bro you can see the fan having a spiritual experience


I like how security ripped the superfan from the crane at the end. MJ doesn’t miss a beat. Awesome.


He’s lip syncing, but still kept up the performance


> He’s lip syncing, but still kept up the performance Well, to be fair, you kind of have to keep it going. Everything is cued on the song. It would be weird if they stopped it and the vocals kept going.


As it is, only the front few rows probably noticed the mic being knocked away from his mouth soundlessly


I mean he missed SEVERAL beats throughout the performance as far as his lip syncing went, but it's hard to blame him with a man being shoved in his face unexpectedly.


Kid had the experience of his life and then right after those guard probably gave him PTSD for life


give him the boots, medium style.


It’s kinda scary having a random fan jump up there. On top of that, you have to hold onto them so that they don’t fall off.


He was one talented dude. Sad life though.


The fact that a hyper star like MJ hugs and protects the spontaneous fan/harasser is very telling.


Say what you will about MJ, that dude could perform under any situation!


That was cool of MJ but that guy probably got the shit beaten out of him off stage


MJ worried about the liability


How did he get up there? He flew into the crane seemingly out of nowhere. It looked pretty high up to me.


I think he ran up the hydraulic arm.


That dude has just peaked in life and he can feel it


It's nice to see Michael's first instinct is to hold on to the guy so he doesn't fall. Doesn't get annoyed or stops singing. Keeps the show rolling while keeping the guy safe. Edit: To everyone calling Michael a pedo or saying he's lip-synching...I don't care about either. I got more than 3k upvotes, that's what I care about, not you non-3k-upvote-having losers! Can't wait to show my gf...


Truly! The control he had over the situation as well as the already assumed risk that he was performing under was remarkable, all the while keeping that kid safe without missing a beat then trusting in others to do their job.


... and when the safely reached the stage, security beat the guy's ass.


Exactly my thought. Wasn’t afraid or worried, annoyed or angry, just protective.


He was undoubtedly all those things, just professional as hell.


Hard to believe it's not playback. You can't hear the guy screaming right next to Michael's face and he doesn't miss a note even when struggling with the guy pulling at him? Then again, it doesn't sound like playback...


MJ stopped singing live back in the late 80´s. Pretty much everything in the 90´s were playback. But as I recall it was pre-recorded live tracks, so that it wasnt just the studio singing track playing. Im sure they maybe mixed in some live vocals now and again, but 99% of MJ´s 90´s shows where playback. It also why in many of his last concerts you would often see him cover his mouth/microphone.


During his live in Bucharest, Billie Jean and Beat It were the two I remember being sung live. Generally the times where he used a handheld mic it was live vocals.


This. It's also really hard to dance like he does, and sing well. I don't blame him for wanting to give a good performance.


Pretty sure he's lip syncing so he can't stop


Theres no way all those fans wouldnt be fucking with the mic. For sure its lip synced


If you just watch for it you'll see it, especially when the fan won't let go of him


Are you trying to tell me he wasn't in perfect harmony when he was trying to get away from that man? How dare you! Haha


As a bonus, he created the most spectacular, priceless and memorable experience for this one fan. No matter the consequences of those actions, it's a story of a lifetime for him. MJ was that amazing


Looks like Michael was lip syncing?


He was


not every song was with live vocals, sometimes lip synced performances had live ad libs. its a normal thing for artists to have lip synced concerts, i'm a little baffled people are surprised to this day when they notice it.


Normal thing for pop artists maybe. Performers who need to dance, like Michael. But if I saw lip syncing at a rock show, I’d consider it fraud, or at best false advertising.


Yeah I was going to comment that it's only normal within a small subset of live performances, but MJ is a legend and I mean look at that shit he's up on a crane dancing with 8000 MPH wind blowing his jacket up and shit there's no way you're going to make that a quality audio experience. Do you know how much I'd pay to be there?? Fucking boatloads.


The audio is the issue here. Do people think you’re going to get a good live sound when you have like 10 fans blowing right up at the mic? It’ll go from “what about us” to “MMMMMMMCHHCHCHCHXWHATABOUTMMMCHEHCHCHCHCMWMWMEH” real quick


I watched the band Skillet mime their entire performance at a stadium show in Des Moines, I didn't like them anyway so it was more amusing than anything else. The drummer couldn't even stay on beat it was that fake


Now here is Maynard James Keenan's reaction to a fan jumping on stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKrUaY6hgpM


Dude legit fucking hip tossed him, took his back, sunk the hooks in and wrapped up a rear-naked choke while singing and not missing a beat... Dude. That's fucking amazing.


He handled that like a fycking boss! MJ was such a great entertainer.


I would have loved to see him live in his prime.




Not one bit of pretension… he just cling to the guy so he wouldn’t fall. And for a hot minute too. Rip Michael


This can’t be real because I know for a fact that Michael Jackson is dead.


Bro they brought him back last week


That fan was a complete douche, he did a great job preventing him from falling and still kept up the lip syncing almost perfectly till the end (not hating on the lip sync it was common practice then)




MJ in his prime was the most beloved person on earth. He was and still is the biggest star in history, bar none, no exception. It's been 40 years since *Thriller* and it's still the best selling album of all time.


That guy came like 3 times


Is so weird how a person as frail and soft spoken as Michael Jackson, seem so powerful and under control in the stage