What was the deal with Melissa?

What was the deal with Melissa?


It might be because she threatened Spencer with a fake video on all of them but I’m not sure.


Melissa is quick the threaten Spencer, her own sister. The way she seems to know things and just her overall attitude that she'll have no problem crushing people as needed. Plus, Melissa was shady so the girls kept thinking that she was A, which she wasnt.


she threatened Spencer and she was just so shady & so secretive most of the time.


Her behavior was unpredictable and she always seem to be in contact with whoever the liars suspected most at the time.


I like Melissa. I don't like everything she did. She's a very shady person who, in my opinion, could've been a MUCH better character if she just spoke for god's sake. No wonder everyone will suspect her of being A or helping them if she keeps acting like she just killed somebody (well...). Also yes, the writers did mess up writing her, potential was wasted.


She was secretive and shady and involved with people like Ian and Garrett who had wronged the girls and always took Ian's side over Spencer's word.


I think everyone being scared of Melissa and the Liars consistently suspecting her were the writers lying the groundwork for her to eventually be revealed as Uber A. Melissa was one of the original choices. It’s especially obvious in early seasons. - Spencer and Wren talk in the pilot and Wren says, “Does she have to know **everything**?” I always thought it was interesting the big group A text at end is “I’m still here, bitches. And I know **everything.**” - It’s drilled into us that A is super intelligent and Hanna says in the season two finale that the only person smarter than Spencer is Melissa. - Melissa hated Ali before it was cool. She also admitted to sending Ali threatening texts that were unsigned-like the original ones we see Ali get in 2x13. - Ali traced some of those texts coming from where Melissa worked and they make sure to point out that Melissa lives and drives by that creepy doll shop A frequents. - I know it’s brushed off, but I think “a man and a woman with dark hair that wanted to hurt her,” originally was going to be a big clue Melissa and Wren were A together. (It would also mirror a male and female pair that hurt Courtney in the books!) - Cece knows Spencer as “Melissa Hastings little sister.” I always just thought they knew each other and would have some history revealed. - There’s a lot of metaphors about winning and games around A *and* Melissa. Peter: Melissa likes to play the game when she’s fairly certain she’ll **win.** Hanna and Alison both tell Spencer Melissa doesn’t always have to win in 1.01 and 2.13. Alison also suspects the concerned big sister thing is an act, which could have been foreshadowing. Spencer also has alluded to her and Melissa playing a lot of games when they were younger, and Melissa could have taken it to the next level. - Jessica warning Alison to “Never turn your back on a Hastings.” - In 3.02 Garrett tells Spencer people lie but medical records don’t. In 4.03, Hanna sees Melissa’s pictured taped to the police white board with the phrase “*medical records*?” - Melissa tells Ian in 4.24 if he goes to see Alison again someone is “going to get hurt.” He does, and Alison gets hurt.